The Libertarian – April 2022

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1Team Leader IntroductionIntroductionkoleq
2Shaping Future OfficersInterviewIvyCharleston
3Laughs with Senior CommandStorySecster
4Looking back at USDFArticleMaxite
5Looking into USDFInterviewIvyCharleston
6Policy PalsArticleUHaileyroseU
7Accumulating KnowledgeArticleSecster
8Creating PeaceArticleUHaileyroseU
9Future of USDFInterviewDan.K
11USDF’s CharmArticleSecster
12Office SpotlightSpotlightLisekai
13Look Out!ArticleMaxite

Team Lead Introduction

by koleq

Cover by chiari.cord

Hey there! Welcome to the April 2022 edition of the Libertarian. Thanks for taking the time to open this page. This month’s Libertarian team had a wide range of flavour in writing and graphics. Each and every piece of creative work in this Libertarian issue has a different expression of creativity. Huge thanks to every single individual who has contributed to this month’s Libertarian. 

For this month, our theme is Easter and April Fools’. Though we did not fully shift our attention to the two holidays; we are focusing more on USDF for this one. There are a variety of articles and interviews to read that will help you get to know more about USDF and its personnel. 

With all that being said, we hope you enjoy this month’s edition.

Happy reading!

Shaping Future Officers

by IvyCharleston

Cover by FiftyMiles

FOLP helped me to become a better leader because I got to work with experienced officers who actually have really good leadership experience and skills

CWO5 Cpt.ghostprice

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and who you are?

CWO5 Cpt.ghostprice

Hello, I am CWO5 Cpt.ghostprice the current SWOAMC, my name is Price and I love Marines more than any other branch in USDF. I enlisted on 14th July 2021 and joined OPA as E4 but as soon as I got E5 I switched to OMP till I became a W3 and when I applied to XO TECOM in OJFD and got it and then as a W4 I became the SWOAMC. During my career in USDF, I used so many problems that were so useful like EOI RC and FOLP.

CWO5 ScaryRakker

I’m CWO5 ScaryRakker, also known as Nick. I’m an MPO with the OJSIG from the Netherlands. I study sciences and I’m aiming for a career in the Royal Netherlands Navy. I spend most of my free time socialising with friends or watching my favourite franchises like Star Trek, outside of Habbo.

CWO4 KoalaScoop

I am CWO4 KoalaScoop or Max for short. I am currently a member of OMP and Air Force council.

How has FOLP helped you become a better leader?

CWO5 Cpt.ghostprice

FOLP helped me to become a better leader because I got to work with experienced officers who actually have really good leadership experience and skills and that really gave me the chance to learn from them so much and they also helped me and told me how to improve and corrected me whenever I made any mistake. I’m so lucky that I got to listen to my mentor’s comments and feedback and even corrections which I really used to improve and I really improved because of it.

CWO5 ScaryRakker

During FOLP, I would regularly be in a position where I had to put myself in the shoes of others, putting their needs before mine. This has taught me how to help people deal with their concerns and how to effectively deliver feedback and suggestions to improve their performance they can do something with, without being too harsh. FOLP also taught me new ways to approach situations and how others may experience such an approach. I think this is a very valuable skill I’ve learned as it has helped me resolve situations from another person’s perspective, generally leading to a more appropriate conclusion both parties are satisfied with. I would say resolving concerns and conflicts to create a safe work environment is an important part of being a leader so having these skills makes a big difference

CWO4 KoalaScoop

It developed my capability of thinking like a leader. I think it was necessary because previously I wasn’t able to go further in my thoughts.

What is your favourite thing about FOLP?

CWO5 Cpt.ghostprice

My favorite thing about FOLP is that I get to experience what being an officer is and how to actually manage and lead HQ from the OC position which Is something you really don’t get to do as a WO but using FOLP will allow you to experience it and be prepared to do it correctly when getting in OCS. FOLP prepares you to be in OCS and gives you the experience of being an officer.

CWO5 ScaryRakker

My favourite thing about FOLP is tough to decide, all of it was a wonderful experience. If I had to choose though, I think it would be getting to know your mentor and their personal experiences as an officer. I was surprised to see how much of a role my mentor’s experiences played in FOLP, during the program my mentor, 2d Lt ardnaxela, would regularly add on to the basic stuff to tell me how she experienced something, and how I could take that into account when I’ll be an officer. Seeing personal input into the program showed a lot on what being an officer is actually like on your average day. I think that is what really made the program as educational and enjoyable as it is.

CWO4 KoalaScoop

I really liked the way officers are able to push you to go further on your every aspect. It is a unique way to progress

Laughs with Senior Command

By Secster

Cover by FiftyMiles

The stinging beams of the sun would heat the surface of the silky smooth sand, wrapping the edge of the coast with its glorious goldy shine. Today was one of those days where SoW, assignments, and other annoying tasks were disregarded. Who could not enjoy the elements of summer and the crisp refreshments to be had by the beautiful blue of the ocean, which dampened the edge of the sand hugging the waves of the water turning soggy ever so slightly.

One could wish that the waves would be the only sound you would hear while enjoying yourself at the beach, but from a distance, a familiar voice was heard along with the shattering of an object made in glass, 

Watch4Me: What the hell do you mean you don’t serve any beer at this Beach Bar? You call this a beer?! I came here to relieve all my stress with some good old ale, and your crisp scheissty bum can’t serve me a real beer?

-Rob?: Grandpa, just because this fine ale isn’t above 50% doesn’t mean it’s a bad beer, be happy it’s free. The NCO taxpayers *Cough* GwenBD94… are paying for it, so take it and be happy!

.diplodocus.: What is all this fuss about? Don’t make me rejoin OJSIG…

-Rob?: Sorry about our grandpa miss, would you like something to drink? 

Perhaps something tropical with fruits and stuff, something GOOD. 

-Rob? Would stare at Watch4Me and Watch4Me would stare back at the bartender with an unsatisfied expression, -Rob? stares back with a grin on his face and chuckles slightly.

.diplodocus.: No, I don’t drink actually, give me some water with ice in it, please, *In whisper* ”waterboi”.

-Rob?: I heard that… I’m feeling generous today so I’ll get you some extra freezybits, I hope it doesn’t freeze your Air Force wings.

While the tropical trio enjoyed themselves at the bar, the familiar five closer to the water enjoyed the ever-so longing summer, splashing around in the water, cooling themselves from the skincooking sun.

AKA from the hotness of 91-Bravo… Because he’s hot… Anyways…

*Clears throat* Let’s continue with this story.

TageAQ: Hahaha, I will drown you, Secster! After today you will be a part of the dampy wavy navy bois! You’re done for! *Chuckles loudly*

Secster: Shut your oilbum up! *Splashes water at TageAQ*, I will make you my seahorse, be ready to be my water stallion you pleb!

Doritota: *Sitting on a soft towel covered in the shade by a sun umbrella* I don’t get how bathing can be enjoyable… Especially with those two pathetics present… Why are they even allowed here? Isn’t this beach O1+?

tim058: *Exhales in relaxation* I don’t even know why we let them come, they always fight and troll anyways. I will just enjoy my tropical tomato punch and relax, HNCO OMP is finally calming down.

sugarnoah: Yeah, they will wear themselves out eventually, if I know them well, a Lizard on a Stick will probably get them to not act like residentially challenged bums… But dayum tim058, you’re really taking it extra scheissty right now, keep it up, might promote you, might, okay no.

The familiar five had their fair share of fun enjoying the seasonal enjoyability. Summer is a time of relaxation, taking a step back from your duties and from everything occupying the daytime each individual has at their disposal. This fact was indeed clear to them fellers by the pier going over the water; the fantastical five were competing doing jumps from the pier into the steamy summer ocean water.

TheRealMatrix would take a few steps back on the pier, sprint towards the edge, jump at the last possible stage, turn his body sideways while performing a 360-degree backflip. His body moves around 360 degrees two-dimensionally until he hits the water creating a decent splash from the initial impact until he surfaces.

TheRealMatrix: *Swings hair to the side to extract the water* Now that is how you do an actual 360 sideways backflip, you waterpots!

.Melioo.: That was a great one Mr.DepSecDef! I must say a trick like that deserves a round of applause, come on, everyone, whoever doesn’t applaud is a bad person!

Underterminated, FeastBeast, xStarlight11 and TheRealMatrix: *Stares at .Melioo with a surprised look all over their faces*

Underterminated: YOU’VE DONE IT NOW, HAVEN’T YOU? *Stares at .Melioo. with an angry expression*

xStarlight11: .Melioo… You know Underterminated lost his arms in a shark attack the other day, right? *Chuckles silently*

FeastBeast: *Looks away and covers his mouth with his hand to hide his laughter* .Melioo… You… You are a menace… *Chuckles loudly*.

TheRealMatrix: Hahahahahaha, you’ve done it now .Melioo., you really chose violence when you woke up huh? *Chuckles loudly with FeastBeast and xStarlight11*

.Melioo.: Oh… I ”totally” forgot that, ehh, but on the other hand, I need to find something to add to arm-less personnel in the Regulation 2 For Armless Personnel… Cya! *Proceeds to stand up and runs towards the Jeep they arrived in*

Underterminated: Oh, you little… Hey, come back here! I’ll teach you a lesson, regboy! *Screams at .Melioo.*

xStarlight11: Oh well, there goes our ride back home, I guess Underterminated won’t have to worry about driving this time. *Laughs out loud*

FeastBeast: He won’t have to worry about punching someone and getting a demerit for it either, haha! *Bursts out in laughter*

FeastBeast, TheRealMatrix, and xStarlight11 would burst out laughing their lungs out as Underterminated would sit looking out at the water with an expression expressing pure anger and disappointment.

The sun had cooked the surface of the beach enough for the day and would start to simmer down towards the horizon, creating an enjoyable pink/orange glaze across the sky, hitting the flufflike clouds as fire on a piece of cotton. The day had reached its end. Adios and remember to enjoy summertime!

Looking back at USDF

By Maxite

Cover by karencita994

Change is a constant. With each passing moment, the USDF steps forward into the future; embracing something new and leaving something behind in the past. It can be hard to keep on top of all that happens, especially as some changes happen gradually and others are far more spontaneous. Here’s a look back at the USDF, and the notable recent changes it has made.

February 22, 2022: A whirlwind of changes that had rippling effects for the next several weeks with several command changes. WalkingBootz was appointed as the next CSAF, having previously served as the USD ED. IWasLike,WHAT?! took over as USD ED, leaving her USD P spot. .diplodocus. was elevated from JSIG to USD P to fill in that spot. Over the next several days, we’d see Mrslaya12 take over as the new JSIG after having served as JAG, and HumanRevolution would become the next JAG. Ending things off is the appointment of LighthouseOne, who started their third term as the ASD PA on March 3rd.

On February 27th, the Office of the Judge Advocate General announced that there will be an overhaul to its appellate process, with a new court martial system being rolled out. Personnel will be able to appeal select punishments, and will be able to have a trial with prosecutors and defense making cases. An additional Judge Advocate position was added with this change. TayWestCoast and Williamh14 become JAs filling in vacancies in the office. Changes were also made to legislation allowing people to file an appeal without requiring that they intend on rejoining the USDF within 14 days.

Officer Candidate School saw the graduation of the OCS Class of 058, with Doritota, Sorraia, hakateach, iAmbitious, and Lottie2411 joining the Officer ranks. The OCS Class of 059 later announced their student body of ChanelPuccia and Stealth. Diplomaat was appointed to fill in the OCS AO vacancy to aid with school overcrowding in the Class of 059.

March 5th is another date that will live on in USDF infamy, as that is the day that we declared war on the British Armed Forces after acts of aggression and illegal warfare operations conducted by some of their members about USDF personnel and other organizations. War time protocols were also put in place; notably with accounts needing to be 48 hours old to join the USDF. Our personnel also rose to the challenge, and created a variety of memes and jokes about the various actors of the BAF.

Regulation 11: Intelligence & Classification was completely revamped on March 15th. The previous OPSEC classification system was replaced with a new system that allows for more granular control of access to sensitive information. Various offices and even positions within offices will also receive differing clearances. These changes were spearheaded by members of the Intelligence portfolio and the NSC, and it is recommended that people review them as the changes will be implemented in future exams administered by OOT&E.

Looking into USDF

By IvyCharleston

Cover by FiftyMiles

Can you tell me about yourself?

I am Brigadier General Human Revolution, and it all began with a broken CPU fan, I had to use a backup laptop which wasn’t really powerful. This was just when lockdown started, so I joined in 2020 to pass the time. I first went to the air force branch to be close with a few friends I knew that still played. And that’s how I came to this place! I like to think I had quite the eventful career since, with both ups and downs. I had been in OJFD, OMP, OISA, OJAG, and branch command before, before settling down again in this awesome group. USDF is my first and last military, so everything I learnt or did was fresh and thrilling. Even something such as filling DDO for the first time was a terrific experience. And now I have recently been appointed as Judge Advocate General (JAG),

What were your first thoughts when you were offered the role of JAG?

I remember asking advice regularly from my predecessor about my role’s expectations and standards, so I could prepare for what I really liked and wanted. My first thoughts were how smoothly I can transition towards the senior command standard, and then how I can address issues the office currently has. There were some, and some projects, that were being overseen by my former before my appointment, my thoughts were mostly related to completing them

What are you most looking forward to in your new position?

Easily, the court system. It is something new and exciting, something USDF had never done before (to my knowledge). Being a herald that brings this to life is easily something that I can be looking forward to the most.

Are there currently any challenges you are facing in the role?

Office-wise there’s nothing too challenging at the moment, but a few setbacks arise every now and then. Being able to come up with a good decision quickly, I guess that itself can be a challenge sometimes especially if there’s more to consider. With practice it has become manageable to tackle anything unpredictable that comes up.

What advice do you give to anyone who also hopes to follow in your footsteps one day?

Apart from the usual requirements like being unbiased, etc. As a JA/JAG you’ll often face opposing arguments and these can be capable of breaking your confidence for the untrained. Never let it by remembering why you chose this, make the right decision and be armed to the teeth to defend it. Another crucial quality is being able to look at a situation from all angles, context matters a lot. Having a moral compass on-point, confident in your decisions, and morally right, you will be looked up to as guardian to those unfairly punished and you will be a pain to those who made rash decisions.

Policy Pals

By UHaileyroseU

Cover by armando498

OSP&C Is by far one of the most important offices within USDF, they make many changes to impact USDF in a positive way and create a better platform for all of us.

One of those ways is through a program named the Policy Discussion Group. The Policy Discussion Group is a team of personnel across all rank groups and offices within USDF that analyze and discuss suggestions along with the OSP&C team, and additionally aid in any special projects USDF may be working on.

Members can apply through an application form and if picked, they will be involved with the discussion Group for a few months. Each member plays an integral role in determining the outcome of many suggestions and ideas.

Although a lot of the work in this program is OPSEC, we do know that they have been involved in RTP overhauls, new medal additions, and many other projects that are currently being worked on.

Members of the discussion group are just as important as OSP&C as they too help to create a better experience for USDF.

If you are interested in joining this prestigious office then keep an eye out in announcements as that is where they open applications.

Accumulating Knowledge

By Secster

Cover by :alyss

Upon enlisting into the Military Simulation Roleplaying based organization United States Defense Force, each individual automatically signs up to perform duties expected of them as personnel of the military organization. 

This includes, but is not limited to, attending several pieces of training, whether they are aimed to improve you physically or psychologically.

It is important to remember that the respective training exists to develop understanding and readiness for future leaders of the United States Defense Force. Personnel must attend training if they wish to proceed further in the military. Refraining from doing so will fall under the unwillingness to work and contribute to the matter.

Keep in mind that each Further Education and Training programs (FEATs) and Practical Training Programs (PTPs) are developed for the military personnel as free education regarding the matter in various aspects.

Each FEAT and PTP has been carefully constructed to assist personnel in understanding the in-depth functionality of the United States Defense Force. Therefore attending FEATs, PTPs, and other USDF related training is in the best interest of every individual involved in the military organization.

The United States Defense Force possesses a generous amount of Further Education and Training programs, 24 in a total of which are available in the military pay-grades starting at Enlisted E1-E3, JNCOs E4-E6, SNCOs E7-E9, and moving up towards WO CWO1-CWO5s.

Further Education and Training programs offer a broad selection of training such as practical training, psychological training, and exams provided for free by USDF employed personnel authorized to host them or by the military office called the Office of Joint Force Development.

FEATs focuses on broadening and developing the psychological understanding of personnel in aspects such as but is not limited to online security, communication skills, recruitment skills, defensive skills against foreign entities, creating friendships, and much more.

The training programs are available for everyone a part of the military organization and become relevant once personnel reaches each training’s required pay grade.

The United States Defense Force also provides Combat training and Scenario training where personnel are put into simulating operations.

These types of training fall under Practical Training Programs, also known as PTPs, and benefit in the practical and combat section of the military organization where armed assault defense and scenario understanding is required in several aspects such as survival, knowledge of armaments, and readiness for battle in all environments regardless of elements.

Miscellaneous physical training provided by the United States Defense Force is the only type of optional training, whereas leaving it unobtained is acceptable as it is not considered actual training impacting the advancement in your USDF Career. These training programs are called Defense Force Martial Arts Programs and involve physical defense against unarmed and armed opponents in specific scenarios and environments.

DFMAPs offer four classes of physical defense programs starting at Gray and moving up to Green, Brown, and ending at Black.

Every personnel is required to acquire the trainings if they wish to become Marksmanship and Medical Instructors (MMI’s) and later Global PTP Instructors (GPI’s). This is done by receiving each training each instructor grade requires plus graduating from each instructor grades examination. As mentioned above, personnel are not required to receive this to proceed further. However, doing so shows their willingness to contribute to the good of the matter and is highly appreciated by all.

The training available in the United States Defense Force is for you and equally everyone else regardless of any factors except rank eligibility.

The United States Defense Force encourages you to acquire all training as this is a crucial step towards becoming a future leader of this great organization. Trainings may sometimes seem annoying and time-consuming. However, FEAT, PTP, and DFMAP training programs will assist you on your journey through your USDF career. Be sure you try your utmost to contribute to the matter and the fellow personnel who once trained you. Without the training you currently possess, it is possible you would not be in the position/rank/role you now hold.

Work your hardest and keep your chin up; USDF will always stay by your side. Remember the core values of USDF – honor, courage, and commitment!

Creating Peace

By UHaileyroseU

Cover by karencita994

It is no secret that USDF is involved with Allies, creating new ones and banishing old ones. Have you ever thought to yourself why we have Allies? What’s so important about Allies?

Well, your questions will be answered today. I partnered with the Office Of International Security Affairs for their thoughts so I could get a better look at Allies and why we need them.

There are MANY reasons why allies are Important and why we need them, but for today I will be shortening it down to the top 3 reasons.

One reason they’re important is that we can learn from them on many things like what does/doesn’t work. One organization simply cannot run on its own thoughts without taking suggestions from other organizations to help each other thrive. There have been many times USDF has altered something because we realized it doesn’t work by looking at other organizations.

Another reason Allies are important is because it increases friendships across the group floor. Let’s be honest, many people in USDF probably wouldn’t even consider going to other organizations to say hi or start a conversation if we didn’t have alliances. Because of alliances we can get to know other organizations and make friends by simply hanging out in their HQ, or from events OISA hosts. I know from experience that I wouldn’t have known anyone outside of USDF if it weren’t for the events we host with our allies.

Finally, it helps us have peace across Habbo. Without alliances, organizations could get hostile and want to start problems with each other that otherwise wouldn’t happen if they’re alliances. Without the peace on Habbo, it could drive people out of military simulations and these organizations would be no more. As stated before, allies are important for many different reasons, I hope you understand a bit more about why we need allies and why they’re important.

Future of USDF

By Dan.K

Cover by armand0498

What goals do you have for your branch and how do you plan to accomplish them?

xaviahxx: My goals have always been to carry on the legacy of all the previous SMMCs that had served before me! The Marines, ever since I have joined USDF, have always been such a great and established branch – like the other 3 branches. However, I have never seen a more inviting branch, and absolutely loved my previous runs in the Marines – so I wanted to recreate this experience for all of our Marines personnel, regardless of if they had served under a different branch at USDF previously, or if they were entirely new to USDF and the Marines. We as OCMC, in conjunction with our Council Divisions, have always strived to create an enjoyable experience for everyone – hence throughout my term, I had pushed myself to create as many friendships with my fellow Marines as I possibly could! USDF has and will always be a community I have and will continue to enjoy; and that’s what I want everyone to take home at the end of the day.

LadyVoldie: All I want for this branch is to make sure the members are thriving and doing the best they can, and to create friendships that will last. I have started up something called Branch Night, where we once a week either play a game, watch a movie or just hang out. Last week, we watched Luca and I don’t think a single eye was dry after that movie…

Zarkon: Goals I have for my branch – Increased Engagement Between Mentors and Mentees: Being a mentor I’ve noticed a lot of miscommunication from mentors and their mentees. During my term, I’d like to increase the engagement between them, as said before I would like to do the same as opening meetings. One plan I have is for mentors and their mentees to meet and engage more such as providing them with guidance or goal-setting meetings. During these meetings, their mentee will be opened a platform in which they can explain any goals they’d like to reach to their mentor where their mentor would then help as much as possible and give them the information they need to strive and reach that goal. These meetings will very much increase engagement and communication between both the mentor and the mentee.

AngelEnergy,: One of my main goals as the SMA is to increase the activity and morale of the Army. To achieve this, I must first be consistent in completing my tasks and responsibilities, like the rest of what OCSA and Army Council does, so Army members, especially NCOs for me, are assured that we are focused on meeting their needs.

Do you have any advice for your branch members?

xaviahxx: As previously mentioned – USDF is so centered around our community. Communicate with people around HQ and Discord! Interact with people on the forums. So many ways to communicate with each other – if you see someone around HQ, say hey! Throw away any preconceived ideas; they’re trash. Get to know everyone! We all have to remember this is a game, and being on Habbo is a game which allows you to meet so many new people.

Further, trust me when I say this; learn. Learn from others, learn from your mistakes, learn from your mentors ESPECIALLY (mentors are NOT only branch mentors – they’re your leadership. Office, USDF, or branch. YOU HAVE MANY MENTORS). Make mistakes! It’s the only way you grow online and in real life. And most importantly, if you have an issue – talk about it! Talk about it and make it known until it’s resolved as much as possible – or even completely! And; take breaks : )

LadyVoldie: Never give up. You haven’t failed until you stop trying. It doesn’t matter how big the fall is, as long as you get back on your feet and keep trying. 🙂

Zarkon: Advice for my branch members – If you’re ever feeling down and unmotivated there’s always ways to overcome the demotivation. Look out for new things to do daily. further ways to better themselves. I’ve always wanted to help people when I was growing up. I myself struggle from lack of demotivation sometimes and I always have to strive and push myself through it. With this being said my main piece of advice I want to give is don’t be afraid to speak up, there’s always someone who’s going through the same thing you are and can offer good feedback!

AngelEnergy,: For my Army angels, always put yourself first — no matter who or what you’re up against. Putting yourself first will make you understand how to take care of others.

You just won an all expenses paid SpaceEx trip to view the Earth from space, are you a cat or dog person, and why?

xaviahxx: First of all, what kind of &$%#ery of a question is this? I was promised a trip to space and now I’m being asked the most controversial question?! Secondly; dog person. Unless we’re talking about catwoman; then I’m a cat person.

Zarkon: I’ve always been a dog person, but this past year my wife just got a cat and he’s been my little buddy. If I could I’d save all the kitties and doggies in the world I would, seeing the animal commercials got to me growing up. 

If you were on Death row what would you request for your last meal?

LadyVoldie: As my last meal… I would start with garlic bread and shrimps fried in garlic, ’cause it’s tasty. Then I would eat Beef Tenderloin with some sauce and potato wedges, and end the meal with cheesecake >:)

AngelEnergy,: Medium rare steak with mashed potatoes, sashimi, burrito, birria tacos, hakaw dumplings, sweet & sour pork, 1pc KC chicken with rice with coleslaw and mashed potatoes again, jajangmyeon with danmuji, and paneer butter masala with naan will be my appetizers tysm

Zarkon: If I was on death row my last meal would have to be a whole thing of eggo waffles, 12 small cans of Pepsi, a steak from longhorn steakhouse, McDonalds pancakes, McDonalds hashbrowns.

If you were a McDonald’s menu item which one would you be and why?

Zarkon: If I was a McDonalds menu item I would most likely have to be a hotcake (they’re my favorite). I mean c’mon who wouldn’t want to transform into a pancake?

If you had to abolish one office from USDF, which one would it be and why?

xaviahxx: Sobbing because without any of our offices at USDF, so many things will crumble! From a simple perspective; bye bye OAS!! Ms. DA&M; I was coerced I swear

Zarkon: If I had to abolish one office from USDF it would be OISA, I mean who needs allies? As you can see being friendly has gotten us war

AngelEnergy,: OSP&C cos what is that

LadyVoldie: Oh dear. Honestly, there is no picking here, because all offices are needed to make USDF what it is today.

Dan.K: Maya it’s just for fun lolol ur not gonna hurt anyone’s feelings. u have to choose one office >:) one of your counterparts chose OAS if that helps.

LadyVoldie: Hmm. Can I merge? like… get rid of an office by merging it with another?

Dan.K: yeah that definitely works! abolishing an office and having their duties absorbed to another makes sense.

LadyVoldie: Hmm. In that case, I might actually merge OJAG and OJSIG. They have similar work. But I could also merge OISA and OPA. They also do similar things, and it could be great to have them working alongside each other.


By Yodar

Cover by armando498

Did you know that Easter is the most important day throughout Christianity as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is a central belief for Christians and the focal point of their faith?  It is believed that it occurred 3 days after Jesus was crucified by Romans around 30 AD.  Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox.  Come join me as we take a closer look at Easter!

Easter has Christain roots but has also become popular in society for other elements, such as Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs.

Easter is a 2,000-year-old holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and marks the arrival of Spring. The majority of the population believes Easter is all about chocolate bunnies, dyed eggs, and bouquets of daffodils and lilies.


Easter is a 2,000-year-old Christian holiday marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the arrival of spring. Easter is a holiday full of chocolate bunnies, dyed eggs, and bouquets of daffodils and lilies, but it is also one of the most significant observances of the Christian faith around the world. 

Easter is also closely associated with the exodus of the Jews from Egypt as described in the Old Testament and the Jewish holiday of Passover. These events are also connected to the Last Supper, which took place the night before Jesus was arrested.

Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter, also known as “Passion Week”. It includes Palm Sunday (when Jesus entered Jerusalem and was celebrated), Maundy Thursday (the Last Supper, when Jesus met with his disciples to observe Passover), and Good Friday (when Jesus would be crucified on the cross). 

Traditionally, Palm Sunday falls on the Sunday before Easter. It commemorates and celebrates the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem when his followers greeted him by laying palm leaves at his feet to demonstrate their reverence for him. Many churches observe Easter on Holy Saturday, just before Easter Sunday. These religious services are known as Easter Vigils. 

According to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Easter rituals begin 40 days before Easter on Clean Monday, beginning with the Great Lent. It is a time of repentance, fasting, and commemoration of the biblical events leading up to Jesus Christ’s death, crucifixion, and resurrection. Last week is Holy Week, which culminates with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter. 

Many Christians celebrate Easter religiously, including with a traditional liturgy and baptism on Holy Saturday night for Catholics, or the sunrise services on Easter Sunday for Protestants. Orthodox church members also celebrate Easter zealously, but the day on which they observe Easter differs by 13 days from Catholics because they follow the Julian calendar. 

Easter has become a spring-time celebration by integrating many pagan celebrations. As part of these relatively modern traditions, you will find the Easter bunny – a symbol of spring who brings us colorful eggs that symbolize new life. Although the origins of the Easter bunny concept have been disputed, many agree that it originated in Germany. The kids always look forward to his arrival, decorating eggs, eating candy, and participating in community Easter egg hunts. Easter activities have become a huge part of the holiday, so get out there and spend time with your family and loved ones!

Additional Facts:

Easter Candy is usually an impulse purchase for 1 out of 3 Americans. 32% usually purchase it from the grocery store when shopping for something else. 46% make a special trip to purchase candy, while 18% wait until the day after Easter when it is discounted to make room for other holiday stuff.

Did you know that the #1 purchase for Easter is candy? 23% of Americans purchase candy on or around Easter. The second most popular purchase is plastic eggs or baskets, which turns out to be 15%.

While adults participate in religious rituals, vigils and go to church, there are activities for children to celebrate Easter.  They usually dye eggs, play games such as egg rolling and egg hunts, flying kites, and playing leapfrog, as well as games that have Easter Bunny in them.

USDF’s Charm

By Secster

Cover by armando498

I am aware that I am not the only one who was confused upon the first encounter with the military organization called the United States Defense Force. I, like many others, was very hesitant to join at first, and I believed I would not stay for an extended period of time. I would not in my wildest dreams think, not even once, that I would be a part of it for five years, yet here I am, in the Office of Public Affairs writing about this still employed in and out of USDF. So if you are reading this, I am glad you are. I appreciate it and truly hope you have found your comfort zone within the greatness and beautiful community that is USDF.

Upon joining the United States Defense Force, I was utterly lost at what I would do and where I would end up in the military organization. I know I am speaking for myself but also for fellow employees currently in USDF, trying their best to get by. The first weeks are always the most slippery ones, and I am sure they or you will get by eventually. Thanks to the beautiful community that USDF chambers within its warm embrace upon becoming an asset to everyone involved, one can say that the best aspect of USDF is the people and the personalities you get to experience and get to know while serving. People are drawn to each other, especially when they feel accepted and a part of a community that works for no one else but each other. USDF is a team, a structured and organized masterpiece, to be precise. It is hard to find anything else like USDF hence why it stands today. Impressively the same people tend to always stick to USDF in one way or another. The loyalty that people have to everyone in USDF and the organization itself is unbelievable and beautiful at the same time. This fact is clear.

While serving USDF, I met people I am friends with till this very day, people I speak to and laugh with, create memories with daily. USDF will permanently be embedded within everyone involved, which is a good thing, of course! I know people who have met their soulmates in this organization, people who have met life-lasting friends on this platform, and I am glad to say that I am one of them. Climbing the ranks and gaining the roles and positions in the organization is a fantastic bonus to top it all off with, and I know that USDF will continue to expand and gain new ideas and other factors to make it even more interesting in the coming years for as long as Habbo stands. The creativity and work put into this community and organization are mind-blowing, and it has yet to disappoint anyone serving. USDF has had its ups and downs like anything ever created, but thanks to the community, it will always stand firm and continue to develop friendships and other beautiful things for everyone involved.

It is always hard to leave an establishment with these excellent traits. Still, one with loyalty and love to the organization will always turn up with more energy than ever to contribute again with all their power.

United States Defense Force is truly one of a kind and always will be. When we are all old and crunchy, we will look back at the days when we met the people we spent our young days with online, the first generation to experience the global agenda that is virtuality. We will remember all the fun we had and how seriously we took everything (Which is fine, don’t let anyone bash you for taking USDF seriously, it goes a long way, and all establishment needs to possess people that do).

We will look back at the memories and the laughter and tears we spilled all over the Voice Chats and text chats on the client and third-party communication platforms. This is how I feel many experiences USDF as it is how I think and what people have told me they think, we stay for each other and the community. We are USDF. We always will be in one way or another as USDF has become a part of our life, a part of our hobby, and free time where we can relax and be a little bit ourselves without being judged for it.

USDF may soon be a part of the past, but that is not now, and it’s your time to shine to create your career in USDF and enjoy everything it has to offer. Do everything you can to be productive, friendly, and make laughter and joy that you will remember with a nip of nostalgia seasoned all over it; you will genuinely enjoy that feeling. USDF is for you, and you are for USDF. So keep climbing the ladder and enjoy yourself, have a bit of fun. It is allowed and accepted over here at this great establishment.

I will see you on the battlefield, soldiers and friends!

Office Spotlight

By Lisekai

Cover by bluebell1994

Does JSD have bad humor?

Q: Introduce yourself, please!

BrigGen Mrslaya12, JSIG: I am Brigadier General Mrslaya12, or better known as Riley to a lot in USDF

Brig Gen TraidKelly, DMP: Heya! I am TraidKelly, or James if you prefer! I am the Director of Manpower and Personnel at USDF, and have been working here for almost 2 years!

CAPT KarturoW, VCNO: Hey, my name is Carlos but my habbo user is KarturoW!!

Mr. .Melioo., ASD SP&C: Hi there, I am Mel, the all-knowing ASD SP&C of USDF. I am an IT university student and a huge fan of programming. I am also known as Spreadsheets God, but not by many. I have been serving at the USDF for almost 2 years (3 years with 1 year break), therefore I count myself as a veteran.

Q: What is the most important thing you have learned as a Senior Command member?

BrigGen Mrslaya12, JSIG: The most important thing I have learned as a senior command member is that even working at one of the higher levels in USDF, you will still find yourself not always knowing what to do in certain situations. Learning is a constant process that we all undergo while working here, even OSD/NSC members experience this. Do not be afraid to be uncomfortable, that means you are growing

Brig Gen TraidKelly, DMP: How to say no. As this is a required part of being a leader. Finding the line between being a generous leader, and understanding when to say no, is vital.

CAPT KarturoW, VCNO: I have learned lots of things in just 3 months but I can say that the most important one would be how to boost morale within a team through communication and leadership. I have used this within the Navy branch and the CNO executive team!

Mr. .Melioo., ASD SP&C: To lead my team with a steady hand. Leading a team is fairly complex and doing it properly how it suits your team is a true science. 

When I got appointed to ASD SP&C I had little to no actual leadership experience apart from leading parts of projects as AD of OSP&C. The longer you serve in a challenging position requiring active leadership you get to know your team better and tailor the leadership style to their benefit.

Q: What was your first USDF position and what memories do you have from it?

BrigGen Mrslaya12, JSIG: The first position in USDF was one you’d remember, I was a fresh OJSIG Officer and I took XO ONAVIG. I remember all of the good times I spent bantering with my piggos and all of the investigative work I did, lots of interesting stuff that I can’t explain much past that for obvious reasons

Brig Gen TraidKelly, DMP: My first position within USDF was CO AFPC within OMP. I remember specifically when Major TheUndertaker-2 took me under his wing and taught me the importance of being a true part of my team. I will never forget what he taught me. To be one with the members of my office.

CAPT KarturoW, VCNO: Ooooh going through memory book, XO OSP&C, I don’t remember much but I remember being part of a great team along with AidenSan and -d3st!ny-.

Mr. .Melioo., ASD SP&C: As a regular member? JISO when I was just a young E5 or E6, I don’t remember. I have very good memories of it, especially the actual recruitment where OISA diplomats roleplayed by throwing pamphlets all around the HQ recruiting new members. I got involved and stuck to OISA for 6 months before applying and being appointed to XO NOT&E, my first command position. There I was led by already retired Captain Toni (Tjedshaul) and worked my way up to CO NOT&E. My first baby steps to being accepted later to OSP&C working my way up to ASD SP&C.

Q: What motivates you at the USDF?

BrigGen Mrslaya12, JSIG: The community and the drive to progress USDF in ways it has never been before

Brig Gen TraidKelly, DMP: The community. The fact we are all accepting in our way or another. Like a family. With any family, there’s goods and bads. But the fact I get to come online to my family after a long day at work in real life motivates me to keep on thriving.

CAPT KarturoW, VCNO: I have been in USDF for around 3 years or so with ups and downs but I would say that USDF as a community is what has made me return and stick around. I appreciate what lots of people I have met here have done for me now and in the past.

Mr. .Melioo., ASD SP&C: 1) Friends and my team. The amazing community drives me forward and never gets me bored. I enjoy being in HQ and just chill before or after work. It helps me gather my thoughts, hehe.

2) Getting into the Flag Grade Officer team. Almost done!!

Q. Considering one time in which you failed, what advice would you give to lower ranked personnel?

BrigGen Mrslaya12, JSIG: To never give up. When I was an NCO in USDF a year and a quarter ago, I wanted to be in OJSIG more than anything. I think I got rejected 3-4 times before finally getting accepted. I certainly had times when I wanted to give up, but I refused to settle for anything aside from what I wanted. Dedication and persistence shines out a lot

Brig Gen TraidKelly, DMP: Never consider anything a true failure, but rather, an opportunity to receive feedback and adapt. Do not let pride nor self esteem hold you back. Whether it be high or low. We all want to help you. Trust us.

CAPT KarturoW, VCNO: I have always said and kept this quote close to “Tough times never last, tough people do.”, I wouldn’t consider anything a failure as long as you bring some benefit out of it, meaning feedback, review, etc. You have to take that feedback, apply it to your performance, and push forward.

Mr. .Melioo., ASD SP&C: To clear your head and try again. That was what helped me to not drown myself in bad feelings. The main thing is to learn from your mistakes and be better yourself! Secondly, consult with someone. A friend or your favorite command member can help you get over it and start anew and better! 

Q. Tell us a joke!

BrigGen Mrslaya12, JSIG: GOV_BARF 

Brig Gen TraidKelly, DMP: No c:

CAPT KarturoW, VCNO: Joe 🙂


Mr. .Melioo., ASD SP&C: Oh phew ok! 

What do you call a soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray?

A seasoned veteran.

Q. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, what’s the distance between the Moon and the Sun without checking the Internet?

BrigGen Mrslaya12, JSIG: I’m sure a good 750k miles on a good day

Brig Gen TraidKelly, DMP: The letter Q.

CAPT KarturoW, VCNO: Earth?

Mr. .Melioo., ASD SP&C: One excavator lifting a camel

Q. Any closing remarks?

BrigGen Mrslaya12, JSIG: “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” – Bill Bradley

Brig Gen TraidKelly, DMP: I want to thank all USDF personnel for their dedication, especially throughout the recent month. Stay diligent, stay strong. HUAH!

CAPT KarturoW, VCNO: HOOYAH! COME TO NAVY! Also shoutout Nikki, and remember “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

Mr. .Melioo., ASD SP&C: Thank you for the interview and I hope it will help and encourage you, and the readers, to continue your career in USDF! It is an amazing place and we would love to see your suggestions on our board. #OSP&CTheBestSquad

Look Out

By Maxite

Cover by karencita994

April Fools sneaks up on people so fast. Perhaps it’s because the day doesn’t get as hyped as other holidays, or because it literally is a holiday about being sneaky in a fashion. No need for you to be caught totally unaware if you haven’t made your prankster plans just yet, as the Libertarian is here to provide you with a variety of mischievous munitions that you can deploy on a moment’s notice.

1) Donate to a charity that supports disadvantaged groups

Not every prank needs to be pulled on a specific victim. Sometimes the best prank you can pull is showing support and providing aid to groups that have suffered oppression or discrimination. Not every soul on the planet is a saint, so when you think about it, helping those less fortunate is pulling a prank on those who prefer to keep people downtrodden.

2) Frame of picture of “Hide the Pain Harold” and place it somewhere in the house

The famous “Hide the Pain Harold” meme has been around the internet for a while. Why not celebrate that meme by printing off a picture of Harold, framing it, and hanging it up on a wall, or placing it next to some other pictures. See how long it takes for people to notice that there actually isn’t an Uncle Harold who’s been smiling awkwardly for quite some while inside their home. If Harold isn’t your cup of tea, then there are plenty of other meme characters or celebrities who will work.

3) Set up a USDF Space Force party

Don’t give up your dreams of a Space Force, and April Fools is the perfect time to make dreams into a reality. Gather your friends, dress up in your best conception of a Space Force uniform and gather in a private room to roleplay what it’d be like being in that elusive fifth branch. Just make sure you keep the party outside of USDF rooms, and perhaps inform command so they aren’t too confused.

4) Surprise people with a gift of food

This idea isn’t to just give people food. First, you’ll want to get a nice food item that comes in distinct packaging, such as chocolates or cookies. Then you’ll want to eat that food yourself, as you deserve a treat every so often. Be careful not to damage the packaging. Next, refill the package with something different, such as potato chips or crackers, and finally, give it to a friend. Imagine the surprise on their face when they open a box of chocolates and see it filled with pretzels instead.

5) Join the Libertarian and delay publication until after April Fools

This last joke might be a bit hard to pull off, but if you can somehow join the OPA Command Team and cause progress on the Libertarian to be delayed so that it gets published after April Fools, that would be perhaps the ultimate prank. You’d prank the author of this article, prank the readers of the Libertarian who read this article, and prank the rest of OPA Command. Probably best you don’t do this one, to be honest.

A Look At Women’s Day

By Lisekai

Cover by: Armando498

USDF X HQ Women’s day event

This event went out on the 18th March 2022, hosted in collaboration with USDF and HabboQuests. The event serves as a way to set a memorial for the women that have made history through reminding their greatness in accordance with Women’s day. The event has been created through various rooms. There is the initial room, which I like to call a “lobby”, where you end up at the completion of each room. This room has Tarana Burke’s representative bot welcoming you to the event and telling you how to start the game. The lobby is made out of pink bubbles that represent the world when put together. This room is a great idea to represent how the world should be united and strong all together, the pink bubbles most likely represent women around all over the world, which was a great addition to the room. The room is filled with women’s bots that represent each one of them a woman that has made history. Examples of these are Mother Teresa and Marie Curie.

The maze starts with your avatar being teleported to a new room upon double-clicking on the teleporter in front of you. The room you end up in is an outdoors one. The woman bot welcoming you to this room is Junko Tabei, a Japanese mountaineer, author and teacher. It was really surprising seeing this room being built to represent, indeed, a mountain. in a way you could see the relation between the room and the historical woman pictured in this scenario. The game in this room is about flicking the various switches you find in front of you rapidly to make it to the top of the mountain through teleporting yourself when flicking the switches. The game is very easy and feasible, however, it requires fast clicking skills, which I did not mind. Once you’ve finished the maze for this room, you will be teleported to the lobby, on a new, different teleporter.

Entering this teleporter will bring you to the next room of the maze. This room is represented by Marilyn Monroe, a talented singer, model and actress who was also a women’s rights activist. This room is very interesting to see, as you can see Marilyn walking on the red carpet like an actual star. The game in this room consists of lining up with Marilyn Monroe and roleplay taking a picture of her through the command “*takes picture*”: you have to achieve 3 points (3 pictures correctly taken) to pass this level. The pictures also can not be taken on a tile where you have already taken a picture before, as well as can not be covered by the trees or the car. There is also a counter to show you how many pictures you have taken. The concept is really interesting, I have never seen this type of game in any maze in the past! And absolutely learning that such a young and wonderful woman was also an activist for women’s rights was great. This room shows enough creativity, and represents Marilyn Monroe’s attitude and personality to its fullest.

The next room is about Florence Nightingale, known for keeping treatment areas igienic. Below, you can see the room. In this room, you are to clean it by saying various cleaning commands in front of the objects/areas to clean, so that you can light up the Gothic Candelabras which show a clear signal of the room being completed. The room is well built and well thought overall, but without the guide it would be hard to figure out which commands you would need to tell in order to advance in the room.

The next room involves Oprah as the main character of this small maze. The idea is to step on the colored tiles to ensure you color them according to the pattern on the right, and you have one minute to do so. Once finished, you will be teleported in front of a teleport in order to get back to the lobby and so proceed to the next room.

Next room is about Laverne Cox, a trans icon known as a great actress and LGBT advocate. This room involves a series of questions asked to the player, to which the player needs to answer by standing on colored tiles around the room: each colored tile generates a different question that you are to respond to in order to advance further. The questions are related to Laverne Cox and her career/achievements as a trans woman. This room was very interesting, knowing more about Laverne Cox was exciting. I’m personally glad that during this event, it was decided to also celebrate a transgender woman. It feels like this game promotes inclusivity which is a warm action to see.

After being teleported again to the lobby, through another teleport we end up in Amelia Earhart’s room. Sadly no information is given about this woman, however the concept of the game may seem pretty simple, but it’s effective. The player has to guide a plane through arriving to a ring tile, with a 45 seconds timeout. The plane on the floor resembles the plane guided by the bot, and the player needs to guide the plane on the floor through the arrow tiles in order to guide the actual plane, the one guided by the bot, at the end of the level (ring tile). At the end of this room is also where you receive your first badge.

The next room involves a setting in Ancient Egypt, where you can see Cleopatra as an influential woman. The game is about reading what the Trader has to say, in order to pay them the right amount of coins for a vase or a camel they are selling, for example. There are hidden switches to flick in order to gather the right amount of coins to give the vendor. Once you have collected all the necessary resources, you should say “done” to teleport at the end of the level. Despite this level being one of the easiest in my opinion, the room building is fantastic and overall HabboQuests and USDF did a great job with the building of this room.

Next game is about Diana, Princess of Wales. recognized for her activism and glamor. This room’s purpose is to guide the investigator’s kit to a colored tile. The kit will follow you through the room, you need to be able to guide it properly until the end within a certain amount of time.

The next room is about Annelies Marie Frank, a Jewish girl born in Frankfurt, Germany. She spent a huge amount of days documenting her life in her diary while hiding from the Nazi occupation. The room is pretty simple, you need to walk through the path and make it to the arrow by walking only when the curtains are closed. In my opinion, a genius design, given the fact that Anne Frank was hiding from Nazis, hence walking only when the curtains are closed makes a lot of sense.

Next room is about Emmeline Pankhrust, an activist. Throughout your journey in this room, you are guided by Emmeline’s bot, who gives you indications on what to do. There are two switches to flick in the room, which would color two tiles when flicked. Once those tiles are colored, by standing on them, you are to say “lights fire” and “throws rocks” to guide Emmeline Pankhrust through her mission. At the end of this section, you are to make it through an opening and closing gate avoiding birds on the street. This room was easy to complete, which is completely understandable when considering the balance with other rooms that were more difficult.

The next and last room is in memory of a woman called Simone Biles, an American artistic gymnast. With a combined total of 32 Olympic and World Championship medals, Biles is tied as the most decorated gymnast of all time. The game in this room is about completing a successful sequence of colored tiles by following the sequence shown by the Simone Biles bot.

Lastly, to receive your second badge, you just need to teleport through the teleporter you go through when you finish the room. You will end up in a women’s symbol shaped room where by flicking a switch, you can claim your second badge. This badge resembles the 8 of the Women’s Day number. There is also a chance of winning 50c, by simply taking a screenshot of your avatar in the badge room and posting it to a competition thread.

Overall the event was very informative, well made, and the rooms balanced each other between harder and easier rooms. The rooms were very well thought out and it is clear that there has been a specific attention to detail when considering the meaning and the connection of each room to its woman representative.

In the beginning, I thought it was very hard, but as you go on, the game balances itself really well, and overall, the badges are worth it. I would like to thank USDF and HabboQuests for the realization of this successful event, and for taking the time to celebrate and never forget about influential women around the world.

That’s all from me, see you in the next article!

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