Command Master Chief Petty Officer calio3345


Command Master Chief Petty Officer


[US Navy] CMDCM/PS {MX#1} +


Office of Manpower and Personnel (OMP)

Uniform Medal

Navy Commendation Medal (NCM)

Join Date

6th September 2017

Service Time

289 days (41 weeks) (0.79 years) Met RST

Work Tracker

58.2 points(Sept 2022)
Completed L
Completed W


Further Education and Trainings

AAdvancement ExpectationsLisekai20th January 2020
BExpert TrainerItsAnne.20th August 2022
BACBasic Airborne Course-Archeryz-3rd November 2020
DDiplomacy SkillsDesertDessert20th January 2020
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyDesertDessert20th January 2020
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenDeletedHabbo20th January 2020
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program BrownInfermative20th January 2020
ECombat Medic ProgramInfernova20th January 2020
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingSaulTheBoy20th January 2020
GBeing A Good Communicatorlordnesterd20th January 2020
HBasic Drill Trainingstarjames4120th January 2020
JOnline SecurityQuiroga20th January 2020
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersDesertDessert20th January 2020
LSNCO Leadership CoursePapegaaiduiker23rd August 2022
MHQ Duty OfficerFolee7a26th August 2022
MDMilitary DivingAresK25th March 2020
NRaid DefenseExdr20th January 2020
PPatrollinglordnesterd20th January 2020
PTPhysical TrainingOdiron20th January 2020
QWarfare TrainingExdr20th January 2020
RRecruitment SupervisorQuiroga20th January 2020
SHQ SentryFolee7a19th August 2022
SSSurvival Skillswindowsdonkeys20th January 2020
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelLoveLouisse20th January 2020
UIntroduction to Offices.AlSah-Him.20th January 2020
WWO Leadership CourseNeon.Viper24th September 2022
XBackground Check Completed,9722nd August 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingMusicalEmma20th January 2020
FEATMember TrainedDate
AAdvancement Expectationsantirving0710th December 2019
AAdvancement ExpectationsSentoSama13th March 2018
AAdvancement Expectationsmeggymoox13th March 2018
AAdvancement ExpectationsBradd522nd January 2020
AAdvancement ExpectationsWickeddreams9812th November 2019
AAdvancement Expectationsshakeeb0510th December 2019
AAdvancement ExpectationsKat=-18th January 2020
AAdvancement Expectationselephantbanana24th January 2020
AAdvancement Expectationscutiepie123663418th February 2020
AAdvancement ExpectationsChapppie31st March 2020
AAdvancement Expectationshypergunes26th November 2020
BExpert TrainerWatchMySix20th November 2017
BExpert TrainerXb:joe:dx14th November 2019
BExpert Trainerabovecoder19th February 2020
DDiplomacy Skillsmeggymoox13th March 2018
DDiplomacy SkillsConcruent14th March 2020
DDiplomacy Skillsyanarawka4th February 2020
DDiplomacy SkillsAlecaan254th February 2020
DDiplomacy Skillsgangnamgir2014th March 2020
ECombat Medic ProgramHgreaten24th February 2018
ECombat Medic ProgramDeviloic21st February 2018
ECombat Medic ProgramTheHarveh13th December 2019
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingpiano2315th February 2018
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingggiisshh21st February 2018
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingmwi22nd February 2018
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingchickenny_2nd March 2018
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingXzpt!2nd March 2018
FBasic Marksmanship Training@Neal1st December 2019
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingMaybejasmine118th December 2019
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingEengoedvriend17th January 2020
GBeing A Good CommunicatorSedorez19th November 2017
GBeing A Good CommunicatorNoelleK19th November 2017
GBeing A Good CommunicatorXb:joe:dx13th November 2019
GBeing A Good CommunicatorZachUk18th November 2019
GBeing A Good Communicatorxertified18th November 2019
GBeing A Good Communicatorganstar123430th January 2020
GBeing A Good Communicatorazzrie9430th March 2020
GBeing A Good CommunicatorMackenzieMang27th November 2020
JOnline SecurityYing-Lie3rd December 2019
JOnline Securityemmxlxmx28th February 2018
JOnline Securityosantinoo0918th March 2018
JOnline SecurityOecophylla13th November 2019
JOnline Securitylinda864120th November 2019
JOnline SecurityKat=-18th January 2020
JOnline Securityelephantbanana24th January 2020
JOnline Securityganstar123430th January 2020
JOnline Securityruby27033rd February 2020
JOnline Securitybinaryy7th February 2020
JOnline Securitycutiepie123663418th February 2020
JOnline SecurityChapppie31st March 2020
JOnline Security=Luc=20th November 2020
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Ordersantirving0710th December 2019
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Ordersbrent18th November 2019
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Orders.Dann!18th November 2019
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Orderskpdesu24th November 2019
MHQ Duty OfficerHotCupOfNoodles18th January 2020
MHQ Duty Officerudventure25th March 2018
MHQ Duty OfficerDinocart25th March 2018
MHQ Duty OfficerTraidKelly29th January 2020
MHQ Duty OfficerArmageddon29th January 2020
MHQ Duty OfficerTokioman31st March 2020
NRaid DefenseMohammedIsLove25th November 2017
NRaid DefenseMiSsIoNfailure17th December 2017
NRaid Defenseabbasaurus0430th November 2017
NRaid DefenseSpangled25th November 2017
NRaid Defensekidsmoothie30th November 2017
NRaid DefenseKenetic25th November 2017
NRaid DefenseAramastus19th November 2019
NRaid DefenseAnitadajena1212th December 2019
PPatrollingYvonneanita24th January 2020
PPatrollinggayshaa12326th November 2017
PPatrollingSoIaris9th February 2018
PPatrollingBradd522nd January 2020
PPatrolling.?=mariah=?.4th December 2019
PPatrollingMikemapot31st January 2020
PPatrollingApolloGemini223rd January 2020
PPatrollingWickeddreams9812th November 2019
PPatrollingpowertag12th November 2019
PPatrollingmiababes11512th November 2019
PPatrollingRykenforce13th November 2019
PPatrollingZachUk18th November 2019
PPatrollingxertified18th November 2019
PPatrollingPlatov19th November 2019
PPatrollingcsenge1921st November 2019
PPatrolling4DMotherland_29th November 2019
PPatrollingKreedie29th November 2019
PPatrollingVermilionBird29th November 2019
PPatrollingMikael459004th December 2019
PPatrollingHenolarsen6th December 2019
PPatrollingMr_OG_Madara-_-18th January 2020
PPatrollingelephantbanana24th January 2020
PPatrollingganstar123430th January 2020
PPatrollingChalkBullet10th February 2020
PPatrollingCorneira10th February 2020
PPatrollingrawiipolski9th February 2020
PPatrollingopreaddd16th February 2020
PPatrollingVakron-16th February 2020
PPatrollingAgency_27th February 2020
PPatrollingSolelyb4dass6th March 2020
PPatrollingNachtmerrie11th April 2020
QWarfare Trainingmissglam201324th November 2019
QWarfare TrainingWaltone3rd December 2017
QWarfare TrainingDISABLED3rd December 2017
QWarfare Training.p=Shawn=q.16th March 2018
QWarfare Trainingeo1316th March 2018
QWarfare Training-Stigma24th November 2019
QWarfare TrainingAramastus19th November 2019
QWarfare Trainingn.isabel17th December 2019
QWarfare Trainingspiritcool11th February 2020
RRecruitment SupervisorYing-Lie3rd December 2019
RRecruitment Supervisor188josh88112th January 2018
RRecruitment SupervisorAfterglow,26th November 2017
RRecruitment SupervisorCherrygirl246717th December 2017
RRecruitment Supervisoralicialeslie17th December 2017
RRecruitment SupervisorOecophylla13th November 2019
RRecruitment Supervisorashman2621st December 2019
RRecruitment Supervisorlordhyneman30th January 2020
RRecruitment Supervisordeven_9th February 2020
RRecruitment SupervisorNoraCerys15th March 2020
RRecruitment SupervisorChapppie31st March 2020
SHQ Sentryloozone16th February 2018
SHQ SentryAvatar10027th May 2020
SHQ SentryNobleSystem2nd March 2020
SHQ SentryPolanco7714th April 2020
SHQ Sentryxp-jimmy-qx11th April 2020
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelJoseasapr13th November 2019
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelXb:joe:dx13th November 2019
TKnowledge of Transferring Personnelxkeithx4613th November 2019
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelRykenforce13th November 2019
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelSolomin17th November 2019
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelZachUk17th November 2019
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelRin-Tadashi24th November 2019
TKnowledge of Transferring Personnel-Soapp22nd November 2020
TKnowledge of Transferring Personnelq-Thunder-q24th August 2022
TKnowledge of Transferring Personneltextmessage.24th August 2022
UIntroduction to OfficesManUnitedBoy12318th February 2018
UIntroduction to Officesnenemanee18th February 2018
UIntroduction to OfficesJackFrostey27th February 2018
UIntroduction to OfficesBradd522nd January 2020
UIntroduction to OfficesWickeddreams9812th November 2019
UIntroduction to Officesmhycksxz1211th November 2019
UIntroduction to OfficesAnitadajena1230th November 2019
UIntroduction to Officesfakhil19th December 2019
UIntroduction to OfficesKat=-18th January 2020
UIntroduction to Officesmattshin27th January 2020
UIntroduction to OfficesRhodos0024th February 2020
UIntroduction to OfficesAgency_27th February 2020
UIntroduction to OfficesSolelyb4dass6th March 2020
YAdvanced Marksmanship Training-Kira-Yamato-6th January 2018
YAdvanced Marksmanship Trainingjoshua90986th January 2018
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingXoen6th January 2018
YAdvanced Marksmanship Trainingchickenny_2nd March 2018
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingXzpt!2nd March 2018
ZWO Professional Military Education (WOPME)kaznonix9th December 2019

Personnel Log

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#TypeFormer RankNew RankOfficerDate
1PromotionChief Petty OfficerCommand Master Chief Petty Officer:Black_PantheR:2nd September 2022
2PromotionPetty Officer First ClassChief Petty OfficerJennej926th August 2022
3PromotionCivilianPetty Officer First ClassMerilon19th August 2022
4Honorable DischargeChief Petty OfficerCivilianwindowsdonkeys2nd December 2020
5PromotionPetty Officer First ClassChief Petty OfficerHumanRevolution23rd November 2020
6PromotionPetty Officer Second ClassPetty Officer First ClassMotivoi16th November 2020
7PromotionPetty Officer Third ClassPetty Officer Second ClassNavita10th November 2020
8PromotionSeamanPetty Officer Third ClassNavita2nd November 2020
9PromotionSeaman ApprenticeSeamanAva_2nd November 2020
10PromotionSeaman RecruitSeaman ApprenticeIWasLike,WHAT?!2nd November 2020
11PromotionCivilianSeaman Recruit-Artisan2nd November 2020
12Honorable DischargeChief Warrant Officer 5CivilianExdr23rd August 2020
13DemotionMidshipman Second ClassChief Warrant Officer 5Kanoi23rd April 2020
14PromotionMidshipman Third ClassMidshipman Second ClassKanoi17th April 2020
15PromotionMidshipman Fourth ClassMidshipman Third ClassKanoi13th April 2020
16PromotionChief Warrant Officer 5Midshipman Fourth Classprincess818186th April 2020
17PromotionChief Warrant Officer 4Chief Warrant Officer 5windowsdonkeys29th March 2020
18PromotionChief Warrant Officer 3Chief Warrant Officer 4IzzyBell1820th February 2020
19PromotionChief Warrant Officer 2Chief Warrant Officer 3Controllable.11th January 2020
20PromotionMaster Chief Petty OfficerChief Warrant Officer 2IzzyBell1821st December 2019
21PromotionSenior Chief Petty OfficerMaster Chief Petty OfficeriDfind15th December 2019
22PromotionChief Petty OfficerSenior Chief Petty OfficerZemriil1st December 2019
23PromotionPetty Officer First ClassChief Petty OfficerYulkan20th November 2019
24PromotionPetty Officer Second ClassPetty Officer First ClassYulkan17th November 2019
25PromotionPetty Officer Third ClassPetty Officer Second ClassNavita9th November 2019
26PromotionSeamanPetty Officer Third ClassAspect:4th November 2019
27PromotionSeaman ApprenticeSeamanExdr3rd November 2019
28PromotionSeaman RecruitSeaman ApprenticeExdr3rd November 2019
29PromotionCivilianSeaman RecruitM.A.M.2nd November 2019
30AWOLPetty Officer Third ClassCiviliancoolchick131321st February 2019
31PromotionSeamanPetty Officer Third Classautomysophobia8th February 2019
32PromotionSeaman ApprenticeSeamanautomysophobia8th February 2019
33PromotionSeaman RecruitSeaman Apprenticecoolchick13138th February 2019
34PromotionCivilianSeaman RecruitAssiduus7th February 2019
35AWOLMaster Chief Petty OfficerCivilianidolayainerz22nd June 2018
36PromotionCivilianMaster Chief Petty OfficerxStarlight1128th May 2018
37Honorable DischargeChief Warrant Officer 2Civilianzack43626th April 2018
38PromotionMaster Chief Petty OfficerChief Warrant Officer 2Mike.Williams24th March 2018
39PromotionChief Petty OfficerMaster Chief Petty OfficerxStarlight1127th January 2018
40PromotionCivilianChief Petty Officer.Systematically27th January 2018
41Honorable DischargeCivilianCivilian.Systematically27th January 2018
42Honorable DischargeCivilianCivilian.Systematically27th January 2018
43Honorable DischargeSenior Chief Petty OfficerCivilian.Systematically27th January 2018
44PromotionChief Petty OfficerSenior Chief Petty OfficerMike.Williams11th December 2017
45PromotionPetty Officer First ClassChief Petty Officerdudeoftherouge29th November 2017
46PromotionPetty Officer Second ClassPetty Officer First ClassAsuno25th November 2017
47PromotionPetty Officer Third ClassPetty Officer Second ClassSpoliation21st November 2017
48PromotionSeamanPetty Officer Third Class-I-Bella12th November 2017
49PromotionSeaman ApprenticeSeamanSpoliation9th November 2017
50PromotionSeaman RecruitSeaman ApprenticeIAmBesi9th November 2017
51PromotionCivilianSeaman RecruitCamastrr9th November 2017
52AWOLSeamanCivilianIAmBesi18th September 2017
53PromotionSeaman ApprenticeSeamantank41057th September 2017
54PromotionSeaman RecruitSeaman Apprenticetank41057th September 2017
55PromotionCivilianSeaman Recruit:Black_PantheR:6th September 2017

Administration Log

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#TypeSoldierFormer RankNew RankDate
1PromotionLALISALACivilianAirman Basic3rd November 2020
2Promotionharrykirby99AirmanAirman First Class8th April 2020
3Promotionharrykirby99Airman BasicAirman8th April 2020
4PromotionGoltaireAirman BasicAirman5th April 2020
5PromotionNatalieBondAirmanAirman First Class5th April 2020
6Promotion1alexxpradaa6Seaman RecruitSeaman Apprentice31st March 2020
7PromotionPerkeysPrivate First ClassSpecialist25th February 2020
8PromotionbewiguCivilianAirman Basic19th November 2019
9PromotionDuckCashCivilianPrivate19th November 2019
10PromotionKayteiaCivilianPrivate19th November 2019
11PromotionStitch0610CivilianPrivate8th November 2019
12PromotionagnamesamCivilianAirman Basic30th May 2018
13PromotionAwkward.SilenceCivilianSeaman Recruit21st February 2018
14PromotionDistinguished_CivilianPrivate19th February 2018
15PromotionZemriilCivilianPrivate19th February 2018
16Promotionjohnadrian24CivilianPrivate19th February 2018
17PromotionSpyskiCivilianSeaman Recruit5th January 2018
18Promotionroger5164CivilianSeaman Recruit12th December 2017

Work Tracker Administration Log

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