Building a career

To fully experience and enjoy all that USDF has to offer, we encourage all members to join one of our ten dynamic and specialized Offices/Departments. By joining an Office, you can earn promotions and pay while also acquiring skills that can benefit you in real life. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to contribute to the innovation and progress of Habbo’s largest military.

Regardless of your branch, all Offices are open to you. By persuing our list of job applications and advertisements, you can find the best fit for your interests and strengths!

You can find a list of applications and job advertisements on the Offices and Positions Board on our forum board.

Career Paths

Office of Joint Force Development (OJFD)

As a member of OJFD you will handle the majority of training given to all personnel, from new recruits, to NCOs and Officers. It will be your job to assist in the development of all USDF personnel through training and FEATs. As a CWO and Officer you will not only continue working to develop all USDF personnel through FEATs, but you will also assist the OJFD command team, as well as helping to develop the NCOs of OJFD to ensure the best training is given to all personnel of USDF. The leader of the OJFD is the Director of Joint Force Development and works with the Under Secretary of Defense for Education to ensure USDF’s training, manpower and education are seamlessly integrated.

Office of Manpower and Personnel (OMP)

The OMP is responsible for, but not limited to managing transfers – internally and externally, assisting newly transferred personnel with their selectee requirements, evaluating current selectees for their final rank assignment, managing personnel lists, hosting FEATs {TRAPU}, completing the USDF Personnel Statistics Report, hosting MITE (OHNCO and full member CWO+ only), and any other delegated duties related to staff management. The leader of the OMP is the Director of Manpower & Personnel and works with the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness to ensure USDF’s training, manpower and education are seamlessly integrated.

Office of the Judge Advocate General (OJAG)

The OJAG is the pillar of justice within USDF. They are the force which balances all decisions that are disciplinary. The JA’s and JAG are all equipped with the necessary tools to evaluate, assess and rule on various cases, appeals, pardons and issue a final verdict. They also act as the check and balance to the Office of the Joint Staff Inspector General (OJSIG) and operates as their counter-part. All judicial processes go through OJAG, as well as internal investigations related to unfair disciplinary action.

Office of International Security Affairs (OISA)

Do you want to accelerate your USDF career? Do you like being a liaison to other militaries and agencies? Do you like the opportunity of creating connections across Habbo? Then the OISA is for you. Our ambassadors specialize in establishing connections across not just the agencies floor but also on and as well as any other hotels, reporting any breaking events, and closely work with other organizations in setting up Foreign Affairs events.

Office of the Joint Staff Inspector General (OJSIG)

If you want to be part of a team that upholds USDF policies, maintains order, and focuses on security then OJSIG is for you. Members of the OJSIG are tasked with conducting investigations, monitoring internal security, dabbling in counter intelligence, enforcing our rules & regulations, as well as handing disciplinary measures involving mediation. The leader of the OJSIG is the Joint Staff Inspector General.

Office of Operational Tests & Evaluations (OOT&E)

The OOT&E is specifically responsible for the development of each rank category in USDF. Members of this Office are responsible for the education, delivery and assessment of personnel in the NCO Leadership Course, the Warrant Officer Leadership Course and for the Officer Candidate School program. The OOT&E is responsible for education the future leaders. The leader of the OOT&E is the Director of Operational Tests & Evaluations and works to ensure USDF’s training, manpower and education are seamlessly integrated.

United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

Lightning makes no sound until it strikes, as are the operations of this stealthy team. USSOCOM is our intelligence and warfare department that shields the USDF from all internal and external threats. This elite force conducts clandestine operations and various intelligence reconnaissance missions to strengthen the standing of our military, ensuring its advantageous position across Habbo.

Office of Public Affairs (OPA)

Duties within the OPA include DJing on the USDF radio, hosting mini-games in and out of HQ, setting up rooms for events, creating graphics, writing for the newsletter, and so much more. Public Affairs members should be creative, motivated, and always willing to have fun. You also must have good typing and grammar skills – you are the face of USDF. The leader of the OPA is the Director of Public Affairs.

Office of Strategies, Plans & Capabilities (OSP&C)

The OSP&C is responsible for the innovation and strategic direction of USDF. This Office is tasked with not only ensuring that the legislation, regulation and procedures are updated, but for continuing USDF’s 8 year legacy of being Habbo’s most realistic and innovative military simulation. The leader of the OSP&C is the Director of Strategies, Plans and Capabilities working under the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.

Joint Ceremonial Drill Team (JDT)

The JDT consists of three drill teams; The Honor Drill Team, The Warrior Drill Team and The Valor Drill Team. Three separate, but equal drill teams. As a member of JDT, you will perform once a month and participate in several different events. If you are looking to wear a badass uniform and take on the challenge of being in a sub-office (this is the only Office that allows you to be in two!), you’re in the right place. The leader of the JDT is the AD JDT, supervised by the Director of Administration & Management.


Participate in dribbling, passing, and scoring goals in the USDF’s very own football team: the legendary Titans. If you have little or no experience in Habbo football, fear not! Join the Titans Academy and be coached by our best and most experienced players to get you up to speed on the mechanics. This is a great opportunity to have fun, participate in weekly matches and advance into the main team where you can play against other organizations across the hotel!