The Libertarian – June 2022

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1Team Leader IntroductionIntroductionArgosax
2Summer ExcursionsInterviewManuel.Vasquez4
3Summer – Things to Conquer!InterviewManuel.Vazquez4
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6Songs For The SummerArticle:MariaMint:
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10USDF Summer StoryCreative WritingManuel.Vazquez4
11What Does It Take?Interview:MariaMint:
12Getting On The Right Track – May 2022 Job FairArticlePinkylapigs1
13Summer PoemCreative WritingArgosax
14Last Man StandingArticleArgosax
15Looking BackSummaryArgosax

Team Leader Introduction

by Argosax

Cover by Pinkylapigs1

Hello all and welcome to the June’s issue of The Libertarian, 

In this issue of The Liberterian we have decided to run with the theme of Summer. As we all know in a lot of countries – Summer is just around the corner! I’m sure everyone has already got their wild plans ready which means logging into Habbo super early & then spending all day in Headquarters. In all seriousness, this is the time where many travel abroad whilst also looking to achieve some personal goals. In this instalment we’re looking to shed some light into having a great Summer whilst also providing some top quality entertainment along the way as we always do for you lovely readers!

The month has been action packed with a lot of events unfolding within the United States Defence Force which included the infamous event titled Last Man Standing, followed by Escape Room which was hosted by Navy & the Office of Public Affairs whilst the Air Force decided to show up & show out with their annual awards night. Finally, let’s not forget the Job Fair which was action packed as we had performances from JDT & that heightened room build which made you scroll up to see the booths! As a whole, it just goes to show that there’s a lot of events throughout the month which keep the personnel enthralled. 

On this note I would like to express my extreme gratitude towards all the graphic designers as well as writers of this instalment , who spent many an hour dedicating their work towards The Libertarian, so thank you all.

Please enjoy reading this publication as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Kind Regards,

The Libertarian Team

Summer Excursions

by Manuel.Vasquez4

Cover by Alvarit0

Summer is the season expected by many people because this is a period where many people finish school and get vacations or take a break from their work and they start to plan what to do during these amazing weeks to enjoy. There are some who go out and stand out their beach body, others prefer to stay at home and rest the whole summer watching movies or play video games, there are many ways people enjoy these summer vacations.

In my case, I will go out to another town within my state to visit my grandparents with my family, it’s probable we visit some cultural places, maybe we also will go to the beach to enjoy the wáter, the sand and eat until we blow up like a balloon, but this is just me, let’s see what other people have to do during this summer.

Summer is almost close, and as we already know people will finish school or work, so I asked 5 participants within the USDF what plans they have for this summer. Will they go out to any place? Will you visit any family and have a barbecue or go shopping? These were their answers. It is necessary to say that for some personnel summer has already finished, but It is interesting to know what they do too.

We will visit France, we will go to the beach and do some shopping. I also will taste french food like macaroons and croissants, there’s so much food. I will go for just one week, but once I return I will go swimming and hang out with friends. 

  • MSG Elsieangel

The highlights of my summer would be an out-of-town tour with my officemates, wherein we went to a beach on the south part of the Luzon. It was a two days, one-night tour wherein we went to a beach in Pagbilao, Quezon. We do island hopping, sandbar visiting, and cave hopping. It was filled with happiness and new experiences for me.

  • CW5 Urong

This summer I plan on travelling to some tropical place with some family members, we will go to a beach and play volleyball, taste food, do shopping, and motorcycle around town markets.

  • MAJ Snatchem

I have nothing specific plans for summer but my birthday falls in July so I tend to go away for it, maybe to the lakes for a few days enjoying the sunshine with family and friends.

  • CW5 aderz

For this summer holiday I have plans on going to Spain to visit my mom, it would be almost a year since I saw her last time, I will spend 2 weeks in Spain, and then back home to work. I will be working all summer after that.

  • CWO5 Armando498

As we saw, each person has different ways to spend their summer, and we hope they and everyone enjoy their summer vacations and have a great time.

Summer – Things to Conquer!

By Manuel.Vasquez4

Cover by KraziiKendii

Having plans, achieving small goals, improving any activity you want, working hard, etc. are things that some people like to do during the summer. The summer vacation is a great time to do all these things and to be a better person and achieve things in the future, everybody has their own goals.

For that reason, I made a small interview with some USDF personnel, asking them what they want to achieve or what they want to do during the summer, things like to improve at work, make some personal changes, etc. It is interesting to see each activity people do and this also can help us to have the courage to make little changes in our lives, let’s take a look at what their answers were.

I plan to work and save money so I can get an apartment and get out of this hotel.

  • 1SG Paralithic

Just work, I have two Jobs, so one is full-time and another is freelance. My boss is planning a swimming outing but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen, so I think I’ll just be staying at home and doing normal things.

  • MSgt Pachouli

Well I have quite an exciting summer up ahead really. I’m moving to Australia with my partner, she wants to move back home. So I’ll be moving back with her, so I’ll most likely be spending it, fixing up our new house and laying on beautiful beaches. She’s going to show me all-around moving to Melbourne so a lot to see.

  • CWO2 DoctorCapricorn

This summer will be a very memorable one for me. I will be seeing a lot of my family members who I haven’t seen for over 10 years. The Dominican Republic is like a second home for me as it tells a lot about the history of my family. After this I’ll be permanently moving to Curacao so I’m really EXCITED! I think this summer will be one to remember for a long time. Really looking forward to being with my family. 

  • MCPON FiftyMiles

Since summer is over for me, I’m sharing what I mostly did! So pretty much I still had to work from home but on some occasions, I go out with my family and friends to eat and hang out. I wasn’t able to go to the beach like most people do though but that’s also because I already did that a month before summer. Overall it was okay but since the pandemic, I do enjoy indoor activities now like watching movies and playing games that I usually haven’t had time to do in the past.

  • MAJ Valorana

I will spend my time at my home, chill in the Woods, pick berries, and chill with my cats, also I’m gonna try for OCS, and I will continue until I get in, also I will visit my parents and hang out with my neighbour.

  • CWO5 LadyVoldie

I focused on work as I’m working towards becoming management in the next few months, I also spent quality time with not only my family but my boyfriend’s family as well. We took his 2 younger siblings to the park almost every day.

  • CW3 Taitai23

I’ll be taking midyear classes, so I won’t be ~that~ free for summer. I’ll also be getting more tattoos for my “1 month, 1 tattoo” goal this year. 

  • CW2 AngelEnergy,

It is evident some people will spend their summer in a different way, I hope they achieve their goals and why not, also enjoy their activities.

Tips To Have an Excellent Summer!

By Pinkylapigs1

Cover by Alvarit0

Oftentimes in the summer, people – ESPECIALLY STUDENTS – fall out of their regular routine. Classes, studying, working, hanging out with friends, etc. All of that is altered to a far more freeing schedule. This is a great thing! But, it’s also an easy way to lose your pace. Losing that routine only means that you need to find a new one, something healthy to keep you in check. Trying to find a new balance for however long your summer may last is definitely a little bit nerve wracking. 

Let’s take a look at a very RANDOM but CRITICAL list of “DOs” for the summertime:

  • Wear SUNSCREEN – protect yourself.
  • Stay motivated to make that money with your summer job or regular job!
  • Treat yourself by sleeping in here and there, we all need a break.
  • Set goals that have actual steps on how to achieve them.
  • Get that Vitamin D!
  • Find a routine that suits you and your needs.
  • Stay HYDRATED – you shouldn’t feel the feeling of being thirsty, look out for yourself!
  • Use the weather and time as an opportunity to explore new things!
  • Self reflection with the intention of valuing the positives.
  • Summer deep cleaning of your home, especially your own room!!

And now, for the very RANDOM but CRITICAL list of “DONTs” for the summertime:

  • Do not create unhealthy habits!
  • Avoid setting goals that have no plan in how to achieve them.
  • Do not waste away indoors, go outside!
  • Do not doubt your capability & your near future.
  • Do not overwork yourself in the heat!
  • Avoid an abuse of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Don’t be careless about what you put into your body!
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the sun.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen.

There are PLENTY more that could get thrown into either list! This was just meant to get some ideas flowing, considering how flexible these are to fit into everybody’s unique lives, I hope this helps some of us! What DOs and DONTs did you come up with?

USDF Crossword

By Yodar

Cover by LaurenMae

If you can complete this crossword, please send over your answers to Argosax#9995 on Discord to be entered in a raffle! The winner of the raffle will receive a whopping 50c!


4. Position established in January 2016

5. Monthly Newsletter

9. USDF’s Mascot on client

10. A program that offers mock interviews to prepare yourself for your upcoming interviews for positions

11. What program recognizes select members of USDF for outstanding service every month?

14. Established by Sycron in 2004

15. What is the name of the Operation that was launched to extend the Habbo Army Bootcamp furni line


1. OISA’s Field Trip

2. What branch was the second branch to open since USDF was reestablished?

3. What is an integral part of ensuring the security of USDF’s headquarters?

6. What program is a great environment to discuss any innovative projects among your peers and bring them forward to OSP&C’s attention?

7. USDF’s communication platform

8. A program that is designed to contact the Senior Command directly for immediate assistance

12. Where do you go if you have questions about USDF?

13. What branch won the first Branch Wars?

If you can complete this crossword, please take a screenshot of the crossword and send it to Argosax#9995 to be entered in a raffle! The winner of the raffle will receive a whopping 50c!

Songs For The Summer

By :MariaMint:

Cover by Pinkylapigs1

With summer slowly creeping up on us like the morning season sun, that means it is slowly becoming time to bust out those pool floats, refreshing fruits, and of course; the stereos! So today, I will be ranking my top five songs for the summer, and will be including some of our own personnels favorite summer songs!

5. This Is How We Do – Katy Perry

Nothing reminds me more of summer in my teen years than Katy Perry’s whole Prism album, however the standout amongst this album was definitely This is How We DO, this confident dance-pop summer song makes me want to take the biggest bite out of a watermelon slice and put on my coolest pair of shades for the pool!

4. Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira 

Come on, admit it, you yourself can’t even help it when this song comes on, it just makes you want to move those hips like Shakira tells you to and feel the bright sun warm you up as you move to the rhythm! Shakira always has the ability to make you feel like it’s summer no matter what time of the year it is, and that’s what I love about this song!

3. Malibu – Miley Cyrus

Coming in with this elegant soft-rock song, Miley bounced back from her wrecking ball phase and gave us this masterpiece of a relaxing summer song, singing about the beach and the ocean throughout, making me feel like I’m right there with her, driving down the coast with the wind in my hair, it can’t get more relaxing than this!

2. SEE SEA – Hyolyn

For a little bit of flavor in the list, I decided to include my favorite K-Pop summer song of all time. This Tropical House-RnB mash-up is just a delight to every ear that hears it and transports you to a sunny palm tree-filled paradise where all you can think about is why exactly you don’t have a nice cold drink in your hands? Her flawless vocal color and technique tops this song off personally and I highly recommend it to everyone!

1. Cool For The Summer – Demi Lovato

If you were to ask me what the first song that came to my mind was when I thought of summer, I wouldn’t even have to consider anything other than this summer bop by Demi! This sensual summer electropop smash hit has been my theme tune every summer for years now and it will continue to be for eternity. Having ‘Summer’ in the title of the song itself just solidifies it as one of the best songs for the summer, and they did an excellent job when making this song! 

Our own personnel had some of their very own recommendations for some of their favorite summer songs of all time, so here’s a few!

X – Nicky Jam & J Balvin

Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles

I Took A Pill In Ibiza – Avicii

Heat Waves – Glass Animals

Stereo Love – Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina

Crazy In Love – Beyoncé

The Ketchup Song – Las Ketchup

Pon De Replay – Rihanna
I’m getting a tan just from reading these song suggestions! With summer getting even closer now, I hope you can enjoy these summer songs and wind up listening to them at the side of the pool or even when you’re relaxing on the beach. I guarantee you that you’ll feel like it’s the warmest day of the year while these are all playing! If your favorite song didn’t make it on the list, then I wonder, what are your Songs For The Summer?

Getting Wavy with the Navy

By Pinkylapigs1

Cover by Desenho

Who was the CNO you took the most inspiration from before you took hold of the position? Why them?

The CNO I took the most inspiration from was BrigGen GTECH6, the current SecDef EA. For me, she was the one who allowed the Navy to feel like a home. Her spamming of Navy ships, the random pings, the screenshots – It just felt very family-orientated and close knitted. When I look at the vision I have for the Navy, in terms of activity, that’s the era I wish to restore the branch to. Be Navy, Stay Wavy.

  • VADM Underterminated, CNO.

Imagine that you got banned from being in the Navy – what branch would you transfer to and why?

I’d go to the Air Force. The reason behind this is it has a lot of my friends in that branch and that would be my next go as I have not been there in a while! 

  • RDML 1998Hailey1998, DJFD.

What is the most important thing you have learned being part of the Navy Council?

Hmmm, I would say teamwork. It is not easy to always get everything done and you have to trust to work together to get it done. So it’s shown me how important that is.

  • CWO5 IvyCharleston

Who do you look up to the most in the Navy? This could be a past or current member!

A person I value and take inspiration from is MAJ Asuno. Back in the day, MAJ Asuno served as CNO and made quite a mark. He was CNO during the height of my history at USDF, hence how remarkable he was!

  • CWO2 Pinkylapigs1

What was your first command position in USDF? Do you feel that this shaped you in any way?

My first command position was being the OHNCO for OMP back in 2017. Yes, it definitely shaped me to teach me more about leadership skills as I got to work in a very fun command team during that time, which consisted of princess81818, Cameronbj, and jennej9. They were my XO, CO and AD in OMP and they showed me how much of an impact a leader can have on their subordinates. It also made me look up to them and even till now, I always try my best to give the same experience to those who work with me. Fun fact: I rejected their offer of OHNCO at first because I didn’t want to leave the navy!

  • RADM LMaoZeDonny, VCNO.

How beneficial do you feel the JNCO Mentorship program has been for you?

The JNCO Mentorship program really helped me find my way around here in USDF. I learned a lot from my mentor CWO5 Ivy. She has been really friendly and showed me around on the forum, answered my questions and made me feel more comfortable in base.

  • PO2 Zasly

If you could change one thing about the Navy, what would it be and why?

We’re currently working on a lot of changes within the Navy so I guess we’re putting your question to the test hahah. In all seriousness however, I think that we should emphasize more natural, human and real interactions. Branches used to have a lot of divisions within the council which took away from some authentic experiences such as counselling. It shouldn’t be something robotic. So I think if I would want to change one thing within the Navy alongside the changes we’re already making, it would have to be the overall culture. 

Culture is not something I can change on my own, it’s something that goes with the entire group. But that’s exactly what I’m going for. Rather than deciding on my own what needs to be changed, I want people to feel included and be heard so that we can all work together towards changes that are taking in all perspectives. NCOs, WOs and Officers. We should look for ways to come together, embrace our differences, but feel unity in accepting our differences and look for ways to still work together regardless of how different we are. Just like a puzzle. That’s why we’re making changes towards overall branch activity and engagement by creating new forms of meetings, team building exercises and more focus towards uplifting and upskilling each other.

  • MCPON FilthyMiles

Summer Graduations – Start of a new beginning!

By Pinkylapigs1

Cover by KraziiKendii

Given the time, this is the season for many graduates around the world. Whether it’s graduating elementary school, middle school, high school, university or beyond…we’re meeting the end of an era, and the beginning of the next. We are in this together!

Currently, I am nearing graduating high school myself. In August, I’ll be attending a community college for two years to receive my associate’s degree (and focus on earning lots of money through work!!), and then transferring over to a four year university near me for a bachelor’s degree in secondary education. I should probably clarify that I am an American, living in the midwest of the United States. 

Graduating high school is something we’ve literally always talked about and formulated our behaviour & performance around. The fact that it’s finally here feels so weird? I don’t think it will truly hit me until this coming August, when my younger friends go back to attend my high school, and I part ways to attend my college. It’s going to be interesting, to say the least. 

It’s difficult to give tips as someone who’s truly just at the beginning of the process myself, so what do I know? I’ve always been a rational person, and I rarely overthink. I view my future with ease. Whatever happens, happens. You lot will be along the journey with me into the real world! Perhaps I can continue learning from all of my peers both in real life and on Habbo, which will help me migrate into a larger society rather than the small scope that my childhood years shaped for me.

I felt that it was appropriate to receive some tips and insight from people who have just recently graduated from a form of schooling themselves. Let’s take a look…

How long ago did you graduate? What tips/advice or insight could you provide that could help incoming graduates this time of year?

I love this question. I graduated from high school in June of 2021. Just because it’s getting close to the end of the year, DON’T SLACK (don’t procrastinate). Stay as focused as you can, stay on top of your work and don’t be afraid to ask teachers for help. I finished a semester of College march of 2022, don’t be afraid to ask for a tutor! Use your resources. Your teacher is there to teach YOU. They are happy to help!

  • SrA kiki?

My advice is to have a plan. Societies everywhere, I’m sure, put a lot of pressures on people to do x, y, and z after graduation. As long as you know what you wanna do next, you’re miles ahead of a lot of people. But also remember that no battle plan reaches the battle field. In life, your plans will often be uprooted and your competency and success is determined by how you answer and bounce back from the challenge. Good luck and congratulations because not everyone made it to this point you’ve reached.

  • 1LT Big_Grandad 

I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Computer Science a few years back. University was a tough time for me, but luckily I ended up passing in the end, may it be with lots and lots of help from my peers. My tip for studying would be: don’t be afraid to ask things. Ask your professors about anything you don’t understand, it’s literally their job. If you don’t understand it, then that’s on them, not on you, so make sure to ask for clarification! After I graduated, I took some time to relax and do all the things I never had time for. I’d highly recommend this for anyone who just graduated. Please, please give yourself some time to wind down. Once you get a job you’ll never have as much spare time ever again, not until you’re old and retired. So make sure to make the most of it and treat yourself for once. You don’t have to go on any big travels or anything, just relaxing at home is really good after having just gone through such a stressful time. Take care of yourself.

  • CWO5 Jennej9

Diplomacy With The Diplomats

By KraziiKendii

Cover by Desenho

For this month’s spotlight, we are having the Office of International Security Affairs to join us! Let’s find out what it’s like to be a diplomat!

How long have you been in OISA? 

I’ve been a member of OISA for about two years. I think I joined OISA on August 21, 2020. Since I joined OISA to improve my writing skills, I didn’t expect to be here longer than that, but I had a great time making friends with the other agencies.

  • Maj SuperMarioZ17, MDASD ISA

I first joined OISA on 15 May 21 as a regular member. I stayed as a OISA regular member until my appointment to XO SP&C on 18 Jul 21.

  • LTJG iAmbitious, DASD ISA

Around 2 months since I came back from R2 Before that, I was 5-6 months in OISA.

  • MIDN3 starjames41, XO RSA

2 months as of today actually.

  • CWO2 TheHarveh/SISO

So I was first accepted into OISA on 13 MAR 21 then left on 25 AUG 21. After reinstatement I rejoined on 10 APR 22 and I’ve been OISA ever since.

  • CWO2 imstretch4/SISO

What do you enjoy most about being a diplomat? 

As a diplomat, I most like making new friends and meeting new people. I used to be an introvert, but OISA has taught me how to interact with others and make friends. I would say that you could apply this in real life, and I would also add that you could learn how other Habbo organizations operate.

  • Maj SuperMarioZ17, MDASD ISA

I would say that what I enjoy the most about being a diplomat is besides, meeting new people within foreign organizations, with being part of command is seeing new personnel apply for OISA and seeing them develop the necessary skills taught in our training to develop into a great diplomat. Being able to watch newer personnel develop their true potential in OISA. But besides that being able to work with other organizations in planning events with them, tours, and visiting other organizations around the group’s floor. When OISA goes on Expeditions, it makes you feel good when you can see a foreign organization see the blue berets enter their lobby and automatically know it is us visiting them and the amount of welcome messages and support we receive is unbelievable.

  • LTJG iAmbitious, DASD ISA

Definitely getting to learn how different other organizations work from USDF, especially when you talk about organizations on other servers.

  • MIDN3 starjames41, XO RSA

I really love that I am constantly meeting new people as they join the different agencies we ally with & visit. Being able to expand my connections out of just USDF and get to know them further not just in a professional capacity but also as genuine friends is a massive rewarding factor of being a diplomat. It allows me to expand my knowledge of the agency whilst still speaking to a different, diverse group of people each time I visit.

  • CWO2 TheHarveh/SISO

1stSgt imstretch4/JISO (Member): As a Diplomat I’m open to numerous opportunities therefore there is jubilation and enthusiasm in all aspects of my work however, if I were to choose I think I’d pick the meeting and conversations with new foreign delegates.

  • CWO2 imstretch4/SISO

What is your Habbo routine like? How do you manage splitting your time between being in HQ and away for OISA duties?

When I log on to Habbo, I normally visit our allies first, and then head to HQ. How do I split my time between headquarters and OISA duties? It’s typical for me to spend at least 10-15 minutes with each organization. It’s up to me how many times I go, but I’ll be at HQ the majority of the time.

  • Maj SuperMarioZ17, MDASD ISA

Very good question, and honestly recently I had to adjust this myself. Typically I try to get online and at first I’ll enter HQ and say my normal greetings, etc, and then I’ll check for any command work that I may have to do for that time and for me personally, this is something that’s changed for me lately as I started to ensure I was doing this more, is make a note of things that I want to accomplish for that day so that when I log off I know that I’ve completed those things.After that I’ll take a look at the navigator and choose a couple of organizations to pop into to visit, and split up my time from doing some command work, visiting those organizations, and being active in HQ appropriately. As I mentioned earlier this is something that I recently had to put a little bit more focus on myself lately, but thus far I feel like this is the best approach for me to make the most success out of my routines. I’m getting used to it myself, but I’m finding that in an office such as OISA it is important to be able to have an organised schedule to ensure that you’re contributing to the goals of the office.

  • LTJG iAmbitious, DASD ISA

There’s not a schedule defined, let’s say, as this can depend on what I have planned for a specific day. There’s days where I can dedicate completely to HQ activity, but there’s also days where we may have an event, expedition or tour with a foreign organization and after that there may be administrative work to do. I try to be active in HQ when I know there’s not anything pending related to OISA, or when I know it’s being taken care of. The workload isn’t bad, so I tend to manage well with splitting my time between OISA and HQ.

  • MIDN3 starjames41, XO RSA

Visiting other organisations doesn’t have to be a particularly time stealing task, whilst long visits can be a lot of fun, conversation & information can be easily gathered within 20-30 minutes. Also, I try to see OISA duties as less of a task & more of a learning experience for myself – I am able to learn about these organisations, make friends, chat with them etc whilst helping OISA. This allows me to head back to HQ and not feel that I’ve already overworked myself since not much time has had to be spent and I’ve genuinely enjoyed it & got something out of it, allowing me to then spend some time in HQ pretty easily. Not to mention how some OISA work can even happen in HQ – generally helping allies around the HQ is something that’s really important.

  • CWO2 TheHarveh/SISO

Well, I’m a student by day and a Diplomat by night. Meaning I get all my stuff regarding school and studies in the morning so that when nightfall hits I can really focus on my OISA duties. When it comes to communications I specialise in Discord. However, I do like to visit allies frequently just depending on the way I feel on the day.

  • CWO2 imstretch4/SISO

Describe the most memorable ally event you have attended! 

Every allies night awards is the most memorable ally event I’ve attended, as it was the most enjoyable to learn that you are truly winning honours and representing the USDF. Aside from that, I believe game events are more enjoyable because you have the opportunity to interact with others and know more about them.

  • Maj SuperMarioZ17, MDASD ISA

As for events that I’ve assisted in planning, and have attended. I would say my most memorable event would actually be the first event I was charged with leading the planning for which was an event that we hosted with the FBI. This was the “Red and White Gala” and it was just fun to plan the team, plan the rooms, games, and communicate all of that with the FBI to ensure that we were going to have a successful event. And as the event was hosted, it felt good to look back and realise that all that hard work in the end was worth it as we were all able to look around and notice all the fun that everyone was having at the event.

  • LTJG iAmbitious, DASD ISA

Definitely the most recent FBI Star Wars themed maze that I tried completing with OISA and FBI members. I still have PTSD over that. We tried for 3-4 hours and got stuck around half of it. But it was pretty fun overall, we were interacting with each other in vc, and someone even started singing.

  • MIDN3 starjames41, XO RSA

​​I really enjoy all of the events I attend – they’re all unique and stick by me. If I had to mention a few, attending the White House State of the Union address for the end of the #Unity administration was really interesting.Being able to hear their achievements for the 2 months they had been in office, their concerns, advice for the future etc was a nice look into their goings on for the period of time. I also have to mention the Imperial Mafia 1 year celebration of their 1iC NietZoutgehalte as this was my first .nl event with IM that I attended and was really insightful to how they run things there.

  • CWO2 TheHarveh/SISO

The USDF x NCIS Easter bunny event . It was so fun I’m not really a games person but my god It was so funny to watch. I haven’t been to many events that were fun and hilarious. Most of the ones I go to are serious and places I have to show high levels of professionalism. It was the fact that, I’ve never seen so many people panic at the fact that once you get tagged you would have to chase others. Like it was so hilarious especially once someone got tagged.

  • CWO2 imstretch4/SISO

Which would you consider your favourite ally and why? 

I don’t have favourites because all of them are wholesome and I love them all.

  • Maj SuperMarioZ17, MDASD ISA

Oh no… Honestly, I enjoy the welcoming environment that all of our allies give us. However, if I had to pick one I would definitely say SWAT is my favourite ally, because they always make our visits to them fun, and interactive as they host games, and always have a positive and uplifting attitude with us while they visit with us.

  • LTJG iAmbitious, DASD ISA

​​Mmmm, I would say Imperial Maffia. They are pretty friendly and very willing to help you out or answer your questions. They are very creative in all aspects and they showed us a lot of their mechanics and structure in one of the tours we had, where I had the opportunity to appreciate that. I really find them an interesting organization. Plus, they have a great bowling room where we got to play with them.

  • MIDN3 starjames41, XO RSA

i will just have to be boring sry’ I don’t really have a favourite ally – every ally is really accommodating, friendly & helpful to me. Whether I visit on an expedition or just on my own, I know that I can visit any of our allies and they will speak to me & help me out. That’s the great thing about having allies, they’re genuinely happy to have visitors & to just have a chat.

  • CWO2 TheHarveh/SISO 

My favourite ally would probably be WH because we’re similar in certain aspects but not in all. meaning, I have the opportunity to learn and relate which is so nice as a diplomat. Sometimes relating to a military like Mindef is nice and all but having the opportunity to learn, is unmatched.

  • CWO2 imstretch4/SISO

What is something you’ve learned in OISA?

I would say that my primary objective in OISA was to enhance my writing skills, as I am absolutely terrible at English, and I am delighted that I now know how to write a bit better. Aside from that, throughout my time in OISA, I’ve learned a great deal, particularly about interaction with allies, which is the most significant thing you learn about communication skills, as it teaches you how to communicate with others, which has led to the formation of new friendships.

  • Maj SuperMarioZ17, MDASD ISA

While in OISA, I’ve definitely learned to be more outgoing and how important communication is. Communication with command, with members, with others in USDF, and with foreign organizations, all of it is essential to ensure that we have a positive relationship with everyone around, creating new bonds, and strengthening old bonds as well. As a member of command, I’ve learned that it is important to have a friendly, and welcoming, perspective so that members know that you are someone they can approach to talk about their struggles, and whenever they need to talk, or whenever they just need someone to listen to them and hear them out when they feel like no one else will.

  • LTJG iAmbitious, DASD ISA

It has taught me how important the relationship with other organizations and especially our allies are. Many people tend to disregard it, but take your time to visit them, attend one of their events or talk to them when they visit HQ. You will find most of them are pretty friendly and welcoming with USDF and you can learn a lot from them and their organization. It’s truly interesting learning how different we are from them, but pretty similar at the same time.

  • MIDN3 starjames41, XO RSA

I’ve learned a lot about how to articulate my opinions and information I have found about an organisation in order to properly get across the correct information to command. This is an easily transferable skill too, so I’ve been able to apply it to other things more than just OISA.

  • CWO2 TheHarveh/SISO

Just a simple quote: “Great things never come from comfort zones”

  • CWO2 imstretch4/SISO

USDF Summer Story

By Manuel.Vazquez4

Cover by RV!

In a small town, there was an evil factory in the care of the biggest and most scary troll Valorana, she had the power to transform humans into small ducks if they didn’t follow her orders. Valorana punished her employees by depriving them of summer vacations, they asked her for vacations but she didn’t let them even breathe. She wanted her employees to make wooden spoons without any rest until one day they were tired of her and they decided to hire the 5 Super Army Strong Team.

It was formed by LadyVoldie, the girl with the power of electricity; Paralithic, the man with the power of supermind; FiftyMiles, the man with the power of super speed; AngelEnergy, the girl with the power of flight, and Patchouli, the girl with the power of seduction. Together they will beat Valorana the Troll and will let the employees free to enjoy great vacations on the beach.

However, it wouldn’t be easy to beat Valorana the Troll because she also had 2 minions, who are Urong, the girl with the power of fly and spit venom, and Taitai, the super master girl in martial arts, our heroes would have the hardest battle of their lives, but for the employees, they will do anything to bring the sunshine again so everybody could drink a soda while watching the water and feel the sand again.

The day began, and our heroes arrived at the factory supported by the whole personnel, bringing them all their respect and gratitude. The battle would start in the headquarters, the heroes and the villainous look at each other, face to face, to this, there was a plan, FiftyMiles and AngelEnergy would fight with Urong, Pachouli followed by Paralithic who would fight with Taitai and finally, LadyVoldie would fight with Valorana to try and debilitate her while the others beat their rival.

It was a hard fight. It seemed our heroes would lose the battle, but hopefully, our heroes could beat them. FiftyMiles was running and AngelEnergy was flying avoiding the Urong’s venom. AngelEnergy was then able to hold Urong from behind, squeezing her with all her energy, she threw Urong to the floor so FiftyMiles could give her a kick with all his strength and speed to knock her out, that was the first victory.

Meanwhile, Taitai was hitting our heroes, they couldn’t get closer as her fists were so strong. Our heroes used their mental abilities, and with all his force Paralithic could paralyse Tai so she wasn’t able to move, while this Pachouli used her seduction abilities to make Tai give herself a KO punch, this was the second victory.Finally, our 4 victorious heroes were to help LadyVoldie because she couldn’t beat Valorana alone. Valorana was hitting LadyVoldie with the gold wooden spoon, and she was about to turn LadyVoldie into a duck. This was short lived for Valorana because FiftyMiles used his superspeed to take LadyVoldie away from the wrath of Valorana.. Once he did that, Pachouli persuaded her to drop the gold wooden spoon whilst Paralithic paralyzed her not to move. AngelEnergy took Valorana and raised her to the top and released her. Finally LadyVoldie could beat her with a thundershock, achieving the victory. Now the personnel were free and together could enjoy memorable vacations and the sun could shine again. THE END!

What Does It Take?

By :MariaMint:

Cover by Desenho

What does it take? An interesting question indeed. Within USDF, there are a lot of requirements and paths that you need to take to get towards your future goals; which may include a command position, commissioning, or even reaching senior command! On the topic of senior command, who knows what it takes more than senior command themselves? So today, I will be interviewing three established members of senior command who have lots of experience and advice they’d like to share on ‘What Does It Take?”.

Q1) What does it take to have a successful tenure at USDF?

I think that success is something that is hard to define and ultimately has different definitions for each person. Some people view success as climbing to the top of the ladder, some people view success as getting into the office they want, maybe for some success if finding the friend group that best suits them. Success for some is progressing, but progressing isn’t always linear. So really, I think the best way to be “successful” and to be happy with what you’re doing and where you’re projected to go is to have faith in yourself, be strong-willed, and be dedicated to your goals. I strongly believe that anyone can achieve anything they want so long as they are dedicated to their goals and willing to drive down the (sometimes rocky) road that will get you there.

  • USD P Ms. .diplodocus. 

I’d say it takes an open mind. Being open to all opportunities and expanding your experience and skill set is essential to being well rounded and having a successful tenure. Don’t confine yourself to one area, try everything as not only are you growing as an individual, applying skills and experience to other areas is useful and an advantage for them.

  • CMO Ms. princess81818

First you have to set a clear goal you want to reach, as well as imagine a plan to reach that goal. Having goals and plans will help you stay on track and keep you moving in the right direction. You’ll also need discipline and determination to be successful. Having goals means nothing unless you are able to discipline yourself and execute the plan to reach them. I think that goals and discipline are the essentials of being successful anywhere, including USDF.

  • LtGen IonDaBeast, CMC.

Q2) What does it take to become a respectable officer?

For the most part, being a strong leader, a good friend, and a great mentor, and most importantly knowing when to be each of those. Finding the perfect balance is no easy task but can have some incredible rewards. Be there for those below you, and be there for those above you in a constructive and meaningful way.

  • USD P Ms. .diplodocus.

What works for me and it’s something I tell my FOLP mentees is simply, kindness. I feel sometimes people forget there are human beings on the other sides of habbos and words or actions are fully thought out. If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that mental wellbeing is vital and something we should all consider on a daily basis and in our actions. Kindness is so simple and it’s small things, like a hello, chatting to someone random in HQ or helping with something small that makes such a difference. 

  • CMO Ms. princess81818

I’d say that good manners, honesty, and strong work ethic will earn you a respectable reputation. In any case you should let your actions speak louder than your words, and most importantly you should show respect to others regardless of rank. If you can’t treat others with respect then you can’t expect to be respected.

  • LtGen IonDaBeast, CMC.

Q3) What does it take to be ready for a command position? 

DRIVE. Command work can be a lot. Not just because of the added duties and responsibilities, but because sometimes there are also the added expectations of being able to handle yourself well, being able to handle your peer’s situations well, and being able to lead. It can be intimidating to try to take the steps in the direction of leadership, but you’ll find it’s easier than you think. Be confident in your decisions, have trust in yourself and you’re ready for anything.

  • USD P Ms. .diplodocus.

I would definitely say drive is critical. Drive to do well, drive in yourself but also drive to think beyond the short term future and truly visualize what you want is so important. You hear more and more nowadays about horizon scanning and looking forward instead of what’s happening now, and that’s applicable here. Believe in yourself and understand what drives you will help you to be ready for command positions.

  • CMO Ms. princess81818

It takes courage to take that step and enter a role you may not understand entirely. Along with that, committing yourself and putting in the extra effort to learn and understand the position will help you prepare and become ready. 

  • LtGen IonDaBeast, CMC.

Q4) What does it take to stay motivated?

I think one of the best ways to stay motivated is a strong support group, either in your friends, your branch, or your command team. Demotivation creeps up in ways we’d never expect and it can be hard to manage when we’re on our own. The important thing to realize is you’re not alone, get yourself a support group, and lean on those who are already expected to be your support. You aren’t alone!

  • USD P Ms. .diplodocus.

Understanding your limits for sure. You see all the time people who keep pushing themselves and think if they can continue without taking breaks or speaking to someone, it’ll be alright. But 99.9% of the time, it isn’t. If you understand your limits and the signs to look out for, you can take appropriate actions to help stay motivated. And this applies to anyone you work with and ultimately, while this is a game, we should all appreciate and look out for each other. 

  • CMO Ms. princess81818

Again I think that goal setting is the key to staying motivated. Motivation itself can be defined as goal-directed behaviour, so what better way is there to stay motivated other than having goals set for yourself. These can be either small or big, whatever keeps you running!

  • LtGen IonDaBeast, CMC.

Q5) Do you have any advice for up-and-coming personnel at USDF?

Don’t be afraid to try new things, don’t be afraid to settle down and take a break. Get out of your comfort zone and join offices, groups, or projects that might be new and interesting. It’s a great way to get noticed and make a new for yourself. At the same time, don’t be afraid to take breaks. You are the most important person and taking care of yourself should always take priority over everything. Opportunities open frequently, there is no rush to anything!

  • USD P Ms. .diplodocus.

For me I’d say to just enjoy yourself. Yes this is a military, but life is something we should all enjoy and look forward to every day. Always do what makes you happy and make the most of being here. Try new things, talk to random people, play games and attend events. Eats lots of sushi and chocolate too! 

  • CMO Ms. princess81818

Be okay with failure and understand that rejection is a part of life. Over time I’ve seen countless of promising personnel leave or stop working towards something because they encountered an obstacle, this either being a position rejection or something similar. Understand that you will fail several times before making it to where you want to be, that’s completely normal and everyone has gone through it. Additionally, stop comparing yourself to other people, focus on yourself and you’ll see benefits.

Well there you have it USDF! Three of our top leaders within senior command have just told YOU exactly: “What Does It Take?”. Closing out with some of my very own advice, always remember to believe in yourself; otherwise how will you ever expect anyone else to believe in you? I hope this was useful to hear from the people who know best, and I look forward to seeing all of you taking the steps towards doing and becoming exactly what it takes!

  • LtGen IonDaBeast, CMC.

Getting On The Right Track – May 2022 Job Fair

By Pinkylapigs1

Cover by Desenho

The job fair is a monthly event that happens inside of USDF! It’s hosted by OSEAC, for the sake of our NCOs and their development. The goal of the job fair is in relation to exposure of possibilities to our NCOs at USDF. This month’s design was AMAZING, here’s a photo in case you weren’t able to be there yourself!

Each office had their own little booth where they’re able to communicate their office duties, ideals, and structures to anyone interested in knowing just a little bit more about that part of USDF. Offices are what make USDF whole, what give us the opportunity to find our place in such a complicated game.

An honorable mention to the job fair pet, puppy “Chesty”! I decided to ask a few members in our OSEAC team a question regarding May’s Job Fair (2022)! Here’s what we got…

How do you feel the Job Fair went this past weekend? Were there any remarkable aspects about it? Do you believe it’s successful?

Overall, I was very pleased with the turnout. Each shift broke 40+ in attendance and had what I consider to be ideal engagement within each booth. I know that OJFD accepted a few new members off of the interviews they conducted during the job fair. Personally, given the amount of work OSEAC & the Marines Council Events Division invested into the preparation and execution; I do believe this was a successful event. 

The tank nearly ran over Chesty :/

  • CMSAF Armatus

I believe the Job Fair was a great success because of one major aspect; a lot of people mentioned that they had an amazing time being part of the Job Fair. Whilst the main reason behind the fair is to introduce new people to different offices, I also believe that this was a great way to come together and spread joy in the things we do. Be proud of the offices we are part of. 

I guarantee you that people have grown at least a bit closer with their colleagues due to the multiple hours they’ve spent together representing their office. From my knowledge a few people got hired on the spot which was great to see. In the future we might have more junior members attend the JF which will be a great way for them to learn about offices, but overall, I think it was a cool and exciting experience.

  • MCPON FiftyMiles

From the first day to the last day, Job Fair was an overall success. As I wasn’t SgtMajMC during this time, my only involvement was assisting the Marines event division. In the perspective of an OISA RM, Job Fair allowed me to speak freely about my office and the duties I had to complete on a day to day basis, which was very exciting! It also acted as a slight teamwork activity between me and my peers during the shifts seeing as we had to work out who would take lead on separate occasions which built a closer bond between me and original peers. As for the time that I wasn’t on shift and I navigated through the different officers, it was very exciting as I learnt things I had never known before which allowed me to perceive my future here at USDF with a little more depth. 

What I would have liked to see more of is, the willingness for more JNCOs and SNCOs to learn more about different offices as sometimes most of the people visiting our booths would be W5+ personnel meaning they may have already had a good idea of OISA. Not to say they W5+ personnel have a good understanding of every office, it’s just that they have more understanding of their career path especially at the stage they’re at. Nevertheless, I believe Job Fair was an overall success as it was knowledgeable and informative

  • SgtMajMC imstretch4

Ok so I feel the Job Fair was pretty successful. I have not been to a USDF Job Fair in like 2 years so I was actually wondering about what changed and how it would work in the modern times. To be honest, it’s almost like nothing has changed about the concept of the Job Fair – which I liked a lot! It felt like reliving old times again, it’s just about having fun with your office members while also giving some sessions to new, officeless personnel. The remarkable aspects about this Job Fair in my opinion were that they had added an office roulette option. Normally, people would only go to an office that they have heard of before – having their interest. But through the office roulette people got sent into pretty much every office and as such, introducing them to every aspect of our military. 

Bringing me onto the next part of your question – whether the Job Fair is successful. Yes, I do believe that for the more junior members of the USDF a Job Fair actually helps them to pass that line and ask about offices. They will learn the basics in our FEATs, but the sessions at the Job Fair just give you that tiny bit of extra information that might be the difference between acceptance or denial. Now that some offices even focus on getting the new people to do interviews for their office’s membership as well, I definitely do believe that this tradition is vital for the direction of our military – it encourages bonding and having on-client fun while also having that military feeling.

  • SMA Camastrr


Hearing from our OSEAC team is REALLY just one side of it! I thought to ask some of our personnel who attended as well, and here’s what we got…

What was the most valuable thing you learned at the Job Fair? Did you find the experience helpful – why or why not?

I already knew everything, it was just refreshing Information about the Offices and getting in contact with different people 🙂

  • SFC tim63341

I only managed to visit one office as I came near to the end, but I learned about the procedures of OJSIG and what a potential applicant needs to have a chance of getting in. I learned about the various activities they do, and how it impacts the USDF. I found it quite useful as I felt as though I could ask different questions to various members at every end of the chain, and form an opinion of whether or not that office would appeal to me.

  • Sgt dj8007

The biggest thing was the fluidity of how the offices work together. It’s amazing the work that everyone in the command team puts forward not only to assist the other offices, but everyone at USDF. My biggest goal is to get into OJAG. Major Williamh14 has been not only a fantastic role model, but a personable member of USDF that takes pride in his work, as well as helping people like me learn more and grow.

  • SSgt Lurkos

I thought the most valuable thing I learned was more about the different career paths, specifically ones for more senior people down the road. Some of the officers, like OOT&E and OJAG don’t have helpful little posts explaining who they are and what they did in the Offices section like OMP and OJFD do. Hearing about OOT&E made me really want to join that office in the future, so all in all, I found it very helpful!

  • PO2 Rookieblue14

Summer Poem

By Argosax

Cover by RV!

Because I could not occur for the Sun,
it did kindly occur for me.
Does the Sun make you shiver?
Does it?

I saw the the beautiful weather condition of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the sunshine.
The sunshine is lovely. a sunshine is elegant,
The sunshine is leggy, however.

I saw the glowing of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the star.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the star,
Gently it goes – the lucent, the luminous, the aglow.

I cannot help but stop and look at the big sun rays.
Sun rays are expected. Sun rays are adult,
Sun rays are monstrous, however.

Last Man Standing

By Argosax

Cover by Pinkylapigs1

The Last Man Standing event took the military by storm as we had multiple people gathered at 9AM EDT on the 14th of May 2022 ready to sacrifice their weekends whilst lying to their friends & significant others that they’re “busy” for the weekend. It was an interesting first few hours as people were dropping like flies. The fantastic team at the Office of Public Affairs contributed many hours to hosting multiple games throughout each hour whilst also offering prizes.

The atmosphere was electric as people were communicating with one another whilst also displaying their competitive nature to win the big prize of 1000c. A lot of you are probably thinking – is wasting my whole weekend for 1000c really worth it? It’s a good question & the answer is probably a no but we’re all on Habbo in the first place, so why not! There were also many from other agencies coming by to support our personnel & wishing them all the best. 

I must hand it to the person who placed the switch in headquarters because it made everything a lot more interesting. The personnel were hanging in there for many hours for their fate to lie in the flick of a switch – it’s complete madness. I know someone out there interpreted that as a flick of the wrist! Also,  it was shocking to see the event didn’t go on longer, but I was also quite thankful because I signed up to host a few hours on the next day which I was dreading to do so I thank my lucky stars.

The ending was quite eventful because we had 4 very agitated individuals all wanting to split and run away with a few credits. You’re probably thinking, how boring right? I was ready for some blood to be spilled over that 1000c but we weren’t able to see that!  In all seriousness, it was nice to see them coming together to agree on a mutual split of the funds. I was ready to get the tissues out and start crying because of how nice they were to each other!  Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling – here’s the breakdown of the list on when personnel were eliminated: 

Habbo UsernameTime OutHostReason
pawiez09:05ammisteromorgDisconnected from Habbo
Killaling09:08ammisteromorgDisconnected from Habbo
Zemriil09:10amArgosaxStepped on the AFK mat
Anoumalistc09:11ammisteromorgWalked out of the area
ThommyLiana09:52amArgosaxFailed activity check
sugarnoah09:53amArgosaxStepped on the AFK mat
tim05809:56amArgosaxStepped on the AFK mat
:MariaMint:14:12pmToxic_silver2xStepped on the AFK mat
Adworer14:19pmToxic_silver2xStepped on the AFK mat
IvyCharleston14:56pmToxic_silver2xStepped on the AFK mat
TheHarveh00:18amArgosaxRunner Up
YellowVelvet00:18amArgosaxRunner Up
cutiepie9999900:18amArgosaxRunner Up

As you can see above there were many who fell victim to the switch of doom! I bet it got a few palms sweaty & heart beats racing when the clock struck :00. It was great seeing everyone egg each other to flick the switch & even as a host I found myself encouraging the personnel to waste their time and get out of the game! Nevertheless, there were some dedicated individuals who made it out of there with a prize — the runners up for the event were CWO2 TheHarveh, CWO2 YellowVelvet & cutiepie99999. Our winner was CWO5 LadyVoldie

We had the chance to interview the brave soul who made it until the very end – here is what CWO5 LadyVoldie had to say:

How did you find the event as a whole?

It was a fun event! Maybe could have hosted some radio while doing it, but I do believe that was the original plan. 

What influenced your decisions to split the prize at the end? 

We were all bored after 10+ hours in the same spot, so we decided to let one person “win” and split the credits equally, or as equally as can be with tax and all. 

Did you plan to spend the whole weekend if needed?

 I was prepared for it, but I was hoping people would give up or make a mistake.

How do you think things can be improved if we were to host this again? 

Well, maybe a better area to host it in, and some radio! And force more people to flick the switch.

In conclusion, this was a fun event where personnel gathered and got the opportunity to get in a confined space and just cause mayhem. I’m just messing around, but there was a lot of energy in the Headquarters throughout the event and I’m sure in the future we’ll be able to host something similar! It’s great speaking to people who we as individuals don’t engage with on a regular basis & just partake in some games to win prizes. There is no harm in having a good time & feeling part of the community whilst also further strengthening the relationships.

Looking Back

By Argosax

Cover by LaurenMae


Let’s reflect on the month of May so far as it has been full of exciting new command appointments & changes! There’s been a lot happening throughout this month of the USDF and I’m surprised we’ve not all gone mad trying to keep up. I’m just playing around because two hours of sentry is enough to drive me mad, but it’s great to see the opportunities which are being presented to personnel and the large magnitude of some initiatives as they require a lot of planning and implementation. This goes to show the great minds, efforts and dedication within the team to smoothen the personnel experience. I suppose you’re tired of me buttering things up, so we shall get on with it! 

Command Appointments:

CDR Charlfred appointed DOT&E – 2nd of May 2022

CW4 TigerLily.x appointed A/XO FORCOM – 4th of May 2022

CWO3 LookatThis1256 appointed XO AETC – 4th of May 2022

LT Diplomaat appointed CMDT ED – 6th of May 2022

Capt -Artisan appointed OCS AO  – 6th of May 2022

Capt Intervener12 appointed OCS AO  – 6th of May 2022

CW4 SoldierX16 appointed XO TRADOC- 7th of May 2022

Capt Sorraia appointed DC OPR – 12th of May 2022

RADM LMaoZeDonny appointed VCNO – 12th of May 2022

LtCol PrivateJRyan appointed CO TECOM – 12th of May 2022

CWO2 Goofykaitlynfan appointed A/XO LOGCOM – 19th of May 2022

LT Lisekai appointed A/CO PO – 19th of May 2022

CWO5 tim058 appointed A/CO COMM – 19th of May 2022

Maj Desenho appointed CJCS EA – 20th of May 2022

2LT Merilon appointed A/CO FORCOM – 23rd of May 2022

CWO3 Randompixeldude appointed A/XO NETC – 24th of May 2022

CWO5 Pexaaaa appointed A/XO AFPC – 25th of May 2022

CWO2 Imstretch4 appointed SgtMajMC – 30th of May 2022

Changes within OSP&C:

New Command Team:

BG -Rob? appointed A/ASD SP&C – 22nd of May

MAJ Asuno appointed A/MDASD  SP&C – 22nd of May 

MAJ WNI appointed A/DASD SP&C – 22nd of May

CWO3 :MariaMint: appointed A/XO SP&C – 22nd of May

Policy Discussion Group – This has been revamped and is now called the Focus Group. This will be a highly active and prestigious group focused (pun intended) on bringing solutions to problems and improving operations at USDF. Groups will be selected weekly to allow for constant update of debate and subjects. For more information and how to join, please read the below forum post: Policy Discussion Group.

Future Officer Leadership Program – The Future Officer Leadership Program otherwise known as FOLP has been discontinued. The OSP&C give a massive thanks to everyone who was involved in the program over the course of its duration. All graduates are free to use their certification if they wish and if they need access to their certificates please reach out to @OSP&C for help.

New Forum Launched:

Over the last few months, SecDef Ms. xStarlight11 has hosted countless meetings and co-ordinated with our CTO and some of our key developers along with Mr. Sycron himself to make the conscious decision to migrate from ProBoards to our own self-hosted board. This is a very big decision which comes with an overwhelming amount of pros vs. cons.

The new board will be hosted at – all Personnel, VIP and Allies may register now. Registrations must only be with your Habbo name, case-sensitive. If your account is not the same as your Habbo username, it will be rejected.

Please sign up to the above with the provided instructions, and click here if you want to learn more about this upcoming change for the betterment of our military.


In conclusion, there’s been a multitude of exciting events, promotions and changes within the military throughout the course of this month. It just goes to show that there’s a strong sense of community, and eagerness to see everyone do well. The senior command are forever restless trying to make changes for the betterment of their personnel, and it’s the personnel themselves who keep the operation ticking on a daily basis. The positive feedback from personnel themselves is testament to great work which is being done on a regular basis to be innovative. Finally, the effective changes from leadership within the newly developed OSP&C team show that they’ve got multiple ideas flurrying within their minds to ensure a smooth journey for all the personnel involved within the United States Defense Force.

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