Branch Wars 22 – Final Recap

Cover by secondpeterfive

Danger Zone Final: Navy vs Marines – The Devil Dogs Rule The Seas & Spiders!

by KarturoW

After securing their ticket to the finals, the Seals confront the Devil Dogs who come from a great victory against the Rangers. It was an intense atmosphere right off the bat, as both branches started off discussing the amount of players that will be taking on the spiders. Both branches agreed on 6 players to make it fun and interesting as it should.

The Seals seemed excited and nervous as it was their first finals in this year’s branch wars while the Devil Dogs looked confident and composed, almost as if they were used to this environment, what will be the decider of this match? The excitement or confidence?

Once Round 1 began the spiders did not think much about going for a Seal first, making it 6 against 5 in favor of the Devil Dogs but the Seals managed to keep it going until the last 30 seconds, it was all left to kevin56387 and Combined-Union. Who was going to reach the chair first and remain away from the spiders? Combined-Union did some zig-zagging making it easier for him to reach the chair first, giving the Devil Dogs the first round.

The Seals kept their head high to face Round 2, and made a change in their lineup. The CNO, yes you heard correctly the CNO, took the floor and was ready to take on the spiders and certainly did not let the Navy down as he went on head to head against PeUS. making them the last two standing against the spiders. As much as his efforts pushed through, the spiders got to him and gave PeUS. the chance to reach the top.

If the Devil Dogs were confident before, they sure are confident for the 3rd and what could possibly be the final round of Danger Zone. The Seals and Devil Dogs sent in their best players to battle it out until one branch remained standing. The Seals placed their focus on Combined-Union who seemed to be shifty through the spiders and was close to giving the Devil Dogs the win but KarturoW made front and tried to stop him by blocking his movement but it wasn’t enough. Combined-Union ran to the chair and won it for the Devil Dogs making it 3-0.

Football Final Army vs Marines – Marines Clinch Football Final Win Against Army!

by secondpeterfive

The Marine Devil Dogs secured the championship in the Football event of Branch Wars 2022 after overpowering the Army Rangers, 5-3, in a hotly-contested matchup on military home turf.

The Marines team emerged out of a deadlocked first half, taking advantage of the errors made by the Army team and playing good offense themselves, while thwarting a late-game coup set up by Rangers to try and force the game into sudden-death penalty.

The game started favorably for the Rangers after an own-goal by Marines’ Combined-Union and an unassisted goal by fireeric20 for a 2-0 run. Combined-Union then scored a goal to redeem himself and switch the momentum towards the side of the Marines. This was followed by an equalizing goal scored by .:Hoodini:. to conclude the first half of play, 2-2.

The Devil Dogs continued to rake in points in the second half after multiple own goals by Army’s DeRoyTheHero and by iDfind, who managed to score a goal in his own right to cut the lead of Marines, but to no avail. The Marines team played defense towards crunch time, foiling efforts by the Rangers to score and etch a last-minute win in a repeat of the 5-1 Marines win over Army in the upper bracket finals game weeks prior.

MGySgt .:Hoodini:., who was declared MVP of the game after scoring one goal in the game, was elated at the results of the match. In an interview, he attributed the Marines’ win to teamwork and better coordination between players from their side. “We managed to take hold of the gaps [that were there] to push ourselves forward towards their goal and get the point,” he said. “[This time] we were definitely more coordinated as a team. We followed the orders of our coach very well, and managed to play [as] one unit as opposed to playing on our own,” .:Hoodini:. added.

Meanwhile, 2LT TigerLily,x of the Army team was still happy despite the unfavorable results of the match. “Obviously I am a bit gutted as I was on the losing team,” she said, “but I believe we did a good job and we played our best!

The outcome of the match – the penultimate event in Branch Wars 2022 – sealed the overall fate of the red-hot Devil Dogs, who bulldozed their way to victory in most BW events to win the overall championship in the annual Branch Wars saga.

From The Bottom Of Our Hearts – Closing Thoughts

by TraidKelly

Cover by C_inc0gnito

As Branch Wars ends, and The Libertarian for this amazing period of events comes to a close, looking back on what it took to pull this concept together brings joy to those involved. Thank you to each and every member of USDF, OPA, OPA Command, and Habbo Hotel’s groups floor in general for partaking in such an amazing community.

This Branch Wars was a very intense one, and the effort put into it will never be forgotten. As the participation will not either. So without further delay, this is Branch Wars 2022. The war to end all wars.


Branch Wars 22 – Week 4 Recap

Cover by Yodar

Football Army vs Navy – Rangers BRRRR Through The Seals’ Waves!

by KarturoW

A very important and valuable match for both special ops teams as it determines who moves on to the championship round begins with the Rangers winning the kickoff. At first, it looked like it was going to be a very intense match as it started with a foul from windowsdonkeys right off the bat, and not shortly after one from 1998Hailey1998 but both teams began to play good defense despite their mistakes at the start. 

Not long after Camastrr strikes, putting the ball against the Seals’ net giving the Rangers their first score. The Rangers seemed to pick momentum from Camastrr’s first goal and followed with another one assisted by Creta. The Rangers finished the first half strong up 5 to 0 against the Seals.

The Seals had to keep playing their starting line-up while Army made a sub taking DeRoyTheHero out for Dexterim who ran to the goal to keep the score to 0 against the Rangers. The Rangers did not slow down, in fact scoring more goals courtesy of Camastrr. 

The Seals did not give up though they kept fighting, scoring their first goal with 6 minutes left in the second half, thanks to a great pass from iAmbitious and a kick from KarturoW. The Seals began to connect more, scoring two more goals, lifting their hopes of a comeback just like they had done against the Falcons.

Krille was keeping the ball from hitting the net while his Seals fought for a comeback, rookieblue14 was defending his heart out, 1998Hailey1998 was running the wings like she was fresh off the bench but the Rangers put a stop to that keeping calm and adding more pressure to the Seals side. Creta, fireeric20, and Camastrr made huge plays making the score 9-3 to end the game and keep the Seals out of the championship round.

Capture The Flag Army vs Air Force – Four Rounds Of Intensity

by Armando498

This was a very interesting match with a lot of great players, it was filled with a cocktail of different emotions, and we even had some twists and turns in the match. The match was fought between the Army Rangers and the Air Force Falcons, both really good contenders. The match was set to give the win to the best of 5 rounds, and the match finished just after round 4. Please keep reading for a brief recap of each round.

In round one, the Rangers started out strong, with a great strategy while the Air Force seemed to have a somewhat slow start, after some of the Falcons got themselves in jail, the Rangers took advantage of the situation to score themselves a point. The person that brought the flag back was Asuno from the Army!

In round two, the Air Force seemed to pick up the pace and defend a little bit better, they trapped one of the Rangers, but still made some mistakes to make them be in inferior numbers which led fireeric20 from the Army to bring back the flag once again. 

In round 3, it seemed like the Army lowered their defenses and thought they had the win secured, when the Air Force took the opportunity to go through them and capture the flag to lower the point difference, making it 2-1, would this have given the Air Force some motivation to keep fighting for a comeback?

Round 4 was the last round played, both teams were very focused on the game, both with great defenses, but one of the Rangers, LaurenMae, broke through the Falcon’s defense and successfully collected their flag, after some time she got past the defense on her way back and scored a point for the Rangers, giving them the win.

It was a very extreme match with a lot of great plays, but as well some big mistakes from both sides, in the end, the most valuable player of the match was Asuno due to him scoring and being one of the strongest players for the Rangers and bringing back the victory for the Army once again. 

Danger Pod Lands In The Water!

by Alozric

Today marks a new battle in 2022’s all-out Branch Wars. Four Branches, Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines, gather together to play a game of luck “Danger Pod” with no skill involved, just a draw. A lucky step to determine the winner. In the first round we had K1e24 playing for the Air Force and FlyingWalk and Wijkagent from the Marines, with both of them strolling onto the banzai and ending up in the danger pod, there were no winners. 

The second round commenced and all players rushed their way to the pod. As each player got wiped out one after the other, there were 2 that remained standing which was ChickenFajita, from the Air Force and Defenestration from the Army. The second round ended abruptly with both of them ending in the danger pod, where there were again no winners.

The third round commences, It’s difficult, with lots of suspension and tension between the players, especially with a game that solely relies on luck, is there ever going to be a winner? In the end,  the Army was left with 3 players, Marines with 2, Air Force with 1, and Navy with 1. A plot twist? Every branch got eliminated and ended up in the danger pod, once again, there weren’t any winners.

The first and final round with a winner, this round determines it all, which branch will win the game of chance? Here is the roster for this game; 1 Marine, 1 Navy, and 1 Army. Everyone ended up in the danger pod apart from these 3 players from each branch, except the Air Force as they got eliminated abruptly.  As the final players await for the banzai tile to appear in the middle, It happens, everyone is rushing. Everyone was eliminated, except… Randy31426! The Navy Seals manage to take the win home!

Capture the Flag – Marines Pull Out Their Big Guns!

by Alienate.

It got off to a slow start with both sides struggling to fill their teams, after a few minutes of deliberation both teams were full! The first round starts with Marines strong on defense, however, they soon let it slip allowing a Falcon through, Devil Dogs pushed back through the Falcon defense and got their own attacker after the flag. The Falcon didn’t last long though as it soon became trapped and sent off the board! Air Force quickly sent another Falcon in to get the flag, Air Force is the first team to grab a flag but alas, the bird was caged by Devil Dogs hot on its trail. 

This ruthless attack from the Devil Dogs managed to cut down the Falcons enough to storm their base. Grabbing the flag, SgtMaj Wijkagent rushed back to their own base and scored the first win for the Devil Dogs. 

In order to win this game, the teams needed to win Best of 5.

Round 2 was a brutal run by the Devil Dogs with the round ending within minutes! Air Force Falcons tried to defend as best they could but SgtMaj Wijkagent snuck past them again to score Marines a second point. Devil dogs are only 1 point away from victory at this point in the game, their confidence is shown amongst the players and spectators of the branch. 

Round 3 is a bit of a fumble by the Devil Dogs when they trap one of their own mid-attack! This rookie mistake leads to the Falcons swooping in and stealing the flag for themselves getting them back in the game! 

Round 4 begins with the Devil dogs making a desperate attack to overwhelm the Falcons, they push past the defense and grab the flag. With two falcons left in play, SgtMaj Wijkagent rushed back to base, securing the victory. The Falcons unfortunately were no match for the Devil Dogs in this game of Capture The Flag. SgtMaj Wijkagent secured all three wins for Marine Devil Dogs in this match, what a true MVP!

Freeze – Rangers Pave The Way To Freeze Finals!

by Alienate.

Today’s game of Freeze was a best-of-5 match between Army Rangers and Navy Seals, this is a game where your strategies make all the difference! We kicked off the first round with an amazing play on both sides, SEALs and Rangers scrambling to break blocks and collect their power-ups. Soon, however, the Seals started to get in their own way, freezing their own players and even killing one due to friendly fire and another shortly after another Rangers attack.

This is a dire situation for the Seals as they’re now on an uneven playing field with 3 players remaining and all the Army Rangers still standing strong. There was some manic defense and attack from both sides causing 5 players from both sides to be frozen all at once! It’s not long before the field is evened out with 2 players on each side. However, with the scores of 080-040 to the Rangers, the Seals needed to be strong with their attack. Time running out the Rangers viciously attack the Seals and with less than a minute remaining OC1 Stealth and CW5 fireeric20 steal the victory for the Rangers!

By the third round Seals were pushing their attack and defense, the Rangers smelling victory only a point away, rushed into the Navy’s starting point to put pressure on the Seals defense.

The second round doesn’t get much better for the Seals as multiple members freeze themselves within seconds of starting, those lost lives may prove dire as they fight through the round. As we get to 4 minutes remaining, the scores are tied with the Seals trying their best to make up for their discouraging start to the round. As both Rangers and Seals attack and defend the score and the teams stay fairly even throughout, there is no hint as to who will claim this round for victory. Those lost lives may have cost the Seals dearly as their last two fighters are killed simultaneously. One by CW5 LaurenMae as she also sacrificed herself, and the other by CPT DeRoyTheHero. With the Rangers only one point short of victory it is uncertain whether the Seals would be able to make a comeback. 

By the third round, the SEALs were pushing their attack and defense, the Rangers smelling victory only a point away, rushed into the Navy’s starting point to put pressure on the SEALs defense.

This round in their desperation the Rangers start to lose players due to their own friendly fire. The round is ending in a neck and neck battle between the two sides, but it’s not long before MVP CW5 fireeric20 swoops in with the final kill to win the round, and the game for Army Rangers. Winning this match secures their place in the final freeze battle of Branch Wars 2022.

Freeze Marines vs Navy – Marines Create A Smooth Slate For Victory!

by Manuel.Vazquez4

Once again, we could appreciate an amazing battle between two strong branches matching for winning an important game of Freeze. Marines “Devil Dogs” vs Navy “Seals”. Where 5 players of each team had to do their best effort to beat the rival to be the best of 5 rounds getting the most amount of points possible.

We could see since the first round was a close match where Marines started to have the advantage. We saw the strong Devil Dogs go with everything, putting extreme pressure on Navy players trying to disqualify them, but on the other hand, the Navy tried to defend and counterattack Marines, however, this wasn’t enough since the Marines ended up winning the first round with 40 seconds on the timer and 2 players.

Over the second round, the strategy was almost the same, at the beginning of this round, Marines started with a bit lead of it, however, the Navy was also now putting more pressure on Marines and with hope for a comeback, the Navy could lead the match but this didn’t go on for so long as Marines finally mix it up a bit, winning the second round with 23 seconds on the timer with just 2 players alive.

Finally, in the third and final round, the Navy had to win this round if they wanted to stand a chance and for a moment it seemed it could be possible, the Marines were in fact leading the match with almost 1 minute to finish the match, however, the Navy could make a come back as they were just a few points behind. Unfortunately, the last player was eliminated and the Marines won the battle 3-0 with a great victory and also the support and efforts of the MVP eyeFad. Without a doubt, a great battle.


Branch Wars 22 – Week 3 Recap

Cover by KraziiKendii

Freeze 3, Marines Eliminate Falcons In Time For Tie-Breaker Rounds!

by alek067

The Marines manage to freeze a win for the Air Force, leading them to their victory in Freeze LB of Branch Wars 2022. 

Air Force seemed promising for the first round until the Marines stepped up their game. The Devil Dogs managed to eliminate almost all Falcons leaving Col, JA. Mankles as the last man standing for the Falcons. Marines managed to freeze him until his previous life—signifying a win for the Devil Dogs!

In the second round, Marines, supposedly to maintain their lead but ran out of time. The falcons managed to earn the point for the 2nd round with good teamwork.

Good start for the Falcons in the third round as they decided to approach the Marines immediately. However, it did not last long as the Marines eliminated most of the Falcons and left a one-person team. Despite trying to catch up in a few seconds, the timer ticked, and Devil Dogs prevailed. Making it 1-2 in favor of the Marines.

Yet again, another last man standing for Air Force in the 4th round, but a timer yet again defused, making it a win for the Marines. 

Admittedly, the Air Force seemingly tried their best, but their enemy was the time left. Marines constantly managed to up their game every round, thus concluding the game with 3-1. Hailing CWO5, XO COMM. Combined-Union as the most valuable player. 

The Branch Wars will continue throughout July with various games and events hosted by the Office Of The Public Affairs and Titans for Football games. 

Football 3, A Narrow Escape With Many Goals!

by TraidKelly

With the starting lines decided and on the field, ChiefEw as goalkeeper for Navy, and K1e24 as goalkeeper for Air Force, the match starts with some swift shots from the corners, mainly departing from Navy players. Although, no goal was made for quite some time.

Then, as if from nowhere, Mankles makes a goal against the Marines! Cries come from both sides, woos and boos! The first goal in a series of goals to start us off.

At this time, an own-goal was made against Navy’s defense as a result of a bounce off of Randy31426:.

After a couple more goals, resulting from Mankles, chris81258, and Motivoi, the score at halftime is 3-2 to Air Force.

We spoke with the first half goalkeeper, K1e24, to give her input on her style of play.

TraidKelly: As goalkeeper for Air Force during the match, did you have any mental or physical preparation going into it?

K1e24: Aiming to save one goal, and try to have fun. But outside of that, essentially nada. At the end of the game, it’s all for fun.

TraidKelly: When playing during the match, did you have any tactics when the ball was coming at the net? Or was it more-so just in-the-moment chasing after it?

K1e24: Attempting to line myself up and figure out which angles they’d attack from. Outside of that, try to keep mobile in case they changed sides or angle of attack.

TraidKelly: Wonderful! And finally, do you have any shoutouts or thanks you’d like to give from the match?

K1e24: The Navy team. Thank you for the fun game, congrats on the win, until next time!
Also, to the Air Force Branch Wars Leadership, for the amazing work they’re putting in. Owen, for the effort he’s giving. It’s wonderful to see such a fun Branch Wars! And the rest of the OPA team!

So there you have it! As mentioned by K1e24, Navy did indeed take the overall win at 6-5. With the MVP being chris81258. We hope to see some more fun games and wins from all branches during the next half of Branch Wars 2022!

Capture The Flag, Army Rangers Sneak Through The Navy Seals Defense And Secure A 3-1 Victory!

by SoldierX16

On Saturday, the 16th of July at 7PM EDT, the Army Rangers and Navy Seals battled for a ticket to the next round! Eventually, the Army Rangers secured 3 of 4 rounds for their branch, while the Navy Seals won 1 round!

In this article, I’ve interviewed two people from each branch: Captain ChickenFajita,, (Navy) and First Sergeant Adworer (Army). They have answered questions about their expectations, Branch Wars experience so far and predictions!

Interview with 1SG Adworer:

Did you have any expectations, after observing any previous Army or Navy CTF games?

– CW5 SoldierX16

“I have not really seen many of the Branch Wars CTF games. The only one I saw was Army vs AF, which AF won. Both of the teams gave their best and it was really an interesting match. After the loss, we hosted training sessions and worked hard on quite a few things which definitely reflected in the next game. But yes, we were pretty confident about doing our best in each and every game.”

-1SG Adworer

After the victory against the Navy Seals, Army is now in the next round. However, their next opponent is still unknown, it will either be the Marines or Air Force! Marines beat the Navy by 3:1, Army beat the Navy by 3:1 too, while Air Force beat the Army by 3:2. What is your idea about the future opponent of the Army for CTF, and why or why not?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“I cannot really comment who our next opponent will be since both Marines, as well as AF, are doing an amazing job in the Branch Wars. But the only thing I can say is that it is going to be an exciting match and I would like to wish good luck to both of the teams.”

-1SG Adworer

Army has beaten the Navy by 3:1 in CTF, but there are two open games in Football and Freeze against the Navy! What do you think, is the Navy going to avenge the loss against Army in one of these games, or are you feeling like the Army is more confident, based on skills?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“ “Revenge” would not be the correct word I would use since Branch Wars is all about fun but I’m sure the Navy and Army are going to give their 100% in each and every game. For the Army, I can say we’re practicing hard and I would like to thank our branch leadership as well as fellow Army personnel for keeping the morale of the branch high. Again, I would like to wish Good Luck to both the teams.”

-1SG Adworer

Nice words from 1SG Adworer!

We all are excited for both incoming games between the Army Rangers and the Navy Seals!

We’ll find out which branch the better one is on Friday, the 22nd at 7PM EDT (Freeze) and on Saturday, the 23rd at 7PM EDT (Football)! This is going to be an exciting weekend!

Interview with CAPT ChickenFajita,,:

Did you observe the Army or Navy before, and how did they play at the previous games? If yes, did these observations influence your expectations?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“I observed a few Navy practices and they were a pretty solid team. Chris 2 (QwertyCH and chris81258) both are exceptional at the game. So I did have high expectations.”

-CAPT ChickenFajita,,

Well, that’s a good point because through this loss, Navy is now out of the CTF – bracket games. Do you think that the Navy can balance the loss by advancing within the other games (Freeze, Danger Zone  & Football), if yes for which game the Navy is showing the most confidence?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“Oh absolutely. I was talking with someone on the podcast earlier today. Navy is currently undefeated in DZ and Freeze. We have extremely skilled people at these games. Don’t get me wrong – I am hyped for our Football match as well. I do not know much about Army’s members, but I feel pretty solid going into our Football match this weekend.”

-CAPT ChickenFajita,,

You said you feel really solid going into the football match against the Army, the Marines have defeated the Army by 5:1 which is a great victory for the Devil Dogs. Also, Navy played against Marines in Football in the first round and lost by 3:1. Do you feel confident knowing that your branch, the Navy, has been more successful than Army in defending the goal against the Marines, who are known for their great, skilled players?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“Yes, I do! Like I said, I know the Navy’s skill level can match anyone that comes our way most of the time!”

-CAPT ChickenFajita,,

You said that chris81258 is one of your exceptional players, but due to his appointment to the XO AETC, he is now in the Air Force. Do you think this will affect the gameplay of the Navy Seals?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“Well, no. He went to AETC like you mentioned, which is Air Force, so I’m not worried about our matches vs. Army in that sense. Not only that, but he wasn’t the only person that did well. We have a plethora of people, I feel comfortable with playing and can pull us to victory!”

-CAPT ChickenFajita,,

Do you think that you train much more than the other branches, or approximately the same?

-CW5 SoldierX16

“Well, I honestly have no idea how often the other branches train. Branches are strongly discouraged from mixing in practices anyways. But yes, I do feel as if we have been given numerous practice opportunities. These not only allow people to practice to improve, but you also find a lot of people that know how to play the games but may not have shown it previously. Practices allow for you to see who knows how to do what.”

-CAPT ChickenFajita,,

Also convincing words from Captain ChickenFajita,,!

Thanks to CAPT ChickenFajita, and 1SG Adworer for their time to have an interview and answer all these questions, we’re all excited and hope for the best for our branches!

Army vs Marines Football 4, Devil Dog Demolition!

by Alienate.

Marine Devil Dogs managed to smash it out of the park in the most recent Football Match against the Army Rangers,

This dominating win of 5-1 has secured the Devil Dogs their place in the final game of Football Branch Wars 2022. 

Heading onto the field Devil Dogs and Army Rangers were confident and ready to go, here were the lineups: 

Devil Dogs: –  GK Ace:.Samantha:., CF PeUS. ,LW PrivateJRyan ,RW midgetbella ,DM Combined-Union

Army Rangers: – GK Kerfuffle , CF SoldierX16, LW Adworer, RW AngelEnergy, DM fireeric20

We can see in this first line up there are no Titans in play on either side, making it a very balanced start, Devil Dogs came in full force with their attack leaving the Rangers under pressure and having to focus on their defense.

Both sides held their ground for a long time before Col PrivateJRyan swooped in and scored the first goal for Marines. Army Rangers were not prepared to let this shake them as they head back into the game.  

After a brilliant kick off from Army they chase the ball up the field, making an excellent attack,  they take their shot, but Devil Dog CWO4  Ace:.Samantha:. saves the ball. Not much time is left in the 1st half and Army Rangers don’t give up, play is stuck in centrefield as both teams work hard to defend. Before any more shots can be taken the 1st half of the game is over. 

Marines 1 – 0 Army, the 2nd half sees the Devil Dogs annihilate the rangers with another 4 goals, but not before the Rangers scored a goal for themselves. 

I spoke to Army Ranger SFC  -Trivium who played RW at the beginning of the 2nd half and he said, 

“I think Marines were just the better team on the day, when we made the 1-1 early into the 2nd half I was hopeful but after that they played us around the park”.

With the loss Army will now face off against Navy to decide who will then face off with Marines in the final football game of Branch Wars 2022. Will Army Rangers get another shot at redemption? Or will the Seals sweep them off their feet? Stay tuned to find out!

Danger Zone 5, Devil Dogs Outsmart Spiders And Take Victory Over Rangers!

by SoldierX16

On Sunday, the 17th of July at 7PM EDT, the Army Rangers, and Marines Devil Dogs battled for a ticket to the bracket finals for the skill-based game “Danger Zone”. Eventually, the Devil Dogs won 2:1 against the Rangers and secured the ticket to the Danger Zone finals against the Navy Seals.

Round 1:

After discussions with the OPA hosts, ASD PA LighthouseOne and LT dinsky, Marines and Army agreed on a player count of 6 players for each branch.

Both branches brought enough players to the game, in just a few seconds, and the 12 representatives filled the seats!

The excitement was big, the audience cheered on their branches. From now on the question was, is the person sitting behind the gate at the end of the game going to be a Ranger or a Devil Dog, or are the spiders going to eliminate everyone?

The spiders eliminate Ranger by Ranger, Devil Dog by Devil Dog, but then there is the turnover: 4 Rangers are alive, while 1 Devil Dog is the last one for the Marines, but just 10 seconds later, the spiders got the last Devil Dog, this was the chance for the 4 Rangers, who captured the game ground.

Within 5 seconds, all 4 Rangers got eliminated by the spiders, a huge disappointment for the Rangers, the first round ended with a tie!

Round 2:

Only 20 seconds since the start of the second round and 5 Rangers have been eliminated, while all Devil Dogs are still alive.

CW2 AngelEnergy, has been the only Ranger among the remaining 4 Devil Dogs. Unfortunately, the spiders got her, and the chance to take over the second round for the Rangers is gone.

However, there is hope for the Devil Dogs, 3 Devil Dogs are still alive!

And just a few seconds later, SgtMaj Wijkagent has taken over the winner seat!

The Devil Dogs are celebrating their victory over the second round by crying “OOH-RAH!”,

The Rangers are still motivated for the third round, are they going to win it?

Round 3:

Within the first 30 seconds, 4 Devil Dogs were kicked out by the angry spiders, while 5 Rangers are alive! 

Nobody expected it, but there was a huge turnover! 4 of the 5 remaining Rangers have been eliminated, while one of the Devil Dogs is alive, now it’s a 1vs1! CWO4 eyeFad against CW5 LaurenMae!

CWO4 eyeFad got caught by the spider, CW5 LaurenMae is the last Ranger standing, there is hope for the Army! 

Just 5 seconds later and she has been kicked out by a sandwich, planned by two spiders!

And again, no winner! It’s still 1:0 for the Marines.

Round 4:

While the game has started, all players are clicking around, there is excitement!

If the Devil Dogs would take over the fourth round, they would win the game.

There were 45 seconds left, and Ranger by Ranger got kicked out, while Devil Dog by Devil Dog. Eventually, there is no Ranger remaining, while we have 3 Devil Dogs on the ground.

Two Devil Dogs left the last man standing, CWO5 Combined-Union. Does he make it or not?

Well, he has been patient and had an eye out on the spiders, when the way was clean, he ran and took the winner seat. He led the Marines to the win, the count is now 2:0 for the Marines. 

The game is decided yet, but the Rangers are fighting for the last round, they don’t want to lose the game by losing every round!

Round 5:

Different from the previous rounds, this round has been well-balanced, while 3 Devil Dogs are remaining, 3 Rangers are on the ground.

While CW5 fireeric 20 and CW5 LaurenMae are on the ground for the Army, and Colonel PrivateJRyan is fighting for the Devil Dogs, the spiders are seeking their next victim!

CW5 LaurenMae got eliminated, it’s now a 1vs1, the gate has suddenly opened!

Colonel PrivateJRyan was running to the gate, he got in and took the seat, but he got caught at the last second by a spider!

CW5 fireeric20 is the last man standing, now his mission is to survive the spiders and belong to the open gate!

And what a turnover, the spiders aren’t moving anymore? There has been a bug!

Everyone was confused, technically CW5 fireeric20 could walk to the gate without being prevented.

Well, the OPA hosts had to reset the spiders, CW5 fireeric20 had to survive all spiders as he was the only player to ensure the win for the Army Rangers!

While people are making jokes about applying “VAR – Video Assistant Referee” to investigate the bug, the OPA hosts decided to give out the win to the Army as they technically had the win already!

The final count is 2:1 for the Marines, 2 of 5 rounds have ended up for nobody, 2 rounds have been taken over by the Marines and the last round won the Army!

Marines won and ensured the ticket to the finals against the Navy, who is going to win the brackets finals of Danger Zone? Find it on the 29th of July at 10AM EDT!


Branch Wars 22 – Week 2 Recap

Cover by KraziiKendii

Freeze, Navy vs AF – Unstoppable!

by alek067

The Navy Seals manage to snatch yet another point that leads to their victory against The Air Force Falcons in Freeze 2 during the morning of Branch Wars 2022. 

The first round was a close one as both the Seals and Falcons equally eliminated players on each branch. 

Despite being a close game, RDML 1998Hailey1998 took the Navy forward as she threw a snowball at the Falcon that was at its last life. 

The second round was tough luck for the Falcons as they had the opportunity to get the point, but the Navy seized it from them again.  

The last round was a neck-to-neck battle as LTJG Merilon, and CWO4 Alvarit0 remained in the arena with the time ticking. 

Despite CWO4 Alvarit0’s efforts to garner a point for the Air Force—the time came to an end showing 20 for the Air Force and 30 for the Navy on the scoreboards—which concluded 3-0 in favor of the Seals. 

In all three rounds, PO2 inclusiv was visibly giving his all for the Navy—he was the MVP.

“It was based on teamwork plus strengths of our sailors,” PO2 inclusiv said.

“RDML 1998Hailey1998 and LTJG Merilon were the GOATs,” he added. 

Despite the Navy’s victory, MVP Inclusiv believes that an improvement can be made for future games. 

“I think communication can be worked on in the future between players. It’s there but needs a little tuning, and we’d be unstoppable,” he said.

The Branch Wars will be continuing throughout July with various games and events hosted by the Office Of The Public Affairs and Titans for Football games.

Marines Capture The Win Against Navy In Capture The Flag!

by LaurenMae

Marines once again, capture another win against the Navy Seals in Capture The Flag. The first round kicked off with :QwertyCH playing for the Navy Seals, capturing the flag then returning to the Navy base and taking the win for the first round. After the excitement of getting the win of the first round, would the enthusiasm of winning the first round help them win the whole match? Unfortunately not, the Marines then took the win by winning the next three rounds back to back, with FeastBeast playing for the Devil Dogs, being crowned as the MVP of the game. 

I did interviews with some of the players who participated on Friday July the 8th. My first interview was with LTJG, Merilon, who was the captain of the team the Navy Seals, during Capture The Flag. 

“How did you feel as the captain, knowing the line-up was in your hands?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“Well I wanted to make sure the Navy was well prepared, beforehand we practiced Capture The Flag for about 1.5 hours and before that as well. It was important that everyone who got to play wanted to, so I actively communicated with the Navy Seals. Also during the game, I tried pushing them into the right direction.” – LTJG, Merilon.

“How did it feel to get that win in the first round of Capture The Flag?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It was very good motivation for our team to win the first round of the match.” – LTJG, Merilon.

“Anything that you felt could’ve been improved on?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I suppose it went downhill because we split the best players on our team after that first round. I thought mixing in these players and those who aren’t as good yet would’ve been a good combination. Besides that, Navy Seals has seen a huge improvement from last BW. There is so much support from other branch members now and attendance, so whenever I get to lead I will use it to hype them up and put a bit of pressure on the player.”

Those are the words from our captain of the Navy Seals, LTJG Merilon.

My second and final interview was with CWO4 eyeFad, playing for the Marines Devil Dogs. 

“How did it feel taking the win home for the Marines, again?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It was really good! We had to focus the whole game and make sure we’re using the correct line ups because we’re expecting that Navy has really good players.” – CWO4, eyeFad.

“Any messages for the other branches?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“We’re all doing great! Let’s continue to enjoy the remaining weeks of Branch Wars. We can’t wait to see you all in the Marines celebratory event!” – CWO4, eyeFad.

“Anything you felt that could’ve been improved on in the team?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I think in this last game, we lacked communication. Unlike in our other games, players are on voice chat. This game, there were players who weren’t able to join the voice chat since they were playing on mobile, or simply couldn’t join. It’s hard to chat and play at the same time, and if coaches start typing, it would lag some players, But other than that, we’re gucci.” – CWO4, eyeFad.

Some bold words here from CWO4, eyeFad. Stay tuned to see who will bring the next win home, more games and matches will be upcoming throughout the month of July. 

The Navy Seals End Up Highest In Higher Or Lower!

by LaurenMae

An extreme and lengthy game of higher and lower, ended up with The Navy Seals on top. Our first round kicked off. Higher and lower is a complete luck game where the host rolls the dice and the players have to choose whether to go higher or lower than the number that was rolled, by walking onto one of the sides. 

One of the highlights of our first round kicked off with our dice on the number three. Our host, Major nick1x then rolled the number one, with most people thinking it would be higher than three, it was actually lower… with the majority of the people out already, we had one left from each branch: babetillyc from the Air Force, SinfulMan from the Marines, chris81258 from the Navy and tim63341 from the Army. Round one then ended with the dice being rolled from a three to a one with tim63341 from the Army, choosing lower and taking the win for the first round.

We then moved onto our second round, the results of an intense match ended up with the dice being rolled at four. LTJG, Merilon then decided to go her own way towards the higher side, with everyone else choosing lower. By luck and chance, a six was rolled and LTJG, Merilon took the win for the Navy. HOOYAH! 

Our third round was intense, with both Luce927 from the Air Force and SinfulMan from the Marines going to the same sides a few times, then when a four was rolled, they decided to go their separate ways, with Luce927 going to the lower side and SinfulMan going for higher, host nick1x then rolled the dice again, it was a three, with the Air Force taking a win. 

The deciding round kicks off with our last two players, .FlyingWalk playing for the Marines and chris81258 playing for the Navy, the dice was rolled currently at three, who’s it going to be? Will the Marines finally take a win home? Or will it be the Navy taking their second win? The dice is rolled and it is a one, which means chris81258 takes the second win home for the Navy. 

The question is, who’s going to win Branch Wars 2022? There’ll be more games and matches coming throughout the month of July, stay tuned.

Danger Zone, Falcons vs Rangers – Interviews With Some Of Our Best Players!

by LaurenMae

On July the 9th, Falcons and Rangers played against each other in an intense but exhilarating game of Danger Zone. With MAJ UHaileyroseU being our MVP of the match, I interviewed her and a couple of our other best players, 1LT DeRoyTheHero and CWO5 TrizepsJohann.

Starting with our MVP, MAJ UHaileyroseU and one of our other good players, 1LT DeRoyTheHero from the Army.

“How did you feel personally when you were playing Danger Zone?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It was fun, I loved playing Danger Zone with the Air Force!” – MAJ, UHaileyroseU.

“It was a positive experience for myself. I haven’t played the game that much personally but understanding the game and certain techniques was fun to do. When playing against Air Force, both branches were humble, respectful and congratulated each other on their round wins. I enjoyed the game overall, even if I didn’t do that great on a personal level.” – 1LT, DeRoyTheHero.

“Do you think there’s anything the Army could still improve on in Danger Zone?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I think the Army could improve on their strategies, like sitting beside the enemy to get them out whilst also trying to stay in, but Danger Zone is a hard game for most so I think we did well considering that.” – MAJ, UHaileyroseU.

“There are always aspects of improvement. Something important is ensuring that branch members turn up to practices before games. This is especially important for Army members. Practicing allows others to learn and become better at the game and also allows strategies and tactics to be practiced so they can be implemented for the games ahead.” – 1LT, DeRoyTheHero.

“What was the highlight of the game for you?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“The highlight for me is a weird one, but when the Air Force was all trying to get me out (which they eventually did), I thought that was funny. Loved that, LOL.” – MAJ, UHaileyroseU.

“Of course, winning the match overall is bittersweet, but my personal highlight was seeing everyone having fun, win or lose. It was a very enjoyable game overall from both Branches and I hope to see this for every game going forward. That is what will make this Branch wars successful: Having fun!”. – 1LT, DeRoyTheHero.

Some great words there from our Army Rangers, MAJ, UHaileyroseU and 1LT, DeRoyTheHero.

Now moving onto one of the greatest game players in the Air Force, CWO5 TrizepsJohann.

“How did you feel personally, playing Danger Zone?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It was a great feeling to be able to represent your branch as a player which also turned out to be exciting. It was a lot of fun!” – CWO5, TrizepsJohann.

“Do you think there’s anything the Air Force could still improve on?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I think the Air Force did a good job, even if it wasn’t enough in the end. We often let our opponents trap us, maybe we could improve something there, otherwise it was a great performance!” – CWO5, TrizepsJohann.

“What was the highlight of the game for you?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“The highlight for me was that I scored a point for our branch. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to win. Still, it’s a privilege for me to play for the Air Force and also to have scored a point.” – CWO5, TrizepsJohann.

Great spirit from CWO5, TrizepsJohann here. There’ll be more matches to come in Branch Wars, throughout this month of July.

Capture The Flag, Army vs AF – Fly High!

by alek067

The Air Force Falcons manage to capture the flag and a point from the Army Rangers that led to their victory in Capture The Flag 1 during the morning of Branch Wars 2022. 

The first round seemed promising for the Rangers as CW5 Creta phases together with MSG tim63341 to get hold of the Falcon’s flag. However, the Falcons had a tactical defense that hindered the Rangers’ move further. 

While the Rangers were distracted, CWO5 TrizepsJohann sped to the Ranger’s flag and took it home to their base swiftly. This gave the Falcons the first point!

The second round was another “rash” decision for the Rangers as 1SG cutiepie99999 decided to rush for the Falcons flag. Although the Falcons tough defense made her teleport to jail. 

2d Lt, CO AETC Bechete broke through the Ranger’s defense and grabbed their flag and hurried back to their base, and successfully captured their flag. Another point for the Falcons! 

The Rangers knew they needed to catch up on the third round, or else the Falcons would conclude the game. 

Ranger MSG tim63341 attempted to grab their flag, but CWO5 TrizepsJohann defending kept him going back and forth. At the same time, CW5 Creta blocks CMSgt tavon700 from phasing further. 

CWO5 TrizepsJohann put his guard down to help his fellow Falcon, which allowed MSG tim63341 to rush for their flag and successfully capture it. A point for the Army! 

The Rangers had a meeting before the 4th round started. They knew that they needed to up their game. It was 1-2 in favor of the Falcons. 

The discussion of the Rangers must have been good as 1LT DeRoyTheHero, and CW5 fireeric20 quickly rushed to the Falcons’ base while avoiding every red tile and defense to grab and capture their flag! A point for the Army— making it a tie: 2-2. 

The Falcons changed their techniques and focused on defending for the last round. Rangers MSG tim63341 and CW5 Creta underestimated their method and rushed through but were jailed immediately. 

This signals CWO5 TrizepsJohann to grab the flag of the Rangers. He attempts with CWO5 LadyVoldie and 1st Lt, XO RSA Jennej9 in defense to support him. This made it easy for him to speed through—he runs, and he captures! Making this a win for the Falcons and garnering the MVP title. 

The Branch Wars will continue throughout July with various games and events hosted by the Office Of The Public Affairs and Titans for Football games. 

Base Wars 2 – Marines Grasp The Win Again!

by LaurenMae

After another intense game of Base Wars this weekend, I did interviews with some of our players who participated from different branches. The scores left the Marines taking first place once again, with the Air Force coming second, the Navy coming third and the Army coming last.

My first interview was with Capt NashSalvatorie from the Air Force.

“What were your emotions when playing during Base Wars?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“Right, so overall we were heavily focusing on using different persons each round. We have practiced for this event, so people know their way around the Base Wars. All players that played, were in a voice call and the emotion to describe the emotions in that channel at that time is; Tense. The Air Force strives to go all in and win by strategy. Air Force was valiant, and it was a tough match the 2nd match. But nobody let through to our base at all in the 2nd game, which resulted in us scoring 1st. We depended on the Marines getting 2nd, and the Army getting 3rd because then we would be equal to the Army after the 1st round. “ – Capt, NashSalvatorie.

“Do you have a message for the other branches?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“The Air Force has a fighting spirit like no other branches, and my message to the other branches; Be on alert. We are practicing every day, and we will show no mercy.” – CW5, LaurenMae.

Very indestructible words here from Capt, NashSalvatorie from the Air Force.

My second interview was with SgtMaj, Wijkagent from the Marines, he was crowned MVP of Base Wars 2.

“How did you feel about getting MVP of the game?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It feels great to be awarded as MVP of the game. I’ve played the game on mobile so it was a little harder for me, but I am honored to obtain this award.” – SgtMaj, Wijkagent.

“Was there anything that you felt Marines could’ve improved on?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I do think that we can improve. Everyone can improve if you want to. It would be great to have more people attend the practices so we can help each other out by giving tips and tricks while playing. If you haven’t played before and you just show up at the game and you want to participate, it’s quite a disadvantage since you don’t know the quality of each other.” – SgtMaj, Wijkagent.

“What messages do you have for the other branches?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I want to say that Branch Wars is all about the fun, of course it’s a competitive setting and everyone wants to win, but those events are great for the team building amongst each other as well. Everyone is doing great at the moment and the standings are pretty close to each other so I am very excited to play with everyone again in the upcoming games.” – SgtMaj, Wijkagent.

Some very inspiring and kind words from our SgtMaj, Wijkagent from the Marines.

My third interview was with CW5, fireeric20 from the Army.

“How did you feel about getting first place in the first round of Base Wars?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I felt confident in winning the first round since I have played this before inside and outside of USDF. Having the first win will give a little advantage to other rounds which are nice to have. Besides that, I really like playing games on Habbo. It’s where I get my joy from.” – CW5, fireeric20.

“Anything you felt the Army could’ve improved on at all?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“We had very strong rounds, but the results weren’t showing this. The roller timing & ways to roll are the main things where we could improve. Rolling off the roller means you have lost a bit of time since you respawn into your own base. It’s a game of continuously switching from defense to attacking between 2 teammates which we could still learn to make efficient. Unfortunately it’s hard to practice this in a couple of weeks. Besides that, I don’t see anything we could improve on. It’s just a learning experience that you enjoy. We kept our Army morale up and tried to rotate the team that plays. After all it’s a team game and I think we did a pretty good job in interacting with our branch as a whole.” – CW5, fireeric20.

Again some powerful and even useful words from CW5, fireeric20 here.

Last but not least, was my interview with PO1, Randy31426 from the Navy.
“What were the emotions of you and the Navy branch during Base Wars?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It was very nerve racking since we didn’t have many people who practiced and we had a lot of new people but we still believed in each other and thankfully did better than Base Wars 1.” – PO1, Randy31426.

“Anything you feel the Navy could’ve improved on?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I feel like we just need to practice more, even showing up to practice is important, and keep on supporting each other during Branch Wars.” – PO1, Randy31426.

“What’s your message for the other branches?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“My message to the other branches is that they better watch out because nobody wants to win Branch Wars 2022, more than the Navy Seals this year.” – PO1, Randy31426.

Excellent words here from PO1, Randy31426 from the Navy. With the Marines taking yet ANOTHER win from Base Wars 2, who’s going to win Branch Wars 2022? Stay tuned throughout the whole of July to find out, more games and matches will be coming up.


Branch Wars 22 – Week 1 Recap

Cover by TraidKelly

Base Wars, July 1 – Interviews

by LaurenMae

Our first ever game to kick off the Branch Wars month was Base Wars with all our branches, it was a tense, nerve-wracking but exciting event all at the same time. Emotions were high as everyone was pumped with adrenaline as this is the moment they had been waiting for, Branch Wars! I did interviews with some of our finest, pro players in each branch who participated and watched our first ever game of the Branch Wars month, with Marines bringing the win home!

I first spoke to 2ndLt candykitten22 from Marines for our interview.

“Base Wars was the first game of BW, so I think it went really well, everyone was super excited and eager to start. It was nice seeing other branches trying their hardest to also win each round, and being able to see how their practices help them to be able to play the game”. – 2ndLt, candykitten22. 

“How do you think Marines did in Base Wars?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“Marines did extremely well in Base Wars, we won overall by winning the first 2 rounds, then becoming 2nd or 3rd in the final round, which didn’t matter for us since we knew we had already secured the win. Having people who are good at mazing is an advantage as they’re able to freely move on the rollers and understand how to not die instantly. But ultimately making sure we just enjoyed ourselves in the game regardless of the outcome, but taking the win made it just that extra bit special.” – 2ndLt candykitten22. 

“How were Marines brought together as a team?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“We are brought together as a team, by having our BW practices and making sure we know how these games work before any BW match, but also we do just play games in general as a branch whenever and with whoever is available. Our Marines channel is always popping off, there really is never a dull moment. While any match/game is going on, we can also be seen on the VC together. We also take Marines photos in HQ, which you may have seen us. This brings all the Marines together as a branch and a team to ensure no one else feels left out in whatever we’re doing.” – 2ndLt candykitten22. 

“Lastly, how did Marines feel about winning?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“Marines felt great about winning, especially with it being our first BW match, we truly felt like we had acknowledged who would strive at this game and be able to secure the win for us. So it was nice seeing that our practice time came in handy and just seeing everyone enjoy themselves as a whole, but I mean MCBC, so we knew we would win since we are the best!”. – 2ndLt, candykitten22. 

Some very strong and powerful words from our 2ndLt, candykitten22! 

Next up, I interviewed CDR, ChickenFajita, from the Navy. 

“How did you feel about the Base Wars game in general?” – CW5, LaurenMae. 

“It was… different. When I thought of Base Wars, this particular version was not what I had thought it was going to be. However, I did enjoy playing it.” – CDR, ChickenFajita,.

“How do you think the Navy did in general?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“The Navy did quite well, in my opinion. To my knowledge, we did not ever practice Base Wars prior to playing. For us to come third (I believe), was quite impressive if you ask me.” – CDR, ChickenFajita,. 

It seems it was different to how some expected it to be, but it was great that people enjoyed playing like CDR, ChickenFajita, did. 

My third out of fourth interview was with USDF’s ASD SP&C, Asuno, who is from the Army. 

“How did you feel about the Base Wars game in general?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I remember the Base Wars game being a great opener to BW’s 2022 as we could see all the branches competing against one another. The atmosphere in the room was lively and everyone was cheering for their respective branches.” – ASD SP&C, Asuno.

“How do you think the Army did in general?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I think the Army did really well! Even though we lost the matches, everyone was still cheering and motivating one another. I really enjoyed the positivity from the soldiers.” – ASD SP&C, Asuno.

“What do you think brought the Army together as a team?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“The Army command team did a really good job emphasizing sportsmanship to the soldiers. Win or lose, as long as everyone enjoyed themselves. Though we lost the matches, I’m sure we won with motivation and sportsmanship.” – ASD SP&C, Asuno.

“You personally, how did you feel when you were playing?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“Very exhilarating! Yet nerve-wracking. It felt like the branch was counting on me and Hunter to win so we were putting in our best efforts to clinch the match.” – ASD SP&C, Asuno. 

Some great, motivational words from our very own ASD SP&C, Asuno. 

My last interview was with CWO5 Lady Voldie, from the Air Force.

“How did you think the Base Wars game went in general?” – CW5, LaurenMae. 

“Well I think it went okay, it was a bit confusing at first.” – CWO5, LadyVoldie.

“Do you think there is anything the Air Force could have improved on at all?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“Yes, defending. Some people simply just went to attack the others, which wasn’t always a good plan.” – CWO5, LadyVoldie.

Some simple, yet, constructive words here from CWO5 LadyVoldie from the Air Force. 

This concludes the interviews with our first ever game of 2022 Branch Wars, there are plenty more games and competitions to come throughout the month of July, so ensure to stay tuned! Who will take the next win?

Football, July 1 – Army BRRR’s Their Way To Victory Over Air Force!

by Sandslash53

The Army Rangers took home the win over the Air Force Falcons during the second football match of Branch Wars. Refereed by SgtMajMC imstretch4, the Ranger’s fielded CPL Syndulla, MSG Lawlite, SGM johndarryl13, CW3 Oishi., and CW5 SoldierX16 as their starting lineup against the Falcons’ starting lineup of CWO3 RossIsFriendly, CWO4 TrizepsJohann, CWO5 LadyVoldie, Capt Motivoi, and Capt Mankles. CPL Syndulla started the match off with the first score, netting an unassisted goal from the sidelines, and scored a second goal shortly after from the opposite sidelines. CW3 Oishi. would score again, bringing the score to 3-0 at the end of the first half. 

The Falcons sought to reverse their fortunes in the second half, but those hopes were dashed by another Ranger goal from CSM Rassk. The Falcons tried to bring it back with a late goal, bringing it to 3-1 by Capt Mankles, the clear Falcons MVP, but they were unable to succumb the Falcon lead. Final score, 7-1 Rangers. 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with SGM johndarryl13, the Rangers’ goalkeeper. SGM johndarryl13 told me that the Rangers’ overall feelings going onto the pitch were a mixture of nervousness and excitement. “Since we practiced a lot before the actual match, once we laid our feet on the field, we knew he had to bring our A-game.” SGM johndarryl13 said that the Rangers were worried to go up against the Devil Dogs, but were ready. “Since the Marines have a lot of Ex-Titan players, we are a little worried. But so far, we intend to stick to our original strategy: Teamwork, anticipation, counting, aggression, and overall having fun.”

The Branch Wars will be continuing throughout the month of July with additional games and events hosted throughout.

Football, July 2 – Marines Kick-Off Branch Wars With A Win Over Navy!

by Sandslash53

The Marine Devil Dogs won a hard fought victory over the Navy Seals during the early morning football match, winning 3-1. The first half of the match was fought to a stand still, leading the second half to opening at 0-0. However, the Devil Dogs kicked the half off with a bang, with GOMC IWasLike,WHAT?! scoring an unassisted goal. Shortly after the Navy Seals answered with one of their own, as CWO5 chris81258 scored an unassisted goal of his own, bringing the score to 1-1. This was the last of the Navy Seals’ goals, as the Devil Dogs scored two additional goals during extra time, both put in by SgtMajMC imstretch4. Along with the other Branch War events thus far, this puts the Marines in the lead with 6 points, and the Navy dead last at 1.5 points. 

CPO Fizzer, one of the Navy Seals’ players in the match, sat down with me to discuss the Navy’s performance in the football match, and the Branch Wars overall. CPO Fizzer expressed that he was a little nervous leading into the game, but the time practicing helped. “While at practice I felt very nervous because I haven’t played football before. But the members helped me a lot and afterwards we talked about it together. That feeling definitely went away and I felt very confident.” Despite the loss, CPO Fizzer said the Navy Seals were taking it well. “We were definitely chill about it, everyone is thanking each other and we will try our best on the next Branch War game. Personally, it was a great experience despite the outcome.” When asked about the Navy’s poor start to the Branch Wars, CPO Fizzer was optimistic. “We’re trying our best to practice for the next freeze and CTF game. Hopefully we’ll be able to get to 2nd or 3rd afterwards.”

I was also able to sit down with SSgt Swarts, a Devil Dog who was able to watch the match. Ssgt Swarts said that he was pumped to watch the ending, especially the two extra time goals. When asked what he thought about the double score from SgtMajMC imstretch4, SSgt Swarts said, “Well what can I say that’s my boy out there. I knew he could pull it off. No sweat.” When asked if he was at all worried about a Navy comeback during extra time, SSgt Swarts had a simple answer, “Not at all”. When asked about the Marines’ performance in the Branch Wars thus far, SSgt Swarts was confident. “Well, being a devil dog myself, I think it’s excellent. More to come from us. We’re coming for them.”

The Branch Wars will be continuing throughout the month of July with additional games and events hosted throughout.

Freeze, July 2 – Rangers Bag Chilling Victory vs Marines!

by Sandslash53

July 2nd brought the Army Rangers and the Marine Devil Dogs head to head in the freeze field tundra. The Devil Dogs and the Rangers sought to extend their winning streaks in their respective football matches. 

The first round saw the Rangers dominating with three players to the Devil Dogs’, but a series of mistakes led to the Rangers only winning by a single life. 

Round two saw both teams suffering several friendly fire incidents that led to eliminations. However, the Rangers were able to come out on top, eliminating all Marine opponents. 

The final round saw the Rangers again come out on top with an impressive five-life lead. Final score, 3-0 Army Rangers.

All throughout the game, the Marines were visibly nervous. 

“We were missing some essential players for that game, so the confidence was not all there. Even though we did not have all the confidence, we still felt like we had a fighting chance and could easily take the win from the match, but sadly that was not the case,” CWO5 Combined-Union said.

He also hypothesized that preparation was their central sticking point.

 “Many of us were new to ‘freeze game’, so not everyone understood how the game worked and strategies to take home a win.”

“We were distracted by outside sources, and our communication was not great that night,” he added.

On the bright side, CWO5 Combined-Union was confident with his branch during the Devil Dogs and Rangers’ head-to-head match at Football. 

“Army stands no chance during the football match. We have the best players and have spent countless hours training. Football is one of our strong suits, and I am confident we will win with no issues.”

Danger Zone, July 3, Marines vs Army – Interviews

by LaurenMae

Danger Zone, Marines vs Army. An intense, exhilarating and competitive game between two of the most competitive branches there is. I did interviews with two of the best players from each branch, SGT -Trivium and MVP of the game, CWO2 PeUS, let’s see what they have to say. 

Firstly, I spoke to our MVP of the game, CWO2 PeUS. 

“How did you find the Danger Zone game in general?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I enjoyed it, it was pretty fun. There were some mishaps with the wired, but we as a team found a way around it. Both sides were very competitive and we all had our tactics. If I could, we’d definitely do it again.” – CWO2 PeUS.

“How did you feel playing and being the MVP of the game?” – CW5, LaurenMae. 

“It was actually quite an honor, I did score our only points we had but I couldn’t have done it without the support of the Marines behind me.” – CWO2 PeUS. 

“What brings Marines together as a team?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“The Marines are a special group, we have a bond that every member connects to each other and we work together regardless of office, regardless of if we have spoken before or not, or anything. We’re a big ol family, and in order to succeed you need the entire village to gather together towards our goal. No Marine left behind! We were last year’s BW winners, and we’re motivated to be BACK-TO-BACK champs. Win or lose, we just intend to have the most fun possible as a team. That’s what motivates us.” – CWO2, PeUS. 

Some powerful, motivational and strong words from the MVP of Danger Zone, CWO2 PeUS. Definitely some words we can all learn from!

My next interview was with one of the Army’s greatest players, SGT, -Trivium. Let’s see what he has to say. 

“How did you find the Danger Zone game in general?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I really enjoyed the Danger Zone game. It’s one of my favorite Habbo games of all time so I really enjoyed playing it during the Branch Wars. In general it’s just a really fun game because you’re always going to be in hyperfocus mode because you really don’t even get a second to be distracted, especially in the 10v10 format that this Branch Wars is using you have to stay sharp because there’s really not a lot of space to move. Every step that you take can be crucial towards picking up the victory.” – SGT, -Trivium. 

“How did you feel whilst playing Danger Zone yourself?” CW5, LaurenMae.

“For me personally it was really exciting but also nerve wracking, because it was the first game of Branch Wars that I ever played in. During training I found out that I was quite good at the game so I was very excited to play. I was on call with another participant and the nerves were high. In the first round you really had to find your footing because of the 10 v 10 chaos that ensued, but I quickly learned how to navigate the map and after that it was just full sweaty mode to be entirely honest. In the end, I really enjoyed it even though there was a debatable moment. Really looking forward to the next round!” – SGT, -Trivium. 

“Is there anything you felt the Army could’ve improved on?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I think the Army as a whole could improve on learning how to navigate the map. But even that is excusable because like I said, the map is really chaotic and it could definitely take a few sessions to get used to it. There was also a crucial moment in I believe their first round win, where it was 2/3 Army vs 1 Marine in which the active players could have definitely hunted down the Marine to close out the game, but that’s always easy to say after the match. I don’t think anyone should be held accountable because in general we really performed well and we were on our A-game. I definitely think that the next time we play Danger Zone we’ll be an even bigger threat!” SGT, -Trivium.

Again some very good, powerful and constructive words from one of our greatest players, SGT, -Trivium. But the question is, who’s going to take the next win home?

Danger Zone, July 3 – The Battle Of The Sea And Sky!

by alek067

The Navy Seals manage to snatch a point that leads to their victory against The Air Force Falcons in Danger Zone 2 during the evening of Branch Wars 2022. 

The first three rounds were always a head-to-head game as both Seals and Falcons would make it until the gate opened. However, as they ran to enter the safe zone, the spider always got to them.

“Those games were so nerve-racking how close they were every round; the navy was close to winning but would end up dying,” PO1 Randy of Navy Seals said. 

“The Air Force also had good rounds but sadly never ended up sitting on the magical chair, but the game was close. It could have gone either way or extra rounds,” he added.

Despite the Falcons’ loss, they managed to enjoy their time playing. 

“Unfortunately, we did not have much luck. However, we did try our best, and we had fun. That’s more important to me in the end than winning,” Major Femae of the Falcons said. 

“They are already winners in my eyes,” she added.

The point the Navy garnered during the 4th round was thanks to CMDCM DomJack. She was also hailed the MVP of Danger Zone 2.

She entered during the 4th round and left with “HOYAH’s” dedicated to her for giving the Navy a point and concluded the game with 1-0. 

The Branch Wars will be continuing throughout July with various games and events hosted by the Office Of The Public Affairs and Titans for Football games. 


Branch Wars 22 – Opening Ceremony

by TraidKelly

Cover by TraidKelly

Graves align the entrance to the stage. Next to each, a member from the Office of Public Affairs. Behind them, stairs up to each Vice Chief of Staff member. The ceremony is about to begin.

Mr. LighthouseOne begins to speak, introducing what we have to celebrate, and who we have to thank for this wonderful month of Branch Wars events and games.

“Each and every one of them has helped shape me into the person that I am today. They have given me support, guidance, mentorship, but most importantly, they have given me friendship.”
He tosses dirt into the grave beside him.

After more inspiring words from Ms. KraziiKendii, Ms. :MariaMint:, Mr. tim058, it is time for Ms. LaurenMae to speak.

“Only one person had the charisma to bring together the best of the best to lead the four branches as one incredible unit. She defines unity and teamwork in everything she doe–“

Suddenly, orbs of light appear in front of the line of graves. Suddenly, they rush off and sparks appear around the crowd. Beeping constantly echoing during the confusion. Gasps and screams from the spectators can be heard.

Two figures in yellow hats appear before the members of the office, exactly where the orbs had shown.

“And here lies IWasLikeWhoCares, the almighty CJCS in all her glory!” The left figure mockingly bellowed. He then turns to the crown, “You are all going to sit and listen to this? Listen to these lies fed to you by these people?”

The figure is wearing a bright yellow mask, and it was clear he was not there for a good time.
“Let me tell you about Kim. Yes, she was charismatic, and like all great charismatic leaders, she wanted to be the best, lead the best, breed the best!”
After the outburst had run on with insults at the Chairman’s expense, we get a proposal from Colonel midgetbella, that Marines should take over! The crowd erupts with OORAHs! Wait! Suddenly, Brigadier General sugarnoah mentions the Air Force will be victorious and take over USDF!

The branches clash with motivational war cries!
This is The War to End All Wars.
This is Branch Wars.