The Libertarian – December 2022 (Part 1!)

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1Team Leader IntroductionIntroductionJess_Jayne & Tectonic
2Feliz Navy-Dad!ArticleNovaMarie97
3Getting Down with OJFamDArticleGumby
4The Taste of Christmas!ArticleNovaMarie97
5A Holiday DIY Project for All!ArticleNovaMarie97
6Let’s Stay Motivated!ArticleNovaMarie97
7I Felt Your Presents!ArticleNovaMarie97

Team Leader Introduction

by Jess_Jayne & Tectonic

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Feliz Navy-Dad!

by NovaMarie97

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For the month of December, the branch in the spotlight is the Navy! I reached out to a couple members of the Navy to get their take on the branch and share how their experience has been thus far into their career!

Getting Down With The OJFamD!

By Gumby

Cover by Xx.Eren.xX

Hello Family!

Like the great poet Dominic Toretto once said countless times before, “I don’t have friends, I got family.” We are here with OJFD, which does much of the Further Education and Training (FEAT) and takes priority over Initial Recruit Development and Training (IRDT), as well Practical Training Programs (PTPs). Welcome to the Office Spotlight, OJFD! We will be speaking with some of their members and learning more about what they do and why they love it.

Please Introduce yourself and tell me about yourself!
Hello! My name is Major hakateach, and I’m the DCS OPR of OJFD! #AFBF I’ve been in OJFD for quite some time now, and honoured to oversee an amazing sub-office

Any hobbies, or things you like to do outside of Habbo?
I am an avid coffee drinker and love to spend time relaxing with friends when I’m not working. Aside from Habbo, I’m a fan of playing animal crossing

As a leader of OJFD what do you usually try to push for your members to do the most of?

I want my members to most importantly enjoy being part of OJFD and the family that we create within our office. I also push for my members to be the best versions of themselves and look to guide them to achieve their goals. I read over EOIs, and do reach out to my members to discuss the good, bad, and the ugly, and I work hard to build relationships with them. Relationships are key to having successful members and a successful sub-office.


Please begin by introducing yourself, and tell a little about yourself!!!
Hello, I am Capt, ShadowHorizon, or called Josh. I am currently the CO AETC of the OJFD. I once served the OOT&E as XO MCOT&E and CO NOT&E but I got burned out from my duties and felt it was time for new people to take over the positions. I do love to play MMORPGs like Old School Runescape. I am a huge Nintendo Fan, Like I play Pokemon, Smash Brothers, Splatoon, and Fire Emblem. I also love JRPGS Xenoblade Chronicles is my favourite Series. I do like to have a good time and chill at times and I even like shows like Superstore, NCIS, etc.

How did you get into OJFD?

I was originally a member of OJFD until November 2020 when I joined OMP after wanting to progress my career. After I got Pardoned in August, I was a part of OPA for two weeks and I applied for HNCO in both OJFD and OPA but I landed the gig for OJFD as AETC HNCO alongside Mel who we became close to, the other 2 had sadly left the USDF for greener pastures but I do wish they would return since I and Mel made it to officer. I then left OJFD and tried OJSIG since I failed and moved to OISA. After I got to CWO5, I wanted to get into a command position, I tried to apply for XO spots but did not get in and I got into OOT&E and became CO NOT&E. During October – December, I was pretty demoralized and felt things were repetitive over and over again, I had several XO left me which really killed my mood and I didn’t do too well within my feedback. I then decided I should change office If I’m burnt out so I applied for some CO position and landed the gig as CO AETC. I’m doing much better now and I feel more energized and doing well.

What do you think makes OJFD so great?

Well, I have to say the community of the OJFD. They are so encouraging and even engaging with me. I noticed plenty of NCOs and even WOs being so nice and talkative. Even my command team is being awesome and engaging.


Please Introduce yourself and tell me about yourself!
Hello, my name is Ryan, I am 18 years of age and the former HNCO for AETC OJFD and now worked my way up to XO for AETC. I worked at USDF since 2015 on and off and have had a range of experiences during my time here, but none like I have had in the present USDF times. Outside of Habbo however, I work as an IT Service Desk Analyst, 1st Line Support on calls, looking to someday progress myself further into a Network Engineering role. I am also quite passionate about my newfound hobby, NFTs, something often people look down on and seem pointless, I myself find the fascinating how they can grow in such a short period of time from nothing to something huge. Someday I look to grow my collection of NFTs and become a renowned name in the NFT scene as I’d like to grow in other aspects of my life.

How did you work your way into OJFD?
From when I was reinstated I honestly had my eyes set on OJSIG, I didn’t think for a second I would be able to progress so far in OJFD. I originally saw a command opening as HNCO and I thought why not give it a try, what is the worst that could happen? And boy am I glad I took that step! Without having joined OJFD and OJFD Command, I really do think I would have resigned by now, I’d have nothing; OJFD has been like a family for me and really welcomed me from the get-go, coming in from basically being an officeless new face. And since they have welcomed me, all I have my eyes set on is OJFD and educating our new and even older members., I want to lift the levels of OJFD higher as I progress alongside it, and give back to the family which welcomed me so quickly.

Do you have any pro tips for people who may want to get into OJFD?
The best tip for joining OJFD I can give is to make sure you show us how you want to help the people, how much you care, and your plans, all key things to almost any position you may apply for but especially OJFD. We want to see how much you care about the people you are educating, we want to know that you are willing to lift others above yourself to ensure they get the best training experience they possibly can. Be proactive as well, show you mean it, and always back yourself up and you will do just fine I promise you that.


Please Introduce yourself and tell me about yourself!

My name is Yoshi but people can call me Dani! My main language is Spanish but I know how to get around with English haha. 

I’m a Videogame designer and programmer so videogames are my passion.

I joined USDF early this month and I’m so happy about how far I have accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Tell me how you got into OJFD.

It was funny actually, as soon as I got promoted to E4 I applied to OJFD because I really wanted to teach and instruct and then I got my JNCO Mentor and he was like “Oh, you are already in an office”. 

It’s a nice feeling giving FEATs to recruits or lower ranks and thinking that you were once in their position. “You were a recruit like them once and look how far you can go” That thought gives you a sense of humbleness.

What other joys does OJFD bring to you?

The members of the office are very nice to me. I consider them a family to me now. Also! IRDT is so fun to host! I love practicing with the recruits and seeing their potential makes me really proud. And I’ve seen them grow and work around in the HQ and I feel like an older sibling haha

Does HB stand for hamburger?
Let’s say that yes 😉 I might try to promote my hamburger business


Just have one question! Do you have anything to say to OJFD? Any words of motivation or encouragement?

OJFD, to me you are all Stars! All of you ensure the best for USDF by training our personnel and growing future leaders, grading personnel to ensure we have strong quality control for our new recruits, and by leading with examples through your hard work and dedication. I couldn’t be more proud of all of you in the best Office! Keep this going and show everyone why we deserve to be the best!


Quick question! Did you choose your new-new Director of OJFD because he reminds you of Grilled Cheese?

As you may not know the USD ED and I love our grilled cheese sandwiches, well anyways thank you OJFD, and USD ED for all that you do and keep on going strong with that education that you all provide us with! Just want to know when is FEAT {C} going to be a reality! Is it Cooking or Crayons? That is all for this time around in our Office Spotlight with OJFamD, I am CWO5 Gumby signing out!

The Taste Of Christmas!

By NovaMarie97

Cover by reignoff

Food is one of the best parts of the holiday season. Sitting around with your family and friends enjoying delicious food. But, sometimes it can be hard to decide on what kind of food you want to make. Here are a few desert and main dish recipes that may help give you an idea on what to make this year!

A Holiday DIY Project We Can All do!

By NovaMarie97

Cover by -Eils

Whether with friends, family or even by yourself it can really be fun to craft your own decorations! Here are a few decoration ideas that are super easy to craft and are reusable for the next holiday season!

Let’s Stay Motivated!

By NovaMarie97

Cover by Xx.Eren.xX

Sometimes we find ourselves falling into a path of feeling unmotivated. Whether it be caused from overlooked promotions, denied office applications, whatever it may be. And, it can be hard to find yourself to get motivated again. Everyone will go through this at least once during their career, but just remember you can always have resources you can use to get back on track!

The Reach Out Program (ROP) is one of those resources. ROP allows you to receive one-on-one assistance and support with a senior command member who will bend over backwards to get where you need to be. Everything talked about will remain between the both of you to ensure confidentiality. You should always try to reach out to your chain of command first, but the ROP will always be here after taking the correct steps first!

I wanted to reach out to a few members of the USDF who have felt unmotivated in the past and found a way to overcome this feeling. Take a look at what they had to say, and use their advice to help you if you ever find yourself feeling unmotivated. Remember, you’re not alone through this!

I Felt Your Presents!

By NovaMarie97

Cover by Basilisk

Christmas shopping can be a little tedious at times. Maybe you’re drawing a blank on what to get for someone, or maybe you just don’t know what they like! If this is the case, try to think of what may be trending around that specific group while also personalizing the gifts. What I mean by this is make sure that whatever you decide to get also fits that person’s personality. Ask yourself: “Is this something this person would use/wear?” Here are a few gift ideas to maybe help guide you to finding your gift for that special person in your life!





I hope this guide helps, not only for this Christmas season but also for any sort of occasion! Happy Holidays!

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