Chief Warrant Officer 2 SOEJ


Chief Warrant Officer 2


[US Marines] CWO2/PAO {MX#1} + £


Office of Public Affairs (OPA)

Uniform Medal

Marines Achievement Medal (MAM)

Join Date

21st June 2022

Service Time

98 days (14 weeks) (0.27 years) Met RST

Work Tracker

72.6 points(Sept 2022)
Completed L
Completed W


Further Education and Trainings

AAdvancement Expectations39,21st June 2022
BExpert TrainerFizzer23rd June 2022
BACBasic Airborne CourseSoldierX1624th July 2022
DDiplomacy SkillsKnightStriker24th June 2022
DF1Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greyelsieangel21st June 2022
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenBlackArrowz19th July 2022
DF3Defense Force Martial Arts Program Browntavon70020th July 2022
ECombat Medic ProgramKrille,5th July 2022
FBasic Marksmanship TrainingKrille,23rd June 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorRaask22nd June 2022
HBasic Drill TrainingAlvarit022nd June 2022
JOnline Security39,21st June 2022
KKnowledge of Legislation and Standing OrdersTopToTheHand24th June 2022
LSNCO Leadership CourseShadowHorizon6th July 2022
MHQ Duty OfficerFolee7a20th July 2022
NRaid DefenseLuce92726th June 2022
PPatrollingRaask22nd June 2022
PTPhysical TrainingSoldierX1624th July 2022
QWarfare TrainingTrizepsJohann23rd June 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorKrille,21st June 2022
SHQ SentryViperGod24th June 2022
SSSurvival SkillsSoldierX1624th July 2022
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelTopToTheHand22nd June 2022
UIntroduction to Offices39,21st June 2022
WWO Leadership CourseShadowHorizon7th August 2022
XBackground Check CompletedChanelPuccia30th June 2022
YAdvanced Marksmanship TrainingKrille,22nd June 2022
£Marksmanship and Medical InstructorPrivateJRyan21st July 2022
FEATMember TrainedDate
AAdvancement ExpectationsZakzvi27th August 2022
AAdvancement Expectationsjessica8648425th July 2022
AAdvancement ExpectationsSatyish28th July 2022
AAdvancement ExpectationsReivindicatio8th August 2022
AAdvancement Expectationshajour7th August 2022
AAdvancement ExpectationsAaron2006Kitty7th August 2022
BExpert Trainerhackneyboy30th August 2022
BExpert Trainerfierfist12th August 2022
BExpert Trainersaraya.karev4th August 2022
BExpert Trainersantiag450996th August 2022
BExpert TrainerAtlanta9917th July 2022
BExpert TrainerMizanekristos25th July 2022
BExpert Trainermics0727th July 2022
BExpert TrainerBLaZiiN-VeNiiM18th July 2022
BExpert Trainerrextons23rd August 2022
BExpert Trainerjackorocks1222nd August 2022
BExpert Trainerjilham18th July 2022
BExpert TrainerAzebi5th August 2022
BExpert TrainerSeJoy4th August 2022
BExpert TrainerKingKruIe22nd August 2022
BExpert Trainerb3x11!22nd August 2022
DDiplomacy SkillsJustAGuy123419th July 2022
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenKaz8Aicrag26th July 2022
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greenpano8113th August 2022
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program Greenbuzza1128th July 2022
DF2Defense Force Martial Arts Program GreenGirlCalledAsh3rd September 2022
ECombat Medic ProgramCAM64129th August 2022
ECombat Medic Programpano8113th August 2022
ECombat Medic ProgramReivindicatio23rd August 2022
ECombat Medic ProgramTenseValor2nd September 2022
GBeing A Good Communicatorjessica8648425th July 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorTenbillion26th July 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorOopsyDoopsy112114th July 2022
GBeing A Good Communicatorpinkdorian16th July 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatoraarM0AN19th July 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorAlisonWiltshire20th July 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorSatyish28th July 2022
GBeing A Good Communicatorhajour7th August 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorM0ntS16th August 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorAdxocate16th August 2022
GBeing A Good CommunicatorMiss-bubbles3rd September 2022
JOnline Securitypinkdorian16th July 2022
JOnline SecurityKrizey17th July 2022
JOnline Security-_-niceman-_-18th July 2022
JOnline SecuritySp1der-Man23rd July 2022
JOnline Securitymikey07.26.0226th July 2022
JOnline Securityaleah20927th July 2022
JOnline Securitysilver11st August 2022
JOnline Securitybisajoy6291st August 2022
JOnline SecurityEnthuMilit1st August 2022
JOnline SecurityProtection-21st August 2022
JOnline SecurityRezzn9th August 2022
MHQ Duty Officerttbug19th August 2022
MHQ Duty OfficerEvelastingLyfe30th July 2022
MHQ Duty Officerpinkdorian6th August 2022
PPatrollingHeYIamThaTguY23rd July 2022
PPatrollingVocalOvertone13th July 2022
PPatrollingShaz1116th July 2022
PPatrollingF0ssil20th July 2022
PPatrollingRiceboii28th July 2022
PPatrollingAzebi5th August 2022
QWarfare TrainingSeythre6th August 2022
RRecruitment Supervisorjack362223rd July 2022
RRecruitment Supervisorapplebees12313th July 2022
RRecruitment Supervisorlavie13th July 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorXx_SNiPER_xX13th July 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorKrizey17th July 2022
RRecruitment Supervisorraspberr22nd July 2022
RRecruitment Supervisorbecczor23rd July 2022
RRecruitment Supervisorrrrg27th July 2022
RRecruitment SupervisorMr.Sunshine2k31st August 2022
SHQ SentryCutiepooop27th July 2022
SHQ SentryAtlanta9920th July 2022
SHQ SentryItsmethatguy16th August 2022
SHQ SentryBikeShop_2nd September 2022
SHQ SentryF0ssil25th July 2022
SHQ SentryItsAnne.3rd August 2022
SHQ SentryAzebi5th August 2022
SHQ Sentrycollieralex16th August 2022
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelHeYIamThaTguY22nd July 2022
TKnowledge of Transferring PersonnelAlisonWiltshire20th July 2022
TKnowledge of Transferring Personnelkevin.p.22nd July 2022
UIntroduction to Officesjessica8648425th July 2022
UIntroduction to Officespinkdorian16th July 2022
UIntroduction to OfficesaarM0AN19th July 2022
UIntroduction to OfficesAlisonWiltshire20th July 2022
UIntroduction to OfficesSatyish28th July 2022
UIntroduction to OfficesFreya200027th July 2022

Personnel Log

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#TypeFormer RankNew RankOfficerDate
1PromotionMaster Gunnery SergeantChief Warrant Officer 2CheesyRyan2nd September 2022
2PromotionFirst SergeantMaster Gunnery SergeantUnderterminated22nd August 2022
3PromotionMaster SergeantFirst Sergeant39,5th August 2022
4PromotionGunnery SergeantMaster SergeantValorana28th July 2022
5PromotionStaff SergeantGunnery SergeantTigerLily,x19th July 2022
6PromotionSergeantStaff SergeantChanelPuccia13th July 2022
7PromotionCorporalSergeantValorana30th June 2022
8PromotionLance CorporalCorporalhakateach22nd June 2022
9PromotionPrivate First ClassLance CorporalRexeez21st June 2022
10PromotionPrivatePrivate First ClassSuperMarioZ1721st June 2022
11PromotionCivilianPrivatebuzza1121st June 2022

Administration Log

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#TypeSoldierFormer RankNew RankDate
1Promotionelvina04Private First ClassLance Corporal2nd September 2022
2PromotionSmokeyKattCivilianAirman Basic31st August 2022
3PromotionMiGorengBlokePrivate First ClassSpecialist31st August 2022
4Promotioncristina1116AirmanAirman First Class31st August 2022
5PromotionMvenlenPrivate First ClassSpecialist29th August 2022
6PromotionarepliPrivate First ClassLance Corporal17th August 2022
7Promotionjustgigi_Private First ClassLance Corporal12th August 2022
8PromotionotyusAirmanAirman First Class12th August 2022
9PromotionNiki2002xXxPrivate First ClassSpecialist10th August 2022
10PromotionRezznPrivate First ClassLance Corporal9th August 2022
11PromotionsomberlessSeaman ApprenticeSeaman4th August 2022
12PromotionnotebookzCivilianAirman Basic31st July 2022
13PromotionSatyishAirmanAirman First Class27th July 2022
14PromotionTenbillionSeaman ApprenticeSeaman26th July 2022
15Promotiongoaway3AirmanAirman First Class26th July 2022
16PromotionbecczorCivilianPrivate23rd July 2022
17Promotion4HabibaCivilianPrivate22nd July 2022
18PromotionF0ssilPrivate First ClassSpecialist20th July 2022
19Promotion-_-niceman-_-CivilianSeaman Recruit18th July 2022
20PromotionKrizeyPrivate First ClassLance Corporal18th July 2022
21Promotionapplebees123CivilianPrivate13th July 2022
22Promotionboomer400CivilianSeaman Recruit30th June 2022
23PromotionbeccamowbsCivilianSeaman Recruit27th June 2022

Work Tracker Administration Log

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