In addition to our goal of co-operating with all members of the Agency Floor on Habbo, USDF has six major allies that it regularly engages with.


This is a formalized relationship between USDF and, typically, a long-serving organization on the Agency Floor. Alliances require both Top Foreign Delegates of the participating organizations to meet and concur on certain protocols presented by both parties. Alliances are used in order to create a bond and long-lasting relationship with established organizations that share the same primary goal with USDF – unification of the Agency Floor.

USDF’s Current Allies:‘s Ministerie van Defensie (MinDef)
Owner: Starfleet.
View the Partnership Agreement‘s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI NW3C)
Owner: FBI-Premier
View the Partnership Agreement‘s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

Owner: SWAT-Foundation
View the Partnership Agreement‘s Secret Service (SS)
Owner: SS-Director
View the Partnership Agreement‘s Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS)
Owner: TheGenTyalt
View the Partnership Agreement‘s Interpol (INT)
Owner: INT-Foundation
View the Partnership Agreement

Interested in an alliance? Contact the Top Foreign Delegate (TFD), FiftyMiles, on either Discord (fiftymiles), Twitter (@FiftyHabMiles) or Habbo.