Chief Warrant Officer 3 Frequenci


Chief Warrant Officer 3


[US Marines] CWO3 {MX#1} + £ (//)

Uniform Medal

Commendation Medal (CM)

Join Date

8th May 2018

Service Time

287 days (41 weeks) (0.79 years) Met RST

Work Tracker

0 points(Sept 2022)
Completed L
Completed W


Further Education and Trainings

AAdvancement ExpectationsStephanieT1210th May 2018
BExpert TrainerGeneralRoger310th January 2022
BACBasic Airborne CourseIzzieKittie6th July 2020
DDiplomacy Skillsjovy22712th May 2018
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyOnThisMoment..22nd May 2018
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenPapegaaiduiker22nd June 2020
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program Brownnick1x6th July 2020
ECombat Medic ProgramMysticxoxo17th June 2020
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingmwi10th May 2018
GBeing A Good Communicatormwi11th May 2018
HBasic Drill TrainingNZMotivation11th May 2018
JOnline Securitytavon70010th May 2018
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersDarthVenamis12th May 2018
LSNCO Leadership CourseScience9912th January 2022
MHQ Duty Officer-:I10th January 2022
MDMilitary DivingShadowHorizon12th March 2022
NRaid DefenseZOMBIE6111th May 2018
PPatrollingConcruent11th May 2018
PTPhysical TrainingMerilon25th June 2020
QWarfare Trainingcameronwham2414th May 2018
RRecruitment SupervisorChickenFajita,8th May 2018
SHQ SentryLangeBobbie.16th January 2022
SSSurvival SkillsIzzieKittie6th July 2020
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelIWasLike,WHAT?!16th May 2018
UIntroduction to OfficesDrink-Water10th May 2018
WWO Leadership CourseBuNeOlum3rd February 2022
XBackground Check CompletedZemriil10th January 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingMysticxoxo15th June 2020
£Marksmanship and Medical Instructor-PEACHTEA,12th January 2022
FEATMember TrainedDate
AAdvancement Expectationsskrttz25th January 2022
BExpert TrainerMsYuuki15th January 2022
BExpert Trainerjackjills_2118th January 2022
BExpert TrainerCiaran_UK16th January 2022
BExpert Trainerbrucehookey9529th January 2022
DDiplomacy SkillsGreenArcher3rd July 2020
DDiplomacy SkillsZendaly23rd January 2022
DDiplomacy SkillsTelealeffium28th January 2022
ECombat Medic ProgramAtypWalnut14th January 2022
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingtophabbo1215th January 2022
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingTestingOne18th January 2022
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingCiaran_UK15th January 2022
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingReplay-20th January 2022
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingJeekzA24th January 2022
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingXx.Eren.xX29th January 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorGreenArcher3rd July 2020
GBeing A Good CommunicatorAramanth15th January 2022
GBeing A Good Communicatorgeorgia_00x17th January 2022
GBeing A Good Communicatorhasroy199621st January 2022
JOnline SecurityAramanth15th January 2022
JOnline Securityhungerluc3rd February 2022
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersKafkaesque17th January 2022
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersAramanth8th February 2022
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersZendaly23rd January 2022
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Orderslilwanye30524th January 2022
MHQ Duty OfficerCLORKE27th January 2022
NRaid Defensecharlene145324th January 2022
NRaid DefenseTelealeffium29th January 2022
PPatrollingtophabbo1217th January 2022
PPatrollingInfidell19th January 2022
QWarfare TrainingUS-ArmyLeader15th January 2022
QWarfare TrainingSomeScouser_27th January 2022
QWarfare TrainingTelealeffium29th January 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorPharch12th January 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorHarry_vD12th January 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorAramanth15th January 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorCiaran_UK15th January 2022
SHQ SentryForense26th January 2022
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelReplay-20th January 2022
TKnowledge of Transferring Personnel:Dylan23rd January 2022
UIntroduction to Offices@Kanye23rd January 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingCiaran_UK16th January 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingReplay-20th January 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingJeekzA24th January 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingSomeScouser_29th January 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingXx.Eren.xX29th January 2022

Personnel Log

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#TypeFormer RankNew RankOfficerDate
1PromotionChief Warrant Officer 2Chief Warrant Officer 3Aneha2nd April 2022
2PromotionSergeant MajorChief Warrant Officer 21998Hailey19981st March 2022
3PromotionMaster SergeantSergeant Major1998Hailey199831st January 2022
4PromotionGunnery SergeantMaster SergeantPearIyn20th January 2022
5PromotionCivilianGunnery Sergeantsugarnoah5th January 2022
6Honorable DischargeFirst SergeantCivilianKarturoW20th August 2020
7PromotionGunnery SergeantFirst Sergeant:Black_PantheR:19th July 2020
8PromotionStaff SergeantGunnery Sergeant.Login6th July 2020
9PromotionSergeantStaff Sergeantcoolchick131323rd June 2020
10PromotionCorporalSergeant.L.e.a.d.e.r.17th June 2020
11PromotionLance CorporalCorporalOrelsan.1st June 2020
12PromotionPrivate First ClassLance CorporalAngelDann1st June 2020
13PromotionPrivatePrivate First ClassIWasLike,WHAT?!31st May 2020
14PromotionCivilianPrivateIWasLike,WHAT?!31st May 2020
15AWOLStaff SergeantCivilianAx7Lord16th July 2018
16PromotionSergeantStaff SergeantInfernova9th June 2018
17PromotionCorporalSergeantIWasLike,WHAT?!19th May 2018
18PromotionLance CorporalCorporalNZMotivation11th May 2018
19PromotionPrivate First ClassLance CorporalInfernova8th May 2018
20PromotionPrivatePrivate First ClassInfernova8th May 2018
21PromotionCivilianPrivatemcjamie5558th May 2018

Administration Log

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#TypeSoldierFormer RankNew RankDate
1PromotionhungerlucPrivate First ClassSpecialist3rd February 2022
2Promotion5:50CivilianAirman Basic26th January 2022
3PromotionsamppalinnaCivilianAirman Basic24th January 2022
4Promotionmr.swaggsterCivilianSeaman Recruit17th July 2020

Work Tracker Administration Log

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