Branch Wars 22 – Final Recap

Cover by secondpeterfive

Danger Zone Final: Navy vs Marines – The Devil Dogs Rule The Seas & Spiders!

by KarturoW

After securing their ticket to the finals, the Seals confront the Devil Dogs who come from a great victory against the Rangers. It was an intense atmosphere right off the bat, as both branches started off discussing the amount of players that will be taking on the spiders. Both branches agreed on 6 players to make it fun and interesting as it should.

The Seals seemed excited and nervous as it was their first finals in this year’s branch wars while the Devil Dogs looked confident and composed, almost as if they were used to this environment, what will be the decider of this match? The excitement or confidence?

Once Round 1 began the spiders did not think much about going for a Seal first, making it 6 against 5 in favor of the Devil Dogs but the Seals managed to keep it going until the last 30 seconds, it was all left to kevin56387 and Combined-Union. Who was going to reach the chair first and remain away from the spiders? Combined-Union did some zig-zagging making it easier for him to reach the chair first, giving the Devil Dogs the first round.

The Seals kept their head high to face Round 2, and made a change in their lineup. The CNO, yes you heard correctly the CNO, took the floor and was ready to take on the spiders and certainly did not let the Navy down as he went on head to head against PeUS. making them the last two standing against the spiders. As much as his efforts pushed through, the spiders got to him and gave PeUS. the chance to reach the top.

If the Devil Dogs were confident before, they sure are confident for the 3rd and what could possibly be the final round of Danger Zone. The Seals and Devil Dogs sent in their best players to battle it out until one branch remained standing. The Seals placed their focus on Combined-Union who seemed to be shifty through the spiders and was close to giving the Devil Dogs the win but KarturoW made front and tried to stop him by blocking his movement but it wasn’t enough. Combined-Union ran to the chair and won it for the Devil Dogs making it 3-0.

Football Final Army vs Marines – Marines Clinch Football Final Win Against Army!

by secondpeterfive

The Marine Devil Dogs secured the championship in the Football event of Branch Wars 2022 after overpowering the Army Rangers, 5-3, in a hotly-contested matchup on military home turf.

The Marines team emerged out of a deadlocked first half, taking advantage of the errors made by the Army team and playing good offense themselves, while thwarting a late-game coup set up by Rangers to try and force the game into sudden-death penalty.

The game started favorably for the Rangers after an own-goal by Marines’ Combined-Union and an unassisted goal by fireeric20 for a 2-0 run. Combined-Union then scored a goal to redeem himself and switch the momentum towards the side of the Marines. This was followed by an equalizing goal scored by .:Hoodini:. to conclude the first half of play, 2-2.

The Devil Dogs continued to rake in points in the second half after multiple own goals by Army’s DeRoyTheHero and by iDfind, who managed to score a goal in his own right to cut the lead of Marines, but to no avail. The Marines team played defense towards crunch time, foiling efforts by the Rangers to score and etch a last-minute win in a repeat of the 5-1 Marines win over Army in the upper bracket finals game weeks prior.

MGySgt .:Hoodini:., who was declared MVP of the game after scoring one goal in the game, was elated at the results of the match. In an interview, he attributed the Marines’ win to teamwork and better coordination between players from their side. “We managed to take hold of the gaps [that were there] to push ourselves forward towards their goal and get the point,” he said. “[This time] we were definitely more coordinated as a team. We followed the orders of our coach very well, and managed to play [as] one unit as opposed to playing on our own,” .:Hoodini:. added.

Meanwhile, 2LT TigerLily,x of the Army team was still happy despite the unfavorable results of the match. “Obviously I am a bit gutted as I was on the losing team,” she said, “but I believe we did a good job and we played our best!

The outcome of the match – the penultimate event in Branch Wars 2022 – sealed the overall fate of the red-hot Devil Dogs, who bulldozed their way to victory in most BW events to win the overall championship in the annual Branch Wars saga.

From The Bottom Of Our Hearts – Closing Thoughts

by TraidKelly

Cover by C_inc0gnito

As Branch Wars ends, and The Libertarian for this amazing period of events comes to a close, looking back on what it took to pull this concept together brings joy to those involved. Thank you to each and every member of USDF, OPA, OPA Command, and Habbo Hotel’s groups floor in general for partaking in such an amazing community.

This Branch Wars was a very intense one, and the effort put into it will never be forgotten. As the participation will not either. So without further delay, this is Branch Wars 2022. The war to end all wars.