The Libertarian – July 2020

Cover by TraidKelly

1Meditation and MindfulnessInformativekoleq
2Bathtime Bombtastic!RecipeNoahiinq
3In the Spotlight: OMPExclusivekrizzycat
4Release of HopePoemInfinicorn
510 Ways to CareInformativeNoahiinq
6The Meaning of Self-CareInterviewkrizzycat
7A Mental Letter to MyselfCreativek1e24
8Compassion and a Balanced LifestyleInterviewkoleq
9Learning to Love YourselfCreativeJ-Naut
10Even Your OfficersInterviewdisco99x


by Infinicorn

Cover by Infinicorn

It is with great pride that I introduce you all to this month’s edition of The Libertarian. The OPA team has been working super hard to make this issue the best it can be, and I am honored to report that they have absolutely knocked it out of the park.

We are going through some very difficult times around the world, and we thought it would be fitting to use a theme for the July Libertarian that could bring solace and comfort to all who read it. Not only that, but we wanted to provide tools to help our readers (yes, that includes you) the tools to cope with all the stress we are facing right now. All that said, it was only natural that we chose self-care as this month’s theme.

The term self-care actually dates back as far as the 1950s, where it was used in the medical field to describe activities that allowed patients with mental illness to preserve their independence. A few years later, medical professionals began to analyze how self-care could improve the quality of life of those experiencing trauma on a daily basis, such as firefighters and health care providers. However, it has recently gained traction as a form of protection for everyone, not just those who face trauma or repeated stress. In today’s world, self-care is a term in most people’s daily lexicon, and we are discovering the importance of taking time to care for and love ourselves.

In this Lib, you’ll find interviews with USDF personnel on how they cope with their worries, tips on how to manage stress, self-reflection, and most importantly, a reminder that we are all human, we all face struggles, and if we learn to respect ourselves and to respect one another, we can make it through this—together.

by disco99x

Meditation and Mindfulness

by koleq

Cover by Connor78127

What is self-care? Why do people practice self-care? Is it important?

Self-care is any exercise that you do willingly to preserve your mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s something simple, but often neglected. Self-care is crucial for improved mood and reduced anxiety. It is also good for maintaining strong relationships with yourself and other people. In a nutshell, self-care is a tool to help you live a positive and balanced life.

Although self-care dates back to the ’50s, it now serves a much deeper purpose as we’re slowly, but increasingly, becoming deserted and detached from physical interaction. We are isolating ourselves and having less human connection, which brings us a deeper feeling of loneliness.

As mentioned above, self-care brings people better mental health and wellbeing! It allows us to live in a positive and happy way to endure life’s challenges. It is important to look after our physical and mental health, because it is what keeps us holding on during stressful times. Even if you’re at USDF, school, working, anywhere, here is a list of strategies to help unwind.

  1. Preserve relationships. Keep in touch regularly with family and friends, and do activities together! It is nice to have someone by your side, and you can feel reassured that you have someone to reach out to.
  2. Arrange an event to look forward to! There’s a lot of activities you can do, whether it be with your mates, or alone. For example, visiting an art gallery, or going on a trip with your friends.
  3. Think of yourself as your own best friend. Be kind to yourself, reward yourself when you overcome an obstacle in life, talk positively to yourself. These things can build up your self-confidence, and bring out the better you.
  4. Have some quality time for yourself. Read a book, take a bubble bath, meditate. You’ll end up wondering why you haven’t done this before.
  5. Get good quality sleep and stick to a routine. We are on our phones so much that sometimes it can be hard for us to sleep at night. Turn those devices off and unwind. If you’re still having difficulty sleeping, try finding something that relaxes you so you can feel sleepy again.
  6. Lastly, participate frequently in activities you enjoy. Make some time at least once in a while to do something you like. It can be gardening, reading, or just simply listening to music. There’s a lot you can do. Squeeze it into your daily routine, so it can be part of your everyday life.

Hopefully these strategies will help you find peace and satisfaction with your life. Oh, look at the clock! It’s time to unwind and relax.

by disco99x

Bathtime Bombtastic!

by Noahiinq

Cover by YQLovesLion


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup citric acid
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salt
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • Coloring pigment (optional, dry pigment recommended)
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons almond oil
  • 12-15 drops essential oil
  • Bath bomb molds

Step 1: Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl. If desired, add your coloring pigment. Add as much or as little as you would like to achieve the color you prefer. 

Step 2: In a small cup, mix together your wet ingredients. This is also where you will add the essential oil(s) you’ve chosen. Keep in mind that it’s 12-15 drops of essential oil in total, not for each oil! You don’t want to overwhelm the bath bomb with oil.

Step 3: You must pay very close attention to this step! Begin to add your wet ingredients to your dry ingredients. Do this VERY slowly, only adding a couple drops at a time. Adding it slowly rather than all together will minimize the fizzing, saving it for the bath later!

Step 4: Once mixed, you are ready to mold it! You can choose any shape for your bath bomb, but the most generic shape is a ball shape. Fill each side with the mix, packing it as you go, so that they are both slightly overfilling. 

Step 5: Firmly press both molds together. Make sure the edges of the mold are touching, to better hold your bath bomb together. Let the mold sit for at least one minute—the longer, the better. 

Step 6: Once set, tap gently on the mold and pull the mold apart.

Step 7: Wait at least 24 hours for your bath bomb to fully dry before enjoying some spa time! It’s that easy!

by disco99x

In the Spotlight: OMP

by krizzycat

Cover by Connor78127

Taking a break from self-care, in this month’s Libertarian, we will feature the one and only Office of Manpower and Personnel (OMP)! In this article, I will be talking more about the duties OMP members complete and explain why OMP is such an important office. #OMPink!

OMP mainly manages internal and external transfers to and in USDF. Additionally, they update the MPTS frequently and occasionally host FEATs as well. They take very good care of our lovely selectees and help them adapt to USDF, which to them is a brand new environment. Also, OMP Command manages transfer statuses and processes leaves, resignations, and R2 requests—all while managing the MPTS Error Program.

So, how crucial is OMP as an office? Why is OMP so important to the daily operations of USDF? Well, the importance of what they do is not to be underestimated! Without OMP, our MPTS and PTS would be an absolute mess! Can you imagine your MPTS being at 400 pages weekly due to having no one to update it? Or no selectees who can offer their expertise for the betterment of USDF? Without OMP, you would not know what personnel’s mottos should be, what FEATs they have obtained—and not to mention the transfers and reinstatements! OMP makes many essential parts of USDF possible, but sometimes not enough attention is paid to such a vital office.

When asked about what they enjoy most about OMP, the members said things like daily duties, sending out MPTS Error Letters, and more. However, this is where things get interesting. I received responses such as the people, the Discord chat, the environment. and how there are new things everyday. This got me thinking. Is the OMP bond what makes it such a great office?

According to the personnel I interviewed, OMP members treat each other like family! Regardless of ranks, branches, etc. There is a huge sense of camaraderie between older members and new members alike! They care for each other and it is easy for new members to blend into the office! OMP chat is popping 24/7, but that does not deter older members from involving newer members in chats and making everyone feel comfortable. This is also a good platform for members to display teamwork and receive guidance from each other. OMP Command also gathers feedback from members regularly to ensure everyone is happy.

This unique bond in OMP is what drives the members and fosters a healthy working environment where everyone is happy. The bond makes OMP unique and enjoyable and it slowly becomes a second family to their personnel! There are also many games where personnel can relax and enjoy themselves. OMP is truly an unique office!

Here are some words from office members to encourage all of you who wish to be a part of OMP!

“So many people in OMP right now didn’t get in on their first application but now they are doing well in the office. Get feedback on your application and really do try again! One rejection doesn’t mean you will never be accepted and honestly it is such a brilliant office that y’all should join. Make sure you know what you are getting into though, we do have a lot of work overall but as long as you are willing to play your part then you will fit in well with OMP.”

– CWO4 KelseyAnnie, HRO

“Always keep trying. Every application has potential and after taking the feedback into account I’m sure you’d definitely improve until next time.”

– CWO5 SimpleGuy149, XO LOGCOM

“OMP isn’t an office for everyone due to its sophisticated nature of the duties, it is crucial the personnel who have the intention of joining be open and ready for a steep learning curve. It is also crucial that personnel who fail [to] enter the office stay optimistic, there will always be times when you will fail to achieve some of your goals in USDF, but it is vital that you keep a positive mindset throughout the process. As the saying goes, ‘Positivity through adversity.’”

– CWO3 HowardWolowits, FSO

“I actually don’t believe that OMP is hard to get into, we have been a lot more lenient with our applicants for a while now. Of course we still have to decline people if their application or performance is poor so what I’d suggest is to showcase hard work in HQ/prior office and then apply. When it comes to the application, we often find that people fail to connect what they say to the office itself. They talk about their strengths but not how they would use those in the office or how they can benefit the office overall. Another thing is that it often seems that people don’t exactly know what they are applying for—mentioning the duties of the office in the application is something that should be done to show that you informed yourself about the office and know what you’re applying for. Overall, OMP isn’t hard to get in if you maintain a great activity within the HQ and spend more than 10 minutes on your application. We do try to give everyone a chance, but they need to give us the chance to get to know them better through their application.”


“Who said it is hard? OMP is based on communication, writing skills and activity in general. As you can see, our office is very big right now, than in February when I worked here and there were just a few people. Many of them may fail the OMP Academy and that’s fair because you’re supposed to learn but at the same time understand and practice those things. It’s not hard to get in as long as you have a good understanding and if your skills are above our standards. I failed the OMP Application stage on time and the reason was “Conduct” even if I had no experience behind. Experience isn’t necessary but if you know how to do your job and you love to work on forums, send reports, transfer, etc., OMP is waiting for you!!”

MSG TseTseGuy, HRS

“I can’t deny that OMP is a difficult office to get in. But trust me, if you are really passionate about OMP, I am sure that you will have no trouble in convincing OMP leadership in your application letter!”

CWO5 MiSsIoNfailure, FSO

“Look OMP is a great office and personally I tried more than 2 times to get in. I encourage everyone that like this office to apply and detail as much as they can in the application and not to give up ofc from the 1st time.”

CW5 Ik-knowwhoiam, HRO

by midgetbella

Release of Hope

by Infinicorn

Cover by Infinicorn

Hands press into your skin
Feel the scorching heat sinking in
Never say that you’re immune
Don’t blink now, your time is soon

Deep inside, a spark will flare
On your own, no soul will care
Face the growing hopelessness
Not a chance that you’ll be missed

Run and run, but nowhere to hide
Can’t release the panic inside
Fall to your knees as you realize
The only way out is to strip back the lies

Can’t you be honest and let it all go
Dig up the grave of a sorrow you hold
Work toward the light you’re excited to see
Push yourself forward so you can be free

Trauma can slip away once you control it
Process your anger, give time to emotions
Grab onto power and feel yourself float
Find your true purpose and love yourself most

by .:Illustrate:.

by disco99x

10 Ways to Care

by Noahiinq

Cover by TraidKelly
  1. Try stepping up your bath game! Enjoy a nice bubble bath with candles and soft music.
  2. Try some yoga! Yoga is an amazing way to calm your mind and body!
  3. Journaling! Write about how you are feeling, how your day went, what you can do to improve, anything!
  4. Take a solo mini vacation! Go chill out at the beach, lay down in the nice warm sand near the lake or an ocean, enjoy some sun!
  5. Use a new face mask! Face masks are always super calming and make your skin feel so smooth afterwards!
  6. Replace that morning coffee with a healthy alternative. I wouldn’t recommend replacing your morning coffee forever because that wouldn’t be self-care, that would be torture (kidding!). However, maybe try making one of those super healthy smoothies you see online for a day instead!
  7. Wake up really early!  A lot of successful people and wellness practitioners prefer to get up this early as a means of getting a lot done and having time before their day starts.
  8. Take yourself on a little date! Dress up, go out to dinner, treat yourself to some ice cream after! You deserve it!
  9. Go technology free for a little. Technology has been proven to stimulate your brain, and not always in good ways. 
  10. Go hang out with a close friend! Sometimes a friend is all you need.

by Infinicorn

The Meaning of Self-Care

by krizzycat

Cover by Infinicorn

As this month’s theme is about self-care, I thought I’d speak with USDF personnel about what self-care means to them. Here are their responses.

Question 1: How do you take care of mental health?

“Can I answer sleep for all of this?”

– CSM srirachax

“By simply communicating with the person. Cause I do believe that communicating with the person can simply help him run away from the mental issues.”

CSM Anonymous25NOPD

“Come on, I don’t sleep, I just study.”

SSG karim2610

“I eat food and [play] tennis.”

SrA HumanRevolution

“Usually when I am on the edge, I would eat my favourite food and get enough sleep.”

CW2 cagliore

“Best way to take care of your mental health is to ensure that you’re doing what you want and that other people aren’t controlling your life. It’s okay to live to help others, but never live for others. That’s my take on it.”


Question 2: What makes you relaxed?

“What makes me relax is to watch kdrama.”

MSgt galacticmoons

“Hmmmm, memes I guess.”

SMSgt Nanoless

“Rain and coffee.”

– MGySgt frachin2ne1

“Horror movies [make] me relaxed.”

– MSG lycheepudding

“Tea always works.”

PO3 -Pyramid

Question 3: When you are sad what do you do?

“Good question. I usually try to hang out with friends, or I go to a beach and just listen to the waves crashing against the sand.”

CMDCM aderz

“Just watch all my FB timelines.”

CW2 -RespectoR

“I read.”

CWO5 Majjesty

“I cry.”

SrA muhd9202

“I listen to sad songs and cry so I get more sad.”

CWO2 Lottie2411

“I rant about it.”

PO3 R6boo

As you can see, all of us have different coping mechanisms. None of them are wrong or ineffective. What works for one might not work for another. However, you can take these responses as suggestions and try them out as there is no harm! Do remember to take care of your health! <3

by Infinicorn

A Mental Letter to Myself

by K1e24

Cover by midgetbella

Dear Kiera,

It’s been a hard few months recently with all that has been going on in the world, you’ve lost your sleep schedule, and you’ve begun eating very unhealthily. Now, what are you doing writing to yourself about self-care?

You need to get back into your old routines, Kiera. You’re unhappy due to lack of sleep, so getting a good sleep schedule in order is a priority. This will give you a better schedule basis to work off of, which you can use to incorporate my next point. Exercise, get that adrenaline pumping, the endorphins flowing—it’s proven that these increase your mood and help to get that diet under control. Talking about diet, you should really stop with some of that junk food and increase your healthy food intake.

Art by midgetbella

Now, once you’ve done that, you need to keep a routine, get away from the computer more often, meet friends and family, etc. The interactions with friends and family won’t only affect you, they’ll also (hopefully) make them happier as you’re spending more time with them enjoying yourself! Getting away from the computer also means that you will have more time for your other hobbies.

Taking this all into consideration, self-care is important and should not be underestimated. It’s okay to be selfish and be by yourself, especially if being around others will only negatively affect them.


by disco99x

Compassion and a Balanced Lifestyle

by koleq

Cover by Connor78127

Everyone has struggles. We all have bad days where we just coop ourselves between the four walls surrounding us. But what is self-care in the perspective of other people?

Today we will be interviewing MSG RV!. We have asked him questions relating to self-care, and here is what he has to say:

How do you appreciate yourself and other people?

“I appreciate people by not being ignorant, and giving them my time and attention for them. That is how you can make people feel appreciated! You’ll never guess how meaningful a simple reply/answer to a question can be for them to feel unignored, knowing someone is actually giving attention to them. Even the smallest acts such as saying ‘thank you’ and asking ‘how are you?’ can make people feel appreciated, making them know that they actually exist, loved and cared by you! As to appreciate myself, more or less the same thing. I would give myself time and focus to do things that I enjoy or passionate about, and always be proud of what I’m doing/working on. After that, I wouldn’t be afraid to share that work that I did to other people. Of course to get feedback and possibly, getting appreciation itself! Even if I don’t get any/enough appreciation from other people that I thought I needed, remember that I’ve appreciated, valued myself, and be proud of the work in the first place! If you can value and enjoy the process, you’ll always be happy and content with yourself and things that you do!”

How do you balance Habbo and real life?

“Bold of you to assume that I have a balanced Habbo/real-life schedule. But hey, we’re here to always optimize ourselves! Speaking in this quarantine lifestyle and being a freelancer, where there is no fixed schedule on what hours you have to strictly be working. It comes back to personal commitment. I would give myself enough time everyday to feel productive, probably about 5 hours of doing real-life work. Of course every time there’s temptation to go online, we all know Habbo is addictive in a way. But yea, as long everyday I make progress in the things I’m working on and enough to make me feel proud to call it a quite productive day, that’s how I manage to balance so far!”

What strategies can you share that maintain your overall mental well-being?

“Hmm, I know it is always hard for us to dismiss that one negative thing among hundreds others of positive ones. But I’m telling you, being happy is a state of mind. You may choose to be happy by being grateful of what you currently have or have already achieved! You could take those negative responses or the things you still desire for as motivation to do better everyday! You are special and capable of doing wonderful things, that’s why it’s always important for you to fill your days with positive behaviors, as simple as making your bed, eating at proper hours, keep yourself clean in the shower, etcetera! Those small accomplishments from day to day would develop into a positive behavior which is healthy to your mind! Of course you might bump into some ‘bad day’. It is completely alright, keep that positive mental attitude going. Realize what you can be grateful for, what you’ve accomplished and what you can do about it next. It’s just like playing a tough match in a game, you’d say, ‘GG, go next.’ Good game today, tomorrow/next I’ll do better!”

by disco99x

Learning to Love Yourself

by J-Naut

Cover by KeiKano

Stress, anxiety, paranoia, and fear are emotions that we all feel in times of hardship. However courageous and bold we may be, there’s always that one special thing that makes you doubt yourself and you try to find a way to avoid it. That thing could be your exams, asking out a loved one, or even applying for OC. These negative thoughts can embody themselves in numerous ways. I, just like most of you, have also gone through such stages of life. There have been some really, really dark times when I thought that the light at the end of the tunnel was just something people said to calm their nerves. Despite that, I now completely believe in sayings like those. Yin and yang, the balance of black and white, seeing the good in bad and vice-versa. Such philosophies have been prevalent in society for centuries. That’s reason enough to believe but it’s understandable when someone starts thinking there’s no hope left when they are down. All we can and should do in those times is subtly keep pushing them in the right direction.

So how should one tackle such situations when it seems like the sun will never rise again? The answer is not so simple, and even harder in practice, but the result is more than worth it. Be mentally prepared, not just to face any adversity that comes your way, but also for failure. Not enough people talk about failing. We have all heard success stories but what about failure stories? I, for one, think failure is sometimes more fruitful than success. Suppose you applied for a job, you submitted your resume, did the interview but apparently someone was better than you. What do you do? Do you mope about and think you’re worthless or do you realize that there are people here who are still better than you, which means that you still have potential to utilize? The latter is what one does when they love themselves and know that there’s no fault in them that can’t be fixed with time and effort.

Always know that if you have lost, that means you have a chance to win next time or somewhere else. There isn’t just one job, just one exam, just one person, or just one chance in this world. Believe in yourself and you will succeed eventually. In 9th grade I scored 19/30 for the first time in my life in a test. Before that, the lowest I had ever scored was 23. My heart felt as if a constrictor boa was making it its prey. I couldn’t breathe or cry properly but tears were just flowing and flowing. I have never had many friends because of some unfixable issues so I didn’t have any shoulder to lean on when we got the results. After that, I didn’t study at all for a week. But then one day I realized, “This is doing me no good. If I stop trying then I might get even less than 19 the next time!” I thought to myself, “What are the paths in front of me here? I can either wallow in my sorrow for the rest of the year, or I can say, ‘No, I am not a student who gets 19/30 and gives up. I am a student who gets 19/30 and gets no less than 27 for the rest of the tests. I am a student who lifts himself up, wipes his own tears and fights. I am a student who loves himself no matter how bad I score because I know I can do better.’” When finals rolled around, I was at the top of my school with 89.5/90.

Self-love is a term not just limited to materialistic happiness, though that is just as important. Self-love is also knowing your faults and cracks and working to fill them up, not falling in despair when the going gets tough. Of course you can’t just keep trying without getting demotivated, we aren’t made of stone. That’s why materialistic happiness like binging TV shows, splurging on some clothes and accessories and being a glutton is also needed from time to time to keep you from getting burned out. Have a good mix of diversity and focus in your life. Love yourself, love others, and make others love themselves as well.

by disco99x

Even Your Officers

by disco99x

Cover by .:Illustrate:.

French playwright and actor Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, also known as Molière, once said, “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”

As you work your way up the ranks in USDF, you will no doubt at some point feel as though you’re struggling, you don’t know what to do or you’re a bit worried about something. Believe it or not, every single member of the USDF once logged onto Habbo and stepped foot in a military for the first time in their digital lives and had absolutely not one single ounce of a clue what they were doing. Even the SecDef, you ask? Yes! In fact, there is a long list of high-ranking officers in USDF who have experienced setbacks during their military career. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself…

“When I first came back to the USDF in 2019, the biggest worry I had was acceptance of the community. When I re-instated, I wanted to fly low and just do my time, earning my way to the Officer ranks. I had no plan, I had no direction, just a goal to become an Officer. Within days of re-instating, I was accepted into OMP and the decision to apply for MCPON was unrealistic, as there was already a MCPON, recently appointed. However, a few days go by and the position opens up, I was stunned and hesitant.. I never considered BHNCO as a path for me, and yes it looked enticing but was impossible because the position was recently filled. But when I saw the opening, I saw a great opportunity and so I applied. I applied for the position with only being reinstated a week or two prior, and I was very nervous as I wasn’t sure how the OCNO was going to consider me, my activity, and my recent reinstatement. After some feedback from the OCNO during the application process, I was advised to start being more integrated with the community. I never spoke on Discord, I never spoke in HQ unless on duty, I was quiet and I was shy – afraid of judgement. After I had gotten the advice, I made it a personal goal that everybody in the Navy would know the name Cluster by the time MCPON appointments came around, even if I didn’t get it. So I got in Navy Discord, and I started CREATING conversation. I started letting people know that I was here, I was new, but I was here. I was helpful in any way I could, I tried getting to know everyone in the Navy, I became close friends with Officers who are now my peers, they helped and guided me through my career to this point now. After MCPON, I became the SWOAN and had a successful term in the OCNO. During my tenure, I had the entire Naval community bolstering with activity, and it seemed that by the time I was done with SWOAN, everybody knew who Cluster was. All I had left to do was become an Officer, which is where I sit now. My struggle was simple; being shy, being hesitant, and not knowing what direction I wanted to go. My solution was even more simple; find a long-term goal, never give up in striving to accomplish it, and create many small goals along the way. Never give up, be persistent, and always try to talk to people for advice and guidance! Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, even if it means getting out of your comfort zone! A small saying I live by: Only the disciplined ones in life are free. If you are undisciplined, you are a slave to your moods. SO GET AFTER IT!”

LTJG Cluster

“One of my earliest struggles was writing an EOI! My very first EOI was for a command position when I was a CWO. I was applying to be in OOT&E. I was super nervous because I’m the type of person who can just write and write and write without stopping. One thing I had to do to prevent this was ask for some others for help! I talked to friends who had written them before, and I used the basic setup guide that we used to have on the forums! I wish I would’ve had the EOI RC back when I first wrote it.. I would have definitely used it! I actually ended up getting that position, and I was shocked to say the least. The EOI itself was quite mediocre (looking back at it now compared to ones I’ve written). I can see that talking to friends for proofreading has helped incredibly.”

Col ChickenFajita,

“One of my struggles was definitely staying disciplined and maintaining my bearing. It inevitably came with its consequences but that’s exactly what I used to overcome the struggle. I took the advice of those above me – before I’d say something questionable, I’d try to think of all the effects it would have on myself and those around me. Eventually, as with any routine, it became a habit to think twice about what I was saying or doing before executing. Ultimately, I grew out of my old habits, learned from my mistakes, and acknowledged what I needed to do.”

2LT 91-Bravo

“I think for me, my biggest struggle has just been me falling into ruts for periods. I’ve had many times throughout my career where I was so demotivated and felt so burnt out that I didn’t have the energy or desire to even log on client. Once I get into those ruts, it’s hard sometimes for me to get myself out of them no matter what I did or who I talked to about it. I also find myself feeling slightly embarrassed when I start to feel this way like others will look at me like I’m weak or being lazy. I don’t think I have any method or steps that I tend to take to get out of them. Still, something that I’m continually reminding myself of is that demotivation is a temporary feeling; it’s natural, and it’s human, and it’s unavoidable. The only thing that I can do is push myself to keep going to keep moving forward and come out swinging on the other side. I’m always reminding myself that the rough patch that I’m going through doesn’t say nearly as much about me as getting through it and coming out stronger does.”

LtCol xInBloom

“I would say one of the major struggles I experienced throughout my entire service time was figuring out how to juggle my IRL responsibilities with my USDF responsibilities. I wanted to ensure that I was not letting myself become overwhelmed with everything and the path I took was that I evaluated my life on a monthly basis. It was also important to make sure that I didn’t get burned out through the process despite having a very demanding schedule. Therefore, I began planning my months and weeks ahead of time and adjusted my schedule in ways that allowed me to complete what I needed to. I also took the time to take leaves of absence from USDF in order to refresh myself when needed. To be quite honest with you, I am still learning about how I can further improve this as it’s a continuing battle.”

CPT .Login

“Along with the fun memories I had when I was a lower rank at USDF, I had my fair share of struggles too! While I enjoyed staying in OJFD from NCO to CWO ranks, I had trouble landing in a command position. I was already CW5 at the time and I still couldn’t get any command position; hence I felt like I [hadn’t] accomplished anything. Being rejected does hurt big time but this does not mean that it’s the end for your career progression. I learned that it’s okay to feel down after a setback, it’s unhealthy to bottle those feelings up. After doing so, remind yourself to keep moving forward and learn from your mistakes. From my experience, what I did was that I didn’t hesitate to ask for EOI feedback in order to know which areas I need to improve on. Also, I stepped out of my comfort zone and explored another office that piqued my interest, OJSIG. From there, I was able to find my passion and perform well in its duties – eventually landing on its XO OPMG position. Always remember to have a growth mindset both here in USDF and in real life! Everything is always at your own pace, don’t let other people tell you otherwise.”

Maj idolayainerz

“During my time at USDF my greatest barrier has honestly been myself – I lack a lot of self-confidence which has led to me delaying or not taking the next step that is required of me to progress, either because I didn’t feel I was capable or there was some other anxiety at the back of my mind. This is still something I’m working on to date, however, it’s through the support and reassurance of those around me that has helped me push through those adversities. Sometimes having others believe in you during those times that you don’t even believe in yourself can give you the stimulation that you need to keep pushing forward and that is a major contributor to what has motivated me to continue.”

Capt midgetbella

“As an ex-Director/OSD, there are many things that I have to consider regarding who to pick for what position and how to assign roles and make plans that are best suited for everyone. It was mainly the stress and worries that I won’t be able to give everyone the best. I manage to overcome it by not focusing on it too much, relax yourself a bit and get back to the issue, you can’t think well when you are stressed and to prevent making impulsive and wrong decisions, it is better to let yourself handle the tasks when you are clear and relaxed.”

Capt CheesyRyan

“In the past at USDF, I’ve suffered a variety of failures or shortcomings. I was denied from offices, I failed L, W, and was denied from OCS back in ’18. From all of this, I learned it’s okay to keep your options open, try new things, and most importantly ask for help. We’re all going through things, both in real life and on Habbo. It’s not weak or bad to ask for help. It shows maturity and shows you’re ready to develop. Everyone, whether a HNCO, XO, CO, AD, Officer, whatever, we’re all here to help YOU grow and develop. Never struggle in silence and never give up. Even now, I have to ask for help sometimes! It’s okay!”

1stLt connor78127

“I think I never really had any major worries and struggles, apart from multiple smaller ones. Overcoming them was the hardest part about them, until I started to realize that it’s part of the journey, that they’re just a small obstacle that you have to pass to move on to the next one, and every single time you pass an obstacle you’ll be one step closer to the end goal.”

ENS Esperion

“I think that one of my greatest struggles is my self-doubt. It’s something that I, and a lot of other people, personally struggle with. Once you fall into this mindset, you can find it difficult to recover because you consistently feel like you’re underperforming and you’re disappointing others. However, I think one thing that I’ve learned and taught myself along within USDF is that despite everyone being different, we’re all in the same boat. One thing I consistently used to do was compare myself to others in terms of achievement, however, I’ve learned now that in hindsight, this is incredibly dangerous and pulls you under more. I think what helped me overcome this is by talking to other people and coming to the realisation that everybody is good at different things. Sure, I might not be the best at DDO, but I make a killer sentry! Or maybe I’m not the best at writing, but my critical thinking and problem solving is top notch! In my opinion, the best thing to do if you’re struggling with self-doubt is to speak to someone. It’s so easy to say, but so difficult to practice however I’m certain that it will help. Additionally, taking some time to self-reflect is a great thing to do. Look at your past achievements, command positions and promotions and think to yourself; was that just luck? Or did I work incredibly hard to achieve what I did?”

Maj zqam

“So, I’d say my biggest worry/concern was when I first returned to USDF after being pardoned. I was on the never rehire list prior to being pardoned. I figured when I was pardoned that I would not be able to succeed or advance very far at USDF with this hanging over my head. I suffered a few rejections from positions/offices early on and my hopes were down. I decided to keep fighting and I overcame these worries by simply continuing to fight, taking rejections well instead of getting sad, angry or upset and always looking forward.”

Col Xzao

“During my time in USDF, I’ve encountered an endless journey of ups and downs. I’d say that the one common thing that I believe we all had struggled is demotivation. Demotivation is diverse and can happen at any point when you least expect it to. Usually there are target points where demotivation just knocks you down over. It’s really difficult to feel as if there is no joy as to what you’re doing anymore. Even so, I managed to overcome this by keeping an optimistic mindset and having close peers surround me. I also made sure to get feedbacks from my superiors if I feel that I’m stuck at some point, which is what I use as a fuel to strive for improvement. Utilizing the community, we have here as well as listening and understanding are all essential for your growth within and outside USDF.”

Col Appartment

“Throughout my time at USDF, I encountered lots of ups and downs. Recently, there was a time when I thought I would never be able to get a command position and felt very demotivated. However, I didn’t give up, and after some unsuccessful attempts there eventually came a successful one, and I was appointed to XO TECOM. By persevering and not giving up, I was able to have this opportunity, and I then progressed onto CO NETC. If I had given up before, I would not be where I am now, so if you keep trying and have specific goals, you will be able to achieve them. Also, ensure to get people to read your EOIs and utilise the review council! But don’t give up after a few unsuccessful attempts, because your time will come! :)”

ENS IzzieKittie

“Some worries/struggles I had when coming to USDF was that I didn’t start from the very beginning. I came from the DEPTNAV era, which was similar to USDF, but very different. I joined USDF in January through a merge and was offered an officer’s position off the bat. Unfortunately, this put me in a position to have to learn everything just like someone who started from square one would have to. I made a lot of mistakes, but I made sure I learned from them so as not to continue making them. I could only use the ‘I’m new’ excuse for so long. Now it wouldn’t fly very well. But I learned and grew and now I am making a name for myself here and thoroughly enjoy the work and time I put into making USDF an even better military simulation.”

LCDR WarmClimate

“There’s one particular instance I can recall earlier this year. We had final exams coming up and OJSIG was extremely busy; most members were on leave and we were extremely backed up with duties. At the same time, I had to be studying, completing my assignments and doing my labs. I was in an extremely tight spot. However, this is where prioritization and proper time management is essential. Naturally, real life takes priority, then habbo. Now, we all give our time and dedication due to the love we have for the USDF community; especially when you’re in a command position, it requires you to be actively engaged. So, what I did was to ensure I completed all my university-related work, then I went hammering on OJSIG duties. Upon the completion of those duties, I definitely needed to take a step back; I went on leave. Coming back from my leave, I was rejuvenated and was pumped to get going again. In a nutshell, manage your time, prioritize and take a step back when needed.”

1LT YellowBalloons

So, there you have it! Whether you’re new to USDF, you’ve been here a few months, or even if you’ve been here a thousand years (ok, you might know everything by then), there will always be things that you need help with. But it’s okay to ask for advice, to chat with friends, officers, or a branch counselor. The only way to conquer something and to get comfortable with it is to equip yourself the best as you can and approach it head-on. 

Your officers did it and so can you.

by disco99x

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