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The United States Defense Force (USDF)

Was originally established by the now retired President & Founder, Mr. Sycron, in 2004.

As Habbo’s second military, and longest military under one owner, it operated on and led the groups (now called agencies) floor until 2010 when it closed. After a four year hiatus, the USDF has been re-established under the same commander, Mr. Sycron, and many of the same commanders and leaders. After three years of re-establishment, Mr. Sycron retired, and the USDF now continues now continues to be led by the incumbent Secretary of Defense, Ms. xStarlight11.

USDF has and still does, 16 years after it’s original establishment, continue to lead the agencies floor as Habbo’s most realistic simulation of the US military. Not only is USDF the largest military on Habbo.com (with over 300 NCO and over 400 personnel altogether), it is the only military with the opportunity to serve in the Navy, Marines Corps, Army or Air Force in a variety of career paths.

Upon rejoining Habbo at the end of 2014, the then Secretary of Defense, Mr. Sycron (Ret.) decided that it was clear that a new age of militaries needed to be ushered in. The time of illegal warfare, and militaries who bullied and harassed each other must come to an end, and with the establishment of USDF a new military was born that aims to provide a fun, social and enjoyable organisation where Habbos can make new friends while simulating the real life US military.

Secretaries of Defense

  1. Mr. Sycron (22 Jan 15 – 24 Jan 18)
  2. Mr. TekD. (24 Jan 18 – 14 Oct 18)
  3. Mr. Controllable. (14 Oct 18 – 01 Nov 20)
  4. Ms. xStarlight11 (01 Nov 20 – Present)

*The SecDef position was established on 15 Jan 16, prior to this it had been a military position (CNO then CJCS).