The Libertarian – February 2020

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3First New FriendFriendshipK1e24
5On Birds, and Love, and Living Your TruthLoveinfinicorn
6Frosty Pen PalsFriendshipK1e24
7Old Friends, New TimesFriendshipWahankeTheGreat
8Chocolate on Valentine’s DayLoveTheHarveh
9A Thousand Tiles MoreFriendshipinfinicorn
10Making Effective Friendships OnlineFriendshipemoo_bike
11Have You Heard Of… windowsdonkeysSpecialK1e24

Libertarian Game Recap

Winner of Guess the Date:


please collect your prize from Zathios, DPA!


Job Fair 26 May 19 2. Pool Attack 26 May 19 3. Egg Hunt 16 April 17 4. Ballon Game 5. St Patricks Day 17 March 17 6. Fundraiser Carnival August 18 7. 22nd Ceremonial Parade Performance 15 Mar 19 8. December 2018 Parade 9. OCS Ceremony 27 Jan 17 10. Branch Wars 2018 July 18

Where Am I?

by OPA Events Team

USDF’s rooms are some of the nicest and well-designed rooms on Habbo! Now it’s up to YOU to figure out which USDF rooms Aneha is in!

If you think you know the answers, submit your answers on the Libertarian Mailbox, option 1 (Libertarian Game) and list your answers from 1 to 10. If you can’t guess something, go ahead and leave it empty.

Deadline: 12 February 2020 – 11:59PM EST

Winner reveal: 15th February 2020

Prize: coins!

For any questions, please reach out to DDPA COMR Aneha.

February Coffee Dates

by Libertarian Command Team

When it comes to friendship and love throughout, there is one concept that seems to be getting more and more popular: Random acts of kindness. These are “nonpremeditated, inconsistent actions designed to offer kindness towards the outside world”. Connecting this to the online community we are all a part of, we love to invite you all to be kind to all those around you, even though you might not know when.

To facilitate this kindess to others and to get to know more people in our massive community, the Libertarian Command Team will be hosting a new event throughout the entire month of February: We’re having Coffee Dates!

The plan is fairly simple, you sign up on the Libertarian Mailbox and we match you to someone that’s active around the same times as you are. Together, you will be having a friendly Coffee Date in our specially decorated Coffee Bar @external R&R to express some joy and kindness to each other. And who knows, you might end up with a new friend!

Sign ups will be open between 1st-18th Feb for all that like to participate in this event. On 4 Feb, 11 Feb and 18 Feb, the specific matches will be announced. Afterwards, they have 5 days to meet for 10-20 minutes in External R&R to have their Coffee Date.

Which new friends are you going to make this month?

Note: The Coffee Dates are meant to get to meet new people and spread joy around USDF, this is not a dating show.

Love Yourself First

by WahankeTheGreat

“You can’t please everyone, so you have to please yourself” – Ricky Nelson

Perhaps one of the things that we most often forget about, is ourselves. In real life, and especially in our tight-knit community of USDF, we often are doing things for others or helping out other people. While it is impotent to help out others and supporting our communities that we interact with, sometimes we can often forget about ourselves in the process! The love and compassion that we give to others and our work all starts with how we treat ourselves, and not giving ourselves enough love or attention can lead to serious issues.

Stress, anxiety and many other mental health issues can come up from or be exacerbated by a lack of love or care for ourselves. In fact, one of the main diagnostic tools used to determine if someone has a mental health problem is your own personal experience such as a feeling of disconnectedness from the world, yourself or others and if you are in a state that is detrimental to your day to day life. Personal experience and choices are always of the most vital importance to developing ourselves and self-improvement is one of the ways that we grown and learn to love ourselves more as individuals. This month, in addition to the love you give to those around us, consider some of the following ideas for giving yourself a little bit of love and promoting a health relationship with your mind, body and soul..

Be (at least a little) self-centered
Being self-centered is extremely important, especially when it comes to making choices that are best for you. While you shouldn’t aim to be on the same level of self-centeredness as a narcissist, you should be willing to make yourself the center of the actions you take and the decisions you make. Always aim to think and justify things in terms of yourself and not others. For example, if you were making a decision on what to do on Saturday with your friends, your decision shouldn’t be thought of simply as “we’re going out” or “going out with the boys.” The key thing to add to all of these decisions and your explanations of them is “I”. “I am going out with my friends” or “The boys and I are going out.” The most important thing to take away from this self-centered-ness is that you should always look to make the free choice and that the actions and decisions you make are always on your terms. Even if you’re agreeing to do something to help someone, it is always because you accented to it and it was a decision of the “I” and not others.

Maintain positive self goals
Goals are always something we should set; for life, for our jobs and most importantly: For ourselves. A positive self-goal is a goal that we choose to do because it helps us grow in a way that we personally want to, where positive does not always have to mean “good” as defined by society or the groups that we interact with. The positive self-goal is an achievable reality that we want to set for ourselves so that we can work to make the actualized self, that we are today, become the idealized self that we want to become eventually. By working towards becoming the person we want to be and obtaining the idealized self, we can more easily love and be happy with ourselves. However, if there is misalignment between the actualized and idealized self and we are becoming less like what we want to become eventually, this leads to incongruence and can lead to suffering, despair and depression.

Set aside time for yourself
We are often so busy with our work, both in real life and on Habbo, that we honestly are just working or keeping ourselves busy. One thing that could be hugely beneficial is to dedicate some time for you to do something by yourself, so that you have some time to think about yourself and also possibly reflect upon your personal experiences. Meditation, taking a short walk, hopping in a car to take a drive or even having dinner by yourself can all be perfect situations for having an intimate moment with yourself. These moments are the time when you can really clear your mind and maybe focus on things that might be troubling you on a more personal level. It is healthy and perfectly fine to deal with these issues by yourself and it is a good way to lower stress. Just be aware of your own limits and know when to turn to your support network for help.

We are always so focused on those around us, that we would almost forget about ourselves. If you do happen to loose yourself or feeling demotivated or depressed, always make sure to reach out to your friends or loves ones and express how you feel. The steps mentioned above will help you to find yourself again, cause you are the most important thing in your own life.

First New Friend

by k1e24

Dear diary,

Today was a fun and enjoyable day! Why was it fun. Well I met my newest, and first friend in USDF! It was a fabulous experience as over the last few days I have been mostly keeping to myself. Having the odd conversation here or there about the work I was doing, but today I finally made friends with someone! We got to know each other and found we both enjoyed similar things and external activities. We sat down in R&R to discuss further and we soon found other topics we both enjoyed. Now, ofcourse even then I was shy. But soon we got past that and had an in depth conversation about our enjoyment of habbo, among other topics. Continuing on, we had a lot of laughs throughout the day as there were jokes made and most were pretty funny.

This friendship has really helped me to see a bigger light and impact that USDF can have on me. As the community begins to accept me, I feel like I will be trusted and make friends easier. I sense this first friend will help me to break the ice, however they will remain important to me as they were one of the first I trusted and acted normal around. They also have shown me the communities’ power as an individual, as they made me feel welcomed and wanted. Though we may be different ranks and branches, they showed me that this matters little as all personnel are equal in rights and friendship.

Overall today has been an awesome time and it is an amazing step into the USDF community. I learned lots about the community and am ready to have the lights shine on me to be seen and make new friends.



by emoo_bike

With many countries getting involved in conflicts and political turmoil over the past century (even in today’s world), it is easy to forget that true friendships (or alliances) still exists between countries. In line with this month’s topic of friendship, let’s explore a few unique relationships between countries that prove friendships can exist between countries!

Hungary & Poland
Relations between the two countries originate from the Middle Ages. The two Central European nations have traditionally enjoyed a very close relationship, brotherhood and camaraderie rooted in a deep history of shared rulers, cultures, and faith. Both countries commemorate their friendship on March 23 yearly. From 1370 to 1382, Hungary (then-Kingdom of Hungary) and Poland (then-Kingdom of Poland) even entered into a personal union and were ruled together by the same King, Louis the Great. A second union between both countries (or kingdoms) lasted from 1440 to 1444. Later on, both countries joined NATO as full members on the same day (12 March 1999) as members of the European Union. High-ranking officials of both countries meet several times a week to improve and strengthen bilateral relations. The relationship between these countries can best be summed up by the sayings “Pole and Hungarians brother be” (Polish version) and “Pole and Hungarian, two good friends” (Hungarian version).

United Kingdom & Portugal
Both countries signed the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance in 1373 and currently form the oldest alliance in the world that is still in force to date. Their relationship is driven largely by sharing common interests, as maritime nations sitting on the edge of Europe and close to a larger continent in Africa. The Treaty of Windsor in 1386 formalised the alliance, later the royal marriage between Philippa of Lancaster and John I of Portugal in 1387 further strengthened the ties between both nations. Another royal marriage between Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza occurred in 1662. In 1899, the alliance was renewed and confirmed once again in a secret declaration between both countries. While Portugal remained neutral in World War II, it remained friendly to the British and allowed Lisbon to be the base for International Red Cross operations aiding Allied POWs. Both countries also share a few town twinnings, like Bristol and Porto, or Halton, Cheshire and Leiria.

India & Bhutan
Relations between India and the Kingdom of Bhutan have been traditionally close and both countries share a “special relationship”. Their relations go way back to 1910, after signing a treaty allowing Bhutan to be a protectorate of British India. It was also one of the first countries to recognise India’s independence in 1947, their close relations were strengthen by the annexation of Tibet in 1950 by China. Today, Bhutan is considered to be a protected state of India, as India remains influential over its foreign policy, defence and commerce. India shares a 605km border with Bhutan and is its largest trading partner, accounting for 98% of its exports and 90% of its imports. Bhutan is also the largest beneficiary of India’s aid, with its budgetary support increasing to US$985 million in the fiscal year of 2015-16.

In today’s VUCA world, many states may face rising political tensions between different countries due to their own vested interests and putting their own countries’ welfare first over fostering friendly ties. However, it is still imperative that countries maintain a cordial relationship with one another, so that they can achieve diplomacy and global peace. The above examples do prove that friendships still can exist between countries and if we all cooperate with one another, global issues can be resolved and we can achieve a higher standard of living together.

On Birds, and Love, and Living Your Truth

by Infinicorn

We often use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to be overly sweet with our loved one (or to complain that we don’t have one). However, it’s important to remember that love isn’t always perfect – and that’s okay. Love is full of ups and downs, and when you embrace the imperfections of our one uniting element, everything else becomes clear. Hopefully, these poems will shed some well needed light on why love is beautiful, even when you can’t find it, even when you can’t think of anything else, and especially when it’s not perfect.

We Might Stay Here for a While

My heart thuds beneath your palms
a vision manifested here
the soft surrender of a quickening pulse
a tight embrace, a sharp exhale
the tension slipping from my veins

My fingers dance across your spine
never ceasing, never resting
exploring every avenue of your eternal beauty
a gentle tug, our balance lost
breathless as we tumble together

My life is mirrored in your eyes
as they dance across my soul
the pulsing beam of energy that fell so hard for you
a nervous laugh, a crooked smile
we might stay here for a while.

The Birds Without Bees

Breathless are those that enter here,
the birds that perch within the soul.
Every time they flutter near
a worthy wing in their patrol,
the rhythm stops, they lose their beat,
and everything is made complete.

Take it upon yourself to see,
a heart that soars with feathers pure,
for it may be the key to free
yourself from darker wings’ allure.
But never let your instincts go,
and save yourself from skies below.

Even feathers cannot fall
beyond the universal truth
of love and loss and pain and all
that chase us from our very youth.
And try as we might, we cannot fight
the sorrows that love always writes.

Whistling through a broken cage
may keep the feathers from their fear,
and exercising rightful rage
might shake the broken pieces clear,
yet nothing can solve a hapless crime
but ceding to the force of time.

Frosty Pen Pals

by K1e24

Dear Olivia,

What a wonderful year it has been, as we near the end of it! So many ups and downs here at USDF and even greater in life. We’ve been kept hard pressed all year. Since my last letter, there’s been a whole host of events coming daily from the USDF Advent Calendar, which has been buckets of fun! It’s definitely ended the year with a bang as it has brought lot’s of end of year enjoyment. Furthermore, we’ve had a Mario Kart event, hosted by the brilliant Army Council paired with the Marines Council as a collaboration, which was super fun with different challenges along the way, including random chance and speed tests. After that, there was a Ball for Air Force and Navy (though other branches were also in attendance). There were so many awards handed out, it was good to see so many people recognised for their hard work! Toward the end of the month, we had Christmas, which was a non-uniform day, however, I myself, wasn’t around much as I was spending time with family.

I hope you get the (late) present that is arriving with this letter. I also hope you have been well, and not come down with the cold that seems to be doing the rounds lately. I hope you have had an enjoyable winter break from your studies up in the cold North Pole, and got all that you wanted, while keeping up with your family.


Dated: 28 Dec 19

Old Friends, New Times

by WahankeTheGreat

Dear old friend,

When we last saw each other, it was quite frankly the last time I ever thought I would think of you again. It was clear that we’d be far from each other and that our lines of communication would be limited, so it just seemed natural for us to part ways indefinitely. Thinking back, with the choices I’ve made far in the hindsight of the rear view, and the situation that I find myself preoccupied with now, I have to wonder if I truly wanted it to end.

You were always the proactive one out of us both, and in many ways it was for the best. I have never been one for spontaneity and you were always full of it, leading us into the various adventures and places that I would have never seen without you being my guide. The incident on the beach, with the jellyfish and the time we got lost in the Boundary Waters up North, were times that I have never forgotten, and the scars from those journeys are the warmest heartfelt reminders of our friendship.

Despite your penchant for living in the moment, you also had the strictest sense of direction and schedule. You were never late for anything, and you always seemed to have the right idea of when it was time for something else. You always seemed to be there first. When I was far behind some days, the rocks you pelted at my window seemed to kick start me in the best possible way. I admit that when we first met, it was strange for me to see someone who could measure their movements down to the footsteps, and find their way back home in the middle of a blackout. Having such an innate sense of placement in your surroundings was always the most amazing thing I saw in you. In that same situation, we both know that I would have been lost, unable to find where I had just been.

When we finally had to go our separate ways, I couldn’t help but feel that I was the one who ruined the friendship that we had. Taking the job across country was not my only choice. I could have taken the position at the University that was only 15 miles South of that wonderful city of ours. To this day, I never told another soul why I went across country, and up until recently, I never fully knew myself. However, I had a feeling that you knew, you always know why.

I think what happened is I was always the follower. Although you were always a good friend to me, I couldn’t reciprocate back. Everyday it seemed like I took more than I gave, and in some ways it was almost manipulative. I still remember that I owe you $485 from all the times that you loaned me money, and I could never seem to pay you back. The debts that I owe are far greater than paper currency, it is also the gratitude for putting up with me, even though I could tell that I was a burden onto you.

I want to end this by saying thank you and I am sorry. After all these years, I am finally thinking about you again, ever since I learned of my worsening condition, and I had to write this letter to clear the air and bring myself some semblance of peace. In the end, you taught me a lot about what it means to be a friend, and for that I am forever thankful. I don’t expect you to reply, and I have to hope this letter finds you well since I cannot confirm this address is still yours.

With Love,

Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

by TheHarveh

The idea of giving chocolate is said to have started in the 1800’s, when Richard Cadbury used it as a marketing strategy. The Cadbury family were looking for ways to make chocolate cheap and popular for profit gains. In order to appeal to the public, the family used Cupid’s and roses on their packaging, which were notoriously popular during that era. It was at this point that Cadbury brought out the first heart shape box. The combination of the aesthetically pleasing design and the heart shaped box, changed Valentine’s Day forever! Not only do chocolates signify romance and love, but Scientists have proven that chocolates release happy hormones such as Dopamine bringing out feelings of desire and high energy levels, which of course, goes hand in hand with the perception everyone has of Valentine’s Day!

You can’t go wrong with chocolate, they are an excellent treat all year round. Chocolate on Valentines Day has become an iconic! Why not make chocolate this year extra special and thoughtful by making them yourself? It’s quite easy… and I will show you how!

What you need: – Silicone heart moulds (or a tray)
– Butter knife (to cut heart shapes in a tray)
– 2-3 Regular/Large Chocolate blocks
– Microwave
– Freezer
– Spoon
– Bowl

1. Break the chocolate up into little pieces.
2. Put the chocolate into a bowl and place in the microwave for 15 seconds and stir.
3. Repeat the process until there are no lumps left. Be careful not to burn the chocolate!
4. Pour the chocolate into the moulds, ensure they are level. If you are using a tray, pour the chocolate onto it and cut the heart shapes after the chocolate has set.
5. Place the chocolate into the freezer, it can take up to 5 minutes to set.
6. Leave them to cool for 1 minute or until solid, then take them out of their moulds. If you are using a tray, cut the heart shapes here.
7. Enjoy giving your loved one a chocolatey-homemade gift …and maybe save a few for yourself!

NOTE: If you would like a little more to really jazz up the chocolate chocolates, you could chop up some fruit finely and put it in your chocolate mix!

A Thousand Tiles More

by Infinicorn

Red. Yellow. Blue.

One more time.

Red. Yellow. Blue.

How many more tries until I beat this level? One? A million?

Eve had already moved on to the next room, her username disappearing as soon as she reached the teleport. I’d been relying on the graciousness of a stranger to open the gate for me ever since.

Red. Yellow. Blue.

The stress of it all—my apparent incapability—is starting to get to me. Where is Eve, anyway? She couldn’t bother to wait? She couldn’t even stay for moral support as I tore myself to shreds trying to finish this?

Red. Yellow. Blue.

This is the worst.

Red. Yellow. Blue—Green!

Finally! That sweet feeling of success washes over me, especially after all the time I spent struggling with the level. When I head into the next room, sure enough, Eve is already making her way through the next obstacle. I call out a quick greeting, then set to work, the two of us making a great team. I make it through before she does this time, so I wait for her, flicking the switch to get her back on the field every time she doesn’t make it. I can tell how frustrating it is for her, but I hope my support is making it a little bit easier.

“Come on, Eve, one more time!”

She responds with a garble of letters and symbols that only makes me cheer her on harder.

“You can do this! I know it, I know you can.”

Watching her make her way through the obstacles, getting visibly more frustrated each attempt, fills me with a strange emotion I can’t quite pinpoint. Empathy, I guess. I certainly know what it’s like to be stuck on a level you can’t quite win—though at least she has me here to cheer her on.

When she finally makes it through, I’m really proud of her! But something feels strange. The feeling nags at the back of my mind. It follows me as I try to race through the rollers. It throws me off-balance as I rush through a gate. And just as Eve makes it through to the end, I realize exactly what it is.

“Hey, why didn’t you wait for me earlier?”

My words hang in the air, turning acidic in my mind as I let the level reset without me. She doesn’t respond at first, but I’m not moving until she answers. “Was I supposed to?” she asks. Maybe I’m the selfish one, for wanting her to stay and support me as I’ve supported her this whole time through. As I’ve supported her our whole friendship, in fact.

Maybe it’s wrong of me, to ask so much of her. Maybe it’s me who’s screwing everything up, who just can’t seem to get anything right.

“I mean…” No.

I can’t let myself think like this. It’s no trouble at all for me to support her. In fact, I enjoy doing it. And it stings that she never reciprocates, that I spend so much time cheering someone on who can’t even be bothered to return the favor. “Yeah, actually. All you’ve been focused on is getting ahead,” I say.

I can see she’s about to respond, but I’m not done. “I’ve dedicated so much time to making sure you feel appreciated and supported,” I continued. “I’ve cheered for you, and waited for you, and kept you from giving up.” My pulse is beating like a woodpecker at my throat, but my mind is clear, the path before me one I must have carved out ages ago. “The least you could do is wait for me at the end of each level,” I say. “I don’t need a cheerleader, but I do need a friend. And that’s what you were supposed to be.”


She says absolutely nothing.

And then she moves on to the next room.

And it occurs to me that what’s really been holding me back this whole time has been a feeling of inferiority. If I’m the one holding the friendship together, the one always waiting for her to succeed but never getting the same in return, that makes me think I’m not worth her time. And that’s just not okay.

As I delete her username from my friends list and head onward with the maze, I feel a lightness come over me, clearing my worries away. Finally, I’ve realized what I’ve been searching for all along: I am powerful and wonderful all on my own. Yes, it’s good to have friends to support me, but if my “friends” are only dragging me down, then I’d rather be with someone who believes in me: Myself.

Victory, here I come.

Making Effective Friendships Online

by emoo_bike

Being an online community where we get to interact with other players from all across the world, making friends is one aspect where we can capitalise on this social networking hub in Habbo. This is especially useful in the USDF, where we are a huge organisation and online friendships can prove useful in many situations to ensure that the USDF can function efficiently without major hiccups.

In real life, friendships have a huge impact on your mental health and happiness. Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation. Developing close friendships can also have a powerful impact on your physical health. Although it may seem unrealistic to reap such benefits in this online community, having no friends in USDF may make you feel lonely and less motivated to work hard to further your career in USDF.

So, how exactly do you make good friendships online? Below are a few tips I have created to form good friendships online:

1. Start off by being friendly and approachable
In real life, no one would like to befriend someone who seems angry or cold. Well, the same rule applies here in USDF! Have the initiative to click on the “Ask to be a Friend” option to fellow USDF members! Who knows, it may mark the start of a lasting friendship here in USDF!

2. Sound positive and enthusiastic when having conversations with your new friends
Having a negative mindset and sounding too uninterested while striking up a conversation with your friends, is a sure way for you to be neglected and unappreciated as a friend. On the contrary, presenting yourself as a friend who’s eager to continue to further your friendship, will make you more well-liked and ensure that your budding friendship will continue to blossom.

This is best summed up by a quote from Dale Carnegie; “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

3. Lend a listening ear to your friend
There will be a period of time when everyone faces stress and may not be able to deal with it positively. If your friend decides to talk to you about their problems, be empathetic and be a good listener. Lending your ear to your friend may help in relieving some of the stress your friend is facing and you may perhaps suggest a solution for them on how to deal with the situation.

In a nutshell, I quote Ralph Waldo Emerson; “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” True friendships are able to withstand the test of time and online friendships can provide you an avenue to deal with stress and enjoy your time online. While you have fun in USDF, do not forget to make new friends so that your time in USDF will not be boring!

Disclaimer: Although I strongly recommend that you build friendships online, please exercise caution on making friends and do not reveal any of your personal information while you are in a conversation with your online friends, in order to protect your identity. Do refer to FEAT {J} about online security in order to keep yourself safe yet enjoy yourself on Habbo at the same time!

Also, remember not to abuse your friendship for personal reasons (e.g. asking for answers or cheating on tests and exams) and do not form exclusive cliques to exclude other players based on personal differences!

Have You Heard of … windowsdonkeys

by K1e24

For today’s interview, I have been searching for someone well-loved, someone that would look amazing in this issue and month of Love. In the end, USD C windowsdonkeys caught my eye. Even though Mr. windowsdonkeys is part of OSD and oversees a fair part of USDF, he is still a great member to goof around with and he will never fail anyone that reaches out to him. Continue reading for this exclusive interview and get to know what this hard working officer had to say!

K1e24: Hello sir, let’s start with a simple question. What’s your favourite colour?
windowsdonkeys: Light blue

K: And what is your favourite food?
W: Pizza

K: Interesting pick, what inspired the name “windowsdonkeys”?
W: I wanted the name windows and habbo suggested windowsdonkeys with some numbers added to the end, I decided to remove the numbers.

K: Understandable to remove the numbers, when did you first find USDF?
W: I found it upon returning to habbo when it was one of the top rooms on the navigator.

K: I guess the popularity has stayed throughout the years, what were your initial USDF days like?
W: Honestly, I was confused with everything going on like the feats, how promotions worked etcetera, but after a while I got used to it and therefore it got less and less confusing as the amount of educational training’s I had attended increased.

K: I think we all understand you there, sir. Continuing on, why do you enjoy your current role and how long have you served in said role as USD C?
W: I enjoy my current role as it fits into everything I enjoy doing, whether it be admin related duties, the treasury side of USDF or setting up the parades to award the wonderful people of USDF, those reading this, for their constant hard work. I’ve held the role as USD C for around two months now.

K: A respectable amount of time. Over your time in USDF, which offices and positions have you held? I feel like there will be a couple.
W: I have been in OJFD, OAS, OMP and OE&MR. I have further held the positions of MPDO (OMP), XO FORCOM (OMP), CO FOROM (OMP), DCS PERS (OMP), DMP, DE&MR, DDA&M (now known as DA&M) and currently serving as USD C. Furthermore I have held the Director role within two divisions of the Army Council and I am currently an Advisor there.

K: That’s one long list of OMP positions. If you were to once again become a Junior NCO, what one piece of advice would you give yourself?
W: I’d have to say, not to give up. Quitting doesn’t make the situation go away, not giving up also assists you in developing yourself.

K: Well said! One final question, what advice would you give to personnel who understand USDF but feel that they are missing progression?
W: Ask for feedback, not just from your EoI but from your own command team – ask how you can improve yourself and keep trying. For example, you may not get the position first time but take it as a learning opportunity and allow yourself to develop.

K: Thank you for your time sir, enjoy your day!
W: No worries, you too.

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