Branch Wars 22 – Week 4 Recap

Cover by Yodar

Football Army vs Navy – Rangers BRRRR Through The Seals’ Waves!

by KarturoW

A very important and valuable match for both special ops teams as it determines who moves on to the championship round begins with the Rangers winning the kickoff. At first, it looked like it was going to be a very intense match as it started with a foul from windowsdonkeys right off the bat, and not shortly after one from 1998Hailey1998 but both teams began to play good defense despite their mistakes at the start. 

Not long after Camastrr strikes, putting the ball against the Seals’ net giving the Rangers their first score. The Rangers seemed to pick momentum from Camastrr’s first goal and followed with another one assisted by Creta. The Rangers finished the first half strong up 5 to 0 against the Seals.

The Seals had to keep playing their starting line-up while Army made a sub taking DeRoyTheHero out for Dexterim who ran to the goal to keep the score to 0 against the Rangers. The Rangers did not slow down, in fact scoring more goals courtesy of Camastrr. 

The Seals did not give up though they kept fighting, scoring their first goal with 6 minutes left in the second half, thanks to a great pass from iAmbitious and a kick from KarturoW. The Seals began to connect more, scoring two more goals, lifting their hopes of a comeback just like they had done against the Falcons.

Krille was keeping the ball from hitting the net while his Seals fought for a comeback, rookieblue14 was defending his heart out, 1998Hailey1998 was running the wings like she was fresh off the bench but the Rangers put a stop to that keeping calm and adding more pressure to the Seals side. Creta, fireeric20, and Camastrr made huge plays making the score 9-3 to end the game and keep the Seals out of the championship round.

Capture The Flag Army vs Air Force – Four Rounds Of Intensity

by Armando498

This was a very interesting match with a lot of great players, it was filled with a cocktail of different emotions, and we even had some twists and turns in the match. The match was fought between the Army Rangers and the Air Force Falcons, both really good contenders. The match was set to give the win to the best of 5 rounds, and the match finished just after round 4. Please keep reading for a brief recap of each round.

In round one, the Rangers started out strong, with a great strategy while the Air Force seemed to have a somewhat slow start, after some of the Falcons got themselves in jail, the Rangers took advantage of the situation to score themselves a point. The person that brought the flag back was Asuno from the Army!

In round two, the Air Force seemed to pick up the pace and defend a little bit better, they trapped one of the Rangers, but still made some mistakes to make them be in inferior numbers which led fireeric20 from the Army to bring back the flag once again. 

In round 3, it seemed like the Army lowered their defenses and thought they had the win secured, when the Air Force took the opportunity to go through them and capture the flag to lower the point difference, making it 2-1, would this have given the Air Force some motivation to keep fighting for a comeback?

Round 4 was the last round played, both teams were very focused on the game, both with great defenses, but one of the Rangers, LaurenMae, broke through the Falcon’s defense and successfully collected their flag, after some time she got past the defense on her way back and scored a point for the Rangers, giving them the win.

It was a very extreme match with a lot of great plays, but as well some big mistakes from both sides, in the end, the most valuable player of the match was Asuno due to him scoring and being one of the strongest players for the Rangers and bringing back the victory for the Army once again. 

Danger Pod Lands In The Water!

by Alozric

Today marks a new battle in 2022’s all-out Branch Wars. Four Branches, Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines, gather together to play a game of luck “Danger Pod” with no skill involved, just a draw. A lucky step to determine the winner. In the first round we had K1e24 playing for the Air Force and FlyingWalk and Wijkagent from the Marines, with both of them strolling onto the banzai and ending up in the danger pod, there were no winners. 

The second round commenced and all players rushed their way to the pod. As each player got wiped out one after the other, there were 2 that remained standing which was ChickenFajita, from the Air Force and Defenestration from the Army. The second round ended abruptly with both of them ending in the danger pod, where there were again no winners.

The third round commences, It’s difficult, with lots of suspension and tension between the players, especially with a game that solely relies on luck, is there ever going to be a winner? In the end,  the Army was left with 3 players, Marines with 2, Air Force with 1, and Navy with 1. A plot twist? Every branch got eliminated and ended up in the danger pod, once again, there weren’t any winners.

The first and final round with a winner, this round determines it all, which branch will win the game of chance? Here is the roster for this game; 1 Marine, 1 Navy, and 1 Army. Everyone ended up in the danger pod apart from these 3 players from each branch, except the Air Force as they got eliminated abruptly.  As the final players await for the banzai tile to appear in the middle, It happens, everyone is rushing. Everyone was eliminated, except… Randy31426! The Navy Seals manage to take the win home!

Capture the Flag – Marines Pull Out Their Big Guns!

by Alienate.

It got off to a slow start with both sides struggling to fill their teams, after a few minutes of deliberation both teams were full! The first round starts with Marines strong on defense, however, they soon let it slip allowing a Falcon through, Devil Dogs pushed back through the Falcon defense and got their own attacker after the flag. The Falcon didn’t last long though as it soon became trapped and sent off the board! Air Force quickly sent another Falcon in to get the flag, Air Force is the first team to grab a flag but alas, the bird was caged by Devil Dogs hot on its trail. 

This ruthless attack from the Devil Dogs managed to cut down the Falcons enough to storm their base. Grabbing the flag, SgtMaj Wijkagent rushed back to their own base and scored the first win for the Devil Dogs. 

In order to win this game, the teams needed to win Best of 5.

Round 2 was a brutal run by the Devil Dogs with the round ending within minutes! Air Force Falcons tried to defend as best they could but SgtMaj Wijkagent snuck past them again to score Marines a second point. Devil dogs are only 1 point away from victory at this point in the game, their confidence is shown amongst the players and spectators of the branch. 

Round 3 is a bit of a fumble by the Devil Dogs when they trap one of their own mid-attack! This rookie mistake leads to the Falcons swooping in and stealing the flag for themselves getting them back in the game! 

Round 4 begins with the Devil dogs making a desperate attack to overwhelm the Falcons, they push past the defense and grab the flag. With two falcons left in play, SgtMaj Wijkagent rushed back to base, securing the victory. The Falcons unfortunately were no match for the Devil Dogs in this game of Capture The Flag. SgtMaj Wijkagent secured all three wins for Marine Devil Dogs in this match, what a true MVP!

Freeze – Rangers Pave The Way To Freeze Finals!

by Alienate.

Today’s game of Freeze was a best-of-5 match between Army Rangers and Navy Seals, this is a game where your strategies make all the difference! We kicked off the first round with an amazing play on both sides, SEALs and Rangers scrambling to break blocks and collect their power-ups. Soon, however, the Seals started to get in their own way, freezing their own players and even killing one due to friendly fire and another shortly after another Rangers attack.

This is a dire situation for the Seals as they’re now on an uneven playing field with 3 players remaining and all the Army Rangers still standing strong. There was some manic defense and attack from both sides causing 5 players from both sides to be frozen all at once! It’s not long before the field is evened out with 2 players on each side. However, with the scores of 080-040 to the Rangers, the Seals needed to be strong with their attack. Time running out the Rangers viciously attack the Seals and with less than a minute remaining OC1 Stealth and CW5 fireeric20 steal the victory for the Rangers!

By the third round Seals were pushing their attack and defense, the Rangers smelling victory only a point away, rushed into the Navy’s starting point to put pressure on the Seals defense.

The second round doesn’t get much better for the Seals as multiple members freeze themselves within seconds of starting, those lost lives may prove dire as they fight through the round. As we get to 4 minutes remaining, the scores are tied with the Seals trying their best to make up for their discouraging start to the round. As both Rangers and Seals attack and defend the score and the teams stay fairly even throughout, there is no hint as to who will claim this round for victory. Those lost lives may have cost the Seals dearly as their last two fighters are killed simultaneously. One by CW5 LaurenMae as she also sacrificed herself, and the other by CPT DeRoyTheHero. With the Rangers only one point short of victory it is uncertain whether the Seals would be able to make a comeback. 

By the third round, the SEALs were pushing their attack and defense, the Rangers smelling victory only a point away, rushed into the Navy’s starting point to put pressure on the SEALs defense.

This round in their desperation the Rangers start to lose players due to their own friendly fire. The round is ending in a neck and neck battle between the two sides, but it’s not long before MVP CW5 fireeric20 swoops in with the final kill to win the round, and the game for Army Rangers. Winning this match secures their place in the final freeze battle of Branch Wars 2022.

Freeze Marines vs Navy – Marines Create A Smooth Slate For Victory!

by Manuel.Vazquez4

Once again, we could appreciate an amazing battle between two strong branches matching for winning an important game of Freeze. Marines “Devil Dogs” vs Navy “Seals”. Where 5 players of each team had to do their best effort to beat the rival to be the best of 5 rounds getting the most amount of points possible.

We could see since the first round was a close match where Marines started to have the advantage. We saw the strong Devil Dogs go with everything, putting extreme pressure on Navy players trying to disqualify them, but on the other hand, the Navy tried to defend and counterattack Marines, however, this wasn’t enough since the Marines ended up winning the first round with 40 seconds on the timer and 2 players.

Over the second round, the strategy was almost the same, at the beginning of this round, Marines started with a bit lead of it, however, the Navy was also now putting more pressure on Marines and with hope for a comeback, the Navy could lead the match but this didn’t go on for so long as Marines finally mix it up a bit, winning the second round with 23 seconds on the timer with just 2 players alive.

Finally, in the third and final round, the Navy had to win this round if they wanted to stand a chance and for a moment it seemed it could be possible, the Marines were in fact leading the match with almost 1 minute to finish the match, however, the Navy could make a come back as they were just a few points behind. Unfortunately, the last player was eliminated and the Marines won the battle 3-0 with a great victory and also the support and efforts of the MVP eyeFad. Without a doubt, a great battle.