USDF Bi-Monthly Newsletter – May 17th, 2016


by Worrieed, PAS.

USDF, one of the most distinguished groups in the Habbo Agencies floor, celebrated Star Wars day last 4th of May, 2016. The event was led by former DMPA -Ardellia along with the members of Office of Public Affairs. In that day, personnel were excused from their daily uniforms and were encouraged to use different uniforms that resemble Star Wars costumes.

But what is Star Wars?

Star Wars is an American Opera franchise, centered on a film series created by George Lucas. It depicts the adventures of various characters “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”. The series began in 1977 with the release of Star wars films by 20th Century Fox, which became a worldwide phenomenon. In 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm for $4.06 billion and announced three new Star Wars films; the first film of that trilogy, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was released on December 18, 2015. 20th Century Fox retains the physical distribution rights to the first two Star Wars trilogies, owning permanent rights for the original 1977 film and holding the rights to Episodes I–III, V and VI until May 2020. USDF personnel who always watch Star Wars are so thankful to us, OPA for the idea of having Star wars day as i interview some of the personnel and ask for their feedback. In conclusion, everybody really enjoyed and even loved Star Wars Day in USDF! Some would like to extend it but sad to say it was only for that day.

Till next year,
May the 4th be with you!


USDF Bi-monthly Newsletter – May 7th, 2016

Do you like interviews?

Apparently we do too.

“Marines for Life!”

An interview with the SgtMajMC

by OpinionatedOwl

OpinionatedOwl: Today, We have an interview with the current SgtMajMC, Faye-x! Care to introduce yourself?

Faye-x: Hello readers! My name is Faye and I have been at USDF for four months now. My time here has been nothing short of amazing, and I have all the wonderful people at USDF to thank for that. I came into the SgtMajMC role after my term as HNCO for OJFD – a role I enjoyed immensely. I don’t know what people want to know about me, so I’ll just give you three random facts about myself:
1) The last concert I went to was Bruce Springsteen with my sister
2) My favourite colour is orange
3) Textbooks are the only books I read now

OpinionatedOwl: So, you mentioned that you are the SgtMajMC, a BHNCO. What does that entail?

Faye-x: Well BHNCO stands for Branch Head Non-Commissioned Officer. Each branch has a BHNCO and I am the BHNCO for the Marines – Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (SgtMajMC). Essentially, it means that I am responsible for the well-being and progression of Marine NCOs with their careers here at USDF.

OpinionatedOwl: What kind of work do you do as SgtMajMC?

Faye-x: Anything I can to help the Marines branch and Marine NCOs progress with their careers and thrive here at USDF. This often includes career counselling and helping them find a rating that best suits them, ensuring they request {L}, {X}, and {W} when they are eligible to do so, hosting meetings and events for the Marines, and nominating a JNCO and SNCO for NCO of the Week. Most importantly, I aim to maintain an active presence in HQ and am someone Marine NCOs should feel free to talk to with any concerns or questions they may have.

OpinionatedOwl: Who do you work closest with?

Good question. I work closely with the other BHNCOs, the SEAC, and CMC Tony-Boi. However, I work closest with the Marine NCOs, especially the JNCOs. JNCOs have a number of requirements to meet in order to rank up and all the information can be a tad overwhelming. It’s my job to help them understand what they need to do and guide them through it all.

OpinionatedOwl: Anything else you’d like to add?

Faye-x: OORAH! Marines for life!



USDF Bi-Monthly Newsletter – April 15th, 2016

USDA Grand Opening!

A brand new sister organization has arised, the United States Defense Agencies (USDA)! USDF has come a long way with the development of USDA, and now it’s finally here! With all the hard-work into preparing for this organization, USDA set it’s first foot on April 9th. USDA started it’s opening with a rather entertaining event, crazy hat hour! You got to see everybody with their crazy headwear a few hours before the opening! We also got a great glimpse of our new headquarters designed by Zathios. The HQ now functions a new area, the officer mess. A new system of sentry is now present within USDA! First impressions were definitely set by numerous people! During crazy hat hour, DJ Creatified was throwing out some sick tunes to get people hyped and ready for the opening of USDA! Watch4Me held a large game of USDF trivia. It was definitely good to see so much knowledge about both these organizations. While the DJing is occuring, the game is being hosted, while crazy hat hour is present, it all finally comes down to the hour of opening.
USDF as a whole has been waiting for this moment to occur! The GRAND OPENING of USDA! It is finally here – ready to see some great things happen. We all expected innovative ideas and thoughts to arise, and sure enough we were all correct! USDA had a grand kick-off and recruitment started immediately. Normal HQ operations fluctuated smoothly while other command positions were taking over and managing the HQ in a well manner! So far, USDA has been a HUGE success. USDA stands at the top of the navigator as long with USMD! Both of these organizations has been a raging triumph! The United States Defense Agencies currently stands at its best. Converting to USDA with ranks, positions, work trackers, etc, hasn’t been very easy – but in the end all the hard work pays off! We love seeing everybody with their new ranks, and I think we can all come to a conclusion that USDA has changed the environment. USDF can now reflect on its TWO successful organizations, and we can all work our hardest to improve every single bit of it. With USDA, comes all of the available agencies to choose from! Agencies are similar to ratings in USDA. Many people have been working on applications and have been enrolling themselves in their desirable agency since the opening! DTA which handles training and FEAT hosting, DMA, which handles the more entertaining side of USDA, and there is so much more to choose from.
USDA has different HQ operations and duties than USMD! USDA successfully brought out these operations ever since the open. The headquarters of USDA incorporates a top officer-mess balcony. It includes a meeting desk, and a VIP section. The front desks are also set up differently. If a civilian wishes to join, they stand on the roller awaiting guidance from the personnel. The person working the desk then opens up the gate, and the recruit rolls right on in to the gate! The sentry system is very different, yet influential and secure. There are 2 stations you go through during sentry. You enter off in the waiting line, and when the sentry opens the gate, you roll into the gate that takes you to the main station. The main 2 stations ensure that personnel/recruits are to be let in as necessary. Even though these HQ operations are unusual, they are still very successful within the USDA!
Here we are, with TWO organizations opened up under one whole, USDF. We all worked together to consistently strive for our best! USDA was a thorough success and nobody could ask it to be better. USDF stands strong and we hope everybody who resides in does as well!

USDF Bi-Monthly Newsletter | March 1st, 2016

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USDF Monthly Newsletter | February 15th, 2016

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USDF Monthly Newsletter | February 1st, 2016

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