The Libertarian – February 2021

Cover by Charlfred

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Team Leader Introduction

By coolchick1313

Cover by PeUS.

February is the shortest month of the Year, and after a long first month of January, February marks a month of almost a new season. This is where our decision to make the theme ‘Something to Look Forward To’ comes from, as we all need something to look forward to in our future. This theme marks the strength and courage it takes to pass on your wisdom and look to the new season with hope and joy and smiles. 

The team has produced something we hope you are able to look forward to. To be able to create this edition of the Libertarian, I want to thank each contributor for their hard work and determination to complete this work, as they have worked tirelessly over the month.

Future Expectations

By Yodar

Cover by chiari.cord

USDF is a fun and interesting military simulation that surfaced on Habbo years ago. Today when you walk through the door, you are drawn towards a wonderful room design, with each tile carefully placed and each fibre of the carpet trimmed to the exact height. The chatter of the friendly staff that reaches your ears and all you want to do is get closer to find out what they are excited about. Ask yourself this one small question…  Have you ever wondered what is so addictive about USDF each and every single day?  What is so special about this place that makes people come back online and want to spend every single free minute they have hanging around USDF?

Join me as we find out what motivates them to come back, what drives them to work so hard and how they enjoy their time. Have you been looking for ways to contribute and want to know more? I have interviewed NCOs, CWOs and Officers to find out what makes them stay.

What do you look forward to when it comes to USDF?

I always look forward to the constant expansion and growth of USDF. I have seen this place grow from it’s birth back during DEPNAV. I have always enjoyed watching it continue to get bigger, better, and stronger with every obstacle it encounters. 
~ CW5 AgNt.UsMp4LyFe, DO.

I love parades, as I love seeing my friends and co-workers get what they deserve for all their hard work! It’s a fantastic feeling and I especially love to see my office workers being rewarded! You rock OMP!
~ Capt Connor78127, A/DC MP.

I guess my motivation in USDF is having friends, so I’m looking forward to making more friends here in the future, it’s what keeps me logging back in.
~ CWO5 lROGEl, TC.

I believe USDF could adjust itself to the new Habbo update changes. I really appreciate the USDF community and it’s military simulation. And I’m so excited for what comes next.
~ SgtMajMC Mallunica

I’m looking forward to seeing how USDF stands once the Habbo changes settle in.
~ 1stLt EpicAlexCE A/OCS AO.

The reason I work for USDF is not because of the pay (which is great too!) but because of the many friends I made here. Some people left but there are enough people who are still here that I just enjoy being around and having fun.
~ CW5 AppleLogic, SEAC.

What I look forward to most is working on my career progression, after I graduate from OCS.
~ MIDN1 Mrslaya12, MPO.

I am mostly looking forward to getting a Command position to push myself to the next level.  After that, I am looking forward to going through OCS and becoming an Officer.
~ CW5 hakateach, PAO. 

What I look forward to is that USDF will continue to be a wonderful military for everyone to grow and prosper in by maintaining a bully-free workplace where everyone will enjoy their time working and having fun.
~ GOA zack436, CJCS.

Making new friends & being able to continue my career here 🙂
~ SSgt Ugly.Rat

I love seeing people have fun and imagine them enjoying their time with a big smile on their face. That is what motivates me to continue working for USDF, and I am loving every minute of it each time I step inside HQ!
~ SMSgt Yodar, PAO

Those are some amazing responses, and each one of them has an excellent point! Basically, it boils down to something that motivates you to return each and every single day. Find something that makes you smile and have an enjoyable moment, and FOCUS on it.  That little spark that made you smile is your motivation, and you don’t want to miss out on other possible moments that make you happy.  

A Card For That Special Someone…

By Aneha

Cover by Diornoo

February… The month of romance.

February 14th, the date dedicated to giving chocolates, flowers, cards and taking your significant other on romantic dates. It’s the one day of the year (besides weddings) that people feel entitled to demand love. And don’t we all deserve a bit of love every now and then? Don’t we deserve to be a little selfish? To be doted on, pampered and cared for?

Valentine’s day and it’s origins date back as early as the 5th Century, although there is no definite answer as to how it came about. One legend states that Saint Valentine was a romantic, who believed in the power of true love above all else. During the time of war, a law was decreed that soldiers were better fighters when they were single, and unmarried young men. Valentine would marry young couples in secret, only to be betrayed and sentenced to death. Whilst awaiting his execution, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and would write her love letters that he signed, “From your Valentine” – a tradition still used today.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing love towards your partner, many celebrate by sharing gifts with family and friends.

We’d like to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with cards for your friends here at USDF.


1. Click on the Google Form below
2. Include your Habbo Name so your friend knows who it is from, there is an option to stay anonymous.
3. Include the full Habbo Name of the person you wish to send your card to.
4. Indicate which card option you would like from the designs below.
5. Include a message that you would like your friend to receive.

If you have multiple friends, you can send as many cards as you would like.

Option 1
By Charlfred
Option 3
By chiari.cord
Option 2
By Charlfred
Option 4
By chiari.cord

How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day?

World Cancer Day

By Homasa

Cover by Diornoo

World Cancer Day is recognized annually on the 4th of February. “Troubled by the profound and universal impact of cancer on human life and human suffering,” it was established by the Charter of Paris Against Cancer in the year 2000.

World Cancer Day unites the world under one mission: the fight against cancer. Through education, advocacy, raising awareness, pushing governments, and motivating individuals around the world to take action, their aim is to save millions of preventable deaths every year.

If you can recall back to biology class, you’ll remember that cancer is an uncontrolled homeostatic imbalance. It is the rapid and uncontrolled division of mutated gene cells. There is a vast amount of cancers with many being treatable if found early. Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, causing around 9.6 million people to die from the disease every year. Did you know that ⅓ of cancers are easily managed through healthier lifestyle choices?

Why is World Cancer Day important? 

Progress: Through generous donations, extraordinary breakthroughs in medicine were achieved.

Impact: 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop cancer in their lifetime (in the United States). 

Equity: Upwards of half (65 percent) of cancer deaths emerge in underdeveloped areas of the globe. Inequities will inherently exist, even in high-income countries. The most common disadvantages are those who are from a lower-income house-hold and indigenous, immigrant, refugee or rural backgrounds.

Change: To recognize World Cancer Day means to minimize fear, promote awareness, debunk myths, and fight stereotypes.

Lastly, “up to 3.7 million lives could be saved each year through resource appropriate strategies for prevention, early detection and timely and quality treatment.” World Cancer Day is something to look forward to. It’s a day to spread awareness of the disease, and support individuals and families who have been affected by cancer.

How can I get involved with World Cancer Day this year?

Here are some actionable ways you can take part in World Cancer Day this year:
1. Spread awareness through social media by posting with the theme hashtag #IAmAndIWill
2. Get involved and provide support through the official World Cancer Day website
3. Join the conversation by informing yourself and others
4. Attend, participate, or volunteer at a World Cancer Day event near you.

In the Spotlight

By :MariaMint:

Cover by koleq

Office of the Secretary of Defense, who are they? You may see these personnel pop up in HQ every now and then, or you might even see their green names in a couples channels across Discord. If you’ve ever wondered who these mysterious members are, well here is your chance to learn about a few of them and their journeys within USDF! They might even be kind enough to give you some of their tips and tricks on how YOU can become a member of OSD in the future.

Give me a short introduction to yourself and your USDF history!

Hi Hi! My name is Hannah, better known as princess81818. A little about me is my love for all things Game of Thrones and sushi. What some of you may not know is that I’m also an avid horse rider, I love spending my time either running or doing yoga and Pilates. I love being outdoors and some of my favourite things to do are to run, bike and camp with my dog. I started at USDF way back in 2016, where I spent most of my time in OMP. I retired in the later half of 2017 and reinstated in December 2019. Now, as you all well know, I’m the USD P where I continue my reign of terror over OPA, OISA and OSP&C. I’m kidding, I’m really lovely.
– princess81818, USD P.

I’m Lou, also known as Loucifer, grandma or mama Lou. I enlisted as a little E1 back in 2015 just as I started university – a way to procrastinate, haha. Since then I’ve been in quite a few different offices and spent over 2 years in OJSIG. I left USDF for a few months in 2017 to focus on my mental health, but came back and found my place in OE&MR, where I eventually became Director, which then lead me to CSAF and my current position as USD ED! It’s been a long journey but I’m glad I stuck to things.
– EspanolChica!, USD ED.

I am Ryan, and I enlisted back in November of 2017. I started my career at OJFD which is where I got my first Command Position, as well as HNCO TECOM. Since then, I have had the opportunity to explore nearly every Office and multiple Command Positions to understand how USDF works as a whole.
– CheesyRyan, CMC.

Why did you join USDF in the first place, and what made you stay?

I joined into Habbo on a whim. My account is quite old, 2005, and it was early 2016 when I logged on again just out of curiosity. I went into the busiest room, which was USDF. I only popped in to see what it was. I started talking to people on the front row and ended up joining.
– princess81818, USD P.

I think I just found USDF in the navigator and was exploring different places. I popped in and thought what the heck, why not join as something to do. I stayed because of the amazing friends I made along the way, I wouldn’t have stayed so long in the beginning without them.
– EspanolChica!, USD ED.

After returning from a long break of not playing Habbo, I wanted to try something new. I had been in Agencies before so I decided to switch things up and try joining a military instead. I found the promotion system pretty unique and it was more rewarding compared to the promotions in Agencies. What’s really made me stay are the friends that I have made in USDF. Playing a simulation game with them is what really makes this game so much more fun and enjoyable.
– CheesyRyan, CMC.

What were your goals for your position, and have you been able to execute them?

My goals for USD P were and are quite varying, as you would expect. My overall goal has always been to make policy a welcoming and fun portfolio, not just for those in it, but by extension the rest of USDF. Habbo is, at the end of the day, a game and for me a game is something you enjoy and want to spend your time doing. Have I executed this, I would say I have and hope during my time as USD P, people have experienced some fond and long last memories of their time at USDF.
– princess81818, USD P.

My main goals for this position are to make sure that both offices are working happily and that work is getting done on time and to a high standard. I like knowing that those around me are happy in their roles and do the best I can to facilitate that. I do think I’m executing it well, so far at least! We’ve got some great work done in the few months since I’ve been here – especially with Habbo2020!
– EspanolChica!, USD ED.

Well I have been CMC for a few days, and I have not executed any of my goals yet but the most important thing about being a Branch Chief is to ensure that the morale and motivation within a branch remains high. It is a goal of mine to ensure everyone within the branch is enjoying themselves through our events and chat, and possibly making new friends along the way. The rest of the goals will be achieved along the way as we work.
– CheesyRyan, CMC.

Do you have any final advice you’d like to give anyone that is looking to be OSD in the future?

My final piece of advice for anyone looking to be OSD in the future is perseverance. Any goal whether it be a small goal or a big goal, one will experience some difficulties and setbacks. It takes drive to achieve what you set out to and that is what it takes to reach OSD. Do your best to experience everything that USDF has to offer and you will reach yours goals and OSD if that is your goal.
– princess81818, USD P.

Never give up. I joined USDF in 2015 and didn’t become OSD until December 2019. Keep persisting in everything you do, be positive about your journey and enjoy the journey. I’ve learnt so much from the amazing people I’ve met in USDF, even things that have helped me in real life – find the people that inspire you and will give you advice and take in all the knowledge you can. In the end it’s not the position that matters, it’s the experiences and friendships you make along the way.
– EspanolChica!, USD ED.

It is important to have a goal toward a position that you want. I always love being a Branch Chief as I find it more enjoyable as compared to other positions. Just do what you do best and one day you will be able to work towards that goal of yours.
– CheesyRyan, CMC.

How To Make a Dream Catcher

By chiari.cord

Cover by chiari.cord

Have you ever had a nightmare? I’m sure your answer is yes. It’s also very probable that you wouldn’t like to experience one of those horrible dreams again. If this is you, then let me tell you about dream catchers!

These originated as the result of Native American beliefs, which says that both good and bad dreams surround us all within the air at night time. The dream catcher would have a similar behaviour to a spider’s web, catching only the bad dreams or thoughts, and letting the good ones fly free. In this article, you’ll learn about how to make your own dream catcher! It’s really quite simple, and it serves as a beautiful gift or decoration!

Materials you will need:

  • A wooden, wired, or plastic hoop (or any hoop that you can find or create)
  • Lace or ribbon
  • Any type of string, cord, wool, etc.
  • Feathers
  • Some beads (optional)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue

Steps to follow:

  1. Grab the hoop that you’ve selected, and the ribbon or lace as well. Secure the end of the ribbon to the hoop using glue. Hold the end of the ribbon down so it doesn’t move whilst it dry’s.
    (An alternative to the glue would be just tying the ribbon on the hoop with two or three knots and then cutting off the excess that sticks out)
  2. Start wrapping the ribbon around the hoop. Try to do this as even and as tight as possible. Repeat this all the way around the hoop until you reach the beginning of the ribbon where you started. You can also add more glue as you go, just to make sure nothing will move.
  3. Once you can’t see the original hoop anymore, cut the ribbon. Then, you can either glue the two ends of ribbon together, or make a knot at the end, but always make sure that you aren’t leaving any exposed hoop and the ribbon is tight.
  4. Grab your string and tie it to the hoop by making two or three knots. Stretch the string across a section of the hoop and working in the same direction as the ribbon, you are going to go around the hoop, making loops or wrapping it around once or twice until you reach the start of the string again.
  5. When you finish making the loops on the hoop, you will keep on doing them, but this time creating a second layer. You will now make loops around the string that you used before. Try making one loop for every piece of straightened string, always keeping the same amount of loops on every layer. At this point you will start to see the spider’s web effect created by the string.
    Optional: If you want to include beads into your dreamcatcher, this is the moment to do so. Simply put the string through the bead once in a while and keep doing the loops.
  6. You will continue creating layers and loops until there’s a little circle of space left at the middle of the hoop. When this happens, you are going to tie a knot instead of making a loop on the next string and then just cut the extra string that’s left.
  7. To be able to hang this dreamcatcher, you will have to grab a piece of string and tie the ends together, creating a circle. Then, put it against the hoop, and make sure to have the knot on the outside, and the loop part of the circle on the inside of the hoop. After this, the knot should go over the hoop and through the loop. Finally, pull it tight and you’ll be able to hang it somewhere.
  8. Lastly, let’s decorate everything! Get a couple of feathers (about four is standard, depending on how you want it to look) and the string. Cut different lengths using the piece of string, make them a bit long so the feathers aren’t going to be right next to the hoop, and they have some space to move. Tie one of the ends of the string to the hoop, and the other one to the feather.

You can keep decorating however you want, maybe you can add beads also to these strings, or stripes of fabric next to the feathers, and just let yourself have fun here! This is such a nice decoration to hang on top of your bed, or somewhere around your room as well! And the best part of all, is that it will keep the nightmares away! So, why not give it a try?

Artwork by midgetbella

A Positive Heart

By krizzycat

By chiari.cord

Do you remember the first time you logged onto Habbo2020? Feeling absolutely disgusted with the unplayable client and the dismissive attitude of Sulake? Do you remember when you got rejected? Maybe from a job application in real life, or from OCS or a position? You would have felt extreme negative emotions. You would have felt awful. After all, who likes to be rejected or disappointed by such things? This brings me to the main point of this article — Positivity starts from the heart. 

It is extremely easy to feel consumed by negative energy, even from such minor issues or moments. You could be having a great day one minute and then the next, something or someone knocks you down, and you immediately mark that day as “a bad day”. If you think that day is a bad day, then of course it is going to be because you have already labelled it as such before it even started. 

However, if you choose to remain calm and focus on the good and the beauty of things around you, you’re are able to switch your mentality to a positive mindset. This is extremely important, especially in USDF where it’s likely you would be knocked down a few times before you succeed. It is very unlikely that one would succeed before even trying at least a few times. There is always going to be competition and with that competition brings great experience.

Rejection is painful, that is undeniable. However, it also brings great personal growth, experience and lessons. It teaches you how to be mentally resilient, how to be an outstanding leader that your superiors appreciate and most importantly how to love yourself. It is pertinent that you learn how to develop a positive mindset to remain strong and keep persevering, or look towards the bright side of things. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, something worth looking forward to. 

In USDF that light could be your friends, and the various lessons you learn can also be through interactions with different people. Everyday you learn something new, if you have a positive mindset. Positivity can go a long way and I implore you to choose to have a positive mindset about any situation, this can lead to you achieving greater things. 

How then, does one develop a positive mindset? Let me give you 3 simple steps that you can do when feeling a little down. 

Breathe in and out…

This might sound extremely simple, but breathing in and out is a technique that many use to calm and clear the mind and slow your heart by regulating your heartbeat. This allows sufficient oxygen to reach your mind and other organs relax yourself. In addition, drinking a glass of water is also beneficial as it rehydrates and cools the body.

Close your eyes and meditate on something you are grateful about…

Yes, this might be terribly difficult on a bad day, but if you can take just 1 minute to reflect, that’s all it takes to change your mindset for the better. Through reflection you are reminded of the many things you can be grateful for and have your thoughts redirected. This will ensure that you spend more time focusing about the good things in life, rather than things that go astray. 

Take a walk in a nearby park

This might sound a little peculiar but let me tell you, in my opinion, this has a really therapeutic effect! Looking at the greenery does allow one to calm down and connect to nature. To those who have not tried this method of mindfulness, I highly recommend this! 

In all, positive mindsets come from the heart and if you choose to be positive, even if the world collapses around you, you can still find the happiness in the dark. Let me end off with a quote by the author JK Rowling, “It is our choices that show what we truly are”. Indeed, whether we are negative or positive depends on our own choices. Therefore, choose to be resilient and develop your positive mindset today! 

Something To Look Forward To

By :MariaMint:

Cover by koleq

I look forward to when food is never fear,
I look forward to the family dinners that won’t make me shed a tear.
I look forward to the time when my mind will not be so restricted,
It started off as a quick fix, little did I know I would become addicted.

I look forward to when the three daily meals are easily not skipped,
I look forward to when I can step on the scale and not worry if the numbers slipped.
I look forward to the long walks without my heart-rate dropping,
In my mind the tune rings ‘’What’s the point? You know it’s never stopping”.

I’m looking forward, not going backward,
I’m always asked about it but I never have the exact words.
I know now that all I need to do is try,
I know now that the end of my struggles is nigh.

You’ve Reached Your Dream

By princess81818

Cover by PeUS.

One always finds that they have many dreams and goals in life and throughout their life these change as one experiences new things in life and their direction changes. I can honestly say that I’ve had dozens of goals and dreams in my life and yet I’ve found 2 have stuck with me since a young age. To live in a foreign country and learn a foreign language. 

Some of you may know I love travel and have been fortunate enough to have been able to do this in my personal and work life. With these experiences it means that a dream of mine is I want to live in a foreign country. I’m sure some of you may have guessed, and yes the country in question is Japan. 

The culture, the landscape, the language and atmosphere is what draws me to Japan. Not mentioning the food, brilliant transport system and what seems a less stressed way of life compared to the UK. 

Reaching this dream goal for me would mean a feeling of achievement because as you would expect, it isn’t a simple system to live in a foreign country. Not just because of Covid-19, but the restrictions, rules and hoops it seems one needs to jump through to get anywhere. How do I get there, well that’s still something I need to figure out 🙁

Research into what requirements there are of me, and understanding how I would be able to support myself. Are my credentials and work experience transferable and then of course the language barrier which is my second dream. 

To start with I need to have a complete picture of what I need to do, timeframes, entry requirements, living costs and job opportunities. Not an easy process but still it has continued to be a dream of mine for the last 10 or so years. 

This goes onto my second dream, a smaller dream, but still as important and hopefully more achievable. This dream is to learn a foreign language, especially Japanese. One which I can say I am already working on! And have been for about 7 months. For me being bilingual can be very useful and in working on my first dream, very important. It’ll make me feel successful and content when I have a better grasp on the language, especially so when I can say I am fluent. 

It’s a long process, as I’m not just learning to speak Japanese, but also write and understand the language both in speech and written forms. What do I need to achieve this dream, perseverance. Continuing to practice and practice is really the only way to learn a language as repetition as you will know, helps to imbed what you have learnt. 

So there we have 2 dreams of mine. Who knows if I’ll be able to achieve both, but I do know that at least one is something I can reach and as an added benefit, something I enjoy and can see using 🙂 

Life After Covid

By hakateach

Cover by Diornoo

I think we can all agree that the pandemic has changed our lives in one way or another. At some point (fingers crossed) the pandemic will end and we can return to some sort of normality, doing things we have been missing out on this past year. I took the time to talk to some NCO’s, CWO’s and Officers and asked them these questions. 

Once the global pandemic is over, what are you most looking forward to doing again?

Let’s take a look at what they had to say….

“I am looking forward to getting to do live shows for my fans, and releasing some more new music. I am a singer, songwriter and performer, so I am excited to get back to doing that. Am also excited about spending time with family and friends.”
– TSgt 12B2

“Hanging out with friends!”
– 1SG tim63341

“I’m looking to find stability within my work life due to the limited capacity and not being able to be in the same setting as everyone else. I will look forward to going back to a regular routine and not having to wear these face masks! Or bearing 6FT.”
– CW5 1998Hailey1998

“Travel and seeing my family that live in other parts of my country that I’m not able to see regularly.”
– CWO2 -Snatchem

“Traveling! I have a lot of destinations in mind I wanted to visit in 2020, hopefully summer of 2021 means that it can happen.”
– USD P&R er:c

What do you think the world will look after the pandemic and do you think we will go back to how we used to do things?

“Most certainly not because we are already overwhelmed by losing so many loved ones. It will never be the same without them by our side especially when they died from the COVID virus.  Absolutely I don’t think when the pandemic is over we will go back to how we used to do things.”
– TSgt 12B2

“I think the only thing that will end are having to wear masks, but that will be a hard way to end the pandemic. Not everything will go back to how it used to be, but a lot yes. For example, now I see who is a good friend and who is not because they write to me and ask how I am.”
– 1SG tim63341

“People will be scared. I truthfully think they won’t know what normal is anymore. These people will still be wearing masks as a part of their everyday attire. I think it’s looking more like a fear for those around us even if we were given the clear sign.”
– CWO5 1998Hailey1998

“I don’t think we will go back to the way things used to be because the world changes in times like these. I do think we will enhance what we do as a human race to prevent another mass pandemic from happening after learning so much from this one. Things will get better with the knowledge we have obtained this time round.”
– CWO2 -Snatchem

“I really do hope we will return, can’t imagine living in this state forever. Positive vibes. I imagine the world will instantly boom when the pandemic is over, concerts, festivals, etc. A lot of people will be super sick of being locked up at home and start attending any public event imaginable. I can also imagine people have been saving money like crazy since there isn’t anything really to spend it on, so I definitely predict a massive flow of people out and about.”
– USD P&R er:c

Write Your Own Fairy Tale!

By Aneha

Cover by Charlfred

February 26th celebrates Tell A Fairy Tale Day!

The origin of fairy tales were once dark and gruesome stories that were told around the campfire by travelling storytellers dating back to the 17th Century. They became the basis of oral histories, myths and legends- mostly told to children in order to teach them a lesson or scare them into behaving.

As fairy tales evolved, they were still quite gruesome but introduced an element of magical quality with fictional characters such as fairies, giants, mermaids and dragons. There were three prominent individuals who were responsible for shaping and preserving the fairy tales we know today, Hans Christian Andersen and The Brothers Grimm.

The Brothers Grimm set out on a quest in the early 1800’s to preserve these tales at a time in history when a tradition of oral storytelling was fading. They collected and published some of the more well-known tales we are familiar with today and told their gruesome origins. If you’ve never experienced the dark side, I suggest you read The Brothers Grimm fairy tales, then you’ll know just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

On the other end of the spectrum, Hans Christian Andersen retold many of these tales making them age appropriate, so instead of Cinderella having her toes cut off to fit into the glass slipper, her foot was now a perfect fit.

To celebrate the art of storytelling, we want to see what YOU can come up with.

One lucky storyteller will have their Fairy Tale published in next months Libertarian!

Submit your fairy tale to the Libertarian Mailbox below under Community Submission and Article.

What do YOU want to see on the next Libertarian?
The Libertarian Command Team would like to hear from YOU!

We have opened a Mailbox for all your comments, notes, suggestions and ideas. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Libertarian (announcements) for any changes or additions to the submissions we take!

Here are the things that you can submit:

Libertarian Game Submission
Do you have the million-dollar-answer to the current game hosted in the Libertarian? Watch the deadline in the publication closely!

General Feedback
What do you think about the Libertarian and it’s issues, what could be improved?

Theme and Topic Ideas
What do you want to see in future issues, what content are we missing? For either the Libertarian as a whole or to be used for Journalism/Graphics assignments.

Community Submissions
Submit an announcement, poster, graphic, article or shout out, as long as it is made by you and not part of any OPA assignments. Who knows, maybe your submission will be featured in a future Libertarian.

Please be wary that the preparations for each issue start way before the actual Libertarian is published. Therefore, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for your idea to be implemented, if suitable. Use the form linked below to let us know your thoughts and ideas.


DesignersCharlfred (Cover)
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Thank you for reading the Libertarian!
We hope you enjoyed this issue, and we’re looking forward to seeing you next month!

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