Condemnation of Illegal Warfare – Initiative

Our Illegal Warfare Policy

The United States Defense Force (USDF) strongly condemns and combats illegal warfare tactics, including threatening or condoning DDoSing, doxing, hacking, and the unauthorized release of sensitive personal information. The US Defense Force will always prioritize our personnel’s privacy, safety, and security over anything else.

Debarment of Illegal Warfare Operatives on Habbo

The United States Defense Force (USDF) strictly adheres to a policy of non-involvement and non-assistance to individuals engaging in illegal warfare operations. No exceptions will be made, and such operatives will not be granted VIP access under any circumstances. If individuals desire to be removed from the Debarment List, they may submit a formal petition for consideration to the US Defense Force’s leadership by reaching out to the National Security Advisor. It is essential that these petitions and any accompanying motions are accompanied by concrete evidence for review.

A comprehensive compilation of individuals barred from engagement can be accessed in the tables below.

Billionnames/BrunoChrist25 SEP 16
Mahigan/Kodaz25 SEP 16
Verol/ThePoint25 SEP 16
cfc.forever (and all clones)25 SEP 16
Cupcakes…/NotKayla./Hateable07 OCT 16
68What/Airborne68W/DUSTOFF/GermanyBoi31 DEC 16
Optimisation01 MAY 17
Serpented/Drenched02 MAY 17
Aestrol/Ezco/TheRealAestrol/Tripical16 MAY 17
iWail/iWail-NL02 MAY 18
M-? (.nl)02 JUL 18
Will_vt31 JUL 18
.Onomanopia./Hydrology21 JAN 19
Leiandros01 MAR 20
God01 MAR 20
Jedicon/Egotist/QuarantineHabbo/FruitJellies/Ryan.Corleone01 MAR 20
barbersyeds01 MAR 20
supbruvfam01 MAR 20
,Mooody01 MAR 20
jackson8ryan/Tumon36001 MAR 20
Ali21./Ali14.04 JUN 20
Aelonis05 OCT 20
AliasHog/Yaeloman05 OCT 20
Crayans05 OCT 20
Ganaram/Ganaham/G4n/Gana05 OCT 20
Lucifist/Soprano05 OCT 20
Macaw05 OCT 20
Menacers05 OCT 20
Metromental/Effectivity/Finchy05 OCT 20
Rethrone/motolee2805 OCT 20
Skotesh05 OCT 20
SmurfPapas/Erebes05 OCT 20
lmaojkitty07 DEC 20
Poseide/Poseide.22 NOV 21
sohelpmealex17 MAR 22
Jollity01 APR 22
SeaFury04 FEB 23
Plalism13 MAY 23
-,Shadow,-13 MAY 23
NoThisLsPatrick (.com) / Openbaar-toilet (.nl)19 AUG 23

Valore (mafia)31 JUL 18
Genovese (mafia)01 MAR 20