The Libertarian – May 2022

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1Team Leader IntroductionIntroductionarmando498
2For All The MothersArticleSecster
3The Life of Obi-Wan KenobiArticleYodar
4We Are Connected by Our DifferencesArticle/InterviewPinkylapigs1
5Live Laugh and LoveArticleArgosax
6Your HonorInterviewPinkylapigs1
7Take A Seat with OSEACInterviewUHaileyroseU
8Personnel SpotlightInterviewSecster
9Fictional StoryInterviewSecster
1034th Ceremonial ParadeArticleArgosax
11USDF In Space?ArticleArgosax
12We’re Here For YouSpotlightArgosax
13Marine Corps…Best CorpsArticleDan.K
14Looking BackInterviewArgosax

Team Leader Introduction

by armando498

Cover by Pky

Hello all and welcome to the May’s issue of The Libertarian, 

In this issue we have chosen Unity as the theme of this The Libertarian, Unity is very important to have in such weird and hard times we live, so it is important to celebrate unity, see what makes us unique, what we like about our cultures and how this helps to be more united with one another. Also celebrating the International day of Biological Diversity on the 22nd of May. 

Also in May, most of the world celebrates a very important person in our lives and it is our Mothers, it is a special person in everyone’s lives that went through hell to be able to give us the best life possible, so this edition goes to all the mothers out there that worked so hard just to give a good quality of life to their kids.

In this note I would like to express my extreme gratitude towards all the graphic designers as well as writers of this instalment , who spent many an hour dedicating their work towards The Libertarian, so thank you all.

Please enjoy reading this publication as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Kind Regards,

The Libertarian Team.

For All The Mothers

by Secster

Cover by Pky

For all the Mothers,

Mothers are not difficult to find, but good mothers are.

What defines a good mother and what signifies a mother as successful under the title ”Mother”. What makes a genuinely good mother?

This is a pertinent question whose answer cannot be contained and described with a few sets of words. A mother comprises a vast bundle of emotions, scenarios, and behaviour that ultimately can defy reason under the description of being a ”Mother”. 

We speak for everyone with this statement: This is for all the mothers who had kept their little ones when they were sick in their arms late at night, dedicating themselves to making sure their child got well again. For all the times we have gazed upon their wonderful and hopeful smile letting us know we will be okay, and with just a sentence that would make their embrace feel like the safest place on earth and with their words telling us, ”It’s okay honey, Mommy’s here.”.

This is for all the mothers who have made sure we have hot and nutritious food on the table three times a day every day, for all the mothers who made sure to celebrate each and everyone of our birthdays, for all the mothers who have taken their time to make us something nice whether it is freshly baked cookies or just a bowl of popped popcorn. Truly, truly nothing is able to take our mothers attention away from us, no matter our age. To our mothers, we are their most prized possession, their one in a quadrillion, their one and only that they can feel proud about when they take their last breath. It’s our mission to pass on their league of kindness and truly show what the word ”caring” is all about and its true definition.

This is for all the mothers who run carpools and make sure we are dressed up for Halloween/weddings/fancy dinners etc.

For all mothers who showed up at work with food stains and milkstains on their clothes without a care in the world.

For all the mothers who couldn’t possibly restrain themselves, they shed countless tears when they saw us for the first time, and for mothers who give birth to babies, they never will see and watch growing up.

For all the mothers who gave their babies a safe home and gifted them the most valuable thing, a family.

For all the mothers who yelled and screamed at their kids who would beg for ice cream and candy before dinner and outside of the weekends.

For all the mothers praising their children whenever they accomplish something by themselves, whatever it may be, hearing your mother say: ”That’s my child! I am so proud of you. I love you so much!”.

For all the mothers, 

For all of the mothers who read their children bedtime stories twice/thrice a night for years and then again when we asked them: ”Just one more time”.

For the mothers who let their children sleep with them whenever they were having a nightmare and could not fall asleep alone.

For all the mothers who taught us how to wash our hands, brush our teeth, shower, and make sure we stay clean and proper and away from illnesses.

For all the mothers who taught us how to tie our shoelaces and our ties when we grew older, they were always there for us.

For all the mothers who turned their heads and attention to us without a sign of a doubt when we said: ”Mom!” and still do even though we are no longer around.

For all the mothers who kissed our wounds and consoled us when we returned home crying from an accident.

For all of the mothers who rushed us to the hospital when the tiniest of things were wrong, even if it was minor or even if it was nothing.

For all the mothers who silently shed tears for their children who have gone astray and think about us even then.

For all the mothers accepting us for whoever we are and for the content of our personality and not the description norm of society.

For all those mothers whose heart aches to see their son or daughter disappear down the street, walking to school alone for the very first time.

For the mothers who wish and hope we have eaten and slept properly, all of our mothers think about us every minute of the day.

For all the mothers who fall victim to losing their children in disasters, crimes, wars, and other horrible tragedies.

For all the mothers who still send us messages: ”I love you!”.

This is for all the mothers, no matter their age, working mothers, unemployed mothers, housewives, married or single mothers, mothers with or without money, mothers for those whose life would have been insufferable.

You are a mother, your dedication means no bound, and you have paid with your life to make your children’s lives better.

You are, indeed, the most sensible thing.

“Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” —Oliver Wendell Holmes

Thank you, for always being there for us no matter what, mother.

The Life of Obi-Wan Kenobi

By Yodar

Cover by armando498

Obi-Wan Kenobi, later known as Ben Kenobi during his exile, was a Force-sensitive human and a legendary Jedi Master who played a significant role in the fate of the galaxy during the waning days of the Galactic Republic. He was the mentor of both Anakin and Luke Skywalker, training both in the ways of the Force. He had a long and tumultuous career that helped shape the fate of the entire galaxy.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was born on the planet Stewjon in 57 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). Because he was a Force-sensitive individual, he travelled to the Jedi Temple on the Core Worlds planet Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi within the first six months of his life. He was placed with other Jedi younglings in a clan during his early years, including his friend Prie. Kenobi received basic Initiate training in the Jedi Order’s Temple and began training in several simple Force techniques by the age of three in 54 BBY.

Kenobi studied the ways of the Force and Jedi traditions under Grand Master Yoda. He learned the art of lightsaber combat from Jedi Master Cin Drallig in basic lightsaber forms and techniques. At some point, before he was selected as a Padawan, Kenobi attended a class centred around meditation. Kenobi, during his days as a youngling, gained a reputation for breaking rules and having a rebellious nature, resulting in very few Masters who were willing to train the boy as their Padawan. To curb Kenobi’s behavior, Yoda searched for a teacher for Kenobi that had unorthodox methods, which would mold the student into rebelling by being dutiful.

Around 45 BBY, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn chose Kenobi as his Padawan when he was twelve years old. During the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, Kenobi became the first Jedi in approximately 1,000 years to defeat a Sith Lord in combat when he defeated Darth Maul during the Battle of Naboo, yet lost his master in the same duel. He suffered another loss in 22 BBY in the form of the death of fellow Jedi Siri Tachi, whom Kenobi had romantic feelings for. That same year, Kenobi found the clone army on Kamino, and he was captured and almost executed in the Petranaki arena on Geonosis, along with Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala. The newly arrived clone troopers rescued them, but the following battle began the galaxy-wide Clone Wars.

As a High Jedi General, Kenobi fought many battles and was one of the last members of the Jedi High Council. Kenobi and Skywalker fought together many times, becoming a widely renowned pair. Kenobi earned the sobriquet “the Negotiator” through his charm and calm demeanor as well as the quiet threat of his abilities with a lightsaber. During the war, an old enemy returned to haunt Kenobi: Darth Maul, the murderer of Qui-Gon Jinn. Kenobi clashed blades with Maul on occasion across the galaxy. He was devastated as Maul slew the Jedi’s past love interest, Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore, in cold blood, yet remained strong throughout the conflict. Later in the war, Skywalker saved his life in a battle fought over Coruscant, after which Kenobi killed General Grievous on Utapau. However, he was soon betrayed, like Commander Cody, following Order 66, who opened fire on him.

Kenobi met up with his old mentor Grand Master Yoda, and the two realized that not many Jedi had survived the attacks. The two returned to the Jedi Temple, where they learned the agonizing truth: Skywalker, now lost to the dark side of the Force, had led an attack to kill all Jedi remaining in the Jedi Temple, following orders from Chancellor Palpatine, the ruler of the successor of the Republic, the Galactic Empire. Kenobi traveled to Mustafar in order to duel his former apprentice and friend, now the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Finally, Vader was taken in by a storm of lava, and Kenobi remorsefully left him to die. While Yoda went into exile, Kenobi took the son of Skywalker and Amidala, Luke Skywalker, to live with the Lars family on Tatooine. He became a friend of the young Skywalker as he grew up, but he did not tell Skywalker his actual identity.

Kenobi re-emerged in 0 BBY, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. After Leia Organa, Vader’s daughter, and Luke Skywalker’s twin sister were captured by the Empire, she contacted him desperately. Kenobi gave Luke his father’s lightsaber and traveled with him to Alderaan in Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, only to realize that the Death Star had destroyed the planet. Kenobi entered the Death Star with Luke, Han, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2, in order to rescue Organa, but Darth Vader sensed his presence. In a duel with his former apprentice, Kenobi gave up his life to allow Luke to escape, vanishing into the Force the moment Vader struck him down with his weapon. Three years later, his spirit returned to Luke to lead him to Dagobah in order to learn from Master Yoda. He even carried out his role as a mentor to the younger Jedi beyond his natural life through the use of the Force, remaining a significant influence on Luke Skywalker’s foundation of the New Jedi Order.

We Are Connected by Our Differefences

By Pinkylapigs1

Cover by Pky

As humans, we are bound to have a vast amount of differences. A valuable part of life is being exposed to these differences by people we are surrounded by. Given that we’re on the .com version of Habbo, this gives us an incredible opportunity to meet these people coming from all different kinds of cultures. 

Culture is defined as the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group. Understanding the depth of this definition gives us remarkable insight on how many cultures we’re actually exposed to on a daily basis, especially on Habbo.

In regards to such an immeasurable group of people at USDF in specific, The Libertarian thought it’d be a significant experience to interview some of our personnel, asking them the following prompt question:

What do you love & find unique about your culture?

Interviews were done at random, and we received very notable responses! Please take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the following personal responses…

CWO2 Alvarit0

I think what makes Spanish culture unique is the architecture, art, dance styles like flamenco and nevertheless, the cuisine. I love all of these, but mostly the cuisine. Spain is distributed in 17 autonomous communities, and in all these there’s different special dishes. As for mine, Comunidad Valenciana, I love Paella, which is originally from Valencia (capitol of the community).

CWO5 armando498

For my culture, I really like the food – I come from latin america, specially Venezuela, where the food is full of flavour and it is all so varied.

MCPO azli

I was born and raised in America and I come from Russian descent. What I love the most about being an American is the opportunity to travel! The fact that I can travel for days across so many beautiful landscapes right in my home country is something I’m thankful for. We have sunny beaches year round, diverse cities, countrysides, deserts, snowy mountains, and so much more. There’s so many places to explore here!

CW5 koleq

I grew up exposed both to Filipino and Chinese culture and I can say that both are very weird – in a good way. Though a huge part of the Filipino culture was influenced by the Spanish and the Chinese, there are still some things that make Filipino culture very unique. Especially the superstitions; Filipinos are very respectful even when we’re just walking through a patch of grass! We have this tradition where we say ‘tabi tabi po’ as an ‘excuse me’ to tell the little gnomes hiding in the grass that we come with peace. It’s a really funny thing to do, but hey, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I don’t want those gnomes to be coming for me in my sleep afterwards. Other than that, there’s a reeeaaally looong list of Filipino superstitions. Moving over to Chinese culture; sweet jesus, I love the food. Having xiao long bao is an essential for every holiday (but I think only my family does that LOL) as well as wearing red for good luck! I am proud to say that I am part of cultures that are ultimately unique and amazing in their own ways.

MAJ :alyss

I love our country’s food (Philippines). We have a variety of spices in our food which makes it so delicious!

LTJG Big_Grandad

I think I love African-American music the most, especially considering I’m a musician myself. It’s soulful, draws out your emotions and really allows you to connect with the artist no matter the genre. The food’s pretty good and seasoned too.

SSG Moodesty

My culture is distinct in that being a part of it seems rare. There aren’t many of us who are from Jamaica, a small island so small that everyone in the country probably knows one other. Because I’m unique, I feel like an exotic fruit. This sensation will stay with me for the rest of my life, since it motivates me in various facets of my life. We know we’re small, yet we make a lot of big stuff. In this country, the adage “quality over quantity” is still alive and well.

CW3 KraziiKendii

I’m currently in the Philippines so let me just talk about how I love the Filipinos for being so respectful! People here rarely call you by your name, but instead will call you sister/brother and there’s this word “po” or “opo” that we commonly add to each sentence to express politeness too! Another thing I enjoy is that Filipinos start celebrating and counting down Christmas literally as early as September 1st which is soooo crazy but at the same time so happy to see & feel! Lastly, one culture which I consider as unique and which I have personally adapted and still mastering is eating using your hands, without chopsticks or spoons/forks! Eating rice using your HANDS!!

LTJG Lottie2411

Something I love about my culture is the importance of respecting our elders and returning the act of service back to them. An example being greeting everyone before sitting down, taking care of elders as they would have taken care of us when we were children and also respecting and acknowledging lessons given by them.

LT Asuno

“dis my lunch”

I love Singlish. It’s not an official language and was born from many years of different races living together and interacting with one another. There is no proper way to explain it but somehow every Singaporean understands it.

Live Laugh and Love

By Argosax

Cover by Pky


We’re all born into a family, but not all family relationships are healthy. For those who aren’t privileged to have a good birth family, they often create their own family later on. Why is family so important? What impact does it have on a person in their childhood & as an adult?  Does it matter to society as a whole? Let’s explore some of these questions below.

The first relationship any child has is with their parents & siblings regardless of whether it be healthy or not, these relationships provide a model for what future relationships will look like as the child grows up accordingly. Furthermore, as life gets hard, people need support which can be financial or emotional support. A person going through such times will turn to their loved ones provided there’s mutual trust between them for that encouragement and love. The acceptance and understanding during a personal crisis is a basic need for all individuals, and family is the truest source of where this can be provided. 

It can be quite difficult to find friends or purpose as you’re growing up in your teens & adult life. If an individual has a strong family unit they’ll always be able to find the love and support needed to feel at ease. If they have a strong family behind them then motivation & courage for success is only around the corner. On the other hand, if a person isn’t getting love & support from a family structure they’ll potentially feel lonely, depressed and even hopeless. 

There’s a lot of tradition behind a family unit – it doesn’t just revolve around the people alive. Many families carry on traditions and share stories from the past which creates a connection with those that are no longer with us in the world. This further results in them feeling a part of something bigger than themselves and they’ll also learn something about their ancestry along the way! You’ll be surprised about the struggles our ancestors had to go through for life to be easier at this present moment in time.

Families are the first place where children learn how to manage their emotions, interact with others and communicate. It is also the first instance where kids will learn about positive and negative consequences. Parents are there to guide their children, providing life lessons which will be remembered for many years to come. These important lessons help form a big part of an individual’s worldview, and how the world works as a whole. Furthermore, there’s a system revolving around family values where people learn about what their family defines as right or wrong. Values affect how a person treats others, their purpose in life and how they view themselves. 

Finally, when families are strong, communities are strong which naturally leads to a strong society. There are countless studies which have explored the impacts of adoption, LGBTQ+ relationships, families with multiple ethnicities, and so on. You may be curious as to why? This is simply because society is deeply invested in the strength of families because there’s a domino effect. If families aren’t doing well, a nation will suffer. If families are happy and healthy, the nation benefits which will then have a wider positive impact on the world. 

Hopefully the above has provided an insight into the importance of family. Let’s see what our personnel have to say regarding the importance of family to them! We asked personnel how important is family to them, and why? We also wanted to know a single piece of advice which was given to them which they’ve used throughout their life?

Capt Femae. 

For me personally, family isn’t too important in my life as I don’t have a great connection nor history with my family. However, the small circle of family I do still have around me, are important to me and I cherish them daily.

A piece of advice I had gotten from a family member, is to not worry about things that are out of my control. Many people tend to worry or stress about situations they cannot control, thinking they’re to blame or whatever. It stuck with me, as I am one of those people as well. As long as I do my best, I shouldn’t make it my problem (most of the time) when something happens that is out of my own hands.

SgtMajMC Zurke

Family is extremely important to me in my life. My belief is that no matter what you are going through or may be going through later in life, the only people you can truly rely upon to always be there for you through those challenges are going to be your family. Your family is what ultimately helps shape you into the person you are today and what helps you strive to become a better person. In my own experiences in life, I’ve always been able to reach out to a family member to help push me through anything in life.

The one thing that’s always been preached to us in my household was to always treat people the way you want to be treated. For me, that bit of advice has been something that I always constantly remind myself when I’m around a different group of people. This advice has taught me to treat others with the utmost respect at all times (even strangers), considering the fact that I myself would not want to be treated any other way.

MGySgt Dan.K

Family is very important to me. I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a loving one. Family should stand by you and give you unconditional love, support your endeavours and goals, and be there in your time of need. Friends don’t always do that. 

I can’t think of any deep life advice right now haha, but I have 2 cousins in the medical field and they urged and advised me how to take care of my skin. They gave me products and stuff too. One of them is called tretinoin cream, it’s amazing for your skin long term. I’m hesitant to use it though cause it makes you break out for the first few months, but after that it’s amazing. Talk to your doctor if you are interested.


In conclusion, the main lesson to take away from this is to cherish those around you whether that be family or friends. As much as we want to pretend we’re all brave – we all need that someone to lean on for support, love and encouragement. If you have parents that care for you, be sure to treat them with respect and take care of them when they are elderly because they’ve nurtured you at your most vulnerable moments. Furthermore, If you have friends that got your back then reciprocate that same energy to make them feel secure. As you progress through life you’ll come to know who actually cares for you and who doesn’t, so be sure to take the time to figure it out and build that essential support system which will be needed throughout your life. 

Your Honor

By Pinkylapigs1

Cover by Toxic_silver2x

Your Honor,

I’m sure we have all heard about OJAG’s new Court Martial system, complimented by the amazing courtroom design on client. THIS was an amazing implementation to USDF, and benefits us in ways a lot of us may not realize. USDF has been progressing for a more in-client feel to the work process, which is a lot of what inspired this new system. To be able to witness live court hearings of people trying to appeal a punishment, or pardon their disciplinary action on their PTS is quite an experience. 

I gathered an extensive  reflection on the first EVER court hearing that was held in USDF. This was an attempt at pardoning a Dishonorable Discharge for Article 8a – Desertion. Current GySgt imstretch4 won the case, and has since reinstated! For this specific case, only officers O1+ were allowed to attend…CW5 KreepKap can attest to this when he made the mistake of entering the room → 

Took one for the team! Moving on, this rule was because OJAG truly just wanted to test the waters, and get prepared for a large audience in the future. 

Maj Williamh14

Respectfully, I contacted Maj Williamh14, who is a Judge Advocate, and the head judge on this first case!

Pinkylapigs1 – How do you feel the trial went?

Williamh14 – Personally I like how it turned out. As our first public hearing I feel like the trial went better than expected! Even though it was restricted to officers only the experience of it was all the same. The other Judge Advocates, the JAG, and our Representative put in a lot of time and preparation for the public hearings, so it was truly special to see it unfold in front of a live audience and be the presiding judge of such an event in USDFs history.

Pinkylapigs1 – Do you feel that this being in-client changes how OJAG evaluates people’s outcome? Like, does the more personal-feel give OJAG a better idea of what decision to make regarding someone’s possible return to USDF?

Williamh14 – I believe it can be a factor in what someone’s outcome of their pardon or appeal (when we bring appeals to court). Prior to court OJAG and the Presiding Judge will have already thoroughly investigated the case. We will likely gauge how they were in court. One of the benefits of an in-game trial is, because it is live and we are all present in-game you can likely see when someone hesitates or begins to lie. Depending on how the appellant behaves in court this could go into consideration for their return, it is a case-by-case basis.

Pinkylapigs1 – How do you see the future of who can attend these trials going? Will the topic of the trial determine who can attend?

Williamh14 – At the moment the JAG is determining who can attend the hearings. For the future, I believe with the more hearings we do the more refined it will get and the more public it will be. Maybe we will even branch out to possibly allowing VIPs or even allies to attend. At the moment the court process is still pretty new to us but we are adapting relatively quickly. People requesting for pardons or appeals can choose if they want a trial or not, which you are able to view on the PTS through the reinstate form. So for the topic of the trial, I believe it will be on a case-by-case basis. Some may determine that and some may not but ultimately OJAG will consider if a case should even go to trial or not first.

CDR Killaling

I wanted the response of at least one more member of OJAG, and CDR Killaling was Judge Advocate during this trial, therefore, I contacted CDR Killaling!

Pinkylapigs1 – Your initial thoughts on the trial?

Killaling – The trial went really well. With any new major project, there are bound to be hiccups and things that can be improved, so it was important that we noted them. But on the whole, we had a fair and balanced trial that ran smoothly. It was great to see the representatives put their skills into action and to see how  beneficial the trial was from a judge’s point of view in helping us decide cases


Pinkylapigs1 – How do you feel about USDF moving towards a more in-client roleplay?

Killaling – I think the move towards more in-client roleplay is fundamental to continued success. It brings us back to the roots of habbo. Doing stuff through forms and google docs just takes the fun out of it. Having trials in-client is also more practicable. We can have a good flow of questions which is impossible on discord. In-client roleplay also means that others can attend and view our proceedings, ensuring transparency. These benefits are crucial and will benefit USDF. It is important for us to get everyone involved in every way we can, to ensure activity and understanding of our processes. By having this transparency, all personnel can see what the judicial system is like.

Pinkylapigs1 – What was your position during this trial? Were you actively involved or mostly observing throughout it?

Killaling – During this trial, I was one of the judges on the bench. For trials, we have what is called the “Presiding Judge”. That is the judge who is most actively involved in the preparation for the trial and is the most vocal during the trial. The rest of the OJAG members will then join the presiding judge on the bench. When we are deliberating on our decision we are all equal. So in the first trial, JA William was the presiding judge, whereas I was just a regular JA who mostly contributed to the decision.

Pinkylapigs1 – Do you believe that OJAG will ever have these trials with NR’d personnel, not just DD’d? Why or why not?

Killaling – We may look into doing these trials with NR’d personnel in the future. We have started only with DDs and Appeals because they tend to be simpler cases. A couple of articles have been charged, with a clearer timeline on offences. It allows for a smoother trial to take place in the in-client format. Contrasting this with NRs. Often the NR cases we see involve multiple discharges, spread over multiple accounts with timelines that go back 6 years. It makes it very hard to put everything together and to view the case as a whole. It would be extremely hard to do this through in-client trials, particularly with it being a new process. BUT, this doesn’t mean it won’t ever come about. With every trial, the process grows stronger, and we could soon see complex NR cases being considered for trial.

GySgt imstretch4

Appropriately, I reached out to the defendant himself, GySgt imstretch4!

Pinkylapigs1 – How do you feel the trial went?

imstretch4 – The trial obviously went good seeing as I’m back in USDF. But, sometimes being on the stand and being questioned can be very nerve racking. For me personally, I believe doing the trial on client was a bit much seeing as my DD wasn’t as severe as others. But I believe for serious matters, an on client trial is necessary.

Pinkylapigs1 – Were you uncomfortable during this trial at all?

imstretch4 – No it wasn’t uncomfortable as I knew I was worthy of returning to the USDF regardless of what the crowd thought about the trial.

Pinkylapigs1 – How would you have felt if any rank group could have attended your hearing?

imstretch4 – It wouldn’t change anything, they’re all human beings.

Pinkylapigs1 – Of course I asked, is it fun knowing you’re the first person to experience the court martial system as a defendant? 

imstretch4 – Yes, I made history that day, I’ll tell my kids. Plus, I won my case.

Pinkylapigs1 – Any advice for anyone who may experience this in the future? 

imstretch4 – When talking with your representative before the trial to work on opening and closing statements, make sure you tell the whole truth. Do not worry about being judged if you believe you should return to the USDF there is no point in holding information. Make sure you tell your representative everything and every little detail.

LT Dinsky

I reached out to an officer who was able to witness this trial. Here’s what LT Dinsky had to say!

Pinkylapigs1 – Simplistically, how was this experience??

Dinsky – It was very exciting. The process was similar to the Habbo WH’s trials if you’ve ever seen one, but attuned to work as a military trial instead of an agency one. While my only other experience with trials has been TV shows, it seemed to be very accurate to real proceedings. Sitting in the stands was very interesting. It all really felt like one big lesson on how OJAG operates.

Your Honor,

With this new chapter of USDF, we will continue to go up from here! Progression and change has become a major factor as of recent, and the USDF seems to be very happy with the new system in OJAG. I wonder what’s in store for us as we continue through these trying times!

Take a Seat with OSEAC

By UHaileyroseU

Cover by UHaileyroseU

How is it adjusting to your duties without any SWOA(s)?

CJCS EA Charlfred

My duties, in relation to OSEAC, have always been to advise the office and the SEAC and the assist the CJCS. The removal of SWOAs hasn’t directly impacted my duties, instead it has just meant I have been more on hand to help in the transition and I have been assisting the SEAC redefine the office as a 5 person team, working solely on the development and welfare of our NCO corps.

CMSAF Armatus

After waking up to find out that my SWOA had to step down to focus on her real life affairs, I was in shock. I hadn’t had time to properly prepare or begin the transition to on take her duties. I’ll be the first to say that initially, I was overwhelmed. I was constantly seeking guidance from General WalkingBootz, Brigadier General sugarnoah & the Air Force Council Advisors to ensure I was performing on par and not disrupting the effective flow of operations. As days progressed, I quickly adjusted my time management skills and prioritized appropriately to ensure that I was performing at the standard I set for myself.

SgtMajMC Zurke

The transition thus far has been really fluid. My branch command team has done an exceptional job in welcoming me to the team with open arms and assisting me with explaining what my day-to-day tasks are, and helping me better manage my time with the increased workload.

SMA AngelEnergy,

It is pretty difficult to be honest, especially when the SWOA has done their job really good. Adjusting to the added responsibility comes with the pressure of not messing it up so the council members, specifically the council leadership, do not get confused. This is where being humble and honest comes in handy. You have to be humble enough to ask for help, and honest enough to admit when you make a mistake or need help. Being open to making mistakes gives room for improving. I’m grateful that my VCSA and CSA have been patient and supportive of me, which enables me to grow and be more confident with the new responsibilities.

What plans do you have for OSEAC moving forward?

CJCS Charlfred

Personally, I don’t have plans for OSEAC but I am working with the SEAC on some new things that I am sure everyone, especially NCOs, will look forward to seeing.

CMSAF Armatus

I’m currently working alongside my colleagues in the Air Force Branch Command in assisting all Airman and woman develop both a short and long term goal for their USDF service. The goal is to increase retention for the branch and combat demotivation.

SgtMajMC Zurke

My plan is fairly simple, carry on the legacy that was already put in place here and just remind folks that the Marine Corps will forever remain the best branch at USDF! Along with this, I plan to make the NCO experience a more enjoyable time for our future leaders. Helping prepare them better prepare for the challenges ahead is a top priority of mine.

SMA AngelEnergy,

As the Sergeant Major of the Army, I first aimed to help increase the morale of our branch because this is where the root of motivation of the members comes from – meeting new people and forming new relationships, supporting each other, and working together to keep the branch high up. Since we’ve met that goal and Army’s morale is steady, I am now working on pushing them forward into progressing. Letting them know that they have me, and the whole Army behind them. We have each other behind ourselves, so when one gets demotivated or gets off track, there’s another soldier behind who will support you into reaching far more than you already have.

How has your experience been working in OSEAC?

CJCS EA Charlfred

My experience in OSEAC is quite extensive, I have spent about half of my USDF career there. From SMA, to SWOAA to CJCS EA; OSEAC has always been somewhere I enjoy working. You get to be in a unique position where you are there to help a large amount of people and you have a real impact on careers and development for both individuals and groups of personnel. In addition to this, you also get to work an amazing group of peers and superiors who all work on the same things together, and bring unique perspectives to the table. I find OSEAC such a unique and every changing environment, that is always presents something exciting and challenging to take on.

CMSAF Armatus

Working in OSEAC has been an eye opener to new aspects of USDF that I previously wasn’t privy to. I’m thankful to be working alongside my colleagues in this office to develop new and innovative ways to advance the NCO corps.

SgtMajMC Zurke

OSEAC has been fantastic so far. Being able to meet and talk with other command leaders and discuss different ideas that we can implement in our respective branches and that are ultimately for the betterment of USDF as a whole has been a joy to be a part of. The SEAC has done so much in such a short span of time by helping me get acclimated to the way things are done as a BHNCO here at USDF.

SMA AngelEnergy,

I’m just gonna say that it can be better, and I’m looking forward to what the new BHNCOs, new SEAC, and I can do together.

What’s some advice you can give to someone wanting to get a branch command spot?

CJCS EA Charlfred

There is plenty of advice out there if you want to become branch command, so I definitely encourage people to find it and speak to those in your branch command to learn more about it. My advice though, is to think about what impact you want to have on the USDF as a whole. Now think about how branch command will help you achieve this, how will it be the platform you need to do what you want to do. You define the role in branch leadership, you make it what you want it to be; so how will you do it?

CMSAF Armatus

If you’re asking this question, I can say with near certainty that working alongside the branch command and members of OSEAC is something that you’ll thoroughly enjoy. Just go for it. Don’t hesitate and spend too much time thinking about it or you’ll miss out on the opportunity. Set your goal and cross off every requirement that you have in order to reach your goal. Work hard, fight for what you want and believe in. Never let the opinion of others steer you away from your goals.

SgtMajMC Zurke

I’ve only been SgtMajMC for about a week now and one major thing I’ve learned thus far and as I have mentioned before is, effectively managing your time. Seeing as we all have lives outside of Habbo that we need to devote time and energy to, it is extremely crucial to understand how to manage your time. Coming up with a weekly schedule and setting a daily routine are habits that I had already had in place, but with the added responsibilities now, I had to come up with a way to commit a certain amount of hours throughout my week to complete my tasks as a member of BHNCO. Ultimately, being an adaptable person who can respond well to changes is something I truly believe will help you excel in a position like this.

SMA AngelEnergy,

Being a branch command will demand a lot from you. It will take a lot of your time, and your patience and understanding. It’s a pretty tiring position, but it’s most definitely rewarding, especially when it’s evident that the members are happy and are getting into positions and trying out offices. As one of the three pillars of a branch, you must be ready to support your peers, subordinates, and seniors. If you’re only in it for the position itself, please don’t.

Personnel Spotlight

By Secster

Cover by Toxic_silver2x

USDF Personnel Spotlight

The Military Organisation, the United States Defense Force, contains many dedicated and organized personnel who work hard daily to better themselves and USDF overall. In this article, we have conducted several interviews with one individual from each Paygrade Group, NCO/WO/CO, regarding their most significant accomplishments in USDF and their long-term & short-term goals in the Organisation. We also asked them about one thing they could choose which they like about USDF the most out of everything else. The candidates were randomly picked based on personnel who perform at an outstanding level in USDF. In addition, the three individuals were selected while being active in the HQ to ensure we received answers from the perspective of over-average active personnel.

First Lieutenant FeastBeast


I have re-enlisted in USDF not too long ago, and I can truly say that one of the best milestones I achieved was being accepted to OJSIG. This office helped me grow in an exponential level, leadership-wise and as a person. After some time in OJSIG, I have hit another milestone and being a part of OJSIG Command as the XO ONAVIG in November 2021. Fast-forward a few months later, I have been elevated to DNAVIG and recently to PMG currently which is an incredible accomplishment of mine, and I’m really proud of it.

Short-Term Goals:

My short-term goals would be to focus on the betterment of OJSIG, planning a few projects that could improve the office as a whole including seminars in the near future for the NCOs/WOs to benefit from, just like the one we hosted a few months ago. 

Long-Term Goals:

My long-term goals would be to gain experience as an OJSIG AD and improve myself as a leader, and hopefully with time  be able to rise to the ranks of a senior officer, which makes me ready to prepare for future JSD positions, wherever the path will take me.

One thing you like about USDF the most:

If I had to choose one thing that I like the most about USDF is the community itself, people in here are friendly and approachable and we really all come together when it’s necessary. Adding to that, our senior command are reliable on and they truly care and constantly look for ways to improve the strategic direction of USDF, and towards making the military a better place on a daily basis.

Chief Warrant Officer 4 TheChickenAter


One of the things I have enjoyed the most was my term as the OJFD HNCO and my first experience in a command team. I not only learnt loads, but built up vital skills for my future in the USDF and the position I am in today. I met so many incredible people, not only inside command itself, but the regular members, a few of which later went on to be command members themselves.

Short-Term Goals:

My short term goal, which is something I hope to be completing by the end of next month would be to successfully complete Officer Candidate School and become a commissioned officer, obviously this is going to take an emence amount of hard work and dedication, but it is something I am willing and wanting to put my full effort into for the betterment of the USDF.

Long-Term Goals:

My main long term goal, something that could take years to achieve would be to become the JSIG, another role that requires a lot of focus, but looks to be very rewarding. The JSIG has a massive effect on our community, and leads the OJSIG in order to help keep us all safe.

One thing you like about USDF the most:

The thing that I like the most about the USDF is the people. I have met so many amazing people through the time I have spent in this community, whether they are in OJFD, OPA, OJSIG or any other office. No matter the rank or position, I am truly thankful for every single person who I have spoken too before. It is one of the things that sets the USDF out from other communities and is why this place will always be special to me.

Command Sergeant Major FiftyMiles


I would definitely have to say hosting the fourth episode ”Demotivation? Let’s talk about it” of the Unbobba’d podcast. The support during that episode was surreal. It gave me a bigger perspective on what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. I really enjoyed talking to USDF personnel from all different paygrades about demotivation and how to overcome it or tackle it. 

Short-Term Goals:

My short term goal is to find unique ways to support members and entertain them at the same time. It’s hard to find the line between professionalism and the fun nature of the game at some points. I think this should become more visible and we should talk about it more. I would love to talk with different members about reaching and developing fun activities to help with your progression. 

Long-Term Goals:

A long term goal is to grow within my branch. I think that the unity within and between branches is a very cool aspect of USDF. I would love to contribute towards much needed changes and innovations in order to strengthen this aspect.

One thing you like about USDF the most:

Definitely the people. We’re a military simulation, but the most important part of this community is the people within it. It’s a make or break deal in my opinion because this game should be a place to relax, escape reality for a bit and to meet people from all over the world. It’s thanks to a lot of people that I’m really enjoying USDF.

Many thanks to the individuals that contributed to this article by joining our interview. The answers are truly inspiring and should serve as live proof that anyone can achieve anything within the realism of their situation and performance. If you ever feel demotivated and unable to complete something, please remember that everyone around you inside of USDF is at your disposal. You can always find motivation, reason, and inspiration to move forward by talking to personnel/and finding new goals and paths in USDF. There is even a Reach-Out-Program for you to contact, your possible paths are never over!

Good luck on behalf of USDF, OPA, and Secster.

”If you give it that extra 1% above the 100%, you can reach incredible lengths, don’t give up. The strong teach the weak learn!” – Secster

Head Quarters: The smell of death No.1 – Issue 1.

By Secster

Cover by Pky

The moon in the sky, fully alit by the sun, would shine its white light over the United States Defense Force outside area. The night was young yet distant from reality. Something is off. The moon has not blessed the earth’s surface with safety this night. The air smelled of dust, and the shadows were silent and stiff. The gentle yet offsetting breeze would rattle the leaves of the trees, and the grass of the ground would fondly grasp around the shoes of the individuals walking through it. The sense of a curse was present. Something was lurking in the darkness, something vile, something disgusting, something you would never expect. What aroma of putridity holds us tightly within its grasp? If only we could be set free from this petrifying sense of fright.

(To immerse yourself into the story, it is recommended you listen to:

”Ghost Dance – Halloween Sound Effects” –  On repeat – Spotify)

Walking through the fields and the rocklike surface on the ground came forth a group of non-other than; Watch4Mee, -Rob?, sugarnoah, TheRealMatrix, Jennej9, FeastBeast, Secster, TheChickenAter, Mastership, WNI, FiftyMiles, KrystalMochi, Pinkylapigs, 91-Bravo.

They emerged from an event hosted earlier during the daytime, heading towards their barracks inside of the USDF Building. None else was present in the Headquarters at this time of night. The group had an idea. To surprise everyone by the crack of dawn with a fully equipped and operational Headquarters. Or so they thought… Is the HQ really empty?…

As they were walking towards the entrance:

-Watch4Me: Like TheRealMatrix… Is it pretty creepy during this time of night, you know? *Shivers slightly*

-TheRealMatrix: Stop being a wimp. Is it just nighttime after all…

*Shrugs it off and continues to walk*

-Watch4Me: I know… But something seems off, you know, do you also feel it? *Cringes when he thinks about it*

-TheRealMatrix: Yeah. I thought about it when we hopped off the USDF Bus. Something is definitely not right. We’ll see when we get in, won’t we?

*With a strong power of leadership, he held his chin up, ready for what’s to come*

A bit further down, walking behind Watch4Me and TheRealMatrix:

-Mastership: Ayyeeee… *Burps* Yoae… You kn~ow… 91-Bra *Burps* ..vo.

*Waddles and stumbles by 91-Bravos side*

-91-Bravo: C’mon. Let’s get you to bed, you’ve been drinking too much man. Maybe stay off the free drinks by the bar next time? *Sighs*

-Mastership: A… *Burps* A~Alright… Th..en.. 

*Follows by 91-Bravo’s side*

-91-Bravo: *Sighs louder* Why… Do I even let him come on these events… He always just devours the bar… And flirts with the bartenders anyways… I should put him on Regional Janitory Affairs… I just might, hehe… *Chuckles for himself*

Even further down, walking behind Mastership and 91-Bravo:

-Secster: What in gods all mighty name, miss betty white scheisse is this smell I’m smelling?! *Grabs nose and pinches down on nostrils*

-sugarnoah: Secster… Please, don’t make me put you on a timeout… 

Ohh, goddam, I can smell it too, smells worse than… A certain reptile in a certain condition… *Pinches down on nose and nostrils as well*

-FeastBeast: What the… Why is the mood in the air so stiff? Why can I feel the sense of something offsetting? Hmm… *Thinks for himself*

TheChickenAter, note this down for me, please, I might have to send the air a demerit.

-TheChickenAter: *Pulls out a pen and a small notebook* Oh.. O~Okay.

*Writes down FeastBeast’s comments* But… Wait? What do you mean you’re going to demerit the Air? How does that even work…

-FeasBeast: Don’t mind that. *Bites down on a toothpick in his mouth* We bout to find out small one. *Concentrates his view on the USDF Building & Entrance*

Upon reaching the entrance, Watch4Me would step up to the front porch and firmly graps the handle of the large door and without hesitation, he would make a comment:

-Watch4Me: It’s.. Unlocked? Strange.. I swear we locked the joint and turned on all security measures upon leaving?… *Thinks for himself*

-TheRealMatrix: Let me have a look. *Watch4Me would step back to allow TheRealMatrix to inspect the door* Hmm… *Moves closer to the doorknob, sniffs a few times around the area* 5.9 foot tall. Age unknown, but definitely over 243. Not affiliated with USDF. Likes taco bell. *Talks to himself*

-Watch4Me: Excuse me.. What? Also… Taco Bell? Wha… *Get’s interrupted promptly*

-TheRealMatrix: Shhh…. Someone is in the Head Quarters. *Reaches down into suit jacket, grabs a waist holstered M1911, turns off the safety and pulls it out completely, cocks the gun, and aims it forward, in his sight* Watch4Me, behind me, get your gun ready, we might have to get serious.

-Watch4Me: O.. Oh! 10-4! *Grabs side holstered Silencer equipped Glock 19, pulls it out completely, turns off the safety, and points it towards the ground, behind TheRealMatrix*

-TheRealMatrix: Guys behind us, simmer down, we have a situation on our hands! Ready your arms, please. *Talks quietly*

-Mastership: Auuughhheee *Burps* Alri…ght… *Reaches in jacket and pulls out a sawed-off shotgun, cocks it ,and holds it with one hand aimed at the sky*

-91-Bravo: Give me that! *Grabs the shotgun quickly* You crazy? You can’t handle a gun with this nature of recoil in your state… *Sighs*

-Mastership: Man… Yo.. *Burps* ..u’re… no fu~un… *Waddles quietly beside 91-Bravo as they take positions below the stairs towards the entrance*

-Secster: Roger Sir, *Pulls out MP5 and hits the gun’s side to cock the charging handle, as he does, the handle pops down and slides all the way back. Points it towards the ground for safety, both hands*

-sugarnoah: I ain’t got no gun… I’ll stay behind you, Secster. *Murmurs and waves behind him to fetch FeatBeast and TheChickenAter*

-FeastBeast: *Moves up with TheChickenAter* What’s going on?

Something is not right… I saw something or ”Someone” moving on the second floor furthest right window. Someone isn’t happy with us returning and is observing our movements. *Reaches in thigh pocket and holds a 44. Magnum firmly without pulling it out*

-TheChickenAter: *Moves up with FeastBeast* I saw it too… *Talks quietly* Should we call backup on this one? *Pulls out a Mac-10 automatic and cocks charging handle*

-FeastBeast: No… Not yet. It might be troublesome. We have no idea who’s in there… Or worse, what’s in there. Proceed with caution, friends. We might have to retreat this time. *Moves his sight towards the upper floors of the building after finishing his sentence*

-sugarnoah/Secster/TheChickenAter/Mastership/91-Bravo: Affirm. Understood, proceed with caution.

-TheRealMatrix: *Grabs the door handle and pulls it down ever so slightly. As the door lock function leaves its chamber, he pulls the door forward, opening it slowly, pointing his firearm inwards toward the reception area and welcome desk* Shh… Behind me, *Hold up a hand with one finger extended, pointing forward after releasing the door handle*

-Watch4Me: *Follows behind TheRealMatrix* Units… This is… Bad… Something has happened in here…

-TheRealMatrix: Hmm… *Inspects the marks on the walls, the rug, and the desks* 91-Bravo… Run back to the bus, call everyone. Now! *Speaks in a medium tone*

-91-Bravo: Affirm. *Fear strikes him, a situation like this should be impossible… How could this happen in such a secure building? Why were there marks and red stains everywhere? What in gods name has happened while we were gone… Why… WHY!?*

To be continued…

34th Ceremonial Parade

By Argosax

Cover by karencita994


The 34th Ceremonial Parade took place earlier this month on the 2nd of April 2022 where all of the personnel got an excuse to dress up in fancy uniforms and stand next to each other. I’m surprised the personnel weren’t feeling claustrophobic! The SecDef Ms. xStarlight11 opened the show with her glamorous self highlighting the different projects and cohesion as of recent within the United States Defense Force. As an imperative figure within the military, she highlighted how proud she was of everyone and their efforts – it was almost as emotional as Titanic! 

The DepSecDef Mr. TheRealMatrix then took centre stage with a speech and I’m sure everyone was expecting to be bored to death but he was actually quite entertaining! The DepSecDef highlighted the wide array of changes such as the new HQ, trialling of new systems, outfits, headquarters, the shelving of SWOA roles, the empowerment of SEAC, OSEAC and personnel development. There were some recent tensions between the USDF & GOVBAF which were also further clarified and I’m sure everyone’s eyes were fully glued to the screen because who doesn’t love a bit of tension and drama? Only kidding but in all seriousness, the main point to take away from this was that the safety of personnel is imperative to senior command and they’ll keep fighting to protect each and every one of you from Illegal Warfare.

It then got to everyone’s favourite bit where the DepSecDef Mr. TheRealMatrix announced medals. I’m sure everyone was zoomed in ready to catch their name! The handsome GOAF Davidhif2 couldn’t help but take some of the spotlight as he stepped up to announce the promotions shortly after. There were a few grammatical errors to do with “your” and “you’re” but it’s fine we’ll forgive him – also a big congratulations to the main man himself GOAF Davidhif2 on his promotion during the parade. This was then concluded with command appointments which occurred within various offices. There were many recipients of fantastic medals as well as personnel being elevated to higher ranks – a big congratulations to all and here’s to more success in the future! You can find the full honour roll here,

In an ideal world we would want everyone to feel appreciated but sadly not all personnel get acknowledged or feel appreciated enough due to multiple reasons, hopefully there weren’t too many discouraged individuals but we’re all human and can’t help the way we feel at times. Please reach out to your respective chain of command for further investigation to be done if you feel this was the case. There will be more on this later as we get tips from personnel on how to handle such situations and bounce back a more stronger & confidential individual. 

Enough of me rambling! That was a quick summary of the magnificent spectacle which was the 34th Ceremonial Parade, please click here and watch the parade on YouTube. A bit of advice I would recommend putting it on x2 speed so you don’t end up driving yourself mad watching Habbo for over an hour!

Let’s now hear the opinions of our personnel regarding their experience at the parade, tips for individuals who felt discouraged and what they would implement if given the chance during the next parade.

CMSgt Pinkylapigs1

I absolutely loved seeing the senior command online at the same time. In all honesty, it’s pretty rare to see a lot of our superiors via client — whether that’s due to time zones or inactivity, it was just refreshing being able to see everyone present and in the same place. That to me, was the best part!

The most basic advice is truly the most effective, so here is something we have all heard before. Utilise your chain of command! Having a conversation with your office or branch chain of command can really help out with feeling noticed and acknowledged. I won’t say that everyone is going to give a great response or good feedback, and that’s actually a big problem within our feedback system, though just being able to bring your feelings to the attention of someone who can actually do something about it is very validating. I also recommend the Reach Out Program (ROP), and specifically talking to the ASD ISA, Mr. 91-Bravo — he tends to give great advice and responses, even when he’s not directly involved in someone’s USDF career. Praise Kane!

My advice would truly just be that this parade should be getting planned far in advance, and the words formulated on the script should come with deeper meaning. A lot of the script felt repetitive, or meaningless — add some personality next time, we’re not robots! Additionally, say every medal next time!! Some categories were skipped. And the most important bit of advice, for the sake of appearance, the script should be grammar checked multiple times by multiple different people. This will avoid that impression of unprofessionalism and low effort.

CWO3 Secster

The fact that 120+ people came together to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of each other. It was certainly a special ceremony to attend, so many friends and comrades that took pride in their work as well as others. Really goes to show how much people’s dedication is appreciated.

Speak to your Branch Command following the Chain of Command, this is the only way to ’’Bring it to attention’’. Since that is what you’re doing, expressing your thoughts and letting them know.

I have been active in USDF for far too short to have any say in this. Perhaps make everyone redo FEAT: (H) again. Because those moves… Let’s not talk about it.


“I enjoyed seeing all of my peers and our senior leadership gathered together in one special place. The chaoticness of trying to organise all of us together in uniformed ranks was also a great highlight of the parade. All in all, I enjoyed seeing my comrades rewarded for their continued hard work and dedication to our community.

Self-reflection is key; utilise the Chain of Command and hustle hard to get that feedback that you need to hear in order to progress. Make an effort to reach out to USDF’s leaders and learn, learn, learn from them! What are you doing right? What could you do better? Take the time and effort to self-reflect in real life and on Habbo and you’ll find yourself progressing with time. 

It would be interesting to see more activity within the parade rather than just a script. Smaller events within the event such as a dance between partners and speeches from people that win outstanding awards would be some ideas that I’d suggest to make the parade more interactive and fun for personnel.”

LtGen IonDABeast

The fact that we gathered over 100 people in one room at the same time who supported and cheered for each other regardless of their own achievements. I think it demonstrates how far we’ve reached as a community and it certainly motivates us in Senior Command to continue pushing forward and improving the military overall.

Avoid comparing yourself with others and understand that you can’t be aware of everything they do, that way you’ll prevent that feeling. If you genuinely think you were overlooked, reaching out to your branch or office command teams in private is certainly your best option, at that point we will thoroughly review your performance and reconsider your awards. Understand that even if we make mistakes, we don’t overlook you intentionally and we put in the effort to minimise those mistakes, and correct them as needed.

Our basic drilling needs some improvement.

CWO4 KraziiKendii

It was very nice seeing people gathering. Also, everything that was organized (JDT performance & program!)

You don’t need ‘promotions/medals’ to validate your efforts. At the same time, make this a challenge to improve or do better, seek for PR/Feedback, evaluate yourself and appreciate yourself.

It’s kinda unlikely but I hope it gets hosted some other different time! (as it’s usually 4-5PM EDT I think)

CW5 ChanelPuccia

I particularly enjoyed Mr DepSecDef TheRealMatrix’s speech regarding USDF’s accomplishments during the war period. It was a very powerful message and reassured the USDF community that we are very much in safe hands; with indefatigability we as a community are able to eliminate malicious actors in interest of protecting one another

My advice would be to continue doing what you’re doing full steam ahead. You weren’t recognised this time? That’s unfortunate. Will you be recognised in the future? if you continue what you’re doing, most likely – if not then it is likely you will not. Don’t give up because you weren’t recognised in this one parade, there will be many more in your tenure. I also advise people to speak, you have superiors for a reason – SPEAK to them, let them know how YOU feel. I cannot stress the importance of using your voice, sometimes people do get overlooked but other times you may feel like you deserve something when in actual fact you may have things you need to improve on. Make it your mission to obtain the feedback, work on it and be persistent with improvement. That is my advice and let it be known this is something I personally have had to experience throughout my tenure here at USDF.

In the next parade, I personally would like to see a more effective method when arranging personnel in the ceremonial grounds. The JDT team did a fantastic job but it is fair to say it did take quite a long time to have personnel in position. I would recommend having items in the corner of each section so that JDT personnel are able to say “Warrant Officers to the green side” “Officers to the blue side” for example. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic ceremony overall and it is always a pleasure to be a part of something that is marked in USDF history.


In conclusion, there were a lot of highlights during the parade, most commonly revolving around the unity shown by the personnel as there was a huge turnout to the parade. This displays the resilience and family bond within the United States Defense Force despite the last few months being tough due to frequent changes and certain situations with other militaries. This is the positive spirit which should be maintained and will be the fuel for ongoing prosperity for this military and all the personnel involved. The advice provided by personnel shows there’s a deep care for others and emphasizes to those discouraged individuals that they’re not alone – it’s important to speak up and make your concerns heard so they can be rectified. 

There’s certain changes suggested revolving around the drilling which was conducted as it seemed quite unorganised, as well as the robotic script coupled with the lack of interaction. There were methods suggested to combat this such as allowing those that are receiving a prestigious award to give a speech, or having partner dances during intervals of the ceremony. Overall, it was a successful event and the personnel thoroughly enjoyed their time as they stood united with one another to celebrate the achievement(s) of themselves and others.

USDF In Space?

By Argosax

Cover by Lisekai


Imagine the United States Defense Force branching out and creating a US Space Force? We’ll all be doing leg presses in the gym and making weird noises like Steve Carell in the Netflix series. He’s only trying to put boots on the moon! It’ll also be an interesting idea to put a red button in the HQ waiting for someone to accidentally press it and send a rocket to the moon, I’m sure the personnel won’t press that button and it’ll be a troll but that’s besides the point. 

In all seriousness, the addition of a new branch such as the US Space Force will give us the usual benefits such as more command positions which will increase the motivation of our personnel as it’ll give them an opportunity to strive for progression. There will also be a new aesthetic within the headquarters as we’ll be introducing separate uniforms for the Space Force which will further result in there being more vibrancy and ambience. 

There can also be the addition of new exciting changes such as PTP training sessions where personnel conduct investigations prior to conducting the launch of a rocket into space. Other than that, the general duties wouldn’t change as much but further innovative implementations can be introduced to ensure the Space Force has its unique identity within the United States Defense Force. 

Let’s ask some of the current personnel within the United States Defense Force on their thoughts regarding the topic – they were asked on how they feel the personnel will be affected with the change? & and is there anything they would implement if they led the US Space Force? 

LtCol midgetbella

Currently, I do not think that a Space Force is needed due to personnel distribution per branch, however, if numbers did increase to a point where having a fifth branch was needed then I would be very open to the idea and would look forward to witnessing a branch being built from the ground up. 

I think having this branch would be ineffective and have a negative effect on personnel as the work distribution in offices would have to change as a result of this addition especially in those offices where they have command members to overlook their respective branches which could eventually cause boredom to the current command as they would have a reduced responsibility. I also believe branches can be quite seclusive at times, you’re more likely to be able to meet people within your branch as you share channels with them, especially if you are a part of your branch council. Overall, I don’t believe this would be a positive addition at this current moment in time. 

Tricky question, if I was to lead the Space Force I think I’d have to make our branch HQ into a massive rocket ship where members could hang out, chill and pretend we are flying to the moon.

SMSgt Pinkylapigs1

I’d be trying to understand whether this was done for the sake of a meme, OR if they were being serious about it. Seeing as how USDF is very big on realism, I’m not entirely sure that this would be a good route to go as we are a MILITARY, not NASA, and to our knowledge, we have no alien threats in real life as of now.

I think that this would open a plethora of opportunities for people all across every rank group!! This would change OSEAC, branch command, councils, etc. We would need more people in those leadership positions. I see it as mostly positive, though the negative would be that we would be lowering the number of personnel in our four branches already.

I would implement more real training that would coincide with “space” — maybe the addition of a PTP that’s relevant to extraterrestrial beings and how we’d be expected to defend ourselves there. I’d just be going for a more roleplay type of implementation rather than admin/council work that would drain my potential personnel.

SSG Cutiepie99999

I don’t think it would bother me too much but USDF is military based and I don’t think it’s overall very realistic, however a change/something new is always good and I think it would increase activity purely out of people’s interest, but might be a financial strain on USDF as many people are very loyal to their branches already. Also Habbo doesn’t even have space costumes so maybe it’s best not to rip nasa. Finally, if I was to lead a Space Force I would have a room for each planet and make people dress up as aliens and train them how to engage with them and also how to moonwalk.

Capt Zemriil

Personally I would have mixed feelings, while it would bring change to USDF and create some new opportunities, it would be a monumental change that would change the way USDF functions. I would be wary of the change and try to accustom myself to the new branch, but ultimately I can’t come to any conclusions until I experience it first-hand.

The novelty of having a new branch would most definitely boost morale and activity, but it would also result in everyone and their dogs transferring to the space force as everyone wants to be a part of something new. This would put a strain on the other branches as they lose personnel. A new branch would also mean new command positions for offices with branch based command like OMP, so it would put a lot of strain on each office to fill these positions and implement them in an effective way.

The Space Force must moonwalk everywhere or kick.


It seems personnel want to moonwalk like Michael Jackson all over the place! All jokes aside, the comments seem quite sceptical of the idea to implement a US Space Force. However, it seems they aren’t totally against the idea as it brings an exciting opportunity to create new training sessions to get people working together as well as a new aesthetic to the headquarters. Additionally, there’s also the opportunity of more command roles which will become available which gives personnel the chance to progress and gain that valuable experience – it might even stop everyone fighting for once over a command position! I guess it also gives us the perfect excuse to get out of those boring uniforms and dress up as aliens, so why not live out our weird fantasies, right? Nevertheless, it’s a fun little idea and I guess there will be someone out there who’ll be brave enough to open up their US Space Force because they would’ve run out of ideas!

We’re Here For You

By Argosax

Cover by Pinkylapigs1


The Reach Out Program shows the JSD, OSD & NSC collaborating with one another to aid personnel within the United States Defense Force. The beautiful thing about this project is that individuals of every pay-grade are able to utilize this fantastic tool which is on offer! This goes to show that the personal development is never ending as this initiative serves as a central point of contact for expressing thoughts, concerns and queries to senior command.

Why not cut out the middleman to your demotivation and issues to seek advice from those who have gone through the challenges that present themselves? I’m sure they’ve hit a roadblock at some point & overcome a few hurdles. This thought alone should be a catalyst for you wanting to get involved with such a program. That’s not to say others can’t provide the same wisdom but having that encouraging talk with someone in a senior position can provide a significant amount of points for reflection. 

These points consist of setting clear strategic direction as you’ll be made to think about short term and long term goals. Inevitably, the journey in USDF is what you make it and you’re in control of what you can achieve similar to anything in life. As humans we don’t know everything otherwise we’ll all be billionaires, so step out of your comfort zone to make that first step and introduce yourself as I’m sure they aren’t as scary as they first seem and you’ll probably learn a few things. 

Above all else, the program is confidential! You don’t have to tell anyone that you’ve used the Reach Out Program nor will the senior command make this information public. Fun fact my favourite word is confidential, but I can’t tell you why! Anyway, let’s move on from that cheesy joke. If you feel dissatisfied with the session, then you’re able to message DepSecDef Mr. TheRealMatrix directly and further inquiries will be done. I just wish my ex girlfriend had this open line of communication after our dates! 

Speaking of the DepSecDef Mr. TheRealMatrix he brings up a valid point in his forum thread – “how useful is this program realistically?”  It’s a good question and who better to ask than the personnel who have used this program! 

SGM Goofykaitlynfan

I found the overall experience very helpful and Ms. xStarlight11 was very helpful. The reach out program benefitted me alot and helped my progression at USDF. They helped me gain my confidence and look past my struggles.

1SG YQLovesLion2

I found it very useful. like the senior who spoke to me (Brig Gen Sugarnoah) when I needed help. It made me regain my motivation when I was demotivated and helped me go through things. Also, they say if I need something I can speak to them.

CWO5 Armando498

I have used the reach out program on two occasions, the first time was not really helpful because they could not help with my issue but I understand it was beyond them. I used it for the second time, it really ended up being very helpful. I spoke to the one that was my Office director in OISA, iDfind, which helped me get out my frustration about the selection of the command positions and helped me go through it.

Talking with a senior officer helped me go through the situation better, and helped me understand the workings of USDF further. It helped me realise what I was missing with my command applications, and once I understood that, it released a chain reaction of progress in my USDF career.

SMSgt Pinkylapigs1

It was okay! The initial response was VERY fast but the actual advice was very generic and didn’t entirely help me.  I liked the idea that I could seek advice specifically from senior command, but I’ve also gotten better advice from people in my own rank group. It didn’t really help me and my progression, but I did feel I was able to vent and rant professionally with my voice being heard. That was helpful!


There’s a mixed range of comments with individuals having varied levels of success. However, the general consensus agrees that having the first initial open conversation with a member of senior command is always helpful & just being able to get your thoughts across does alleviate a burden. It’s better to not pent up that frustration which has been demotivating you, so get involved and reach out to someone by filling out this application form here! – it costs absolutely nothing to do so and there’s no harm in speaking to someone as you’ll probably end up making a friend in the process.

Marine Corps…Best Corps

By Dan.K

Cover by UHaileyroseU

Why did you choose to join the Marines? If you were forced to join the Marines because you were appointed to a position, what differences are there between the Marines and your former branch and are you happy with the change?


I chose to join the Marines because that happened to be the first branch I joined but my family on my fathers side have a long history of Marines service so there is that attachment as well. I was actually really reluctant to ever apply outside of the Marines but early in my Officer career I took a position outside of the branch. Though my new branch had its many merits, I found I missed in the Marines the community and sense of unlimited pride. I think the Marines are super unique in that sense and I am so pleased to have found my way back at this stage in my career.


The reason I chose the Marines is because my friend recommended it to me, also when I first joined USDF back in 2015 my second choice was the Marines. And the difference between Navy and the Marines is that the Navy is kind and affectionate, but the Marines are welcoming and they are crazy! I wasn’t expecting it when I first joined but the longer am with them, the longer I realized I was meant to be in the Marines. They treat each individuals like family (crazy cousins or siblings to be more precise) and they take care of their family, I don’t have any regrets on joining the Marine Corps. OOH-RAH!


I initially joined Marines when I first enlisted because that was the branch that all of my friends were at. I knew if I joined a branch with some familiarity I would be more comfortable and confident in interacting. I have not experienced any other branch because obviously Marines is the best and I would only leave if I was forced!

The CMC decides you need to leave the branch because you called them a stupid bobba, which other branch would you most likely join and why? 


I have personally (empty) threatened to leave the Marines ever since the CMC jumped on my OCS stage a couple months ago during the commissioning ceremony. When I make these empty threats, the Army branch has been the most vocal about having me back. I really enjoyed the Army while I was there so if I couldn’t be in the Marines, I would go there. Admiral Underterminated and General WalkingBootz, you both have my sincerest apologies.


Well if the CMC said that to me, I would probably re-join Navy. The reason why is because it’s where I come from there’s a saying, “No matter where you are and how far you are, you always come back home.”


If I was kicked out of Marines, my next choice would be Air Force. For similar reasons as why I joined Marines, I have a lot of friends in Air Force so it would be a seamless transition. On top of this, Air Force has one of the best uniforms in my opinion and I want to look my best while serving in the United States Defense Force!

Looking Back

By Argosax

Cover by eunbi

Let’s reflect on the month of April so far as it has been full of exciting new command appointments & changes! There’s been a lot happening throughout this month of the USDF and I’m surprised we’ve not all gone mad trying to keep up. I’m just playing around because two hours of sentry is enough to drive me mad, but it’s great to see the opportunities which are being presented to personnel and the large magnitude of some initiatives as they require a lot of planning and implementation. This goes to show the great minds, efforts and dedication within the team to smoothen the personnel experience. I suppose you’re tired of me buttering things up, so we shall get on with it! 

The CJCS Cup:

We kickstarted the month with our CJCS Cup which sees personnel across all branches compete against each other in team based events to develop their teamwork & leadership. The Air Force at the moment are leading this cup with 27 points, Army close second with 23 points, Navy in third place with 13 points with Marines sitting in last place with 5 points. It hurts to even write this knowing my branch is last place but I’ll just do the Conor McGregor billionaire strut and act like it’s all okay!

Let’s see what our hardworking CJCS Cup Task Force has to say about their experience. These individuals have been dedicated to ensure this is a success and deserve all the credit!

CWO3 SoldierX16

It‘s going very well until now and I‘m sure that it will achieve more milestones in the history of the USDF. The branch morale in the last few weeks is very visible and this is also the goal of the CJCS Cup, also we aren‘t done with it and there are still many competitions in progress. I just noticed how they celebrated their success or just their fun together and their spirit as a branch. Many of them were just happy to fight for their branch, this was just lovely to see and I‘m excited for the incoming competitions/games!

CSM Toxic_silver2x

Yeah, it’s going great so far! I think a lot of people are having fun. Even though it is a competition, the events are team work based so really putting an emphasis on communication and camaraderie!

The 34th Ceremonial Parade:

We also had the exciting 34th Ceremonial Parade which was hosted on the 2nd of April 2022 – it saw many promotions & medals being handed out to personnel within the United States Defense Force. It has lifted the spirits of many knowing that their work is being acknowledged. Anyhow, I’m not going to bore you all with the details as the handsome SCPO T4CQ has already discussed this in better detail than I possibly could. You can view the achievements of your fellow personnel here.

New Headquarters Design:
The United States Defense Force has recently implemented a new Headquarter design which has seen the addition of new duties such as HQ Operator with removal of the Duty Desk Operator & Sentry Assist positions. The design is effective as the base isn’t too large nor too small which allows everyone to closely communicate with one another. The design is also consistent and use of colors is very similar to the old design. Let’s see how the personnel have reacted to the new headquarter design & changes made to the duties!

“The new design is fresh and kind of easy to overlook from the entrance point of view. Might make it easier for new people who come in to find their way to the front row. Also the WD is close to the entrance, which makes their chat bubbles the first anyone will see when entering.

MGySgt Camastrr 

I think the addition of the HQO is fun for the E7+ members, they now have a somewhat mobile DDO duty where they can manage HQ but still be very close to the front row for interactions etc. Whereas the DDO would barely do anything other than the occasional teleport dropdown or whistle and stuff, this is actively supporting interacting with other members.

SGM Randompixeldude

The new headquarters is quite a nice design, but causes considerable lag for quite a lot of people. As for the switch up in HQ positions I’m undecided, I absolutely think SA should still be a thing as it’s a second line of security in case the sentry lets in someone who isn’t permitted to enter. The HQO on the other hand is quite a good idea as it makes the role much more interactive as opposed to sitting in one place for a shift.

Alliance with Imperial Mafia:
I guess it’s also time for us to learn some Dutch! On the 14th of April 2022, the Office of International Security Affairs (OISA) went and formed an alliance with the Imperial Mafia (IM) on the .nl server. They have been working alongside the United States Defense Force for over a year through being a signatory s of the CIW-T. This goes to show they’ve got the right mentality of protecting others on the agency floor. Get your Google translate out and pay them a visit when you’ve got some spare time as I’m sure they’ll welcome you with open arms. The full alliance treaty can be viewed here

7 Years USDF Service:

The title alone sounds mental! A lot of people here would still be getting their packed lunches ready for school and being none the wiser about the USDF, but not this individual. General WalkingBootz has served a blinding 7 years service within the establishment. This is a huge accomplishment in itself and shows the great dedication, persistence, motivation and hard work required to stand the test out of time to remain an imperative figure within the United States Defense Force. A massive shoutout goes to General WalkingBootz and I hope she continues to have much more success in the future! 

Command Appointments:

Throughout the month of April – these are a few of the command appointments across different offices: 

  • MAJ Maxite appointed JA – 5th of April 2022. 
  • 1stLt FeastBeast appointed PMG – 6th of April 2022.
  • LTJG Big_Grandad – appointed to DNAVIG – 6th of April 2022.
  • BG Jaxwindle appointed to DMP – 8th of April 2022. 
  • PiersonP appointed to SEAC – 10th of April 2022.
  • Zurke appointed to SgtMajMC – 11th of April 2022. 
  • Maj Assiduus appointed to CO AFPC – 11th of April 2022. 
  • CPT WNI appointed to DASD SP&C – 15th of April 2022. 

Changes within the Office of the SEAC:
This leads us onto the changes made within the Office of the SEAC. The role of Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman (SEAC) and Branch Head Non Commissioned Officer (BHNCO) will solely be focused on the development of the Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) within their specific department. The SEAC will work with respective BHNCO’s to facilitate the development of NCOs. The VJCS will be the new point of contact for all Warrant Officer professional development and the role of SWOA’s have now been removed. The term for an SEAC will be for the duration of 3 months, and a BHNCOs term will be for 2.5 months accordingly. This is a great leadership opportunity for anyone who gets given the chance to take on such a prestigious role, and this is time which should be used wisely to smoothen out any rough edges before progressing further within the establishment.

Interviews with OSEAC:

We’ve had the pleasure of speaking to PiersonP, SEAC. & Zurke, SgtMajMC on their recent appointments. We find out how they’re transitioning into the role, and get them thinking on how they want to be remembered. 

SEAC PiersonP
It’s had its ups and downs, for sure. I won’t say it hasn’t been difficult trying to integrate myself into OSEAC. I was friends with many of the BHNCOs before my appointment, so trying to distance myself and define a professional relationship has made the transition harder than I imagined. However, I know that I’m supported by all of OSEAC, as well as the CJCS and the CJCS EA.

I want to be remembered as a SEAC who actually did something. I want to leave a lasting impact and I really would like to leave a traceable footprint through the work I plan to do. As you know, several of our recent SEACs have had unsuccessful terms, and I’d really like to break that streak and set a good example for future holders of this position.

SgtMajMC Zurke

The transition thus far has been really fluid. My branch command team has done an exceptional job in welcoming me to the team with open arms and assisting me with explaining what my day-to-day tasks are, and helping me better manage my time with the increased workload.

Really and truly, I want my time as SgtMajMC to be remembered as a very productive tenure that inspires and paves the way for the entire NCO corps to improve on being future potential leaders. Finding and implementing ways to improve our branch and leaving that legacy for someone else to continue after my time is up is something that I consider to be extremely vital.


In conclusion, there’s been a multitude of exciting events, promotions and changes within the military throughout the course of this month. It just goes to show that there’s a strong sense of community, and eagerness to see everyone do well. The senior command are forever restless trying to make changes for the betterment of their personnel, and it’s the personnel themselves who keep the operation ticking on a daily basis. The positive feedback from personnel themselves is testament to great work which is being done on a regular basis to be innovative, and the responses from leadership within the NCO realm show that they’ve got multiple ideas flurrying within their minds to ensure a smooth journey for all the personnel involved within the United States Defense Force.

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