The Libertarian – December 2019

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2Holiday PreparationsHolidayspinkyskies
3USDF Highlights of 2019Ending the Yearehfar
4A White ChristmasHolidaysHomasa
5Farewell, WelcomeEnding the YearAugustinianRule
6OCS: Recipe to SuccessSpecialAneha
7Handling Stress and AnxietyCommunityWahankeTheGreat
8Holidays Across the GlobeHolidaysChanelNo.9
9Sparkling Celebratory DrinksEnding the YearThedueIist
10A Wonderful Habbo ChristmasHolidays:Logzy:
11New Years ResolutionsEnding the YearChanelNo.9
12Have You Heard Of … ?SpecialAugustinianRule

OPA presents…

The Advent Calendar!

The Office of Public Affairs is launching a December month full of fun, games, challenges and surprises. The best part is: All of you are invited to join and enjoy the festivities that will be hosted! Together with our USDF branches, we will have a new activity for you almost every day throughout the entire month.

So what will actually be happening?

On each special day, an announcement will be posted with details of the surprise of that day. This can be anything, ranging from an HQ event, to design contents and temporary accessories. Maybe you even get to be Santa Claus for a day, how cool is that? Make sure to keep an eye out on the announcements and watch the deadlines to submit your game answers on time over at the Libertarian Mailbox.

It’s time to start spreading some jolly fun, I wonder what the first surprise would be?

Guess the Officer

by OPA Events Team

We have some amazing officers around here at USDF, but they are hardly recognizable in this picture. Are you able to guess these iconic Officers?

If you think you know who they are, submit your answers on the Libertarian Mailbox, option 3 (Games submission) and list your answers from 1 to 10 using their full and correct Habbo names.

Deadline: 12th December 2019 – 11:59PM EST

Winner reveal: 15th December 2019

Prize: 20c

For any questions, please reach out to CO COMR Aneha.

by ChanelNo.9

Holiday Preparations

by pinkyskies
Tis the season to be jolly!

Since Holidays are coming, we sure want to make this day special. However the thing is, you put more effort into this as the stress level increases. While there’s fun, there’s consequences too. To make something important, you need to be prepared as if you were heading into a battle with your guns fully loaded of bullets. So here is how to be prepared on the way to the Holidays:

❅ First, you need to plan ahead! Make a list of the things your family and friends will glad to have, specially mark the food and the gifts because they are one of the spirits of holidays.

❅ Second, since you had a plan, you will now develop your budget. Spend your money wisely, a little sacrifice to make your love ones smile and appreciate your gift even if it’s a small thing worth remembering.

❅ Third, start cleaning your house and decorate it. The guests might feel less comfortable or less special when they feel your frozen holiday and the cold magic of your hands. Always remember that their happiness is your priority! Fix the chair pillows and broom the dust, Halloween is over.

❅ Fourth, do some fun! Prepare games and make your guests dance till their feet lose its powers. Let the laugh fill your house, don’t let the grasshopper keep chirping.

❅ Lastly, the most important part is to make it meaningful. Love should always win, make them be grateful to be meeting you.

Holidays make your family as one. Let us all celebrate and don’t forget to thank those we love for giving us a fruitful life. I know there were many trials and struggles this year, but still you conquered! Hug your friends tight and let them feel your warm welcome.

by partyicon

USDF Highlights of 2019

by ehfar
2019 has been a wild ride for the USDF!

The United States Defense Force has achieved so much. Our establishment was created back in early 2015 and look how far we’ve come! We send our appreciation and love to every single person who contributed towards the USDF and did everything in their power to make us better. Without the help of our beloved personnel, we wouldn’t be where we are today so we thank you for your help and support.

2019 has been a wild ride for the USDF and it’s not over yet! So we can only wait for the exciting upcoming events and achievements. Today we are going to be focusing on 3 main achievements that have taken place in 2019.

USDF’s 4th Anniversary

We start our 2019 USDF journey highlights on the 28th of January. On this incredible Monday, the USDF celebrated it’s 4 year Anniversary Ceremony and Parade. On this day over 160 members received a medal! From a DepSecDef Award for Distinguished Service to an Achievement Medal, the list didn’t seem to end! A bunch of games were hosted as well. These included: Fridge game, Fastest Typer and two games of STAB. This day awarded USDF members for their outstanding service, achievements and dedication and it only motivated personnel to do more!

Branch Wars 2019

Our next highlight took place on the 28th May 2019. This was when ‘Branch Wars’ were announced. Branch wars this year had a twist to it. This wasn’t just ordinary branch wars this was legendary branch wars! Instead of taking the normal route, we turned the United States Defense Force to the United Space Defense Force! In this event our four branches fought it out in the galaxy for the title of: The Emperor of the Galaxy! On June 19th we had pre-branch wars hype. This was when the branch command opened submissions for:

– Branch Uniform
– Branch Spaceship Design & Name
– Branch Slogan
– Branch Graphic

The main tournament took place on the 19th of July which consisted of five main games. These were: Freeze, Battle Banzai, Habbo Football, Black Hole Game and last but not least, Capture the Flag. The winners of Branch Wars 2019 were…..Planet Armium! Also known as the Army branch.

EOI Review Council

To conclude USDFs main 2019 highlights, we focus on what happened on the 6th August. This was when EOI Review Council was commenced by the Office of Educational and Material and Readiness. So what is the EOI Review Council you ask? “The EOI RC has been created as another way for personnel to have their EOI’s reviewed by senior members of USDF without breaking the Chain of Command or being uncomfortable asking them directly.”

How does it work? Firstly, you would submit your application to the programme and you will then be contacted by a member of OE&MR who will then ask for your USDF email address. Once you have given your USDF email, you will be added to a google document that your assigned OE&MR member has created for you. You will submit your EOI there. Your EOI will firstly be reviewed by an OE&MR member to ensure that there aren’t any grammatical errors and that it is suitable to be reviewed by EOI RC. Once the EOI is forwarded to the EOI RC they will give feedback in comments to help improve your EOI.

If you would like to find out more information about your EOI being reviewed, we highly encourage that you click the button below to learn more!

There’s so much more to come from the United States Defense Force and again without personnel, the above highlights would never of happened. So let’s clap our hands for the mesmerizing work that we have done this year and let’s do even better next year!

A White Christmas

by Homasa

Laughing, talking and joking, Parry discussed his Christmas plans with his classmates. “I’m going to go to Switzerland this Christmas to experience a white Christmas like no other!”, he exclaimed. His family had plans to fly to Switzerland, land of the alps, for a Christmas ski trip filled with snow. The last days of school before term break passed and Parry could not stop thinking about his vacation. He was thankful that his Christmas wish would come true; to see snow for the first time.

On the night before his plane flight, he joyfully packed his clothes into a large suitcase. He smiled as he gripped his fountain pen tightly, ticking off each of the boxes on his packing list. He returned the fountain pen into his stationary holder imprinted with his name. They were both Christmas gifts from his loving father. Parry yawned as he approached his bedtime. He brushed his teeth before delicately packing it into his suitcase. He carefully set his alarm clock to 6:00 AM, the time to wake up and head to the airport. He was excited and filled with anticipation as he climbed into his bed. He could not wait for what wass about to come. In his dreams, he couldn’t stop thinking about touching snow for the first time. He woke up from excitement, only to realize he was still in his bed. He frowned at the thought of not knowing the feeling of snow, but quickly fell asleep again.

The next morning, Parry woke up again to the sound of his alarm. He grabbed his suitcase and checked again to see if he had missed anything on his packing list. He ran down the stairs with the suitcase and hopped onto a taxi which took the whole family to the airport.

The family arrived at the airport three hours before the flight’s departure. They checked into the flight, before passing through security and immigration. The final minutes before boarding approached, only to be interrupted with a loud announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that all flights to Switzerland today have been delayed. This is due to unstable snowy weather in Zurich and Geneva.”

Parry was dismayed, but he did not think much about the delay. He would soon be able to board the tardy flight which would take him to the land of the alps, to experience snow for the first time ever. He sat at the gate, anxiously waiting for an announcement. Hours passed before any sort of broadcast was given. Then, suddenly, the voice of a young lady filled the speakers, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re sorry to inform you that all flights to Switzerland today have been cancelled. This is due to a blizzard that is happening in Zurich. Continuing to operate the flight would seriously hinder the safety of our passengers. We make this decision with great discretion. Meal cards and hotel keys will be given to each passenger affected.”

Parry was devastated. His family took the meal card and returned home. They would have to travel to the airport again tomorrow, only to miss one day of their short term break vacation. As the taxi pulled up in front of their house, something magical caught the corner of Parry’s eye. Realizing what he had seen, he cried “Snow! Mummy, daddy, it’s snowing!” He forced the taxi door and jumped outside. He put his hands out like a dog to feel the snow. It felt cold., but it was the best cold feeling he had ever felt before. He stuck his warm tongue out to taste the snow, for the first time ever. Parry ran around the porch of his house, jumping up and down to touch every snowflake that fell from the sky, just like he has always dreamt about.

by alexdoesclash

Farewell, Welcome

by AugustinianRule

Let us all count from ten to one,
the old year is already gone.
Let us welcome the new year, come,
all the tears in our faces? None.

Reminisce the past, do not hide.
Thank today for being so kind,
a better future may we find,
the fortune in our lives, abide.

As the day descends into night,
the moon and the stars make it bright.
Many colors bring forth the light,
those shining things are fireworks, right?

As we change the calendar year,
and pop some ice-cold little beer,
let us thank the old year in here,
and welcome the new year, no tear.

by AugustinianRule

OCS Recipe to Success

by Aneha

This is Xzao, a junior officer.

Xzao loves OCS Chocolate Cake, but Xzao has some weird taste buds and decided to invent his own recipe that suited his cravings. This lovely, delicious, cake was next rank awesome! Would you like to know what his secret recipe was?

🍰 12 Hours of Work Per Day
🍰 3 Hours of OCS Study Per Day
🍰 3 Hours of Online Activity Per Day
🍰 1 Litre of Leadership
🍰 5 Cups of Communication
🍰 4 Drop of Vanilla Dedication

🍰 A Hearty Amount of Stress
🍰 2 Cups of Chill Music
🍰 2 Eggs of Excitement
🍰 1 Piece of Perseverance
🍰 1 Can of Red Bull
🍰 Sprinkle of Sugar for Sweetness

🍰 1 Dash of Daily Motivation
🍰 5 Spoonfuls of Support
🍰 1 Handful of Hope
🍰 7 Pinches of Positivity
🍰 Heaps of Hard Work

Cake to Sit for 6 Hours Over Night (Sleep)

What will your OCS recipe be?

by Landofs

Handling Stress and Anxiety

by WahankeTheGreat

It’s the most stressful and anxiety inducing time of the year! With those mid-terms and finals, work and relatives and all those EOI’s, I think it can go without saying that we could use some good cheer (or maybe a vacation!).

One of the most prevalent problems of everyday life, if you’d ask just about anybody in USDF or on Habbo in general, is going to be stress and anxiety. It is the most human thing in the world to feel some kind of stress or anxiety to some degree. If you haven’t felt stressed out or anxious about anything recently, I guarantee that you have some time in the past and you will in the future.

To help combat stress and anxiety, I think it is helpful to identify exactly what constitutes each of these situations. Stress is the emotional strain we feel when we are under immense pressure in our everyday life. This can come from a variety of things, although the most common in my opinion would be things like having a lot of work to do, being on a time crunch, taking a rigorous test or examination, and having a close friend or relative in the hospital. To be stressed is to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and to feel physically burdened even though you are not. This is why you often hear people who have relieved their stress, as having “a weight lifted off their shoulders.” The key thing to remember about stress is that it is in the moment. You feel stress as you realize that at that exact moment, you are dealing with that stressful situation or something similar. While things in the future can add onto your burden, it is because you know you have to do that thing by the certain date and not the thing-in-itself causing you stress. “Stress” about something-in-itself is in fact, anxiety.

Anxiety is the nervousness and worrying that we experience about events or other things that are happening in the future, which we are unsure about. The types of situations that can cause anxiety are things like going to a first date, waiting right before taking a test or turning in a big paper or project, receiving an email or letter that might contain an acceptance/denial of a job prospect or university admission, and that slight pause you take before sending an important message or calling someone. Anxiety manifests itself in many ways, but mostly originates from something akin to a lighter feeling of the body, “butterflies” in the stomach, or a feeling of unease or nausea. This feeling is based on over-anticipation and worry, uncertainty in human form. The main factual key to anxiety relates to something that has yet to happen, a future event or action that we personally don’t know how it’s going to end.

I feel that anxiety and stress go hand-in-hand in many situations. From my own experiences, you feel stress in the moment with something specifically happening and anxiety leading up to generally being in that moment. Given that we have a detailed explanation of both stress and anxiety, here are a few ways that might help you to manage your own:

Chunk Your Work into Pieces

I can tell you from years of having to do work, applications, essays and a 35 page thesis, that you really have to chunk your work into smaller pieces for yourself and your own sanity, even if it’s a small paper or project. For my thesis, I didn’t just wake up one morning to say “I’m going to write it all today.” If I would have done that, I would be a nervous wreck and stressed out to a point I’d rather not imagine. Every week I wrote around 3-5 pages over the course of my writing stage, which allowed me to focus on whatever ideas were the most assembled in my brain. If you want to be a BHNCO/SEAC or get into OCS, for example, you don’t just write your EOI in one session about 25 minutes before the deadline. Even if all you do is write a concise sentence or a single idea in one sitting, that is ok. Eventually, it will all click in your head and you’ll be able to put it all together. Get the ball rolling.

Set Minor Goals

I can’t stress this point enough. If you have some major goal like “Get into Harvard” or “Get into OCS”, and all you do is have that goal in mind, you’re going to be stressed as hell and extremely anxious. Instead, there should be minor goals or accomplishments along the way. For OCS, this might look like “Get a recommendation”, “Write the EOI” and “Prepare for the entrance exam”. These goals can further be subdivided into things like “Meet with potential recommender”, “Write an outline for my EOI” and “Skim regulations”, which can be further subdivided and so on. Completing these small goals can help reduce that stressful feeling of having to seemingly move a mountain to get somewhere big and gives you that sense of accomplishing something.

Meditate/Reflect on Your Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes self-reflection is the best way to go when you are under a lot of stress and feeling anxious. You really have to ask yourself if your stress and anxiety are beneficial to your success or whether it’s a sign you should change your behavior. I once went to a job interview where I was a nervous wreck and totally bombed the whole thing. I later realized that I felt that way because I didn’t even want the job! I was required to get a job in order to graduate, and my stress and anxiety was my mind’s way of telling me “you really don’t want to work there, try to find another position!”

How are you going to have your stress or anxiety work for you?

Sparkling Celebratory Drinks

by ThedueIist
Alcoholic Drink
Reminder: Do not come onto Habbo if you’re under the influence! If you want to try this recipe, please make sure you are obtaining and consuming the alcoholic beverage legally. Check your local alcohol laws.

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone can be a bit stressed in this wonderful time of year. Sometimes it is nice to get something to drink, but you are a bit too stressed for hot chocolate. In that case you should try “Strawberry gin”, this is a sweet alcoholic drink. This drink captures the true taste of summer in these cold months, with its berry-infused spirit that makes a stunning gin ‘n’ tonic or base for a fruity cocktail. This drink only takes 15 min to make and is very simple!

Image result for strawberry gin cocktail

– 700ml bottle of gin (I like Bombay Sapphire, but if you like something else, you may choose whatever you like)
– 400g punnet of strawberries, sliced
– 100g caster sugar

1. Mix the gin with the strawberries and caster sugar in a large bowl.
2. Pour the mixture into a 1.5-litre sterilised jar or bottle.

If you don’t drink all of it, then I’m suggesting you store it in the fridges and, stir every two days until you have enjoyed all of the sweet summer taste

Non-alcoholic Drink

When you don’t want to enjoy an alcoholic drink in the stressful month of December, I suggest you try “pear & rose punch”. Treat yourself or your guests with a fabulous pear, apple and rose mocktail. This drink is also very simple and it takes around 15 min to make!

Image result for Pear & rose punch

Do you feel like, after you have made this amazing drink, you’re missing something? Don’t worry, we can always decorate the drink as we please, but I would use these few things to make it say, “wow”:

– Rosemary sprigs
– Thyme leaves picked
– Sliced red pear
– Handful frozen redcurrants

– 1l pear juice
– 1 vanilla pod
– 1 tabelspoon golden caster sugar
– 4 cardamom pods
– A few slices root ginger
– 25ml raw apple cider vinegar
– 1/2 teaspoon rosewater
– 250ml sparkling water
– Ice

1. Pour the pear juice into a large pan.
2. Add the vanilla pod, golden caster sugar, cardamom pods and root ginger, then bring to a simmer.
3. Leave to cool completely.
4. Strain into a punch bowl or jug.
5. Add the raw apple cider vinegar, rosewater and sparkling water.
6. Garnish with rosemary sprigs, thyme, sliced red pear and a handful of frozen redcurrants.
7. Add ice and serve.

Make sure to get your drinks ready by 31st of December, 11:59PM, to cheer into the new year!


by PeUS.

A Wonderful Habbo Christmas

by :Logzy:

Christmas is something we do every year, yet it is always different, with Habbo being no exception. This year, Habbo Hotel will be bringing back its advent calendar, where you will be able to participate in Christmas events hosted in Public Rooms, receive daily gifts and achieve limited time only badges. There will be a new room completed on December 2nd with numerous competitions such as the Christmas outfit drawing competition and mega prizes to be won!

Habbo Hotel will also be bringing back Christmas bundles and Christmas rares for furniture and clothing items. They will be introducing new clothing items such as a snowman outfit, ice-crown, Elisa hair, frosted-tips hair and so much more. Keep your eye on the Habbo announcements, Habbo Shop and marketplace for some great discounts to buy and sell items!

Habbo Hotel will most likely be changing their room themes and decorations to suit the occasion and hopefully, we get to see a cool new landing page. This will also be the last Habbo Christmas on Flash before Habbo Hotel changes over to the new 2020 client, so they may even do something a little extra special this year. Stay tuned to the latest Habbo updates with their Twitter account and Habbo Hotel announcement page.

All in all; Habbo Hotel during the Christmas period is always a lot of fun and enjoyable for everyone as they promote Christmas spirit. Be sure to get involved with your friends and all that Habbo Hotel has to offer during this festive month. Christmas is a great time to create memorable moments with your friends and also to meet new Habbos.

New Years Resolution

by ChanelNo.9

Dear Diary,

Every year like clockwork, the holiday season rears its ugly head, begging for attention like a needy little child. It’s not unusual that the people around me grow more and more stressed from the flies escaping their empty wallets. Me? I breathe easy knowing all of my holiday shopping was done earlier in the year. Even easier knowing that with the stress of the holiday season, comes the promise of a new year. There’s nothing more enticing than starting over with a fresh year. With the anticipation of the New Year looming like a shadow the sun casts, I’m excited to prepare with resolutions I hope to work towards. It’s quite obvious that resolutions are difficult to achieve. The problem is, that most resolutions tend to be unrealistic per lifestyle. Nothing is more discouraging than an unrealistic resolution I know will never get accomplished. So, I’ve set the goal to make resolutions for my career in USDF that are obtainable and realistic.

Make it into OCS

In my short career here at USDF, there’s one thing that has been at the forefront of my mind. Making it into OCS is something I’ve always wanted to do. Not only do I think that it would be a great learning experience, but it would help me achieve my next resolution.

Become an Officer

How cool would it be, to be among some of the greatest Army Officers? I mean… Look at BG Pikasyu, Chief Staff of the Army. It’d be awesome to be within ranks of her awesome-ness.

Make more friends

I know that it can be easy to become very task-oriented and neglect the social aspect of USDF, but this year will be different. Putting myself out there and making more connections with those I work with, will prove that it’s not all work. There can be time for play too.

Perfect the EOI

It will take time, obviously, but I can’t wait to see the day where I’m helping others with their EOI’s, instead of struggling with my own. I plan to work really hard at it and build confidence to be able to apply to command positions and eventually OCS.

Be a positive role model/influence

When life gets me down and things frustrate me, it’s difficult to remain positive. However, with proper coping techniques (such as knowing when to take a leave when I need a break) and a good support system, I know that it will positively change the way I work and interact with others. I want to also be able to provide others with support and good energy when they’re in need.

Say “Yes” more often

I find myself always wanting to say “yes” to things, but inevitably settling on “no”. Mostly due to fear, however, this year I plan to be more willing to say “yes” than before. Maybe it’ll do me good, better than I always thought.

A more active and prominent HQ presence

There’s nothing less appealing when applying for positions than someone who has little to no HQ presence. Let’s change that.

Although these are only several resolutions, I believe that they’re most important when trying to advance my career. They’re obtainable and will hopefully make my USDF career less stressful. I decided not to put a time frame on these resolutions, to give myself the whole year to enact them. Change is just on the horizon, and it’s going to be good. I won’t know until next year what the results will yield, but, wish me luck diary.

Until next year…


by AugustinianRule
by Depthtation

Have You Heard of…Homasa?

by AugustinianRule

This person’s nickname absolutely fits his personality and nature.

I am talking about CCM Homasa and his nickname (at least on air) is Homie. If you are an American, you could have guessed what I mean when I said that the name fits the personality. However before we dabble on his towering figure, it is my duty to tell you a story of how he was spawned by destiny into the organization we call, USDF.

According to PTS records, CCM Homasa enlisted on the 4th of July (what a fitting day), of the year 2019. He got into E4 the same day and his advancement so far has been fast, steady and constant. He clinched the position of Office Head Non-commissioned Officer (OHNCO) in the OPA on the 1st of November, 2019. Eleven days into his tenure, he has so far achieved a lot in maintaining the procedures in OPA and doing more for the office.

I sat down with CCM Homasa, and today the questions you never thought of asking or you did not dare to ask him. I will now have answered by CCM Homasa, that has never before seen.

August: Good day, CCM. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to talk with you.

Homasa: No problem.

A: If you were to be in another branch other than Air Force, what would it be and why?

H: Navy, the reason is because they’re the most active on Discord and who doesn’t love an active branch?

A: If you were to be subjected to a dishonorable discharge, what would be the ground?

H: Hmmmmmm idk cheating? I’ve failed {W} like 6 times.

A: If you were to join another office than OPA, what would it be?

H: OMP, because it’s my dream office. Maybe OOT&E. But my dream position is still probably XO/CO or even higher in OPA because OPAmazing.

A: If you were to institute a new regulation/training/procedure, what would it be?

H: Maybe create an extra FEAT that strictly involves explaining HQ duties. It could consist of the order of filling stations, how to properly shift and ask for confirmation, and explain the importance of each HQ duty.

A: What is your message to aspiring command members?

H: Always try when there are applications. You never know what you’re capable of. And never give up. I was not accepted for OHNCO the first time I applied, but I did not let that hold me back.

A: Ground floor or first floor?

H: Ground floor

A: Service uniform or working uniform?

H: Working uniform

A: Sit or stand?

H: Sit

A: Speak or write?

H: Speak

A: Left or right?

H: Right

A: Question or answer?

H: Answer

A: Day or night?

H: Day

A: Summer or winter?

H: Winter

A: Hot or cold?

H: Cold

A: Ctrl + X or Ctrl + C?

H: Ctrl + C

A: Android or iOS?

H: ohhh dayum uhh iOS

A: East or West?

H: East

A: Elevator or staircase?

H: Elevator

A: Fried or grilled?

H: Grilled

A: Train or plane?

H: Train

A: Strength or skills?

H: Skills

August: Thank you, CCM.

Homasa: Pleasure to do business with you!

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