DASD ISA LadyVoldie


First Lieutenant


[US Air Force] 1st Lt, DASD ISA. {5} + §


Office of International Security Affairs (OISA)

Uniform Medal

Superior Service Medal (SSM)


Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs

Join Date

18th December 2021

Service Time

279 days (40 weeks) (0.76 years)
Completed L
Completed W
Completed OCS
Completed PQS


Further Education and Trainings

AAdvancement Expectations.FlyingWalk.18th December 2021
BExpert Trainer.Immortalized18th December 2021
BACBasic Airborne Courseardnaxela4th January 2022
DDiplomacy SkillsAndyCampo18th December 2021
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyManuel.Vazquez419th December 2021
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenAcedarren23rd December 2021
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program BrownOoShin3rd January 2022
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program BlackTraidKelly24th January 2022
ECombat Medic Programhakateach20th December 2021
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingjovy22719th December 2021
GBeing A Good CommunicatorStealth18th December 2021
HBasic Drill TrainingStealth18th December 2021
IDrill Instructorcandykitten22.19th April 2022
JOnline Security.FlyingWalk.18th December 2021
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Orders.FlyingWalk.18th December 2021
LSNCO Leadership CourseBuNeOlum24th December 2021
MHQ Duty OfficerFire0x__3rd January 2022
MDMilitary Diving39,22nd March 2022
NRaid Defense.Immortalized18th December 2021
OOfficer Leadership Course1998Hailey199828th August 2022
PPatrollingLidye18th December 2021
PTPhysical TrainingDoritota21st December 2021
QWarfare Training.Immortalized18th December 2021
RRecruitment SupervisorAndyCampo18th December 2021
SHQ SentryHeyItsAllenArc18th December 2021
SSSurvival Skillsardnaxela4th January 2022
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelAndyCampo18th December 2021
UIntroduction to OfficesStealth18th December 2021
WWO Leadership CourseBeckooo23rd January 2022
XBackground Check CompletedBasicallyIDoWrk23rd December 2021
YAdvanced Marksmanship Trainingjovy22719th December 2021
ZWO Professional Military Education (WOPME)-:I11th January 2022
£Marksmanship and Medical InstructorValorana5th January 2022
§Global PTP Instructor-PEACHTEA,7th April 2022
FEATMember TrainedDate
BExpert Trainertrippy99914th August 2022
BACBasic Airborne Courseapexpredator00725th April 2022
DDiplomacy SkillsMoodesty29th December 2021
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program Grey-Grogu17th January 2022
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreyForense26th January 2022
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greyskrttz26th January 2022
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenKlvr6th February 2022
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program BrownLaurenMae26th January 2022
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program Brownyourmicrophone26th January 2022
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program BlackPexaaaa18th April 2022
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program BlackTheHarveh13th April 2022
DF4Defense Force Martial Arts Program BlackSsaturday13th April 2022
ECombat Medic ProgramBillyJT10th January 2022
ECombat Medic ProgramAngelEnergy,9th January 2022
ECombat Medic ProgramBooGBoo7th February 2022
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingTijgerachtig16th January 2022
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingKai2116th January 2022
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingSsaturday21st January 2022
FBasic Marksmanship Training:Dylan21st January 2022
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingOrnug6th May 2022
FBasic Marksmanship Trainingfunny.oatmeal6th May 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorSsaturday21st January 2022
GBeing A Good Communicator:Dylan21st January 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorRainyidk15th February 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorGrulw23rd March 2022
GBeing A Good Communicatormenancalled7th May 2022
GBeing A Good Communicatorswiffttyy2023rd April 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorUCalvin23rd April 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorIvy?21st May 2022
GBeing A Good Communicatorsprite0031st May 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorxPlasticForkx31st May 2022
HBasic Drill TrainingLeoski8919th April 2022
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersTheRealAyesha12th February 2022
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersNobleSystem_DEFUNCT29th January 2022
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing Ordersperms3411th February 2022
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersBobster12th February 2022
MHQ Duty OfficerKlvr29th July 2022
MHQ Duty Officertavon7005th June 2022
MHQ Duty OfficerLukeey..23rd January 2022
MDMilitary DivingPexaaaa7th April 2022
PTPhysical TrainingArgosax3rd May 2022
PTPhysical TrainingKrille,3rd May 2022
PTPhysical TrainingBananaPrata12th June 2022
PTPhysical Trainingmud..12th June 2022
PTPhysical Trainingdogdebangsh12th June 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorSecster28th January 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorSatyaS10th February 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorJames4759th February 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorKeavster9th February 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorGooseSmith5th April 2022
RRecruitment Supervisormenancalled20th April 2022
RRecruitment Supervisorzaziofnazareth1st August 2022
RRecruitment Supervisorcleovvv1st August 2022
SHQ Sentrylewis22433rd February 2022
SHQ Sentryskrttz26th January 2022
SSSurvival SkillsPexaaaa7th April 2022
SSSurvival Skillsapexpredator00725th April 2022
UIntroduction to OfficesSsaturday21st January 2022
UIntroduction to OfficesRainyidk15th February 2022
UIntroduction to OfficesIvyScoops2nd April 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship Traininghenry2.o9th January 2022
ZWO Professional Military Education (WOPME)Asuno2nd April 2022

Personnel Log

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#TypeFormer RankNew RankOfficerDate
1PromotionSecond LieutenantFirst Lieutenantsugarnoah27th September 2022
2PromotionOfficer Cadet First ClassSecond Lieutenant1998Hailey199828th August 2022
3PromotionOfficer Cadet Second ClassOfficer Cadet First Class1998Hailey199822nd August 2022
4PromotionOfficer Cadet Third ClassOfficer Cadet Second Class1998Hailey199817th August 2022
5PromotionOfficer Cadet Fourth ClassOfficer Cadet Third ClassCharlfred14th August 2022
6PromotionChief Warrant Officer 5Officer Cadet Fourth ClassCharlfred8th August 2022
7PromotionChief Warrant Officer 4Chief Warrant Officer 5Charlfred18th April 2022
8PromotionChief Warrant Officer 3Chief Warrant Officer 4Xdh5th April 2022
9PromotionCommand Chief Master SergeantChief Warrant Officer 3WalkingBootz22nd March 2022
10PromotionSenior Master SergeantCommand Chief Master SergeantFotoshop22nd January 2022
11PromotionSenior Master SergeantDeRoyTheHero17th January 2022
12PromotionMaster SergeantNavita11th January 2022
13PromotionTechnical SergeantMaster Sergeantsugarnoah3rd January 2022
14PromotionJunior NCO SelecteeTechnical SergeantTraidKelly27th December 2021
15PromotionCivilianJunior NCO Selecteegoofyrxthes18th December 2021

Administration Log

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#TypeSoldierFormer RankNew RankDate
1Promotion:LF:PrivatePrivate First Class24th September 2022
2Dishonorable DischargeitchybutAirman BasicCivilian23rd September 2022
3Promotion__FXXIPrivatePrivate First Class20th September 2022
4PromotionTheRealMrbrcoolAirman BasicAirman18th September 2022
5PromotionParallelJustinChief Petty OfficerSenior Chief Petty Officer17th September 2022
6PromotionicccuAirman BasicAirman11th September 2022
7PromotionAngel_016Airman BasicAirman11th September 2022
8PromotionKitttynSeaman RecruitSeaman Apprentice8th September 2022
9PromotionSinisterSet420Lance CorporalCorporal8th September 2022
10PromotionRealestk_PrivatePrivate First Class7th September 2022
11Promotion@TRIX_Staff SergeantSergeant First Class4th September 2022
12PromotiondamncarlSpecialistCorporal4th September 2022
13PromotionNefariousZSeamanPetty Officer Third Class3rd September 2022
14PromotionKrezzoSeamanPetty Officer Third Class3rd September 2022
15PromotionShaowPrivatePrivate First Class1st September 2022
16PromotionNutriaAirman BasicAirman1st September 2022
17DischargeHabboUSDFTestAcc2Master SergeantCivilian30th August 2022
18Dishonorable DischargeHabboUSDFTestAcc1Master SergeantCivilian30th August 2022
19DemotionHabboUSDFTestAcc2First SergeantMaster Sergeant30th August 2022
20DemotionHabboUSDFTestAcc1Senior Master SergeantMaster Sergeant30th August 2022
21PromotionHabboUSDFTestAcc2Master SergeantFirst Sergeant30th August 2022
22PromotionHabboUSDFTestAcc2Sergeant First ClassMaster Sergeant30th August 2022
23PromotionHabboUSDFTestAcc1Master SergeantSenior Master Sergeant30th August 2022
24PromotionHabboUSDFTestAcc2Staff SergeantSergeant First Class30th August 2022
25PromotionHabboUSDFTestAcc1Technical SergeantMaster Sergeant30th August 2022
26PromotionHabboUSDFTestAcc2SergeantStaff Sergeant30th August 2022
27PromotionHabboUSDFTestAcc1Staff SergeantTechnical Sergeant30th August 2022
28PromotionLadyVoldieUSDFTestAcc3CivilianPrivate30th August 2022
29PromotionLadyVoldieUSDFTestAcc2CivilianPrivate30th August 2022
30PromotionLadyVoldieUSDFTestAcc1CivilianSeaman Recruit30th August 2022
31PromotionTaulandKuka7SeamanPetty Officer Third Class29th August 2022
32PromotionAvrg_JayPrivatePrivate First Class26th August 2022
33Promotionannie0PrivatePrivate First Class25th August 2022
34PromotionStacie38Airman BasicAirman25th August 2022
35PromotioncloxdawnTechnical SergeantMaster Sergeant19th August 2022
36PromotionH0P3PrivatePrivate First Class18th August 2022
37Promotionbryan6059PrivatePrivate First Class14th August 2022
38Promotionjustgigi_PrivatePrivate First Class12th August 2022
39PromotionotyusAirman BasicAirman12th August 2022
40PromotionSnoop-doGG-PrivatePrivate First Class10th August 2022
41PromotioncleovvvAirmanAirman First Class1st August 2022
42PromotionzaziofnazarethAirmanAirman First Class1st August 2022
43PromotionMean_Densco57Airman BasicAirman31st July 2022
44PromotionGrianAirman BasicAirman24th July 2022
45PromotionOopsyDoopsy1121Airman BasicAirman14th July 2022
46PromotionFlyingSkyPrivatePrivate First Class14th July 2022
47PromotiondaehdoogevigiAirman BasicAirman14th July 2022
48PromotionfloppiditySenior AirmanStaff Sergeant25th June 2022
49PromotionMynamiajeffPrivatePrivate First Class19th June 2022
50PromotionmusS_03PrivatePrivate First Class16th June 2022
51PromotionFanetoKiefPrivatePrivate First Class16th May 2022
52PromotionwakopunkPrivate First ClassLance Corporal4th May 2022
53Promotionmarley_23Staff SergeantSergeant First Class2nd May 2022
54Promotionruthless123Staff SergeantTechnical Sergeant12th April 2022
55PromotionCobraSquirtAirman BasicAirman23rd March 2022
56PromotionApheirCivilianAirman Basic3rd March 2022
57PromotionKeavsterLance CorporalCorporal9th February 2022
58PromotionJames475Private First ClassLance Corporal9th February 2022
59PromotionasnpacuwaAirmanAirman First Class7th February 2022
60PromotionFadHowraCivilianPrivate6th February 2022
61PromotionCassandroVPrivate First ClassSpecialist1st February 2022
62Promotionpapi_fPrivate First ClassSpecialist1st February 2022
63PromotionjustjayyyPrivate First ClassSpecialist1st February 2022
64PromotionZekoCivilianSeaman Recruit31st January 2022
65PromotionSecsterAirmanAirman First Class28th January 2022
66PromotioneilloCivilianAirman Basic26th January 2022
67PromotionRoger!CivilianPrivate21st January 2022
68PromotionJalenRamseyyCivilianSeaman Recruit17th January 2022
69PromotionEmomaddieeeeeeePrivate First ClassSpecialist15th January 2022

Work Tracker Administration Log

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1AwardedAdworer(#10315) Activity Points23rd September 2022
2AwardedLaurenMae(#10032) Activity Points22nd September 2022
3AwardedFierceWoman(#10031) Activity Points22nd September 2022
4Approvedfunkygeary(#10028) Officer On Duty22nd September 2022
5ApprovedKraziiKendii(#10025) Sentry/SA22nd September 2022
6Awardedo:-Connor(#9385) Activity Points19th September 2022
7AwardedUrong(#9384) Activity Points19th September 2022
8AwardedAdworer(#9383) Activity Points19th September 2022
9AwardedFolee7a(#9382) Activity Points19th September 2022
10Approvedimizzyg(#9014) Officer On Duty17th September 2022
11AwardedAxelSie(#7967) Activity Points12th September 2022
12Awardedrandompixeldude(#7794) Activity Points11th September 2022
13AwardedXx.Eren.xX(#7793) Activity Points11th September 2022
14AwardedMace_(#6846) Activity Points7th September 2022
15Awardedfunkygeary(#6845) Activity Points7th September 2022
16AwardedFire0x__(#6844) Activity Points7th September 2022
17AwardedKraziiKendii(#6835) Activity Points7th September 2022
18Awardedryan4338(#6680) Activity Points6th September 2022
19AwardedUnknownDemon21(#6679) Activity Points6th September 2022
20AwardedBigrig11(#6678) Activity Points6th September 2022
21AwardedReefath(#6677) Activity Points6th September 2022
22Awardedeegerstriker1(#6210) Activity Points4th September 2022
23AwardedPsych0delic(#5858) Activity Points3rd September 2022
24AwardedGirlCalledAsh(#5857) Activity Points3rd September 2022
25AwardedSOEJ(#5856) Activity Points3rd September 2022
26AwardedBazzaloin(#5855) Activity Points3rd September 2022
27AwardedKraziiKendii(#5854) Activity Points3rd September 2022
28Approvedsamselinisan(#5848) Sentry/SA3rd September 2022
29Awardedscolionophobia(#5574) Activity Points1st September 2022
30AwardedAndr0s(#5573) Activity Points1st September 2022
31AwardedTheBestOlivia(#5572) Activity Points1st September 2022
32AwardedFire0x__(#5571) Activity Points1st September 2022
33RejectedMikuya(#5329) Lobby GuideRejected on request by Mikuya, wrong position entered31st August 2022
34AwardedKingKruIe(#5097) Activity Points31st August 2022
35AwardedAngelEnergy,(#5096) Activity Points31st August 2022
36Awardedsecondpeterfive(#5095) Activity Points31st August 2022
37AwardedPsych0delic(#5094) Activity Points31st August 2022
38Awarded1Pandemic(#5093) Activity Points31st August 2022
39AwardedMikuya(#5092) Activity Points31st August 2022
40AwardedKrille,(#4930) Activity Points30th August 2022
41Awardedseokdan(#4881) Activity Points30th August 2022
42AwardedAdworer(#4880) Activity Points30th August 2022
43Awardedcutiepie99999(#4879) Activity Points30th August 2022
44Approvedinclusiv(#4616) Officer On Duty29th August 2022
45ApprovedPsych0delic(#4617) Sentry/SA29th August 2022
46ApprovedEvelastingLyfe(#4620) Officer On Duty29th August 2022
47AwardedUrong(#4556) Activity Points28th August 2022
48AwardedIncrementals(#4439) Activity Points28th August 2022