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1Team Leader IntroductionIntroductionarmando498
2What is USDF’s Favourite SubjectInterviewimizzyg
3Best Summer DestinationsArticleKreepKap
4Hats on! An Insight into OJFDInterviewMasonJar,
5Lights! Stage! TONYs!Articledinsky
6What is a Father?PoemTraidKelly
7Air Force… Best Force?Interviewcutiepie99999
8Understanding Pride MonthArticleC_inc0gnito
9Celebrating AppointmentsInterviewarmando498
10HabboQuests & USDF: Rainbow Maze!Creative WritingTraidKelly

Team Leader Introduction

by armando498

Cover by TraidKelly

Hello and Welcome to the newest installment of the Libertarian, 

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this installment of the Libertarian. Myself, together with my team have worked really hard to bring you the best content.

The Libertarian team has put together a really good issue talking about a wide range of subjects, from Summer destinations, to the Tonys, talking about Fathers, even talking about the importance of Pride month. A lot of great articles to read about, and to learn from.

So sit back and enjoy this month’s libertarian.

Kind Regards,

The Libertarian Team

What is USDF’s Favorite Subject

by imizzyg

Cover by LaurenMae

Here in USDF, we all come from different walks in life. We have people of all different ages, careers, and even interests. But what is one thing that we have all gone through at some point of another? School. School has all different subjects: math, English, science, history, and even more! Have you ever wondered, what is USDF’s favorite school subject?

After some interviews with numerous personnel, we have answers to your questions! 

Question: What was your favorite subject in school?

DJFD 1998Hailey1998: “Math”

Sgt mud..: “Definitely history, I love hearing about any type of history”

CMSAF Armatus: “US Government or World History”

CCM Pinkylapigs1: “My favorite subject in school was our English/literature classes. There were a variety of these classes at my high school, my personal favorite one being “Writing Academic Lab” which was a place where us students could just do free-writes everyday, focusing mostly on creative writing. Ironically, I’m not much of a reader at all! ”

Question: Why do you love that subject?

DJFD 1998Hailey1998: “I loved being able to take apart equations and solving them”

Sgt mud..: “I just always love listening to US history, and how we came to be was always more interesting to me in school. I especially love hearing about the Civil War and the American Revolution”

CMSAF Armatus: “They aligned with goals I had set for myself at the time. I had wanted to work my way into the US Senate”

CCM Pinkylapigs1: “I do enjoy the kind of environment that English classes create for the students. It’s an open, free-thinking opportunity to not only express your own thoughts and ideas, but open your mind to new ways of thinking based on the kinds of things your own peers say. I considered classes like this to be a big part of me finding my own personal identity, stretching from more intricate ideals, all the way to political ideals. By the time we get to high school, people begin to think for themselves, and that’s why I loved English courses so much, since again, they offered an opportunity to express these thoughts and ideas that we were 

beginning to make!!”

There you have it, USDF! What subject in school does USDF enjoy? All of them!

Best Summer Destinations

By KreepKap

Cover by KraziiKendii

This article will give you an insight into what I, the writer, believe to be the best destinations for this summer. Destinations which are breath-taking, scenic and are beyond the imagination of a human. These destinations provide an experience you’ll never forget!

Palawan, Phillipines

Palawan is a province located in the Mimaropa region of the Phillipines. Palawan, previously ranked as the “most beautiful island of the world” is known for its clear blue waters, limestone cliffs, lagoons and pristine beauty. If you are someone that likes adventure, then the multiple diving locations like Coron will not disappoint you, or if you just want to relax then the white sandy beaches will for sure appeal to you from where you can also observe the lush palm forests and mountains. Other activities that you can partake in include exploring the underground rivers and coves or parasailing.

Kumrat Valley, Pakistan

Kumrat Valley is a beautiful valley located in the Upper Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a province located in Pakistan. Known as one of the most beautiful valleys of Pakistan, you can observe here the dense pines, tall mountains, beautiful waterfalls and raging rivers. Hiking in the region is an absolute pleasure as you’ll be able to discover the beautiful forestry, waterfalls and clear blue springs. One of the most notable regions you can visit in the valley is the beautiful region of the ‘Jahaz Banda Meadows’, where you can find the Jahaz Banda Waterfall and plains. From there, you can also visit ‘Katora Lake’ where you can indulge in the beauty of the clear and pristine lake. Just like these locations, the valley is home to many other breath-taking places that are open to tourists.

Glacier National Park, United States of America

Glacier National Park is located in the state of Montana in the United States and is one of the few places in the US where you can view glaciers. At Glacier National Park you can observe the magnificence and breath-taking beauty of the snow-topped mountains that can be found in the region. If you admire forestry then you’ll surely enjoy the lush green patches of forests and flowers that can be found almost everywhere in the National Park. At Glacier National Park, you will also be able to discover the many pristine glacial lakes found in the Park. As a bonus, you will also be able to hike and while doing so, be able to observe the many natural beauties the National Park holds.

Hats on! An Insight into OJFD

By MasonJar

Cover by KraziiKendii

The Office of Joint Force Development, also known as OJFD is full of expert trainers that educate all of USDF’s personnel. Their main duty is to host FEATs and PTPs. They are also grading other trainers within USDF, making sure that they are up for the task and keeping up the standards of IRDTs.

We had a little interview with two OJFD members, as they are the best people to tell us about OJFD.

MCPO Wijkagent

What made you apply for OJFD?

I have applied for OJFD again because I have learned a lot since I joined this office. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more about USDF and it is a great start to developing yourself.

What is the best part of OJFD in your experience?

The best part of OJFD is the guidance from people who are in this office. Everyone got their own qualities and it is lovely to see how everyone is helping each other.

What has been the best experience in OJFD for you?

I think that was the moment that I became a mentor for the new members within OJFD. It is amazing to teach new people the same stuff that you have learned in your career.

LT hakateach

What made you apply for OJFD?

OJFD was always an office I could rely on throughout my career. I knew that if I left to go explore other avenues, I would always have a home in OJFD to return to.

What is the best part of OJFD in your experience?

The best part of OJFD for me is the atmosphere. Everyone within the office is willing to help each other out, make sure they are successful, and answer any questions they may have about the office or their career. It’s a family

What has OJFD taught you?

OJFD has taught me how to be a proficient trainer and has also taught me some of the important components of being part of USDF. I learned patience, compassion, leadership, etc.

Lights! Stage! TONYs!

By dinsky

Cover by LaurenMae

The day is March 13, 2020. The cast of SIX went into their final dress rehearsal before their opening night later that evening. The cast of Caroline, Or Change were getting ready for their invited dress rehearsal before their first preview the following night. The cast of Flying Over Sunset planned to start their own previews just days later. Girl from the North Country was barely a month into performances, and Company was only a week and a half in. All of a sudden, performances were being canceled. Broadway was officially shut down until the end of April due to COVID-19. The end of April turned to the end of may, which turned to the end of July, until all of a sudden it had been a year and still, Broadway theaters stayed dark. The 2020 Broadway season was abruptly cut short, and while the theater community still managed to put on the Tony Awards over a year later than intended, it wasn’t quite the same. Fortunately for theater workers and lovers alike, Broadway was finally able to raise its curtains once again beginning September 14, 2021. The shows that were abruptly halted right before their time to shine were finally able to be in the spotlight once again. Eight months later, on June 12, 2022, the Tony Awards were back on once more with a full season of contenders. I had the joy of watching Broadway’s biggest night of the year from the comfort of my home, so here’s a rundown of what went down.

To start, the Tonys had a pre-show that was aired live on Paramount+ hosted by Darren Criss and Julianne Hough, stars of  American Buffalo and POTUS, respectively. It was a brief one hour ceremony consisting of all the technical awards, but that did not make it any less exciting than the ceremony that followed. Darren Criss and Julianne Hough opened this preshow with a magnificent number written by Criss himself, filled with great vocals and wonderful dancing. SIX made history with its writers Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss winning Best Original Score, making Marlow the first out non-binary composer-lyricist and the youngest person to win the award. Also in the preshow was the Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement, which was awarded to Angela Lansbury. With only an hour, most of the awards went by quickly and with little fanfare.

The main act of the Tonys was aired live on CBS at 8pm EST and also live on the West Coast at 5pm PST for the first time ever. It was a whopping three hours long, with the awards being broken up with performances by The Music Man, MJ the Musical, Mr. Saturday Night, Girl From the North Country, Company, A Strange Loop, Paradise Square, SIX, and a reunion performance of the 2007 Best Musical Spring Awakening. hosted by West Side Story’s Ariana Debose, and boy did she do a fantastic job. The opening number was a tribute to the 75-year-long history of the Tony Awards with many beloved musical melodies interspersed throughout and magnificent choreography to back it up. Throughout the show, Debose was charming and funny. From making sure to give special recognition to the understudies of Broadway (whose talent was needed more than ever this season) to amusing bits like jumping into Andrew Garfield’s lap, she was everything a good award show host should be. The first Tony Award of the main event was Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play, awarded to Jesse Tyler Ferguson for his role as Mason Marzac in Take Me Out. While this was Ferguson’s first Tony Award nomination and win, the next award provided the magnificent Patti LuPone with her third. She was awarded Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical for her role as Joanne in Company. The major acting awards of the night were Deirdre O’Connel winning Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play for her role as Dana H. in Dana H., Simon Russel winning Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play for his role as Henry Lehman in The Lehman Trilogy, Myles Frost winning Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical for his role as Michael Jackson in MJ the Musical, and Joaquina Kalukango winning Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical for her role as Nelly O’Brien in Paradise Square. The major production awards of the night were Take Me Out winning Best Revival of a Play, Company winning Best Revival of a Musical, The Lehman Trilogy winning Best Play, and A Strange Loop winning Best Musical. I won’t bore you with the full list of awards, which you can look up online if you are so inclined. However, history was made two more times that night. Myles Frost became the youngest person to win a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical for his role as Michael Jackson in MJ the Musical. Jennifer Hudson became the youngest woman and second black woman to achieve EGOT status (winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) when she received a Tony for producing A Strange Loop.

There were too many great moments I enjoyed throughout the Tony Awards to list them all, but several stood out to me that night. First and foremost is SIX’s win for Best Score. I had just gotten into SIX right before the Broadway shutdown, and was disappointed to have to wait over a year and a half to be able to see it in person myself. However, the wait was well worth it as I had never had more fun at a show before, largely due to its catchy songs. So when it won the first award of the night, making history no less, I was ecstatic. Unsurprisingly, the show’s performance, a mashup of the opening and closing songs “Ex-Wives” and “Six,” was also my favorite of the night. The performance of “A Little Joy” from the cast of Mr. Saturday Night filled me with complete joy (no pun intended), and was my second favorite overall. As a Jewish person, seeing Billy Crystal do crowd work by performing what he called “Yiddish scatting” and having the audience follow his singing sent me into hysterics. He even convinced Samuel L. Jackson and Lin Manuel Miranda to do some solo scatting, much to everyone’s amusement. Broadway veteran Bernadette Peters also did a moving performance of “Children Will Listen” from Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods as a tribute to the great musical theater composer, who sadly passed away Thanksgiving last year. One performance that surprised me was MJ the Musical. The cast performed the ever-popular “Smooth Criminal,” which featured amazing dancing from the cast and Myles Frost in particular. Myles Frost embodied the spirit of Michael Jackson beautifully, and his performance was the first of the night where I switched my prediction of who would win the Tony. The other performance that made me switch my Tony prediction was Joaquina Kalukango. After her fellow cast mates of Paradise Square did a brief number, Joaquina Kalukango took to the Tony stage to sing her 11 o’clock number “Let It Burn.” I had not known much about Paradise Square in general, much less of her specific performance, so my original prediction for Best Actress was Sharon D. Clarke, who amazed me as Caroline Thibodeaux when I saw Caroline, Or Change last fall. Yet, once I saw Kalukango belt out this powerful ballad, I was blown away. Her performance was unlike any other from that season, and when she finished to a standing ovation I knew the Tony was hers. Later that evening she was presented the award in a very emotional exchange with Adrienne Warren and Cynthia Erivo.

Overall, the 75th Annual Tony Awards was everything a musical lover could have asked for. Most performances of the night can be seen on the CBS channel on YouTube, as well as a couple other YouTube channels if you are interested. While I may have only gotten two thirds of my original predictions correct, all of the night’s winners were well-deserved and I’m happy for every single one. I can’t wait for what the next Broadway season has in store.

What is a Father?

By TraidKelly

Cover by Alvarit0

What is a Father?

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Dad, I had a nightmare, can you read me a story?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Dad, I got first place! Celebrate in my glory?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Dad, let’s play Army men under the table!

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Dad, you’re being unreasonable!

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Dad, I’m going on a date.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Dad, we’re gonna be late!

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Air Force…Best Force?

By cutiepie99999

Cover by Alvarit0

Any person that walks into USDF will very quickly see the passion and loyalty our personnel have for our branches. Whether it’s wearing our branch colours with pride, motivating each other with chants, or the little dittos that have passed their way down, Navy wavy, Army strong, Marine Corps best corps…

But why is the Air Force the best force?

It’s without a doubt that the Air Force plays an integral part of USDF, as the most populated branch they definitely show that the sky is not the limit. They have the highest number of enlisted officers, with over a quarter of enlisted officers belonging to the branch, showing there is still quality and quantity!

Not only is the Air Force important on Habbo, but the real United States Air Force is a very prestigious military too! Being a member not only requires a passion for combat, there’s so much more! Upon researching, you can see there are loads of important roles in the Air Force, whether it’s checking the weather conditions, navigating planes, both on and off the ground, mechanical engineering, both fixing and building aircrafts or weapons, or even administrative work, organising the force! It is also stated that the Air Force is also more popular for the quality of life, having access to the best equipment and training in the world! Even if fighting isn’t your thing, there are plenty of options to still get involved! 

So what makes USDF personnel so loyal to the branch? Let’s find out!

Armatus – Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (E9-Command) 

Why did you choose Air Force?

I transferred into USDF after my previous organization had closed. I had the opportunity of serving alongside misteromorg & -Artisan prior to my service in USDF. I felt safe with them, I felt as though if I pursued the same branch as one of them, I would always have a friend within close proximity. Luckily enough we all ended up in the same branch and we are paving the way for the branch and challenging the status quo day in and day out.

Do you truly believe the Air Force is the Best Force?

I do. We have shown through trials and tribulations that we always come out better and stronger. The trials and tribulations we encounter bring us closer together, regardless of what branch my career lands me in, I will always say the Air Force is in fact the Best Force.

How do you feel the Air Force will do in Branch Wars? Who in particular are you counting on as MVP?

We’re coming out on top. We showed USDF how hungry we are for a first place trophy during the CJCS Cup, unfortunately we came in Second Place. Now? We’re out for blood and will show no mercy to any who stand before us. 

I am personally banking on First Lieutenant NashSalvatorie to be one of our heavy hitters that help carry us through branch wars. He’s truly an icon.

Good luck to the other three branches.

Finally, summarise Air Force in 3 words!

We have TheRealMatrix

sugarnoah – Brigadier General (O7)

Have you been in any other branches? What makes the Air Force unique?

I have been in both the Army and Marines! The Air Force is unique due to its family and the way we get along. It feels like home, there’s always someone sweet there to talk to!

How does the Air Force make you feel included?

It makes me feel included, as I know no matter what, if I were to send a “hey” message into the discord chat, someone will reach out to ask how I am and ask me about my day.

What would you say to anyone looking to join the Air Force?

To anyone looking to join the Air Force, Air Force is the Best Force. HUAH! 

Tuned – Master Sergeant (E6)

What events does Air Force host internally? Which is your favourite?

The Air Force hosts a plethora of events. Remi and Noah are mavericks of the event field. They’re so innovative that I often have no idea what is going on! I’m always happy to be involved though.

My favourite are the meetings, when I am allowed to stay. I understand why some would want to remove me. My presence if often distracting and the whole thing usually just devolves into a #KingTuned movement. Haters gon’ hate.

From your experience, how has the airforce helped you progress in USDF?

The Air Force is not just a force. It’s a family. A royal family, led by me. They accept my greatness without hesitation or jealousy (for the most part). They allow me to flourish as myself. They allow me to lead them but also allow me to allow them to lead themselves. It’s a whirlwind of reciprocity and mutuality.

When I first began in theAir Force, I was unsure. I thought the Marines was where it was at but then I realised the true force of the Air Force. So I decided to stay and lead the Air Force into unwavering glory that no force has ever seen before.

What problems have you faced in USDF, and how has the Air Force helped you overcome them?

I think the primary problem I have faced is being misunderstood. I think there are competing pressures for many between wanting this to be recreational and have fun, but then also wanting to be taken seriously and progress through the USDF ranks. It has been the case where sometimes someone will joke one day, then the next take umbrage to a similar conversation. 

So I saw this as a double standard in my early days. I still see it as a double standard now, so I don’t know why I said “early days”.

I think the Air Force supported me in that they took the time to actually speak to me. When I say Air Force, I really mean Remi and Noah; Jenni sometimes. This was different from the approach of many which was to take a top down, oppressive and punishment-driven approach to discipline. Subsequently I grew to like and respect them which if anything made me want to acquiesce and conform far more than the aforementioned alternative.

Finally, 3 words to sum up the Air Force!





It’s fair to say the Air Force is more than just the branch, it’s the people that make it a community, a family. Sky is far from the limit when it comes to the respect each member has for another, which is represented in the achievements of the branch, including those that challenge others to be the best they can be. 

However, is the Air Force the best force? I’ll let you decide!

Understanding Pride Month

By C_inc0gnito

Cover by MasonJar,

What is pride month?

Pride month is celebrated in the month of June, because that was the month the Stonewall riots occurred.  

The stonewall riots were important protests that took place in 1969 in the US, that changed LGBTQ+ rights for a lot of people in America and around the world.

Pride is a celebration of how far  LGBTQ+  has come in terms of rights, it also showcases love, acceptance, kindness and friendship.  Although pride is mostly positive it also shows the world that there is still more to be done about homophobia.  Pride is all about showing love and being proud of who you are.

The suggestion to call the movement ‘Pride’ came from L. Craig Schoonmaker.

 He said:

A lot of people were very repressed, they were conflicted internally, and didn’t know how to come out and be proud. That’s how the movement was most useful, because they thought, ‘Maybe I should be proud.

LGBTQ+ stands for:

Lesbian, Gay ,Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer.

The plus (+) is to emphasise that there are more identities in the LGBTQ+

Over pride month there are lots of colourful and bright parades, concerts and marches. Since June 28 1970, Pride events have grown bigger, bolder and well… more proud!

Fun fact:   An American lady called Brenda Howard is known as ‘The Mother of Pride’ after organising the first ever LGBTQ+ pride march.

Why is the LGBTQ+ flag rainbow?

People that are LGBTQ+ use a rainbow flag to show everyone’s differences and was seen as a sign that everyone should be included, no matter who they love or who they identify as. The rainbow flag became a symbol in 1978 when Gilbert Baker designed it.

The flag is flown in cities across the world and many people wear it as part of their outfits to show their support for the gay community.

 More interesting facts about Pride!

The first Pride festival, which celebrates the gay community and supports equal rights, took place in London on 1 July 1972. 

 2,000 people attended. The law was changed in 2002 to allow gay people and also unmarried couples to adopt children. 

 Every colour on the flag has its meaning: 

Red = life

Orange = healing

Yellow = sunlight

Green = nature

Blue = harmony

Violet = spirit

Thank you for reading and have an amazing Pride Month!

Celebrating Appointments

By armando498

Cover by C_Inc0gnito

June was a very busy month with appointments, we had about 24 appointments in the month of June, that is almost 1 appointment each day, which is impressive to see, lets congratulate the following individuals for their appointments:

  • Combined-Union as Executive Officer, Communications
  • Killaling as Joint Staff Inspector General
  • Im__batman as Commanding Officer, Naval Operational Tests & Evaluations
  • candykitten22. as Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Operational Tests & Evaluations
  • FiftyMiles as Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman
  • Amuletswrath as Deputy Provost Marshal General
  • IzzieKittie as Judge Advocate
  • IWasLike,WHAT?! As Chairman of the Joint-Chiefs of Staff
  • sugarnoah as Chief Staff of the Air Force
  • Kerfuffle as Chief Staff of the Army
  • .diplodocus. as Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
  • Aneha as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
  • -Rob? as Under Secretary of Defense for Education
  • midgetbella as Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps
  • Asuno as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategies, Plans, & Capabilities
  • WNI – Military Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategies, Plans, & Capabilities
  • :MariaMint: as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategies, Plans, & Capabilities
  • .Defenestration as Executive Officer, Provost Marshal General
  • Desenho as Vice Chief of Naval Operations
  • Femae. as Vice Chief Staff of the Air Force
  • Pachouli – Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
  • coolchick1313 as Military Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Regional Security Affairs
  • Zemriil as Deputy Commandant of Manpower & Personnel
  • UHaileyroseU as Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
  • Maxite as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs

As seen on the list, we had a very varied range of appointments, ranging from a shift within our senior command in USDF to Branch command changes as well as office command changes, these individuals have worked hard to get where they are and they are the best fit for those position, wish them all the best and see what they have to bring to their teams as new command members.

HabboQuests & USDF: Rainbow Maze!

By TraidKelly

Cover by TraidKelly

Ladies, Gentlemen, friends, and strangers, I am live on the scene of the HabboQuests & USDF Rainbow Maze! We watch as numerous people attempt to complete the entirety of the maze. Join me in this in-depth report!

First up attempting the maze, we’ve got Chief Warrant Officer 3, Alvarit0 stepping through the Mall Teleport in order to enter the first part of the room’s maze. He needs to find the correct colored chair within 60 seconds, or he will be booted out of the maze! He needs to understand that whichever is the correct chair changes every 10 seconds!

We’ve only got 15 seconds left on the clock before his 60 seconds are up! Can he find the correct chair in time?

And he found it, folks! He is now teleported into the ballpit, and must enter the teleport to be taken to the next floor of the maze.

In this room, Alvarit0 must find and use Banzai tiles in order to reach each colored chair, to be able to light up the glowballs.

“Done!” Avarit0 shouts, teleporting himself to the exit. Onto the next room!

Floor three is a spot the difference challenge! In a mirror-like perspective, we have two of each furniture set to create a nice landscape. But can Avarit0 find all four differences in time, so all the light tiles turn green, and he can move on? Let’s watch!

There we have it, everyone! Unfortunately Mr. Alvarit0 was unable to find the differences in time. And as such, must either keep trying, or give up. That decision, however, is up to him!

If you’re interested in checking out the Rainbow Maze, feel free to search for the owner Rautio on Habbo Hotel’s navigator. This will show you the first floor of the maze. You can then work your way through the mazes, all 30 of them! Note, there is a checkpoint at Floor 15. So you can take a little break if need be!

Whether you’re new to mazes, or a qualified expert, you will find some fun participating in this event. From roller navigation challenges, to chair stacking puzzles, there is something for everyone! You even get a badge at the end to put on your Habbo profile!

Let’s take a second to thank everyone who put in all of this hard work to create something between HabboQuests and USDF. Without each and every one of them, this event could not be as spectacular as it ended up being!

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