USDF Bi-monthly Newsletter – May 7th, 2016

Do you like interviews?

Apparently we do too.

“Marines for Life!”

An interview with the SgtMajMC

by OpinionatedOwl

OpinionatedOwl: Today, We have an interview with the current SgtMajMC, Faye-x! Care to introduce yourself?

Faye-x: Hello readers! My name is Faye and I have been at USDF for four months now. My time here has been nothing short of amazing, and I have all the wonderful people at USDF to thank for that. I came into the SgtMajMC role after my term as HNCO for OJFD – a role I enjoyed immensely. I don’t know what people want to know about me, so I’ll just give you three random facts about myself:
1) The last concert I went to was Bruce Springsteen with my sister
2) My favourite colour is orange
3) Textbooks are the only books I read now

OpinionatedOwl: So, you mentioned that you are the SgtMajMC, a BHNCO. What does that entail?

Faye-x: Well BHNCO stands for Branch Head Non-Commissioned Officer. Each branch has a BHNCO and I am the BHNCO for the Marines – Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (SgtMajMC). Essentially, it means that I am responsible for the well-being and progression of Marine NCOs with their careers here at USDF.

OpinionatedOwl: What kind of work do you do as SgtMajMC?

Faye-x: Anything I can to help the Marines branch and Marine NCOs progress with their careers and thrive here at USDF. This often includes career counselling and helping them find a rating that best suits them, ensuring they request {L}, {X}, and {W} when they are eligible to do so, hosting meetings and events for the Marines, and nominating a JNCO and SNCO for NCO of the Week. Most importantly, I aim to maintain an active presence in HQ and am someone Marine NCOs should feel free to talk to with any concerns or questions they may have.

OpinionatedOwl: Who do you work closest with?

Good question. I work closely with the other BHNCOs, the SEAC, and CMC Tony-Boi. However, I work closest with the Marine NCOs, especially the JNCOs. JNCOs have a number of requirements to meet in order to rank up and all the information can be a tad overwhelming. It’s my job to help them understand what they need to do and guide them through it all.

OpinionatedOwl: Anything else you’d like to add?

Faye-x: OORAH! Marines for life!