USDF x Habbo NFT – Welcome to the Metaverse!

Oh no! USDF has entered the Metaverse! Can you help Sgt Piccolo and Frank save the day and return HQ back to normal?

Room 1 – Oh no! Our wallet!

Oh no! Our Metamask Wallet is scrambled! Enter HQ to fix it!

Step 1: Take a seat in front of Sgt Piccolo to hear all about what happened to the wallet.

Step 2: Wait in the queue until it’s your turn! Sentry will give you more information and let you into HQ!

Step 3: Walk up to each pink letter and type *collect* in order to retrieve it.

Step 4: Grab a HiPad to continue into basic training! Walk up to the HiPad in HQ and double click/use it.

Step 5: Make your way down to the holding area for basic training! Have a seat at the table, and then it’s time to begin!

Step 6: Enter the teleport to head to Room 2.

Room 2 – Basic Training… invaded!

Step 7: Wait in the queue for your turn!

Step 8: Listen to the bot story and grab a gun from the gun vendor.

Step 9: Make your way across the room and avoid being hit by the invading mannequins! If you get hit, you will be teleported back to the queue.

Step 10: Stand on the gate to teleport.

Step 11: Enter the teleport.

Room 3 – Shooting Range!

Step 12: Use the gun vendor – it’s time to practice shooting.

Step 13: Oh no, invaders! Flip the switches when the bots are on the tile. Once you have defeated all six bots, you will get the first badge!

Step 14: Enter the teleport!

Room 4 – Knowledge Check!

Step 15: Enter the helicopter.

Step 16: Complete the Habbo NFT telephrase! (You won’t grab the answers here – try looking at the HabboX website!)

Step 17: Enter the teleport.

Room 5 – The Final Boss: Pac-Man!

Step 18: Wait in the queue.

Step 19: Collect all of the blobs by walking over them within 5 minutes – you get three lives. If you are hit by a cube, you will lose a life! The green blobs give ten seconds of invincibility from the cubs. Once all blobs are collected, you will automatically teleport.

Step 20: Enter the teleport.

Room 6 – Congratulations!

Step 21: You have saved the day! Walk up to the stage to receive your final badge during the ceremony!