Chief Warrant Officer 5 AfricanBlood


Chief Warrant Officer 5


[US Marines] CWO5 {MX#1I} + § (*)

Uniform Medal

Achievement Medal (AM)

Join Date

21st January 2016

Reserve Status

Inactive Reserve Duty (R2) - 77 days remaining

Service Time

775 days (111 weeks) (2.12 years) Met RST

Work Tracker

135.4 points(Sept 2022)
Completed L
Completed W


Further Education and Trainings

AAdvancement Expectationsdctrman28th January 2016
BExpert TrainerQnad11th August 2022
BACBasic Airborne Coursedexter12390two19th June 2017
DDiplomacy Skills=o-sally25-o=22nd June 2016
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program Grey-Toast.Army-9th May 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenKateD.1710th May 2017
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program BrownOoShin5th June 2017
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program Blackdexter12390two19th June 2017
ECombat Medic Program[email protected]22nd July 2016
FBasic Marksmanship Training-d3st!ny-26th March 2016
GBeing A Good CommunicatorKingssman!27th January 2016
HBasic Drill TrainingImaginarily25th July 2016
IDrill InstructorNorsken:D31st March 2020
JOnline Securitydctrman28th January 2016
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Ordersalidj324th July 2016
LSNCO Leadership CourseIm__Batman13th August 2022
MHQ Duty OfficerAngelEnergy,11th August 2022
MDMilitary Divingdexter12390two24th June 2017
NRaid DefenseiDaniel-!27th May 2017
PPatrollingspi428th January 2016
PTPhysical TrainingScience9913th May 2017
QWarfare TrainingShadowM4n16th June 2016
RRecruitment Supervisorem_ack821st January 2016
SHQ SentryAngelEnergy,11th August 2022
SSSurvival Skillsdexter12390two19th June 2017
TKnowledge of Transferring Personnelinlustro21st January 2016
UIntroduction to Officesdctrman28th January 2016
WWO Leadership CoursePapegaaiduiker18th August 2022
XBackground Check Completed.Defenestration18th August 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship Trainingkeven864th July 2016
£Marksmanship and Medical InstructorPrivateJRyan17th August 2022
§Global PTP InstructorPrivateJRyan21st August 2022
FEATMember TrainedDate
AAdvancement ExpectationsNarzy15th July 2016
BACBasic Airborne CourseChapppie28th April 2020
DDiplomacy SkillsTenseValor22nd August 2022
DDiplomacy SkillsNefariousZ3rd September 2022
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greyboss_cat4521st June 2017
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyRafi619221st June 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greendevontethe0519th June 2017
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program BrownRiceboii20th August 2022
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program BlackWarmClimate6th May 2020
ECombat Medic ProgramEternal_AJ25th August 2022
FBasic Marksmanship Training.eXcelcius5th June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingtopfun!5th June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingbella04025th June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingGranlore13th June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Traininggiordy7816th June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingRoonkiller0216th June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingIntagen16th June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingDavisWinters16th June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingSecretBlade22nd June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingHallow-Book22nd June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingkevin8005222nd June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingelisesian22nd June 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingChapppie17th April 2020
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingMoondrei2nd April 2020
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingJash1992nd April 2020
HBasic Drill TrainingSarahHuynh816th April 2020
HBasic Drill Training17tash1715th April 2020
HBasic Drill Training-RespectoR15th April 2020
HBasic Drill TrainingFivehours16th April 2020
HBasic Drill TrainingStellababy2218th April 2020
HBasic Drill Trainingjonty34216th April 2020
HBasic Drill TrainingSincalade15th April 2020
HBasic Drill Trainingstevegarr15th April 2020
HBasic Drill Training_-Ghost-_15th April 2020
HBasic Drill TrainingSmallwolf2515th April 2020
HBasic Drill TrainingNeon.Viper18th April 2020
HBasic Drill Trainingfrachin2ne118th April 2020
HBasic Drill TrainingamirDude18th April 2020
JOnline Securitygermandog24629th May 2017
JOnline Securityidolilovepi29th May 2017
JOnline Securityhayes1295th June 2017
JOnline SecurityTenseValor22nd August 2022
MDMilitary DivingChapppie28th April 2020
PPatrollingNarzy15th July 2016
PPatrollingjxs36016th May 2017
PTPhysical Trainingzelly0925th April 2020
PTPhysical Trainingprince431061st May 2020
PTPhysical TrainingRikkaido17th April 2020
PTPhysical TrainingLeodawg22nd April 2020
PTPhysical TrainingRivalGamings17th April 2020
PTPhysical TrainingBlueFries24th April 2020
PTPhysical Trainingamee.eerah22nd April 2020
PTPhysical TrainingPaip24th April 2020
PTPhysical TrainingBobba.com24th April 2020
PTPhysical Traininganime4ever031st May 2020
PTPhysical Trainingq-Thunder-q22nd August 2022
PTPhysical TrainingKingKruIe22nd August 2022
PTPhysical Training.Hellenes3rd September 2022
PTPhysical TrainingCooper4813rd September 2022
PTPhysical TrainingSapper3013rd September 2022
PTPhysical TrainingNefariousZ3rd September 2022
RRecruitment Supervisorsyed33716th May 2017
RRecruitment SupervisorSupremekilla30516th May 2017
RRecruitment Supervisorcertio1117th May 2017
RRecruitment Supervisormelodyvol19th May 2017
RRecruitment Supervisorlin1234519th May 2017
RRecruitment SupervisorDsquared21st August 2022
SHQ Sentryvanessakorr17th April 2020
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelHillbyFilby12th July 2016
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelMil-Raimundo12th July 2016
TKnowledge of Transferring Personneldengerdy12th July 2016
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelK-rulez9412th July 2016
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelKINGBOB818023rd August 2022
UIntroduction to OfficesYungBROccoli11th July 2016
UIntroduction to Offices_Serzavy_11th July 2016
UIntroduction to Officesdoyan19th May 2017
UIntroduction to OfficesTenseValor22nd August 2022
UIntroduction to OfficesCooper48127th August 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship Traininggiordy7816th June 2017
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingRoonkiller0216th June 2017

Personnel Log

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#TypeFormer RankNew RankOfficerDate
1PromotionChief Warrant Officer 4Chief Warrant Officer 5Underterminated3rd September 2022
2PromotionMaster Gunnery SergeantChief Warrant Officer 4UHaileyroseU18th August 2022
3PromotionCivilianMaster Gunnery SergeantUHaileyroseU11th August 2022
4Honorable DischargeChief Warrant Officer 5CivilianExdr10th September 2020
5PromotionChief Warrant Officer 4Chief Warrant Officer 5Xzao24th April 2020
6PromotionChief Warrant Officer 3Chief Warrant Officer 4windowsdonkeys29th March 2020
7PromotionChief Warrant Officer 2Chief Warrant Officer 3iDfind23rd January 2020
8DemotionChief Warrant Officer 3Chief Warrant Officer 2iEpicsaurus23rd January 2018
9PromotionChief Warrant Officer 2Chief Warrant Officer 3-Ardellia12th August 2017
10PromotionMaster Gunnery SergeantChief Warrant Officer 2iuChick24th June 2017
11PromotionFirst SergeantMaster Gunnery SergeantiuChick10th June 2017
12PromotionMaster SergeantFirst SergeantiuChick2nd June 2017
13PromotionGunnery SergeantMaster SergeantiuChick26th May 2017
14PromotionStaff SergeantGunnery Sergeant-itskat23rd May 2017
15PromotionSergeantStaff SergeantiuChick19th May 2017
16PromotionLance CorporalSergeantValistta10th May 2017
17PromotionPrivate First ClassLance CorporalValistta9th May 2017
18PromotionCivilianPrivate First ClassValistta9th May 2017
19AWOLGunnery SergeantCivilianM.A.M.29th April 2017
20PromotionCivilianGunnery SergeantLighthouseOne14th February 2017
21AWOLMaster Gunnery SergeantCivilian,Integration-14th February 2017
22DemotionSergeant MajorMaster Gunnery Sergeanthhsc6418th August 2016
23PromotionMaster Gunnery SergeantSergeant Major,Precision13th August 2016
24DemotionSergeant MajorMaster Gunnery SergeantKanoi13th August 2016
25PromotionFirst SergeantSergeant Major,Precision13th August 2016
26PromotionMaster SergeantFirst Sergeantjordon10415th July 2016
27PromotionGunnery SergeantMaster SergeantWolffStriker11th July 2016
28PromotionStaff SergeantGunnery SergeantVaulekai3rd July 2016
29PromotionSergeantStaff Sergeant,Integration-22nd June 2016
30PromotionCorporalSergeant,-Platinum12th June 2016
31PromotionLance CorporalCorporal,-Platinum4th June 2016
32PromotionPrivate First ClassLance Corporal,-Platinum4th June 2016
33PromotionCivilianPrivate First ClassCaptainJoachim30th May 2016
34Honorable DischargeCorporalCivilian,Precision10th April 2016
35PromotionLance CorporalCorporalconNOVA15th February 2016
36PromotionPrivate First ClassLance CorporalconNOVA15th February 2016
37PromotionPrivatePrivate First Classbadger2351211th February 2016
38PromotionCivilianPrivate:DMK..Stan:8th February 2016
39Honorable DischargeLance CorporalCivilian-Mythology?28th January 2016
40PromotionPrivate First ClassLance Corporaldavidhif225th January 2016
41PromotionPrivatePrivate First ClassHawk51321st January 2016
42PromotionCivilianPrivatecoolcarryDude21st January 2016

Administration Log

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#TypeSoldierFormer RankNew RankDate
1PromotionBrillyay3CivilianPrivate6th September 2022
2Promotioneleanor195CivilianPrivate5th September 2022
3PromotionRastorCivilianSeaman Recruit5th September 2022
4PromotionScopeOnMyGlockCivilianPrivate4th September 2022
5PromotionMazzaFazzaCivilianPrivate4th September 2022
6PromotionlindseysznnAirmanAirman First Class3rd September 2022
7PromotionCooper481Seaman ApprenticeSeaman27th August 2022
8Promotiond=-LiLWayne-=bCivilianSeaman Recruit24th August 2022
9PromotionDsquaredPrivate First ClassLance Corporal21st August 2022
10PromotionDsquaredCivilianPrivate21st August 2022
11PromotionMikiruGremlinSeaman ApprenticeSeaman20th August 2022
12PromotionHunter3916PrivatePrivate First Class11th April 2020
13Promotiondaryjane62CivilianSeaman Recruit19th September 2017
14Promotionpierre594CivilianPrivate19th August 2017
15PromotionShooterYTCivilianPrivate12th August 2017
16PromotionEdward_BlomCivilianAirman6th June 2017
17Promotion_xAmethystx_CivilianAirman26th May 2017
18PromotionJake_HudsonCivilianSeaman Apprentice23rd May 2017
19Promotionlin12345CivilianAirman Basic19th May 2017
20PromotionVisitor28291CivilianSeaman Recruit11th May 2017
21PromotionlowafCivilianSeaman Apprentice2nd August 2016
22Promotione-a-aCivilianAirman Basic30th July 2016
23PromotionTommyPfCCivilianPrivate14th July 2016
24PromotionAD-AdrianCivilianAirman Basic14th July 2016
25PromotionRoomOnFireCivilianPrivate First Class13th July 2016
26Promotion[email protected]CivilianSeaman Recruit5th July 2016
27PromotionbjonnyCivilianPrivate30th June 2016
28PromotionjayzonbobCivilianSeaman Recruit21st June 2016
29PromotionMohammedIsLoveCivilianPrivate First Class21st June 2016
30PromotionTLionKlanCivilianAirman Basic20th June 2016
31Promotiontrilled123CivilianSeaman Recruit19th June 2016

Work Tracker Administration Log

Notes will display if applicable

1Awardedryan4338(#6423) Activity Points5th September 2022
2Awarded_MaddieWayne_(#6422) Activity Points5th September 2022
3AwardedShaow(#6421) Activity Points5th September 2022
4AwardedBigrig11(#6419) Activity Points5th September 2022
5AwardedFiberShadow(#6191) Activity Points4th September 2022
6AwardedCAM641(#6190) Activity Points4th September 2022
7Awardedpano81(#6189) Activity Points4th September 2022
8Awardedchloe71656(#6188) Activity Points4th September 2022
9Awarded1Pandemic(#5787) Activity Points2nd September 2022
10AwardedAndr0s(#5786) Activity Points2nd September 2022
11AwardedKardz22(#5779) Activity Points2nd September 2022
12AwardedSilentstormx(#5772) Activity Points2nd September 2022
13AwardedVakron-(#5771) Activity Points2nd September 2022
14AwardedH0P3(#5515) Activity Points1st September 2022
15AwardedTheBestOlivia(#5514) Activity Points1st September 2022
16AwardedSilentstormx(#5513) Activity Points1st September 2022
17AwardedVakron-(#3783) Activity Points24th August 2022
18AwardedVakron-(#3212) Activity Points21st August 2022