Branch Wars 22 – Week 3 Recap

Cover by KraziiKendii

Freeze 3, Marines Eliminate Falcons In Time For Tie-Breaker Rounds!

by alek067

The Marines manage to freeze a win for the Air Force, leading them to their victory in Freeze LB of Branch Wars 2022. 

Air Force seemed promising for the first round until the Marines stepped up their game. The Devil Dogs managed to eliminate almost all Falcons leaving Col, JA. Mankles as the last man standing for the Falcons. Marines managed to freeze him until his previous life—signifying a win for the Devil Dogs!

In the second round, Marines, supposedly to maintain their lead but ran out of time. The falcons managed to earn the point for the 2nd round with good teamwork.

Good start for the Falcons in the third round as they decided to approach the Marines immediately. However, it did not last long as the Marines eliminated most of the Falcons and left a one-person team. Despite trying to catch up in a few seconds, the timer ticked, and Devil Dogs prevailed. Making it 1-2 in favor of the Marines.

Yet again, another last man standing for Air Force in the 4th round, but a timer yet again defused, making it a win for the Marines. 

Admittedly, the Air Force seemingly tried their best, but their enemy was the time left. Marines constantly managed to up their game every round, thus concluding the game with 3-1. Hailing CWO5, XO COMM. Combined-Union as the most valuable player. 

The Branch Wars will continue throughout July with various games and events hosted by the Office Of The Public Affairs and Titans for Football games. 

Football 3, A Narrow Escape With Many Goals!

by TraidKelly

With the starting lines decided and on the field, ChiefEw as goalkeeper for Navy, and K1e24 as goalkeeper for Air Force, the match starts with some swift shots from the corners, mainly departing from Navy players. Although, no goal was made for quite some time.

Then, as if from nowhere, Mankles makes a goal against the Marines! Cries come from both sides, woos and boos! The first goal in a series of goals to start us off.

At this time, an own-goal was made against Navy’s defense as a result of a bounce off of Randy31426:.

After a couple more goals, resulting from Mankles, chris81258, and Motivoi, the score at halftime is 3-2 to Air Force.

We spoke with the first half goalkeeper, K1e24, to give her input on her style of play.

TraidKelly: As goalkeeper for Air Force during the match, did you have any mental or physical preparation going into it?

K1e24: Aiming to save one goal, and try to have fun. But outside of that, essentially nada. At the end of the game, it’s all for fun.

TraidKelly: When playing during the match, did you have any tactics when the ball was coming at the net? Or was it more-so just in-the-moment chasing after it?

K1e24: Attempting to line myself up and figure out which angles they’d attack from. Outside of that, try to keep mobile in case they changed sides or angle of attack.

TraidKelly: Wonderful! And finally, do you have any shoutouts or thanks you’d like to give from the match?

K1e24: The Navy team. Thank you for the fun game, congrats on the win, until next time!
Also, to the Air Force Branch Wars Leadership, for the amazing work they’re putting in. Owen, for the effort he’s giving. It’s wonderful to see such a fun Branch Wars! And the rest of the OPA team!

So there you have it! As mentioned by K1e24, Navy did indeed take the overall win at 6-5. With the MVP being chris81258. We hope to see some more fun games and wins from all branches during the next half of Branch Wars 2022!

Capture The Flag, Army Rangers Sneak Through The Navy Seals Defense And Secure A 3-1 Victory!

by SoldierX16

On Saturday, the 16th of July at 7PM EDT, the Army Rangers and Navy Seals battled for a ticket to the next round! Eventually, the Army Rangers secured 3 of 4 rounds for their branch, while the Navy Seals won 1 round!

In this article, I’ve interviewed two people from each branch: Captain ChickenFajita,, (Navy) and First Sergeant Adworer (Army). They have answered questions about their expectations, Branch Wars experience so far and predictions!

Interview with 1SG Adworer:

Did you have any expectations, after observing any previous Army or Navy CTF games?

– CW5 SoldierX16

“I have not really seen many of the Branch Wars CTF games. The only one I saw was Army vs AF, which AF won. Both of the teams gave their best and it was really an interesting match. After the loss, we hosted training sessions and worked hard on quite a few things which definitely reflected in the next game. But yes, we were pretty confident about doing our best in each and every game.”

-1SG Adworer

After the victory against the Navy Seals, Army is now in the next round. However, their next opponent is still unknown, it will either be the Marines or Air Force! Marines beat the Navy by 3:1, Army beat the Navy by 3:1 too, while Air Force beat the Army by 3:2. What is your idea about the future opponent of the Army for CTF, and why or why not?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“I cannot really comment who our next opponent will be since both Marines, as well as AF, are doing an amazing job in the Branch Wars. But the only thing I can say is that it is going to be an exciting match and I would like to wish good luck to both of the teams.”

-1SG Adworer

Army has beaten the Navy by 3:1 in CTF, but there are two open games in Football and Freeze against the Navy! What do you think, is the Navy going to avenge the loss against Army in one of these games, or are you feeling like the Army is more confident, based on skills?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“ “Revenge” would not be the correct word I would use since Branch Wars is all about fun but I’m sure the Navy and Army are going to give their 100% in each and every game. For the Army, I can say we’re practicing hard and I would like to thank our branch leadership as well as fellow Army personnel for keeping the morale of the branch high. Again, I would like to wish Good Luck to both the teams.”

-1SG Adworer

Nice words from 1SG Adworer!

We all are excited for both incoming games between the Army Rangers and the Navy Seals!

We’ll find out which branch the better one is on Friday, the 22nd at 7PM EDT (Freeze) and on Saturday, the 23rd at 7PM EDT (Football)! This is going to be an exciting weekend!

Interview with CAPT ChickenFajita,,:

Did you observe the Army or Navy before, and how did they play at the previous games? If yes, did these observations influence your expectations?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“I observed a few Navy practices and they were a pretty solid team. Chris 2 (QwertyCH and chris81258) both are exceptional at the game. So I did have high expectations.”

-CAPT ChickenFajita,,

Well, that’s a good point because through this loss, Navy is now out of the CTF – bracket games. Do you think that the Navy can balance the loss by advancing within the other games (Freeze, Danger Zone  & Football), if yes for which game the Navy is showing the most confidence?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“Oh absolutely. I was talking with someone on the podcast earlier today. Navy is currently undefeated in DZ and Freeze. We have extremely skilled people at these games. Don’t get me wrong – I am hyped for our Football match as well. I do not know much about Army’s members, but I feel pretty solid going into our Football match this weekend.”

-CAPT ChickenFajita,,

You said you feel really solid going into the football match against the Army, the Marines have defeated the Army by 5:1 which is a great victory for the Devil Dogs. Also, Navy played against Marines in Football in the first round and lost by 3:1. Do you feel confident knowing that your branch, the Navy, has been more successful than Army in defending the goal against the Marines, who are known for their great, skilled players?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“Yes, I do! Like I said, I know the Navy’s skill level can match anyone that comes our way most of the time!”

-CAPT ChickenFajita,,

You said that chris81258 is one of your exceptional players, but due to his appointment to the XO AETC, he is now in the Air Force. Do you think this will affect the gameplay of the Navy Seals?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“Well, no. He went to AETC like you mentioned, which is Air Force, so I’m not worried about our matches vs. Army in that sense. Not only that, but he wasn’t the only person that did well. We have a plethora of people, I feel comfortable with playing and can pull us to victory!”

-CAPT ChickenFajita,,

Do you think that you train much more than the other branches, or approximately the same?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“Well, I honestly have no idea how often the other branches train. Branches are strongly discouraged from mixing in practices anyways. But yes, I do feel as if we have been given numerous practice opportunities. These not only allow people to practice to improve, but you also find a lot of people that know how to play the games but may not have shown it previously. Practices allow for you to see who knows how to do what.”

-CAPT ChickenFajita,,

Also convincing words from Captain ChickenFajita,,!

Thanks to CAPT ChickenFajita, and 1SG Adworer for their time to have an interview and answer all these questions, we’re all excited and hope for the best for our branches!

Army vs Marines Football 4, Devil Dog Demolition!

by Alienate.

Marine Devil Dogs managed to smash it out of the park in the most recent Football Match against the Army Rangers,

This dominating win of 5-1 has secured the Devil Dogs their place in the final game of Football Branch Wars 2022. 

Heading onto the field Devil Dogs and Army Rangers were confident and ready to go, here were the lineups: 

Devil Dogs: –  GK Ace:.Samantha:., CF PeUS. ,LW PrivateJRyan ,RW midgetbella ,DM Combined-Union

Army Rangers: – GK Kerfuffle , CF SoldierX16, LW Adworer, RW AngelEnergy, DM fireeric20

We can see in this first line up there are no Titans in play on either side, making it a very balanced start, Devil Dogs came in full force with their attack leaving the Rangers under pressure and having to focus on their defense.

Both sides held their ground for a long time before Col PrivateJRyan swooped in and scored the first goal for Marines. Army Rangers were not prepared to let this shake them as they head back into the game.  

After a brilliant kick off from Army they chase the ball up the field, making an excellent attack,  they take their shot, but Devil Dog CWO4  Ace:.Samantha:. saves the ball. Not much time is left in the 1st half and Army Rangers don’t give up, play is stuck in centrefield as both teams work hard to defend. Before any more shots can be taken the 1st half of the game is over. 

Marines 1 – 0 Army, the 2nd half sees the Devil Dogs annihilate the rangers with another 4 goals, but not before the Rangers scored a goal for themselves. 

I spoke to Army Ranger SFC  -Trivium who played RW at the beginning of the 2nd half and he said, 

“I think Marines were just the better team on the day, when we made the 1-1 early into the 2nd half I was hopeful but after that they played us around the park”.

With the loss Army will now face off against Navy to decide who will then face off with Marines in the final football game of Branch Wars 2022. Will Army Rangers get another shot at redemption? Or will the Seals sweep them off their feet? Stay tuned to find out!

Danger Zone 5, Devil Dogs Outsmart Spiders And Take Victory Over Rangers!

by SoldierX16

On Sunday, the 17th of July at 7PM EDT, the Army Rangers, and Marines Devil Dogs battled for a ticket to the bracket finals for the skill-based game “Danger Zone”. Eventually, the Devil Dogs won 2:1 against the Rangers and secured the ticket to the Danger Zone finals against the Navy Seals.

Round 1:

After discussions with the OPA hosts, ASD PA LighthouseOne and LT dinsky, Marines and Army agreed on a player count of 6 players for each branch.

Both branches brought enough players to the game, in just a few seconds, and the 12 representatives filled the seats!

The excitement was big, the audience cheered on their branches. From now on the question was, is the person sitting behind the gate at the end of the game going to be a Ranger or a Devil Dog, or are the spiders going to eliminate everyone?

The spiders eliminate Ranger by Ranger, Devil Dog by Devil Dog, but then there is the turnover: 4 Rangers are alive, while 1 Devil Dog is the last one for the Marines, but just 10 seconds later, the spiders got the last Devil Dog, this was the chance for the 4 Rangers, who captured the game ground.

Within 5 seconds, all 4 Rangers got eliminated by the spiders, a huge disappointment for the Rangers, the first round ended with a tie!

Round 2:

Only 20 seconds since the start of the second round and 5 Rangers have been eliminated, while all Devil Dogs are still alive.

CW2 AngelEnergy, has been the only Ranger among the remaining 4 Devil Dogs. Unfortunately, the spiders got her, and the chance to take over the second round for the Rangers is gone.

However, there is hope for the Devil Dogs, 3 Devil Dogs are still alive!

And just a few seconds later, SgtMaj Wijkagent has taken over the winner seat!

The Devil Dogs are celebrating their victory over the second round by crying “OOH-RAH!”,

The Rangers are still motivated for the third round, are they going to win it?

Round 3:

Within the first 30 seconds, 4 Devil Dogs were kicked out by the angry spiders, while 5 Rangers are alive! 

Nobody expected it, but there was a huge turnover! 4 of the 5 remaining Rangers have been eliminated, while one of the Devil Dogs is alive, now it’s a 1vs1! CWO4 eyeFad against CW5 LaurenMae!

CWO4 eyeFad got caught by the spider, CW5 LaurenMae is the last Ranger standing, there is hope for the Army! 

Just 5 seconds later and she has been kicked out by a sandwich, planned by two spiders!

And again, no winner! It’s still 1:0 for the Marines.

Round 4:

While the game has started, all players are clicking around, there is excitement!

If the Devil Dogs would take over the fourth round, they would win the game.

There were 45 seconds left, and Ranger by Ranger got kicked out, while Devil Dog by Devil Dog. Eventually, there is no Ranger remaining, while we have 3 Devil Dogs on the ground.

Two Devil Dogs left the last man standing, CWO5 Combined-Union. Does he make it or not?

Well, he has been patient and had an eye out on the spiders, when the way was clean, he ran and took the winner seat. He led the Marines to the win, the count is now 2:0 for the Marines. 

The game is decided yet, but the Rangers are fighting for the last round, they don’t want to lose the game by losing every round!

Round 5:

Different from the previous rounds, this round has been well-balanced, while 3 Devil Dogs are remaining, 3 Rangers are on the ground.

While CW5 fireeric 20 and CW5 LaurenMae are on the ground for the Army, and Colonel PrivateJRyan is fighting for the Devil Dogs, the spiders are seeking their next victim!

CW5 LaurenMae got eliminated, it’s now a 1vs1, the gate has suddenly opened!

Colonel PrivateJRyan was running to the gate, he got in and took the seat, but he got caught at the last second by a spider!

CW5 fireeric20 is the last man standing, now his mission is to survive the spiders and belong to the open gate!

And what a turnover, the spiders aren’t moving anymore? There has been a bug!

Everyone was confused, technically CW5 fireeric20 could walk to the gate without being prevented.

Well, the OPA hosts had to reset the spiders, CW5 fireeric20 had to survive all spiders as he was the only player to ensure the win for the Army Rangers!

While people are making jokes about applying “VAR – Video Assistant Referee” to investigate the bug, the OPA hosts decided to give out the win to the Army as they technically had the win already!

The final count is 2:1 for the Marines, 2 of 5 rounds have ended up for nobody, 2 rounds have been taken over by the Marines and the last round won the Army!

Marines won and ensured the ticket to the finals against the Navy, who is going to win the brackets finals of Danger Zone? Find it on the 29th of July at 10AM EDT!