The Libertarian – November 2021

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1Team Leader IntroductionIntroductionEliza4Forever
2Where I StartedInterviewKerfuffle
3Dear Future MeDiaryDan.K
4Life Goes OnPoembayeryaz
5Who Are You?Storybayeryaz
6When I Was Your AgeInterviewhumania
8That Was My Childhood!ReviewM1k3yK
9Time is MoneyStoryStrongTiger
10My Diary FriendDiaryDan.K
11Personnel SpotlightStoryDan.K

Team Leader Introduction

By Eliza4Forever

Cover by chuuyaa

Hello everyone! On behalf of the Libertarian Team, we welcome you to the November 2021 Edition of the Libertarian.

The November Libertarian is based on the theme ‘When I grow up’, which is a topic that resonated with me personally. As a relatively imaginative (and optimistic) child, I would spend a considerable amount of time imagining what life would be like when I’m older, and what type of person I’d be. To this day, many of my childhood questions about the future remain unanswered, but I’d like to think I’ve made significant and meaningful progress towards discovering who I am as a person, and that my younger self would be proud of how far I’ve come.

The November edition of the Libertarian features multiple interviews with many of our USDF coworkers, where we discussed what they wanted to be as a child and other topics that had to do with beginnings, such as their experiences when they enlisted into USDF for the very first time. This edition also consists of many stories and articles that had to do with the progression of time – all of which are definitely worth reading about.

Our team of the most amazing writers and graphic artists have dedicated lots of their time and effort into creating beautiful stories, poems, graphics etc, which brought the November Libertarian to life. So, if you are reading this and ever come across our fellow writers and graphic artists, be sure to give them LOTS of love and a (virtual) pat on the back!

Without further ado – sit back, relax, and enjoy The Libertarian! <3



The Libertarian

(Nov 2021 Edition) Team

Where I Started

By Kerfuffle

Cover by persol

What was your impression of USDF when you started?

Lt Gen WalkingBootz I first joined USDF with my real-life best friend. Not going to lie, we joined to troll. I remember sitting there in IRDT thinking, “Oh my god what is this? It’s super serious they aren’t going to let us join.”

Despite acting up in IRDT we made it through and were even given E2- you could award E2 at IRDT back then. After a few days and possibly some more trolling we decided that actually USDF was a nice place to hang out in and the people were super friendly so we stuck around. She went AWOL after about a month but 6 years later I’m still here. We don’t get to hang out as much now, but we try to meet up at least once a week. We still talk about USDF sometimes and I let her know when I get promoted and stuff.

CW5 MagicDealer Having participated in many military simulations and agencies, I was always aware of USDF presence on the Groups Floor. USDF always stood out as being stable and structured.

Mr. IonDABeast When I joined, USDF seemed like a community that portrayed aspects of the military very accurately while maintaining the fun experience a videogame should have. The people I first met were very kind to me, which immediately made USDF something I wanted to be a part of.

CWO5 Eliza4Forever When I was reinstated I had this feeling as if USDF is completely different than how it’s like a year ago, especially since most of the people I knew back in 2016 had resigned and went MIA. Fortunately, a few friends I knew since 2016 were still working there and they welcomed me back with open arms, which I greatly appreciated!

CWO5 Intervener12 Immediately after joining I was still just amazed, to be honest! The idea of going to trainings and FEATs was really cool to me, and the constant learning and promotions made me feel good. JNCO Life was pretty fun as well. I was just happy to start feeling more and more important and appreciated, as I started getting more responsibility as a JNCO, such as taking {S} for example and preparing myself for {L}.

1stLt SuperMarioZ17 My first impression about the USDF is that they look amazing since it is a military simulation where everyone is supposed to be disciplined, obeying the regulations which has attracted my interest and most importantly the people are friendly!

CMSAF HeyItsAllenArc When I started, my first impression was that everyone was serious and everyone was strict, I was young when I joined and I was confused.

CWO4 :uzumaki: I was out of the habbo mil for 4 years when I first saw USDF. I thought that I would just try to join and have fun learning how it works. It’s totally different from what I used to do. Back then around ’10-’12, I was an officer and never really bothered with the trainings and regulations, safe to say I don’t know anything about any of that as it never really played any important part. I only felt the importance of training and regulations when I joined USDF, used to feel like it’s free for all. I also never had a progression test like {L} & {W}.

CAPT coolchick1313 Overwhelming because I had so much to learn and I was an SNCO Selectee. Although everyone was really nice and I settled but it took time.

Mr. Controllable When I came back to Habbo Hotel, I was a bit overwhelmed by the fact Sycron had returned to the game and the many changes that occurred in the two years I was gone.  I was allies with DEPTNAV/USN many years before when I worked at USSO.  I decided to give another swing at Habbo and work for him again- and here I am nearly six and a half years later!

What was important to you back then? Did you have certain goals?

Lt Gen WalkingBootz Honestly I just wanted to have fun. I wasn’t worried about FEATs, offices, promotions, or anything really. I just wanted to hang out with the friends I was making.  Promotions and things still don’t bother me now either to be honest, USDF is still all about the community and helping others.

CW5 MagicDealer As someone who transferred in, you have to prove yourself. I would say making new friends & getting a command position were definitely a priority!

Mr. IonDABeast Using the experience I’ve gained, and applying it to improve myself in real life. I had a few goals, I was aiming to become a member of OJFD command, and later on move to OOT&E.

CWO5 Eliza4Forever I remember distinctly when I was an E3, I really wanted to get E4 as soon as possible because of the cool E4 uniforms. Around the same time, I was also super determined to become a member of OJFD so I could help others get the training they needed to progress. As for my long term goals when I was an NCO, I really wanted to be a WO despite failing {W} many times. (Spoiler Alert: I made it!)

CWO5 Intervener12 The most important thing to me was being able to progress into an HNCO position within my office at the time, which was OJFD. My big goal was to be the HNCO of ONET, in OJFD. After a lot of hard work and dedication, I was appointed, and this made me really happy.

1stLt SuperMarioZ17 To be honest, I don’t have any goals to begin with but later on, I found out it actually improved my English as I am communicating with other people often and that is where I decided to join the office that is involved with writing and communication.

CMSAF HeyItsAllenArc Back then all I wanted was to enjoy, meet new people. I was a former OPA and I enjoyed my time there. The most important thing for me was to enjoy and to have fun. Meet new people and learn more things.

CWO4 :uzumaki: When I first joined it was just for the nostalgia. Around ’15 when I first joined, classic warfare was dead at that point, I just wanted the opportunity to try other offices and see if I can make it far by doing something else.

CAPT coolchick1313 To be honest I got into OJSIG after my Selectee period and wasn’t sure what I wanted, but enjoyed my experience. I had no goals but I got SMA soon after.

Mr. Controllable. My number one goal was to get back into a commander/cabinet-level position.  As you know, I came from owning my own military for two years at, and co-founded Americas-Army after -=Tiberius=- closed his DoD.  I was not used to being a junior officer and that was a major transition for me, which I am glad to have made looking back.

Is there anything you have learned since that you wish you could have told yourself back then?

Lt Gen WalkingBootz I think looking back I think I would have told myself to believe in myself more and ask for help when it’s needed. That said, I don’t think I would have changed much though – I’ve always made sure to do what I enjoy when I feel ready and that is something I still tell people to this day as well. Throughout my time in USDF I’ve put off a lot of things: completing W, applying to OCS, turning down positions like SEAC and CSAF, and a bunch of other things because they just didn’t feel right at the time and I don’t regret these decisions one bit. There was a time when I really struggled though, with things that were happening and changes being made in USDF and I didn’t reach out to ask for support because I thought it was just me and I was being silly, speaking to people now about it though it wasn’t just me, and I realize now there is no shame in asking for help and just how important it really is.

CW5 MagicDealer I would probably tell myself it’s not a race? Enjoy every opportunity, and learn from it. Don’t rush to climb the ladder and appreciate those who support you on your journey. Growth & Leadership isn’t linear and what I mean by that is, don’t expect not to have a bump in the road!

Mr. IonDABeast I would’ve told myself to take everything one step at a time. Back then I used to burn myself out which backfired and slowed my progress.

CWO5 Intervener12 I would definitely tell myself that rejection is okay! Take the feedback you get and run with it, instead of just getting upset and not doing anything with the feedback. Overall, don’t give up, and work hard to reach your goals.

1stLt SuperMarioZ17 Yes, basically I don’t know how to write English properly but when I joined USDF/OISA I have learnt and improved a lot with my writing and communication skills. Not only that, when I got an opportunity to become a command member, I have gained leadership experiences to help people in ensuring they are motivated and doing well within the office.

CMSAF HeyItsAllenArc To never be afraid or shy with opportunities and chances. I’ve missed out on a lot of chances as I was shy and I was afraid of mistakes. Apparently, mistakes are what made us stronger and become the better version of ourselves. Don’t be afraid to take risks and as you make mistakes, discern and enjoy those moments.

CWO4 :uzumaki: I don’t really have any regrets that I would like to undo but I would like to tell myself to apply for a command position earlier and stop with the AWOLs.

CAPT coolchick1313 Don’t give up despite setbacks and have confidence in yourself.

Mr. Controllable. I would have said to have a bit more patience with the process.  I joined USDF only three months after its reopening and I had some really high expectations for myself, but I had yet to realize I was a part of a military that had a small handful of people that I worked with before on Habbo.

What are your goals now?

Lt Gen WalkingBootz DJFD 5ever! Honestly, though I’ve never really had goals, which might be a bit controversial but as long as I’m having fun and the people around me/in my office are supported & enjoying themselves then I’m happy. I’ve held a position at almost every level in USDF throughout my career here so although yes it’s nice to move up and stuff I’m happier doing my bit to make sure USDF is a safe and happy environment for others to grow in.

Mr. IonDABeast In terms of progression I’m aiming to become a branch chief, along with that I want to continue re-working the RTPs to make them more comprehensive and legible.

CWO5 Eliza4Forever My goals right now are to be recommissioned and to continue giving my all in everything that I’m doing. I also have a long term goal of learning to work with spreadsheets, learning how to wired and building rooms! 

CWO5 Intervener12 OCS would be my major goal right now. That’s the one hurdle that I need to get past right now. I’ve been working really hard to improve myself so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I have a lot of longer-term goals, but mainly, I want to progress into the role of DOT&E one day. I care a lot about the education and development of others, and being in this role will allow me to ensure everyone is progressing in our organization!

1stLt SuperMarioZ17 I want to help people to advance in USDF as well, and of course, I will still keep improving my English.  As I am in OISA, I will do my utmost to gain more leadership experiences and climb up to the high ranks/positions such as ASD ISA? Who knows!  At the same time, I want to make my mentor proud, he is the one who encouraged and taught me about leadership.

CMSAF HeyItsAllenArc My goals at the moment are to progress with my career and to enjoy every single bit of moment that I have in USDF. Just like meeting new people, being friends with them, and cherishing every single moment that I’m with them. As the CMSAF, I want to inspire others and uplift those people who are currently lost or unmotivated with their pathways here in USDF.

CWO4 :uzumaki: Now, the goal would be to learn as much from OMP and use whatever I’ve learned in OJFD & OMP to try apply for a command position, if that’s achieved then if real-life doesn’t get too overwhelming I might try to apply for OCS in the future.

CAPT coolchick1313 Don’t expect too much but keep it real. I don’t really have any future goals just keep doing what I’m doing and see what happens.

Mr. Controllable. My goals remain the same as they have since I was DepSecDef – ensuring USDF remains the #1 military on Habbo Hotel.  I play a less active role in day-to-day operations since retiring as SecDef last fall, but the rest of the senior leadership team remains in constant communications behind the scenes!

What advice do you have for people that are just starting out?

Lt Gen WalkingBootz No stress just tea, naps and pineapple on pizza

To people just starting out, remember that at the end of the day it’s a game, make friends and enjoy yourself. I joined USDF knowing absolutely nothing about the military/agency side of Habbo, honestly, I still don’t – I’m USDF’s local nub. All the info you need will come in time, complete your training etc but most importantly try to get involved and talk with people, the community we have here is really what makes USDF so special. The friends I’ve made at USDF are what has kept me going through these 5 or 6 years and all the ups and downs that have come in that time. Also please take breaks and get enough sleep – to all USDF personnel.

Mr. IonDABeast I’d recommend they explore opportunities early on in their career, and settle down in an office they find most enjoyable. Exploring early on is a good thing because it helps you gain better insight in everything available to you, if you decide to try out new career paths later on in your career, you might find it difficult to adapt or see your progression briefly stop. Also, professionalism and courtesy go a long way.

CWO5 Eliza4Forever I’d say to cherish the memories and the friends you’ve made along the way, and to enjoy as much as possible while you’re still here! Be kind, work hard and stay hydrated!

CWO5 Intervener12 I’d honestly give newer people the same advice I gave myself when I was starting out. Do not give up if you feel demotivated or are facing rejection! Talk to your office and branch command- get to know them more so they can better help you reach your own goals within USDF. After all, they’re really there to help you out!

1stLt SuperMarioZ17 The advice to those who start out their career in USDF, of course, is to have fun and make more friends since we are in a big friendly community! If you have any goals in USDF, I would advise you to always do your best and never give up until you achieve your goals!

CMSAF HeyItsAllenArc To never be afraid of mistakes and to take risks. Failure is always normal but what matters the most is the experience, the things that you’ve learned and you have to correct.

CWO4 :uzumaki: I’ve seen a lot of personnel who rush too much to reach higher rank and use RST/MST to look for promotion but I’ve learned that people should just enjoy the ride even if it feels slow. Have fun and learn as much as possible from their offices, maybe try another 1 or 2 offices to learn how it works. Then with all the experiences and hardwork, the promotion will surely come.

CAPT coolchick1313 Don’t get overwhelmed and stick it out even if the going gets tough. It’ll work out in the end and never ever give up

Mr. Controllable. Do not quit!  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people get frustrated (sometimes rightfully so) and quit out of emotion, only to end up asking to being reinstated a month or two later at a lower rank.  It just sets you back and let’s be honest, there really is no other community out there that can match USDF’s – whether it’s the programs/structure we have in place, to the fair opportunities that exist for promotion, or the environment we provide in client or on Discord.  It is truly a special place.

“When I Grow Up” Themed Artwork

By :alyss

Dear Future Me

By Dan.K

Cover by persol

Dear Diary,

I hope to learn a lot of new things and become knowledgeable in the future. I want to cement the mentality of improving myself every day physically, mentally, and eventually… spiritually. I think it’s important for me to do this at least for now. Consistency is an incredible quality to have. The only way to improve it is to not back down from your goals.

Books or just PDFs of books are valuable, so I hope I’ll be reading those and look for recommendations on Reddit. I’m planning to just continue gaining knowledge about various skills.

Exercise is important as well. I hope I’ll stay consistent with that for the future. Cardiovascular health needs to be a priority, especially when you live a lifestyle that has you sitting down a lot.

Consistency with diet changes. I want to continue to drastically reduce the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in my diet. I also want to continue watching ingredients and sticking with organic whole foods.

I want to get sun regularly. Throughout the pandemic I’ve been home a lot and I would like to go biking to a local forest preserve. There is supposed to be a nice biking trail further north and I would like to try it. The times I’ve gone to the local lake near me have been alright, but the path is way too fast. It’s too quick to do a lap around there. I need a larger location to play with so it’ll take me longer to circle around. I think having a bigger area would make the activity a lot more fun. However, biking is always a lot more fun anyway if you involve music. The path I take now around my local lake is more of a walking one, so I hope to find somewhere more suited for bikes.

I want to make more time for side projects and hobbies. Occupying myself with different means of entertainment helps me relax and enjoy the moment. Going to places I haven’t been to in a while like the amusement park would probably be a good time. I would like to create more potential business opportunities for myself through advertising and media. It would be nice if I could catch some luck with that.

I hope to gain a better understanding of myself in the future. I would like to look back and be happy with myself and the way I’ve spent my time. I hope that I will internalize “Improve Yourself Everyday” and stay consistent with it for a long time. That kind of thinking can really improve someone’s quality of life.

– Dan.K

Life Goes On

By bayeryaz

Cover by bayeryaz

We start out crawling on the floor all day,
not understanding a word people say.
We babble the ears of every person we meet,
Yet they are still eager to give us a treat.
No matter how much parents seem to prep,
they’re never ready for that first unsteady step.

One step quickly becomes a million,
but to our parents it may feel like a billion.
Before you know it, it’s our first day of school,
off we are sent with a face full of drool.
We beg, cry and make a big fuss,
hoping our parents won’t abandon us.
It is usually here where we make our first friend,
one that may be with us til the very end.

Our real personalities then begin to show,
let’s hope the best parts stay and the worst parts go.
Our bodies begin to go through change,
we go from looking cute to sometimes just strange,
but the acne and weirdness will fade,
whether it takes a few years or even a decade.

Some of us enjoy school, some of us no so much,
before we leave we tell our friends to keep in touch.
For the first time in our lives we are alone,
As we head blindly into the great unknown.
We are now met with one of life’s major crossroads,
not knowing what to do we often feel like lost souls.

Through all the uncertainty life seems to find its way,
we have to work hard but not forget to stop and play,
because life is short and ever fleeting,
do what makes you happy while your heart’s still beating.
Our time on earth will not last forever,
so put some heart into your every endeavour.
We will one day all be gone,
but the impact we leave behind will carry on.

Events Collage

By bluebell1994

Who Are You?

By bayeryaz

Cover by Eliza4Forever

I eat my morning oatmeal, freshly microwaved, while sitting on my well-worn leather recliner. I had saved up a bit in order to treat myself with a few frozen berries for my meal this morning. The pension fund seemed to stretch thinner these days. I finish up what’s left of my rations and walk over to the fridge to plan for my dinner. The fridge is empty. Oh, I seem to have forgotten to get groceries again. As the fridge door swings closed, the flattering of an old piece of paper attached to the fridge with a bottle opener magnet catches my eye. 

  • Take your Alzheimer’s medication, it is in the cabinet on the left of this note. 
  • Go to the doctors on Wednesdays at 9am
  • On Fridays visit your Grandson 

What day was it today again? I don’t remember writing the last point down and the handwriting didn’t seem to match either, but I let it slide. I reach to grab my phone on the countertop, it displays that it’s Friday. This brought a smile to my face. I sure do miss my sweet Grandson, Max. That poor boy had to go through so much, losing both his parents in that accident at the tender young age of 10. I took him in and raised him to the best of my abilities over the last 7 years, as his only living relative I had to, but I was never forced to. When my Alzheimer’s progressed I knew it was for the best that he attended a boarding school, since I could not rely on myself to take care of him anymore. It took all my savings and pension but I managed to get him in, a whole year’s tuition.

I check the calendar hanging on my door as I head out the house. Max’s graduation was circled at the end of the month, what a delightful surprise! He’s grown up so fast. I put on my dark wool coat and instinctively reach my hand into a pocket, pulling out a note. Directions to Max’s school, first up the bus stop. I slowly make my way there and plop myself down on a seat. The stranger next to me strikes up a conversation.

“It’s been a while, Pops.” he began. Max also calls me Pops. Now that I take a closer look at the man he happens to look just like Max, albeit a much older mature version of him. I told him about his resemblance to my grandson and he chuckled.

“Pops, it’s me Max. I left the note in your coat and the reminder on the fridge so we could meet on fridays. Getting out of the house always seems to help with your memory. ” the man continued. “I’ve really missed you, and I want to thank you again for everything you did and sacrificed for me, don’t you forget that.“

“Is it really you, Max? Oh it’s so great to see you!” I paused, “My, how long has it been? You’re looking more and more like a man, almost as if you travelled back from the future to see me!” I joked, though I don’t understand how he’s aged so much, he looks nothing like a highschooler. 

“It’s been a week, Pops. We’ve been meeting here ever since before I graduated High School, the doctors said it would be good to designate a place to meet. That it helps create some familiarity and stability for you. Do you remember the last time we met?” My blank stare must have prompted him to continue, “Uhm… I have a son now, he’s actually named after you. Here, take a look.” He pulled out a picture and handed it to me.

“Your son looks so much like my grandson, Max.” I said, surprised. “You know my Max is actually graduating high school this month! I am tremendously excited to attend the ceremony.” I look up and see a man, there is sadness in his eyes, was I talking to him? I can’t seem to remember.

“Excuse me sir, who are you?“ I asked.

When I Was Your Age

By humania

Cover by :alyss

What did you want to become as a child? 

Capt William.qwewy: When I was little, I wanted to become everything like, today it’s Policemen, tomorrow it’s Ultraman and the next is Spiderman. But I still remember my first ever dream is to become a Pilot!!! Cause let’s be honest, who doesn’t like airplanes?

CWO2 englishdon: I think I wanted to be an astronaut?

SgtMaj ki7_: I wanted to be a jockey because I was super obsessed with horses even though I’d never ridden one hahah, I just really loved all animals I guess.

CWO3 StrongTiger: I want to join the Army like my grandpa.

MGySgt Anoumalistc: Back when I was a kid I wanted to be an animator! Actually I called them drawer guys when I was a kid LOL.

CWO5 rona879: When I was a child, I wanted to become a pilot cause it’s really cool to see those pilots every time I go to the airport.

CCM randompixeldude: As a child I’d always wanted to be a paramedic.

1stLt SuperMarioZ17: When I was a child, I always wanted to be a soldier because I like to travel around and join the adventure with my friends. When I was a child, I always dreamed of becoming a soldier to protect my country and prevent it from war. Now I am proud of myself, I served as a soldier and an officer in Habbo USDF! I guess this is my fate?!

2ndLt AresK2: When I was little I always wanted to become a psychiatrist, I suppose that was fueled by my desire to assist people in need. Besides that, I always consider the human mind as a fascinating thing to examine, in order to improve the mental health of the patients and improve their quality of life.

CWO2 imkoreangirl: I wanted to be a cashier and no i don’t want to be one anymore.

CWO5 Eliza4Forever: I wanted to do a lot of things! One day it would be a nurse, the next day a teacher or hairdresser. I even wanted to be an actress at some point ;d

Do you still want to be one? If not, why? 

Capt William.qwewy: Urm well NO. Haha. WHY? I think maybe we’ve all grown up now and it was a dream that we used to have as a child.

CWO2 englishdon: Definitely not, not as interested anymore and probably won’t meet those school requirements ever LOL.

SgtMaj ki7_: Not anymore because I’m not great at horse riding lmao, now my dream job would probably be a painter or drummer because those are the only hobbies that I’m actually good at.

CWO3 StrongTiger: No. Because I’m wearing glasses already, and I found a new passion along the way which is backpacking.

MGySgt Anoumalistc: I still really want to become an animator! Drawing is my passion and what more to make profit out of doing what you love!

CWO5 rona879: No more since I learned that it will take years to be one and so many things to learn other than in school.

CCM randompixeldude: I was in university studying to become one, but I had an accident back in July which has meant I am no longer able to continue.

1stLt SuperMarioZ17: Now I am a grown up person, I have learned and gained knowledge. Maybe, I am not into the soldier anymore since I have to study a lot of things in my University but I am still interested in participating with the soldier drill training!

2ndLt AresK2: Nevertheless, in the next stages of my life I realized that this career would not be the one I would follow. Not only was I bad in most of the classes that would allow me to follow his dream career but I started to realize that I was better in other fields, especially in debating and communicating with others. Therefore, I became more interested in following a lawyer’s career.

CWO2 imkoreangirl: I want to be a housewife. Because I don’t want to work and I just want to sit at home all day.

CWO5 Eliza4Forever: Unfortunately not for most of the occupations previously mentioned, I’m not counting out teacher just yet tho..

What advice should you give to your younger self?

Capt William.qwewy: Dear little Willy, I hope you will always stay happy and don’t grow up too fast! Don’t be afraid to explore and try new things! Do whatever you want to do! Spread your wings! and FLY!!!! Before it all ends when you’ve become a grown up.

CWO2 englishdon: I’d say you don’t have to be like anyone around you as much as you think. Sometimes developing your character is good for you and you learn new perspectives and considerations in life but you can be yourself and make mistakes and that’s ok too. Do what you love how you love doing it, don’t mirror perfection.

SgtMaj ki7_: I would tell my younger self to keep up with my hobbies instead of forgetting I do them every couple of months LOL, and to actually focus on school 🙂

CWO3 StrongTiger: Stop playing too many computer games or you will regret wearing a pair of glasses in the future.

MGySgt Anoumalistc: Advice to my younger self is to be smart! Do what you love to do or you can also combine your passion with your work! I forgot to press enter ;-;

CWO5 rona879: You can plan ahead because doing so can provide you with a clearer direction of where you want to go, drive you, and motivate you. The planning process can teach you a thing or two. However, don’t become too fixated on a strategy. Plans are almost always subject to change, so be prepared! Life should be approached with open arms. You’ll end up where you’re supposed to be. Don’t be concerned.

CCM randompixeldude: As for advice for my younger self, that would be. It never gets easier, just try and be happy and keep pushing.

1stLt SuperMarioZ17: What advice should I give to the younger me? I believe it is good to try things out even though we’re at high risk but nothing is impossible!

2ndLt AresK2: A piece of advice I would give to myself would definitely be to continue being stubborn and passionate about things I wish to accomplish. My passion for my beliefs and ideas has often helped me in proving my point to others or allowed me to see different kinds of perspectives that work better for me.

CWO2 imkoreangirl: My advice is to enjoy school more before it’s gone.

CWO5 Eliza4Forever: I’d tell her to not care so much about what others think – ultimately, their opinions don’t matter most of the time.

Quotes By USDF

By StrongTiger


By Yodar

Cover by TheBeatleDude2

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in North America, which occurs on the fourth Thursday in November of each year.  Join me as we find out more about Thanksgiving Day and the origins of the holiday.

In September 1620, there was a small ship called the Mayflower and it left Plymouth, England, with 102 passengers seeking passage to a new home where they can practice their faith and other individuals seeking the promise of prosperity and land ownership in the New World. After enduring 66 uncomfortable days of sailing, they have reached Cape Cod, far north of their intended destination, which was the Hudson River.  One month later, Mayflower crossed Massachusetts Bay, where the Pilgrims started establishing their village. During their first brutal winter, most of the colonists remained on the ship, and only half of the colonists survived the harsh winter and disease.  In March, the settlers moved to their village and were greeted by an Abenaki Native American who greeted them in English.

Later on, the Native American returned with another Native American named Squanto, who is a member of the Pawtuxet tribe that was kidnapped by an English sea captain and was a slave before escaping to London and returning to his homeland.  Squanto took them under his wing, and taught them how to survive by growing corn, extracting sap from maple trees, catching fish, and avoiding poisonous plants to ensure their future in the New World.  He also was able to assist the settlers to forge an alliance with a local tribe, the Wampanoag, to ensure harmony between the colonists and Native Americans., which has endured more than 50 years.

In November 1621, after the Pilgrims first corn harvest proved successful, their Governor, William Bradford, organized a celebratory feast and invited their Native American allies, including Wampanoag Chief, Massasoit.  The festival lasted for 3 days, which was the first time Thanksgiving was held.  Many of the dishes were most likely to be prepared by using the Native American spices and cooking method (there was no oven and very little sugar supply), which means the meal did not have any pies, cakes or other desserts. In 1623, the pilgrims had a long drought that threatened the year’s harvest, and they celebrated with a second Thanksgiving, which prompted Governor Bradford to call for a religious fast, which became a common practice in other New England settlements as well.

In 1789, George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation by the government in the United States, and called upon Americans to express their gratitude for the happy conclusion to the country’s war of independence and successful ratification of the US Constitution.

In 1817, New Yorn and other several states officially adopted the annual Thanksgiving Holiday, each celebrating it on different days.

In 1827, Sarah Josepha Hale, a noted magazine editor and writer, launched a campaign to establish Thanksgiving as a National Holiday, and worked hard for 36 years, for which she earned the nickname “Mother of Thanksgiving.” Abraham Lincoln heard her request in 1863 during the Civil war, and wrote a proclamation which has scheduled Thanksgiving to occur on the final Thursday of November and it was celebrated on that day until 1939, when Franklin D Roosevelt moved the holiday up a week in an attempt to spur retail sales during the Great Depression, and in 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November.

Thanksgiving Traditions and Rituals

Nearly 90% of Americans eat Turkey – whether it is roasted, baked, or deep-fried – on Thanksgiving.  Other traditional foods that are included in the meal are stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.  Many people volunteer on Thanksgiving Day and communities often hold food drives and host free dinners for the less fortunate.

Parades are also becoming common in cities and towns across the United States because since 1924, Macy’s Department Store in New York City has hosted their annual parade and attracts 2-3 million spectators along the 2.5-mile route and is televised.  Parades usually feature marching bands, performers, and elaborate floats featuring various celebrities and giant balloons shaped like giant cartoon characters.

Starting in the mid-20th century or possibly earlier, the President of the United States holds an annual turkey pardoning ritual where they pardon 1 or 2 turkeys each year, sparing them from slaughter and sending them to a farm for retirement.

That Was My Childhood!

By M1k3yK

Cover by Eliza4Forever

When I was a kid, most of my precious hours were spent watching movies and something young me and current me have in common is that not much has changed. However, there was a specific movie that had me in a chokehold, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This movie, however weird and confusing, had me FASCINATED, and still does, proven in me watching it every few weeks at LEAST since I first saw it. The plotline, non-stop musical numbers, characters and cinematics, even to me now, make barely any sense, from beginning to end, it’s just confusion and some wacky songs, but it’s a masterpiece.

To summarize, if you haven’t seen or heard of it, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (also known as Rocky Horror) is a cult classic released in 1975. The main plot is that Brad Majors and Janet Weiss are driving one night to visit their old teacher, when their tire bursts, leaving them stranded in the middle of the woods. They head to an old castle nearby hoping to find a telephone, this, however, would change both of their lives forever. After knocking on the castle’s door a hunchback named Riff Raff answers, letting them inside and thus introducing us to the transylvanians and servants (Magenta & Colombia) of Franknfurter (yes you heard that right, Franknfurter), the owner of the mansion. Further events occur which end with them near death, heartbroken, in fabulous drag outfits and left outside in the rain where the castle once stood.

The movie was always an interest due to the wacky theatrics incorporated into it. Growing up a ‘theatre kid’ with my dad’s side of the family all being in plays and productions, Rocky Horror was a favorite of not only me but the whole family, all making it a halloween tradition to watch it together each year around October. The movie itself is outlandish, to say the least, but that didn’t stop me connecting with it on a deeper level than I have with very few movies. If you’ve seen the movie yourself, you’ll know what I mean when I say that it is possibly the most random hour and 40 minutes with one of the songs being called ‘planet hot dog’ and including the iconic Time Warp. 

As previously mentioned, not much has changed from when I was younger as it’s still one of my absolute favorite movies of all time. My favorite character is likely either Eddie or Colombia for the main reasons of Eddie being so underappreciated. Personally I find it a travesty that he only had the honour of being in the movie for a single song (darn you Frank) and Colombia’s outfits are just amazing, sequined shorts AND vest along with a top hat? Count me in.

Overall, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an insane trip from start to finish and I would 100% recommend it to anyone with time to spare and an interest in musicals. I would rate it a solid 9/10, losing a point for booting Eddie after his ONE song. I could go on and on about this movie. It was my childhood and has stayed in my life since then, not to mention it is 100% my dream to go to a live screening eventually. If you have some time to spare, watch it because I promise you that you’ll finish the movie pleasantly confused on what on earth just happened.

‘Baby Outfits’ Competition Submissions

Time Is Money

By StrongTiger

Cover by persol

It’s cold, the air seems dry, and the sky is so plain without any stars. Just like a blank canvas without any stain of paint. It has been 2 years since my mom slapped me into this reality. I was arguing with her that the concept of time is money is just unrealistic. Time is just an indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. It is a plane that continues to move forward, and with time it is impossible to pay for bills, food, loan and clothes. How can it be money if it can’t pay for things? I can say that I quickly regretted arguing with my mom when her slap brought me into this weird dimension where time is actually a currency that was used to pay for stuff. The richer you are, the longer you live. 

I am currently homeless in this reality, sleeping on the side of the road, asking for bread from any incoming people. If I am lucky, I can score a few loaves of bread that can last me for a few days; on my unlucky days, however, I get fist and kicks for my consumption. I am still investigating how this world works, and the best place to learn it is from the streets. What I can see is that everyone was born with a watch. And the watch indicates how long you live. When you touch your watch with another watch, you can transfer your time to the other person and vice versa. I heard stories that ever since the Great War that erupted between the Giants & the Smurf, and the way the world works was altered. The Victor of the War was neither the Giants or the Smurf, but an ancient Civilization that called themselves the Old Tigelol. Old Tigelol saw an opportunity and cast a magic that changed the whole world. The effect of the magic is that time can now be used as a currency.  Of course, It was Old Tigelol that was in the upper echelon of the society because they realized about the magic they cast earlier on, they lived for hundreds of years. While the remaining races such as the Giants, Smurfs and Humans were used as farm animals where their time would be milked out of them. No other races stood a chance against Old Tigelol due to the powerful magic they wield and the influence they possessed. You must be wondering, do I also wear a watch like the rest of the world? Nope, I don’t have a watch like the others. Therefore, I always hide my hands under my robe to avoid being seen, as this can cause lots of trouble for me. I might be taken away and be milked the time out of me, or I might also be taken to be experimented in some science laboratory with some weird science method, which I do not want to experience at all. Therefore, I have been trying to hide myself, by living in the streets. I move to a different street every week to avoid detection because usually, homeless people would die after 2 weeks because their time expired. It was sad at first. But the longer I stayed on the streets, the more numb I became to these situations. It is like a weekly scenario where I would see homeless people’s eyes just turn white and lie on the ground. An incinerator truck would then just come in, and a worker would just throw the lifeless body into the incinerator truck and be on their way. It is gruesome, and saddening. The morals are non-existent in this reality… how I wish I could go back to my own reality.  

In a world that carries the philosophy of time equals money literally is indeed scary. If time is really the currency of the world, much more cruelty and injustice would prevail over the land as one being so hungry about time. We humans are never enough. Be it a second, a minute, an hour or even days. We will never be satisfied as that is our traits. Time is very valuable, we never know how gold it is until we lose it. Like the saying goes, people who suffer in the present wish they can go back in time to change things. It shows how time can leave such a huge impact on lives. Diving into the story above shows how scary it is if time is actually a currency that can be used to be transacted among us. Time is everything. We need to be aware and always be prepared to manage our time well to avoid losing our mind due to the enormous pressure due to our time fleeting away from us. What happened to the story you asked? Well, I continue to change streets and observe the world to get to know about it better. I am currently exploring the world and writing articles to let the world know about this kind of world.

 Am I back in my reality? I am not sure, I have now managed to escape to the mountains trying to run away from Old Tigelol. I hope anyone who finds this letter can publish it somewhere. I hope society knows about the plot that has been plaguing this world. The evilness of the Old Tigelol robbing people of their time. So to anyone who read this, remember. Time is money. Spend your time wisely with your loved ones, your friends, and even your pets. It can be used as an investment for a long term goal. Always think of the consequences you are doing now that may affect your future. I pray for your success to liberate the world from Old Tigelol, best of luck my friend. Rawr.

My Diary Friend

By Dan.K

Cover by chuuyaa

Dear Diary,

The sun shined on my skin and made my forehead shiny with sweat. Today I had a lot of fun with my loved one. I went to the park with my grandmother. The local park is where I like to spend time with her. I swung on the swing sets and slid down the slides. Sounds of children’s laughter fill the air. After an hour we started to get hungry as I could hear my stomach growl. My feet stumbled on the concrete path before me. My grandma offered me a trip to go to McDonald’s. I happily obliged and followed her and took her hand. 

Along the path we found a wounded sparrow. It was laying there, sleeping. I tried to wake it up, but my grandma quickly grabbed me away from the bird. “Don’t touch that!” grandma said. “It could have some type of disease.” I stood away from the bird and looked at it in confusion. Why didn’t she want me to touch the bird? At home we have one and I handle it all the time. I didn’t protest her decision. We walked towards the street’s intersection and waited for the sign so we could start walking. I look up and catch the moment the sign turns from the red stop hand to a white/yellowish glowing walking figure. That means go! My grandma started to walk with me. I see the McDonald’s in front of us now. 

As we approached McDonald’s I recognized the large gold arches in front of the building. I wondered how the people who assembled that put it there. It would look like a fun place to slide from. We entered the restaurant itself and immediately the smell of freshly cooked fries blew through our nostrils. “Okay honey, what did you want?” my grandma said. I told her I wanted a happy meal. My grandma didn’t get anything. We waited a few minutes in anticipation for our order to be ready. A lady with black hair and white rimmed glasses from behind the counter shouted, “Order 82, happy meal, is ready!” My grandma thanked me and took the bag from the McDonald’s worker and quickly took my hand. I followed her across the street again as we made our way towards home. I saw the old, weathered brown roof above me and I knew I was home now. We entered through the doors, and I sat down ready to eat my meal. My grandma gave it to me and I slowly began to open the box. Burger! Check. Fries! Check. Toy! Check.

I start to open the burger wrapper and suddenly smell something unfamiliar. I opened the wrapper and saw a single slice of American cheese on top of a golden patty? “What is this? Where’s my burger?” I asked my grandmother. “Honey, that looks like the Fish Filet. They must have given you the wrong order.” I sank down in my seat, tears beginning to fill my eyes. I could feel my voice start to tremble as I blurted out, “Oh my gosh this is the worst day of my life!” I sprinted back to my room and locked the door. Nothing was ever the same again.

Personnel Spotlight

By Dan.K

Cover by bluebell1994

Hello! My name is Dan.K, GySgt. In this month’s interview portion of The Liberatarian, we decided to put a spotlight on an array of friendly faces that you might see around HQ. I’d like to thank the participants for taking the time to answer. For anyone reading I hope you enjoy learning more about your USDF colleagues!

RADM HowBizarr
Chief of Naval Operations
Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)

Q: “Who is RADM HowBizarr?”
A: “My name is Brandi and I have been in militaries since the days of M-M (military-might) and The-HQ when raids resulted in people dcing from HQ due to the amount of clones coming in. The goal of these raids was to get the opponent’s RC banned, and sadly this happened to M-M.
Outside of habbo I am a horror fanatic and currently love playing DBD! Besides video games, I love to take long rides on my motorcycle and visit beautiful scenery whenever I have free time.”

Q: “What’s the best part about USDF for you?” 
A: “The best part of USDF for me is the friendship! I’ve made a lot of friends here and love being part of the community. It’s nice to have others to talk to about Habbo because idk about you all, but I don’t talk about habbo to other irl people lol.”

Q: “If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, which animal would you want to be and why?”
A: “I would want to be a cat. They get to lounge around all day, sun tan, they can sleep wherever they want, and they get an endless supply of food and water? AND they get to knock stuff off of counters/tables whenever their humans aren’t looking? Yeah I’d love to do that.”

Q: “What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had at USDF?”
A: “The biggest one for me is when I go to promote someone and I completely forget what rank I’m promoting them to. It happens a lot so I’ll have an awkward pause in my promotion attentions while I desperately find the sticky note in HQ that has the ranks on it. :D”

Q: “Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to in this edition’s paper? What is their rank & username and why did you choose them?”

CAPT coolchick1313
Vice Chief of Naval Operations
Joint Staff Directorate (JSD)

Q: “Who is CAPT coolchick1313?” 
A: “Hello I am CAPT coolchick1313, aka Chels. I collect dragons and enjoy listening to music :)”

Q: “What’s the best part about USDF for you?” 
A: “Meeting new people and building lasting friendships.”

Q: “If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, which animal would you want to be and why?”
A: “A dragon, DUH” 

Q: “What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had at USDF?”
A: “I dont really know?”

Q: “Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to in this edition’s paper? What is their rank & username and why did you choose them? 
A: “USDF as a whole as it’s been a fun 3 years heres to more!!!!!!!

2LT theducksauce
Commanding Officer, Army Tests & Evaluations
Office of Operational Tests & Evaluations (OOT&E)

Q: “Who is 2LT theducksauce?”
A: “Well, my name is Ian and I’m from Asia. I’m currently a student irl, studying in a technical college but I’m about to graduate soon! (WOOOOO GRAD) Little more about me, the only real thing I do besides Habbo is sleeping (who doesn’t like sleeping? ;d). I honestly don’t have much going on irl so that’s basically it for who I am ;d” 

Q: “What’s the best part about USDF for you?” 
A: “Best part of USDF for me would be the community! Feels good to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who are willing to strike up a conversation at any moment.”

Q: “If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, which animal would you want to be and why?”
A: “I think I’d want to wake up as a bear, reason being that they’re quick, agile, great hunters and most importantly, they’re cute and fluffy ;d”

Q: “What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had at USDF?” 
A: “I can’t think of any embarrassing moments LOL, don’t really have any of those ;d”

Q: “Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to in this edition’s paper? What is their rank & username and why did you choose them?”
A: “I do, indeed! I’d like to give a shout-out to my AD, MAJ 1998Hailey1998. She’s been there for me all the way, since I first joined OOT&E and has been such a great person overall!” 

CWO5 DeRoyTheHero
Executive Officer, Marine Corps Operational Tests & Evaluations
Office of Operational Tests & Evaluations (OOT&E)

Q:Who is CWO5 DeRoyTheHero?”
A: “My name is Tom and I am a lorry driver for a job. It sometimes requires me to work long hours but I enjoy being out on the road so that doesn’t bother me. I like to spend my spare time socializing with friends about motor vehicles or assisting in my roles at USDF. Currently I am XO MCOT&E for the OOT&E. I love my role and would recommend any W2+ to apply if a position opens up!”

Q: “What’s the best part about USDF for you?”
A: “I love my office and the roles I perform. It is what I am comfortable doing and what I feel I can excel best at.”

Q: “If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, which animal would you want to be and why?”
A: “I’d be an eagle. A powerful bird with amazing eye-sight and being able to fly anywhere I’d like is a bonus!”

Q:What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had at USDF?”
A: “I’ve said many things out of context whilst on DDO before. Sadly not PG13 to share. xD” 

Q:Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to in this edition’s paper? What is their rank & username and why did you choose them?”
A: “I’d like to give a shout out to 2nd Lt Valorana for always being around to brighten my day. CWO5 BuNeOlum for being my fantastic CO and friend. CWO5 aiglet for being the most chill person and someone I really get along with. SgtMaj Ki_7, she is just a massive troll.” 

MSgt santiag45099
Office of Joint Force Development (OJFD)

Q: “Who is MSgt santiag45099?”
A: “MSgt santiag45099 is a hard worker, part of the USDF. Just joined the Air Force Events Council and applied for the Air Force Mentorship program. I am part of the OJFD, and just got an opportunity to be a DDO for the first time :). Outside of the USDF, I am a person who was blessed with the talent of music. I play the viola. I attend school and well yeah, that is MSgt santiag45099.”

Q:  “What’s the best part about USDF for you?”
A: “I believe that the best part of things is how they make you feel, and everyone in USDF have made me feel the best, they really have made the greatest impression. I think the best part about USDF is the people and the opportunities.”

Q: “If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, which animal would you want to be and why?”
A: “If I woke up as an animal tomorrow I would love to be a monkey. My favorite animal has been the monkey for a while and so yeah I would love to be a monkey. I think I would just get on trees and climb trees for the rest of the day.” 

Q: “What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had at USDF?”
A: “I haven’t really had embarrassing moments while working in USDF, but a moment where I did get a little embarrassed, was when I promised someone to make the SoW points goal, and I didn’t and got a strike.”

Q: “Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to in this edition’s paper? What is their rank & username and why did you choose them?”
A: “I would like to shout out to @hoagie505, he was my mentor. During my time as a starter he helped me through everything. He just got promoted to CWO4 and he has been one of the most helpful people in USDF. Shout out to him.”

MSgt akinse
Office of Joint Force Development (OJFD)

Q: “Who is MSgt akinse?”
A: “TSgt/MSgt akinse is a member of the USDF’s Air Force under the OJFD. He is a young lad who seeks self-improvement through giving other people the feeling of validation. Aside from being someone who emits bubbly and sometimes cold aura, he is also a man of his words and a man made for others. Putting anyone above himself and attending to whatever is needed to be done is something he believes should be done at all times regardless of their roots.”

Q: “What’s the best part about USDF for you?”
A: “The best part about USDF is the people involved inside the community. From the recruits, the personnel, our loving officers, and the allies and VIPs whom reaches out to us every now and then. They are indeed those who make USDF successful and ensures a safe place and work environment for everyone and also for those who wishes to become part of the military. No medals nor recognition can be compared to the experience and relationships one can make throughout their stay.”

Q: “If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, which animal would you want to be and why?”
A: “I would like to be a cat, well cats are treated as a god and I want to experience how it is to be like one of them. If not a cat, then I want to be Yogi instead so that I can complete and go beyond the Minimum SoW required.”

Q: “What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had at USDF?”
A: “So far, I think the time when I was so eager to host my first (or second) FEAT in USDF and Sir Navita called an attention, I think it’s him, and I wasn’t aware of it because I’m tabbed out and when I came back, everyone was whispering me and I panicked big time. During my FEAT training, my mind is on the apology message I will send to him right after the session. LMAO, because of that I always make sure to check if any officers will call attention before hosting.”

Q: “Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to in this edition’s paper? What is their rank & username and why did you choose them?”
A: “There’s a lot, to be honest. I have a lot of people that I look up to but for now I would like to give a huge shout out to my mentor, the best mentor. CMSgt NothingButBrett, you are a legendary mentor and I owe you big time. You always told me that it is because of me that I was able to excel but I really looked up to you and you have my utmost support and respect. Will always think about you, my best mentor.”

‘Baby Outfits’ Competition Winners

Finally they had got to the end, no camera appeared to have caught them and everything was still calm. As they slowly continued to make their way across to HQ, the pair each thought about the adventure they had just had. They were no stranger to adventure but this had definitely been their most thrilling yet. 

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