Chief Warrant Officer 4 Lawlite


Chief Warrant Officer 4


[US Navy] CWO4/PO {X4} + § (/)


Office of Manpower and Personnel (OMP)

Uniform Medal

Exemplary Service Medal (ESM)

Join Date

8th July 2021

Service Time

114 days (16 weeks) (0.31 years) Meets RST in 5 days

Work Tracker

107.1 points(Sept 2022)
Completed L
Completed W


Further Education and Trainings

AAdvancement Expectationsjordonsmith932nd June 2022
BExpert Traineramandablanco123rd June 2022
BACBasic Airborne CourseTheHarveh26th June 2022
DDiplomacy SkillsOishi.2nd June 2022
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyTheHarveh3rd June 2022
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenLMaoZeDonny6th June 2022
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program Brownjohndarryl1326th June 2022
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program BlackSoldierX168th July 2022
ECombat Medic Programaderz6th June 2022
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingmcjamie555BAN3rd June 2022
GBeing A Good Communicatorsamselinisan2nd June 2022
HBasic Drill TrainingCharlfred3rd June 2022
IDrill InstructorUHaileyroseU22nd August 2022
JOnline SecurityLuce9272nd June 2022
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersOishi.2nd June 2022
LSNCO Leadership CourseBeckooo10th June 2022
MHQ Duty Officerbbygpredy11225th June 2022
MDMilitary Divingo:-Connor9th August 2022
NRaid Defenselilmama90072nd June 2022
PPatrollingTheHarveh2nd June 2022
PTPhysical Trainingcandykitten22.3rd June 2022
QWarfare TrainingOishi.2nd June 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorLuce9272nd June 2022
SHQ SentryTheChickenAter3rd June 2022
SSSurvival SkillsTheHarveh26th June 2022
TKnowledge of Transferring Personnellilmama90072nd June 2022
UIntroduction to Officessamselinisan2nd June 2022
WWO Leadership CourseBeckooo7th July 2022
XBackground Check CompletedChanelPuccia10th June 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingTheHarveh3rd June 2022
ZWO Professional Military Education (WOPME)ViperGod17th September 2022
£Marksmanship and Medical InstructorSorraia7th July 2022
§Global PTP Instructorhakateach20th September 2022
FEATMember TrainedDate
DDiplomacy SkillsRmck10th August 2021
GBeing A Good Communicatorsawamura20th June 2022
HBasic Drill TrainingMicroservice22nd August 2022
PPatrollingidk.man14th July 2021
PPatrollingRickAndMorty-29th July 2021
RRecruitment SupervisorMin_Yoongi_Suga24th March 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorIStuzyI27th March 2022
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelRickAndMorty-29th July 2021
UIntroduction to Officesstinky1233rd July 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingNefariousZ3rd September 2022

Personnel Log

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#TypeFormer RankNew RankOfficerDate
1PromotionChief Warrant Officer 3Chief Warrant Officer 4coolchick131318th September 2022
2PromotionChief Warrant Officer 2Chief Warrant Officer 3UHaileyroseU22nd August 2022
3PromotionCommand Master Chief Petty OfficerChief Warrant Officer 2Maxite9th August 2022
4PromotionCommand Master Chief Petty OfficerMaxite7th July 2022
5PromotionChief Petty Officercoolchick13132nd July 2022
6PromotionPetty Officer First ClassChief Petty OfficerFeastBeast25th June 2022
7PromotionPetty Officer Second ClassPetty Officer First ClassValorana19th June 2022
8PromotionPetty Officer Third ClassPetty Officer Second ClassSoldierX166th June 2022
9PromotionSeamanPetty Officer Third ClassMerilon2nd June 2022
10PromotionSeaman ApprenticeSeamanLuce9272nd June 2022
11PromotionSeaman RecruitSeaman ApprenticeTheHarveh2nd June 2022
12PromotionCivilianSeaman RecruitIWasLike,WHAT?!2nd June 2022
13DischargeCivilianCivilianHumanRevolution2nd June 2022
14Dishonorable DischargeCivilianautomysophobia1st April 2022
15PromotionCivilianjovy22710th March 2022
16Honorable DischargeMaster Chief Petty OfficerCiviliangoofyrxthes24th August 2021
17PromotionSenior Chief Petty OfficerMaster Chief Petty OfficerSuperMarioZ1719th August 2021
18PromotionChief Petty OfficerSenior Chief Petty Officercoolchick131312th August 2021
19PromotionPetty Officer First ClassChief Petty OfficerBasicallyIDoWrk29th July 2021
20PromotionPetty Officer Second ClassPetty Officer First Classidolayainerz22nd July 2021
21PromotionPetty Officer Third ClassPetty Officer Second ClassMotivoi12th July 2021
22PromotionSeamanPetty Officer Third Classnick1x8th July 2021
23PromotionSeaman ApprenticeSeamanTheHarveh8th July 2021
24PromotionSeaman RecruitSeaman ApprenticeDwarrf8th July 2021
25PromotionCivilianSeaman RecruitBordtzy8th July 2021

Administration Log

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#TypeSoldierFormer RankNew RankDate
1PromotionEllie7513CivilianAirman Basic15th September 2022
2PromotionMello90CivilianSeaman Recruit15th September 2022
3PromotionChalkChildCivilianPrivate13th September 2022
4PromotionQuentonCivilianAirman Basic13th September 2022
5Promotionlegacies1CivilianAirman Basic13th September 2022
6PromotionMiloCGCivilianPrivate13th September 2022
7Promotion[email protected]Seaman ApprenticeSeaman13th September 2022
8PromotionSinisterSet420CivilianPrivate8th September 2022
9Promotion@WarriorPrivate First ClassSpecialist8th September 2022
10Promotione13x3CivilianAirman Basic3rd September 2022
11PromotionLucas-InzerilloCivilianPrivate27th August 2022
12PromotionkingIizzyCivilianPrivate16th August 2022
13Promotioncxle_00CivilianPrivate13th August 2022
14PromotionsamoyamaCivilianPrivate11th August 2022
15PromotionTheMainManBenjiCivilianSeaman Recruit2nd July 2022
16PromotionMI454CivilianPrivate29th June 2022
17PromotionstaarlaaCivilianPrivate27th June 2022
18PromotionBart_JoeCivilianPrivate27th June 2022
19PromotionOlliekinsCivilianAirman Basic8th June 2022

Work Tracker Administration Log

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1AwardedQuenton(#8977) Activity Points17th September 2022
2Awardedlinda.biehl2(#8976) Activity Points17th September 2022
3Awardedlinda.biehl2(#8754) Activity Points16th September 2022
4AwardedCAM641(#8753) Activity Points16th September 2022
5Awardedryanetheha09-3(#8752) Activity Points16th September 2022
6Awardedryan4338(#8625) Activity Points15th September 2022
7AwardedClarissaCats(#8624) Activity Points15th September 2022
8AwardedParallelJustin(#8623) Activity Points15th September 2022
9Awarded.PokerFace.(#8431) Activity Points14th September 2022
10AwardedRyuter.(#8428) Activity Points14th September 2022
11Awardedirving524(#8414) Activity Points14th September 2022
12AwardedSinisterSet420(#8402) Activity Points14th September 2022
13AwardedSilentstormx(#8400) Activity Points14th September 2022
14AwardedSapper301(#8388) Activity Points14th September 2022
15Awarded:QwertyCH(#8387) Activity Points14th September 2022
16Awardedryan4338(#8386) Activity Points14th September 2022
17Awarded.Kate.(#8385) Activity Points14th September 2022
18AwardedBigrig11(#8384) Activity Points14th September 2022
19AwardedTenseValor(#8210) Activity Points13th September 2022
20AwardedSapper301(#8203) Activity Points13th September 2022
21AwardedXx.Eren.xX(#8202) Activity Points13th September 2022
22AwardedAngel_016(#8201) Activity Points13th September 2022
23Awardedihatetheway837(#8195) Activity Points13th September 2022
24AwardedCAM641(#8194) Activity Points13th September 2022
25Awardedseokdan(#8166) Activity Points13th September 2022
26AwardedItsAnne.(#8165) Activity Points13th September 2022
27AwardedRiceboii(#8164) Activity Points13th September 2022
28AwardedK1e24(#8163) Activity Points13th September 2022
29AwardedItsAnne.(#8012) Activity Points12th September 2022
30Awardedryanetheha09-3(#8011) Activity Points12th September 2022
31Awardedryan4338(#7992) Activity Points12th September 2022
32AwardedIceBear0(#7991) Activity Points12th September 2022
33AwardedBigrig11(#7990) Activity Points12th September 2022
34AwardedSapper301(#7989) Activity Points12th September 2022
35Awardedihatetheway837(#7988) Activity Points12th September 2022
36AwardedXx.Eren.xX(#7987) Activity Points12th September 2022
37AwardedFiberShadow(#7932) Activity Points12th September 2022
38AwardedKingKruIe(#7883) Activity Points11th September 2022
39AwardedDeSirzz(#7881) Activity Points11th September 2022
40AwardedNefariousZ(#7868) Activity Points11th September 2022
41AwardedK1e24(#7839) Activity Points11th September 2022
42AwardedUnknownymus(#7838) Activity Points11th September 2022
43Awardedbryan6059(#7832) Activity Points11th September 2022
44Awardedolivia78872(#7831) Activity Points11th September 2022
45Awardedirving524(#7830) Activity Points11th September 2022
46AwardedSapper301(#7829) Activity Points11th September 2022
47Awarded1Pandemic(#7828) Activity Points11th September 2022
48AwardedTenseValor(#7676) Activity Points10th September 2022