About USDF

The United States Defense Force (USDF) was originally established by the now retired President & Founder, Mr. Sycron, in 2004.

The US Defense Force (USDF) is Habbo’s second military and has a proud history of leading the Groups (now called Agencies) floor until its initial closure in 2010. After a four-year hiatus, the USDF was resurrected under the stewardship of its original founder and commander, Sycron, alongside many of its former leaders.

When Sycron returned to Habbo in 2014, he recognized the need for a new approach to militaries – one that prioritizes a fun, social, and enjoyable environment for Habbos and shuns those who engage in illegal warfare and bullying. The USDF was re-established in January 2015 with this in mind, and we’re proud to have upheld this philosophy ever since.

As we recently celebrated our eight-year anniversary of re-establishment this past January, the USDF remains a dominant force on Habbo. With over 400 personnel, including more than 300 NCOs and CWOs, USDF is not only the largest military on Habbo but also the only one that offers a range of career paths in the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, or Air Force.

Although Sycron retired in 2017 after three years of re-establishment, the USDF continues to flourish under the leadership of the incumbent Secretary of Defense and leader, Controllable.

Secretaries of Defense

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Mr. Sycron (22 Jan 15 – 24 Jan 18)

Mr. TekD. (24 Jan 18 – 14 Oct 18)

Mr. Controllable. (14 Oct 18 – 01 Nov 20)

Ms. xStarlight11 (01 Nov 20 – 28 Jul 22)

Mr. TekD. (28 Jul 22 – 28 Aug 22) (Acting)

Mr. Controllable. (28 Aug 22 – Present)

The SecDef position was established on 15 Jan 16, prior to this it had been a military position (CNO then CJCS).