Chief Warrant Officer 4 Monoflict


Chief Warrant Officer 4


[US Navy] CWO4/PO {X3} + § (///)


Office of Manpower and Personnel (OMP)

Uniform Medal

Commendation Medal (CM)

Join Date

20th December 2016

Reserve Status

On Leave - 2 days remaining

Service Time

300 days (43 weeks) (0.82 years) Met RST

Work Tracker

80.9 points(Sept 2022)
Completed L
Completed W


Further Education and Trainings

AAdvancement ExpectationsTahong21st December 2016
BExpert TrainerUrong8th August 2022
BACBasic Airborne CourseMartfrost12th January 2017
DDiplomacy SkillsLiekeXS21st December 2016
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyHurricane231st December 2016
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenChoklado31st December 2016
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program BrownZorg14312th January 2017
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program Black-itskat3rd February 2017
ECombat Medic ProgramChoklado28th December 2016
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingDustinLover17527th December 2016
GBeing A Good CommunicatorGyleHaz17th December 2016
HBasic Drill TrainingMartfrost21st December 2016
JOnline SecurityGyleHaz17th December 2016
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Ordersstickfigureme23rd December 2016
LSNCO Leadership CoursePapegaaiduiker8th August 2022
MHQ Duty Officertim0588th August 2022
MDMilitary Divingleafwillow126th March 2017
NRaid DefenseKimorahassan27th May 2017
PPatrollingeleenn20th December 2016
PTPhysical TrainingImaginarily31st December 2016
QWarfare TrainingMisterJordan9520th December 2016
RRecruitment SupervisorLaurenBicheno17th December 2016
SHQ SentryUrong8th August 2022
SSSurvival Skills-itskat15th February 2017
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelTahong17th December 2016
UIntroduction to OfficesWillWallis.17th December 2016
WWO Leadership CourseDeRoyTheHero22nd August 2022
XBackground Check Completed.Defenestration17th August 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingLily_erina18th December 2016
ZWO Professional Military Education (WOPME)Glazed14918th September 2022
£Marksmanship and Medical InstructorSyDanial11th August 2022
§Global PTP InstructorKeriSummers163rd September 2022
FEATMember TrainedDate
AAdvancement ExpectationsGiordan2410th January 2017
AAdvancement Expectations0xxcocoxx029th December 2016
AAdvancement Expectations-Castaway,29th December 2016
AAdvancement ExpectationsYoungSavege0029th December 2016
AAdvancement ExpectationsSS-Becca30th December 2016
AAdvancement Expectations-=Constantine=-21st October 2018
AAdvancement Expectations6xGod21st October 2018
BExpert TrainerxFace_9th June 2017
BACBasic Airborne Courseidolayainerz9th April 2017
BACBasic Airborne CoursexlCHAOSlx27th August 2018
BACBasic Airborne CourseCollapse-,26th May 2017
BACBasic Airborne CourseMatteo-25th March 2017
BACBasic Airborne CourseM4-729th April 2017
BACBasic Airborne CourseSr.Tekila.29th April 2017
BACBasic Airborne CourseKimorahassan2nd April 2017
BACBasic Airborne Coursepricilarn2nd April 2017
BACBasic Airborne CourseUnknownDemon212nd April 2017
BACBasic Airborne CourseCutepeanut19919th April 2017
BACBasic Airborne CourseCabbagegirl1919th May 2017
BACBasic Airborne CourseRod126th May 2017
BACBasic Airborne CourseG-Scorpion8th September 2022
BACBasic Airborne CourseBortles27th August 2018
BACBasic Airborne CourseForeverBrave27th August 2018
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyExequies14th March 2017
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greyxiao_1314th March 2017
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyBoden_Sails7th March 2017
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyINEEDHELP118th March 2017
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyDemarious1118th March 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program Green.:The.Marine:.10th March 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greenowdytiara18th February 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenDeerGodHitEmUp10th March 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenDaraKookie24th January 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greenpauletter1421st January 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greenrona87926th January 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greentank410521st January 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program Green-Literary-21st January 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenJosh99102nd April 2017
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greenk0ma25th August 2018
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program Brownzac003014th February 2017
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program BrownSofya_Fi_En_Ru18th February 2017
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program Brownk0ma25th August 2018
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program Blackmeatloaf5420th May 2017
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program BlackT.I.1125th March 2017
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program BlackCharlieGx11th April 2017
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program BlackUSNThomas14th June 2017
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program Black.:Agent-Silver19th May 2017
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program BlackBortles25th August 2018
ECombat Medic Programethan.f2727th January 2017
ECombat Medic Programthekxing4520th January 2017
ECombat Medic ProgramKarturoW28th January 2017
ECombat Medic ProgramM4-7228th January 2017
ECombat Medic Programbaseplates21st January 2017
ECombat Medic Programrona87928th January 2017
ECombat Medic Program-Literary-21st January 2017
ECombat Medic ProgramJobojimpiez2nd February 2017
ECombat Medic ProgramKaphtein14th October 2018
ECombat Medic ProgramDsquared31st August 2022
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingtayfupunk29th April 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingIshika19236th March 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingLoched27th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Training,-Crumbled20th January 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingOoyah17th January 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingrona87915th January 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingAw50m3r0ck574r17th January 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingQueenEemia15th January 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Traininggavynwre15th January 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingTheLegalGamer25th February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingJobojimpiez2nd February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingdudelucaalex2nd February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingNightHowler14th February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingdyah.diba14th February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Traininghardyboys70022nd February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingCharlieGx22nd February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingSullyGuy22nd February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingpositivxe25th February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingzVertez25th February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingUertz25th February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingLepse25th February 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingbeastmieycha14th March 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingWulftherin14th March 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingOwenBatute27th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingspagata29th April 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingoxMacyox29th April 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Traininggiamarie2929th April 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingAquaticGio29th April 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingShadowFireF626th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingdavi1237227th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingSpooderManTL27th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingProVert26th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingiziyan126th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingRectroXD27th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Training_xAmethystx_27th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingEmilyChips27th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Training.AlSah-Him.27th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingMPHFPro300327th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingJonnysaga27th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingcali044827th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingabbylegg27th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingEricFraser27th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingKourtney6240227th May 2017
FBasic Marksmanship Training-MoonCrystal-27th May 2017
GBeing A Good CommunicatorAlexD211st January 2017
GBeing A Good CommunicatorFelicity_Rock1st January 2017
GBeing A Good Communicatorbeastfinick30th November 2017
GBeing A Good Communicatorajmalzd10th March 2017
GBeing A Good CommunicatorAndyPaez25th August 2018
JOnline Securityudventure27th December 2016
JOnline Securitygabby200631st December 2016
JOnline SecurityKaylafrlyf10th January 2017
JOnline SecurityKateD.1710th January 2017
JOnline SecurityLuhhSteezy10th January 2017
JOnline Securitykilip2310th February 2017
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Orderskxlee31st December 2016
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersJobojimpiez2nd February 2017
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Ordersanonymousl669th August 2017
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersPieGuts16th October 2018
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersSytsen16th October 2018
MHQ Duty OfficerxFace_9th June 2017
MHQ Duty Officerlinda.biehl210th September 2022
MDMilitary DivingMRX!29th April 2017
MDMilitary DivingTrenzorg27th March 2017
MDMilitary Divingjtfb428th April 2017
MDMilitary Diving.:Agent-Silver19th May 2017
MDMilitary Divingwilliam9333rd March 2018
MDMilitary DivingA-Ha!25th February 2020
NRaid DefenseLoched28th May 2017
NRaid DefenseTheTeenSimmer19th June 2017
NRaid DefenseAnInnocentMan28th May 2017
NRaid DefensePieGuts16th October 2018
NRaid DefenseSytsen16th October 2018
PPatrollingDifferentce30th December 2016
PPatrollingLeoDicaprio10th January 2017
PPatrollingyourfriendjes10th January 2017
PPatrolling.Electric..1st April 2017
PTPhysical Trainingtayfupunk28th April 2017
PTPhysical TrainingClaaaaiiirre1st April 2017
PTPhysical TrainingZeuswander24th March 2017
PTPhysical TrainingAnu201226th March 2017
PTPhysical TrainingMINEKILL1024th April 2017
PTPhysical Trainingcopenhagen1220th May 2017
PTPhysical TrainingxXAccurateXx1st April 2017
PTPhysical Trainingtruthorigine1st April 2017
PTPhysical Trainingowdytiara7th April 2017
PTPhysical Trainingdogsandream3rd March 2018
PTPhysical Trainingabhishek75624th March 2017
PTPhysical Trainingwutsupdock24th March 2017
PTPhysical TrainingKommentar1st April 2017
PTPhysical Trainingm.anicure25th March 2017
PTPhysical TrainingWallyIsMe1st April 2017
PTPhysical Trainingmah-kel24th March 2017
PTPhysical Trainingjohncena-222224th March 2017
PTPhysical Trainingvukikio7th April 2017
PTPhysical Training==Boogie==3rd March 2018
PTPhysical TrainingAdam-The-Hot-124th March 2017
PTPhysical TrainingExploding_Whale24th March 2017
PTPhysical TrainingHunterRip1st April 2017
PTPhysical TrainingMussedpotato1st April 2017
PTPhysical TrainingZac-McArthur1st April 2017
PTPhysical Trainingmarky12454th April 2017
PTPhysical TrainingTikamon1st April 2017
PTPhysical Training.:Cretonruy:.4th April 2017
PTPhysical TrainingRyanPhoebe4th April 2017
PTPhysical TrainingZafrul,7th April 2017
PTPhysical TrainingFrescoe7th April 2017
PTPhysical Trainingjust.prince28th April 2017
PTPhysical TrainingQuelimao28th April 2017
PTPhysical TrainingNiall1656728th April 2017
PTPhysical Training.:Agent-Silver19th May 2017
PTPhysical TrainingAmanda43463rd March 2018
PTPhysical TrainingItsCarleigh3rd March 2018
PTPhysical Trainingits.stump113rd March 2018
PTPhysical Trainingk1b03rd March 2018
QWarfare TrainingFascthetics29th January 2017
RRecruitment SupervisorArmyBrigade28th December 2016
RRecruitment SupervisorHatersInParis28th December 2016
RRecruitment Supervisorbeshar-18th January 2017
SHQ SentryUzaho28th February 2017
SHQ Sentrylopezfidriv14th October 2018
SHQ SentryxFace_9th June 2017
SSSurvival SkillsLJ159026th April 2017
SSSurvival SkillsiSynner25th March 2017
SSSurvival Skillsseketulkiddo6th April 2017
SSSurvival Skillsyoungbdlee6th April 2017
SSSurvival SkillsM4-726th April 2017
SSSurvival SkillsBrirog1725th March 2017
SSSurvival SkillsVinoVince26th April 2017
SSSurvival SkillsPeacheria26th April 2017
SSSurvival SkillsCatharism26th April 2017
SSSurvival Skillsmatthew9091021st May 2017
SSSurvival SkillsChris_Lew.21st May 2017
SSSurvival SkillsCabbagegirl1919th May 2017
SSSurvival Skills_lenin_14th June 2017
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelHoaQuin28th December 2016
TKnowledge of Transferring Personnel_koreanjesus31st December 2016
UIntroduction to Offices-Archeryz-23rd January 2017
UIntroduction to OfficesAbattoir-27th December 2016
UIntroduction to OfficesTheAllen1730th December 2016
UIntroduction to OfficesDifferentce30th December 2016
UIntroduction to Officesemi8ly1430th December 2016
UIntroduction to OfficesSS-Becca30th December 2016
UIntroduction to OfficesKaylafrlyf10th January 2017
UIntroduction to OfficesKateD.1710th January 2017
UIntroduction to OfficesLadyCheshire13th January 2017
UIntroduction to OfficesEkvod13th January 2017
UIntroduction to Officesirfan840626th January 2017
UIntroduction to Offices.Electric..1st April 2017
UIntroduction to Offices-=Constantine=-21st October 2018
UIntroduction to OfficesRainbowFun90015th October 2018
UIntroduction to Offices6xGod21st October 2018
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingAshrell7th July 2017
YAdvanced Marksmanship Training,-Crumbled20th January 2017
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingPrxCentauri12th February 2017
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingHubercik1234512th February 2017
YAdvanced Marksmanship Traininglouismarkus13th June 2017
YAdvanced Marksmanship Trainingbernarose9113th June 2017
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingDsquared31st August 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingSapper30131st August 2022

Personnel Log

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#TypeFormer RankNew RankOfficerDate
1PromotionMaster Chief Petty OfficerChief Warrant Officer 4:Black_PantheR:28th August 2022
2PromotionCivilianMaster Chief Petty OfficerUHaileyroseU7th August 2022
3Honorable DischargeChief Warrant Officer 5CivilianChickenFajita,20th May 2020
4PromotionWarrant Officer SelecteeChief Warrant Officer 5Appartment5th February 2020
5PromotionCivilianWarrant Officer SelecteeExdr26th January 2020
6Honorable DischargeChief Petty OfficerCivilianAppartment30th December 2019
7PromotionPetty Officer First ClassChief Petty OfficerZemriil1st December 2019
8PromotionPetty Officer Second ClassPetty Officer First ClassYulkan17th November 2019
9PromotionPetty Officer Third ClassPetty Officer Second Class8lade27th October 2019
10PromotionSeamanPetty Officer Third Classcoolchick131324th October 2019
11PromotionSeaman ApprenticeSeaman-Ryan-23123rd October 2019
12PromotionCivilianSeaman ApprenticeInfernova23rd October 2019
13Honorable DischargeMaster Chief Petty OfficerCivilian,-Platinum25th November 2018
14PromotionSenior Chief Petty OfficerMaster Chief Petty OfficerKindro27th October 2018
15PromotionChief Petty OfficerSenior Chief Petty Officermoprethegam3rd September 2018
16PromotionPetty Officer Second ClassChief Petty OfficerLuxuryZ...20th August 2018
17PromotionPetty Officer Third ClassPetty Officer Second ClassInfernova22nd July 2018
18PromotionSeamanPetty Officer Third ClassSilentheus5th July 2018
19PromotionSeaman ApprenticeSeamanBossMayne5th July 2018
20PromotionSeaman RecruitSeaman ApprenticeSilentheus5th July 2018
21PromotionCivilianSeaman RecruitIWasLike,WHAT?!4th July 2018
22Honorable DischargeChief Warrant Officer 4Civilianzack43615th March 2018
23PromotionChief Warrant Officer 3Chief Warrant Officer 4EspanolChica!4th March 2018
24PromotionCivilianChief Warrant Officer 3.Systematically13th January 2018
25Honorable DischargeChief Warrant Officer 4Civilian.Systematically13th October 2017
26PromotionChief Warrant Officer 3Chief Warrant Officer 4princess818183rd August 2017
27PromotionCivilianChief Warrant Officer 3princess818182nd August 2017
28RetiredChief Warrant Officer 5Civilianprincess8181819th July 2017
29PromotionChief Warrant Officer 4Chief Warrant Officer 5Epickieron221st May 2017
30PromotionChief Warrant Officer 3Chief Warrant Officer 4Vaulekai19th March 2017
31PromotionCommand Master Chief Petty OfficerChief Warrant Officer 3,-Platinum5th March 2017
32PromotionSenior Chief Petty OfficerCommand Master Chief Petty Officer,-Platinum29th January 2017
33PromotionChief Petty OfficerSenior Chief Petty OfficerTony-Boi22nd January 2017
34PromotionPetty Officer First ClassChief Petty OfficerAxovante11th January 2017
35PromotionPetty Officer Second ClassPetty Officer First ClassJack-Fox8th January 2017
36PromotionPetty Officer Third ClassPetty Officer Second ClassVaulekai28th December 2016
37PromotionSeamanPetty Officer Third Classzack43621st December 2016
38PromotionSeaman ApprenticeSeamanVaulekai21st December 2016
39PromotionCivilianSeaman ApprenticeVaulekai21st December 2016
40PromotionCivilianCivilianbadger2351220th December 2016
41Dishonorable DischargeSeaman ApprenticeCivilianInter-Sector.19th December 2016
42PromotionSeaman RecruitSeaman ApprenticeImaginarily18th December 2016
43PromotionCivilianSeaman Recruitsam9976017th December 2016

Administration Log

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#TypeSoldierFormer RankNew RankDate
1PromotionsunlightdreamsAirman First ClassSenior Airman25th February 2020
2PromotionEnseeMeCivilianAirman15th May 2017
3PromotionJayden6700CivilianAirman12th May 2017
4Promotionrichard0304CivilianPrivate First Class12th March 2017
5Promotiondreamreaper21CivilianPrivate First Class12th March 2017
6PromotionShoshoDonutCivilianPrivate18th February 2017
7PromotionRequest_CivilianSeaman Recruit23rd January 2017
8PromotionCJ0714CivilianAirman Basic12th January 2017
9Promotionspicey_spiceCivilianAirman Basic11th January 2017
10PromotioncaptainofsomeCivilianPrivate10th January 2017
11Promotion!.jack1234.!CivilianPrivate29th December 2016
12PromotionIamSSUCivilianPrivate29th December 2016
13PromotionDietCakeCivilianAirman Basic27th December 2016
14PromotionSami.louiseCivilianSeaman Recruit27th December 2016
15Promotionedz2KCivilianPrivate27th December 2016
16Promotioncourtney5252CivilianAirman Basic27th December 2016
17PromotionKaimoCivilianSeaman Recruit27th December 2016

Work Tracker Administration Log

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