The Libertarian – April 2020

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6Always, Never, ForeverExclusiveInfinicorn
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by Connor78127

Welcome to the April edition of The Libertarian.

Each month, we are shocked by the raw talent, drive, and motivation of our amazing team that works exceptionally hard to produce this publication. With the increasing uncertainty and negative news on a daily basis, I am constantly comforted by the OPA and USDF community. 

The Office of Public Affairs has shown their resilience throughout this pandemic by continuing their stellar work through motivation to succeed and help USDF progress. I am encouraged and reassured for the future of USDF and our office by observing the steady growth of our members. To those who have returned to USDF and not yet read The Libertarian, welcome. I could not be more proud of my team and I have enjoyed reading everything they have produced – I hope you will too. 

Stay safe & wash your hands.

by _StarLord_

USDF Bingo Game

by AresK2

A new game has made its way to the Libertarian just for you! In USDF Bingo, your main goal is to locate all the phrases that are presented in the graphic and screenshot them. 

Rules: You are not to say the phrase yourself, nor can you tell someone to say the phrase for you. The phrase must be said within HQ and in context. To judge this, your screenshots must show the nature of the conversation with the phrase present and the person who said it. Include timestamps and chatlog history within your screenshot. So keep your eyes open in HQ! 

If you are confident you have collected all the screenshots as an imgur album. Please add a description to each screenshot within the album by identifying what phrase you are submitting the screenshot for. If you are approaching the deadline aind have not been able to find all the phrases, submit what you have. You can always add screenshots after submission to your imgur album if you find more. Anything submitted or added after the deadline will not be accepted. 

Submit your response via the Libertarian Mailbox, option 1 (Libertarian Game). 

Deadline: 25 April 2020, 11:59pm EDT.

Prize: Coins!

Please direct all your questions to DDCOMM Aneha.

Event Recap: Rebus

by OPA Command

Answers: 1. Welcome Desk, 2. Online, 3. xStarlight11, 4. FEAT Tele, 5. Regulation, 6. Job Fair, 7. Mentorship, 8. Discord, 9. SOCOM, 10. Major

Shoot the Sayer
First Place: Nick1x

by lemony18

Climbing Back Up a Mountain After an Avalanche

by Infinicorn

In February 2020, 41 members of USDF were dishonorably discharged, according to OMP statistics. Using that logic, we can fairly say that at least one person is dishonorably discharged every day at USDF. So what happens when you get dishonorably discharged? More specifically, how do you recover from that? 

I spoke with Major Xzao, the CO RSNA of OISA, USDF’s foreign affairs office. In October 2019, Xzao was dishonorably discharged and marked as never rehire, but with persistence, he managed to get a pardon and a fresh start to his USDF career. Together, we looked back on his journey from a freshly pardoned E1 to the formidable O4 he is today, and discovered what really helped him make that climb after such a big fall.

Infinicorn: Tell me about your experience with being dishonorably discharged. What was that like for you?

Xzao: I was previously on the never rehire list at USDF, before being pardoned by former CMO, Mr. Icerz. I had attempted to get a pardon on numerous different occasions, trying to submit pardon forms and taking unconventional routes in a desperate plea to return to USDF. I fought for about a year, never giving up. Once my pardon was approved, as excited as I was to be back at USDF, I still had thoughts in the back of my mind that although I was allowed back, my progress would be hindered and my character questioned due to my previous actions. That turned out to be completely untrue and I can honestly say to anyone else in a similar situation, once you’re pardoned, your past is literally your past and not held against you. You also need to own your mistakes and accept that there are consequences.

Upon return to USDF as an E-1, I went through the ranks again and made it into OISA command, then into OJSIG (which I thought I had no chance of due to my history), then OJSIG command and eventually making it through OCS and becoming a commissioned officer. I have also previously served as the PMG and currently the CJCS EA, two positions that are extremely privy to sensitive OPSEC information. This is proof that anyone can turn their reputation around at USDF, so long as you put your head down, display loyalty to USDF, and work your ass off.

Infinicorn: That’s really inspiring, and it’s great to hear stories of success, especially from people who have made errors in the past. What pushed you to work so hard to remedy your mistakes, get pardoned, and succeed in USDF?

Xzao: I just really wanted to succeed at the best military on Habbo. It’s cliché, but succeeding at USDF means a lot more than succeeding or achieving anything else within another organisation on Habbo. USDF is the pinnacle for success in militaries on Habbo. I’ve been a part of other militaries and none can compare to USDF. You actually have to work for your success and progression here.

Infinicorn: That makes a lot of sense. USDF can be a really challenging journey, that’s for sure, especially after facing such a major loss as being dishonorably discharged. What would you say to someone who has just been pardoned and needs encouragement?

Xzao: Just keep moving forward. No matter how dark things get, remember there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. As an example, after returning, it took me 3 rejections before I got into OJSIG. I also missed out on SMA and MCPON despite putting in really good EOIs and being a great candidate. Everyone has periods of demotivation but it’s important to ensure we don’t quit or give up. If you miss out on something or you’re demoted or whatever, don’t quit or give up on your goals. This is the best way to show your dedication and loyalty to USDF and it will only see you prosper further. Request feedback from those who are in the position(s) to do so, take their feedback and work on the areas you need to. 

Infinicorn: That’s really powerful. I think that’s advice we should all implement. Your journey has certainly had some bumps in the road. If you could go back and change anything, would you? If so, what would you change?

Xzao: Probably to not be so vocal. I had a lot of issues with complaining to a number of different people about issues that had nothing to do with me. I’d definitely stop myself from doing that. That’s about it really.

Infinicorn: Really well spoken. It’s great that you are living proof of a successful second chance. Thank you for your time, you’re an honest role model. 

Another Giant Leap for USDF

by OPA Command

Earlier this week USDF achieved yet another milestone in Habbo military history. Working alongside Habbo Staff, USDF has managed to be the first organization to be approved for a room population increase to 150 – yet again reinforcing its position within Habbo as the largest Habbo military. As the times change and USDF progresses, it’s no surprise that our leaders find new inventive ways to adapt and entice Habbo players. The USDF community and general atmosphere creates a strong allure for people, but the success that USDF has achieved is a magnet for many of the older generational players who’ve been involved in the military scene for years. It will be interesting to see how this change affects the dynamic of other existing organizations.

by abbeyx123

Second Chances Through Myths

by AresK2

From a young age, most kids are taught the parable of the Prodigal son and his father, a tale that makes them familiar with the concept of forgiveness and the idea of second chances in life. However, do all occasions allow for a second chance or not?

Quite a philosophical issue if you ask me, so many criteria and various outcomes to consider. Every situation should be acknowledged differently and it would be simple-minded of me to say that there is only one way to solve this dilemma. Although, I ought to say that when a second chance is given, the receiver should be beholden and admit his mistakes. Several are the people that do not realize the importance of forgiveness or mercy and repeat the same errors resulting in a wasted chance. To illustrate my view properly, I will refer to another tale about second chances.

The famous Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, a perfect example of a lost second chance. Being a great musician and singer, it was easy for Orpheus to attract the beautiful Eurydice and make her fall in love with him quickly. Marriage followed shortly after their first encounter, but it would not last for long as Eurydice got bitten by a snake and died. For Orpheus to save his wife and bring her back to the living, he decides to visit the underworld and beg Hades and Persephone for redemption. Orpheus plays his lyre, attracting Hades. The latter tells the former that he can take Eurydice with him but under one condition: she would have to follow him while walking out into the light from the caves of the underworld, but if he were to look at her before this moment, he would lose her forever. If Orpheus is patient, Eurydice will once again be by his side. Thinking it a simple task for a patient man like himself, Orpheus is delighted. He thanks the Gods and leaves to ascend back into the world. Unable to hear Eurydice’s footsteps, however, he begins to fear that the gods have fooled him. Eurydice is in fact behind him, but as a shade, having to come back into the light to become a full woman again. Only a few feet away from the exit, Orpheus loses his faith and turns to see Eurydice behind him, but her shade is whisked back among the dead, now trapped in the underworld forever. Therefore, this short tale explains that it might be simple for an individual to be offered a second chance but it is not always easy to follow through in order to succeed. One should make sure to show gratitude and appreciation to those who forgive, and not lose faith or second guess an opportunity that has presented itself. 

Always, Never, Forever

by Infinicorn

Silas was a little bit crooked, and Harper loved him for it. His hairline was jagged, his nose was bent, and when he smiled, his face was overtaken by a lopsided grin. But he wasn’t grinning now. Instead, his thick blond eyebrows fell heavy on his forehead and tugged down into his eyes.

“I don’t understand.” His voice knit itself into his throat, stuck there by one too many harsh words.

“I know. I mean, I just—” Harper paused, waiting for their thoughts to catch up. Their mind kept spinning, but the silence was about to get uncomfortable, so they pressed on. “I just… That’s not who I am anymore and I don’t know if there’s a way to prove that to you, or if there’s something I can say…”

Harper stopped themselves, hoping Silas would say something. He didn’t.

“Just, I never— I never wanted it to happen this way. I never would have done it if I had known it would—would hurt you, and I just—,” Harper went to continue. 

“Stop.” Silas pushed the word past a lump in his throat.   

Harper stopped. Immediately, the silence between them grew too heavy for either of them to bear. So Silas started walking down the boardwalk, the steady thud of boots on wood, chasing the shadows away… for now. Harper followed, their tread out of sync.

Around them, the boardwalk bursted with life, the oversaturated world pushing their emotions into a duller corner. The laughter, the wildlife, the bright and bubbly scene around them seemed strangely juxtaposed against their turmoil.

“Did you tell her about me?” This time, Silas’ voice came out too big. Steeped in indecision, his words outgrew his heart the moment he said them. If Harper noticed, they didn’t show it.

“Not… not that way. If that’s what you’re asking.” Of course that’s what he was asking. “I mean, she knew about you, she knew… what a big part of my life you are, but I never thought to mention— I mean, it just didn’t come up.”

“Yeah,” Harper began to notice Silas shrinking into himself. His broad shoulders tugging closer to his body at angles that radiated fear. Fear of what? Of Harper? That didn’t make sense. What was Harper missing here?

When they made it to the end of the boardwalk, they stopped to sit on the edge, their legs dangling over the water. Harper sat a little too close to Silas. Silas didn’t move.

The water, deep and sunless, seemed a fitting mirror for their dissonance as they perched on the wood, jaws tight with tension. Between them mixed an energy so dark and brooding it would consume them both if left unchecked.

Silas spoke. “Do you love her?”

This caught Harper off-guard. It wasn’t the question they were expecting, and with Silas, there would never be a right answer. “I don’t— Silas, you know I don’t love her. It was just— just one kiss, okay? It doesn’t even… mean anything.” Harper noticed themself stumbling over their words, but couldn’t seem to stop. “Anyway, why does it matter? You broke up with me, not the other way around. It’s not like— It’s not like if I broke up with you and then went off to kiss some other girl, it’s not—.”

Harper stopped. They realized they had started crying. And underneath the curtain of Silas’ hair, Harper could tell he was crying too, in his own silent, shuddering kind of way. Their messy breathing synced for the smallest, strangest, moment, and it broke Harper from their rambling thoughts.

“I’m sorry,” they said.

“I know,” Silas replied.

And that was enough for them, sitting on the end of a boardwalk in a town made up of memories they had made together. It was enough, as Silas took Harper’s hand in his, and as Harper leaned their head on Silas’ shoulder. It was enough to see the water flowing endlessly beneath them, as it always had, as it always would.

All along, it had been enough.

A Double Interview with OJSIG

by AresK2

Question 1: Do you believe that experience has a huge role in acceptance?

  • Captain Labli USDF experience is one of the many factors we consider when looking at applications. It can play a huge role, yes, not because of mere say, but because one would find it difficult to thrive in the OJSIG without having any. Not saying that it’s impossible but members are expected to have a higher sense of environmental awareness and this calls for knowledge of our regulations and procedures. However, if you are reading this and have thought about applying, don’t let “experience” stop you. What’s more valuable is initiative, bearing, and your willingness to learn and adapt, hard work will do the rest.
  • CWO5 Evolve:Not necessarily, the experience can be valuable, but I don’t think it’s something that ultimately makes somebody an excellent candidate. You could be an excellent candidate for other attributes such as your work ethic, general conduct, writing skills, and other factors.

Question 2: Conducting investigations, monitoring internal security and dabbling in counterintelligence are some of the tasks OJSIG members handle. Are there any difficulties when conducting your duties? 

  • Captain LabliWithout going into specifics, there are definitely times where we encounter personnel who are being difficult or are not willing to cooperate. OJSIG are trained in how to react appropriately and to deal with such situations. Apart from this, there’s also timing and approach. If we do not master this sync, cases would be harder to solve and complete. To be frank, assimilating the regular duties of the OJSIG alone can already be a challenge and difficulty in itself but what makes us prosper is that we help one another and make sure that each and every member is cared  for.

Question 3: What motivated you to apply for OJSIG?

  • Captain LabliIf I were to be completely honest, OJSIG was never part of the plan. My early days in the USDF were more about immersing myself in the social aspect of military roleplaying. I initially thought the OJSIG was a little too over the top for something that for me was just about making friends. As time went on, I slowly found myself caring more and more about the people that I interacted with and about the welfare of preserving such a riveting environment. Long story short, I just went for it one day because I wanted to be a part of providing security and order within this place. The rest is history.
  • CWO5 Evolve:I was motivated to join OJSIG by the fact that it’s one of the most prestigious offices within Habbo’s leading military. I’ve also always enjoyed policing at the other militaries that I’ve worked at and so I wanted to do it at a higher level here.

Question 4: How is the interaction between the OJSIG regulars and Command?

  • Captain LabliIf I have to use one word to describe the interaction within our office, it would be family. The OJSIG is a tight-knit group of people who are sworn to life by the blood that was shed of our Lord and Savior Napork- …. Uhh I mean.. Let’s put it this way, RMs and members of command are all held by the same standards. Command just holds a little more responsibility and keeps things in line within the office. We all work together and we all support one another in order to maintain peak efficiency in our duties.
  • CWO5 Evolve:The interaction between OJSIG command and its regular members is great, they’re always very open and helpful to any questions we have. There is also a good deal of camaraderie within the office.

Question 5: Are you planning to stay in the OJSIG long-term? If so, where do you see yourself in a few months?

  • Captain LabliRetirement is what I see. Just kidding. Or am I?
  • CWO5 Evolve: I plan on staying in OJSIG long term yes, for as long as they’d have me. I hope to one day see myself within a command position starting with XO and then moving up the Chain of Command thereafter.

Question 6: What’s the funniest/most surprising incident you experienced while doing your duties?

  • Captain LabliHands down apprehending someone in a lie. As members of the OJSIG, we are entrusted to keep high levels of Operational Security. This entails having access to classified intel. As you can probably imagine, once in a while, one will contest this and make statements to cases that are completely false and go against evidence. Not that we are psychopaths, but it’s definitely hard not to give out a chuckle or two when we catch people red-handed. Pro-tip: it would be in your best interests to always cooperate and remain truthful at the hands of the OJSIG. We will know.
  • CWO5 Evolve: The funniest incident is YellowBalloons, he is an absolute specimen.

Question 7: Any final advice for people who are interested in joining OJISG?

  • Captain LabliBe active. Be professional. Be aware. Be prepared for increased responsibility.
  • CWO5 Evolve: My advice would be to be as detailed as possible with your applications and thoroughly explain how you can apply your traits to perform the duties of OJSIG efficiently.

Rise Like a Phoenix

by Maxite

Did you know that the USDF is dead? It died in 2004, and then once more in 2005, and once again in 2009. Perhaps it is unfair to say that the USDF is dead, since only the first group was a USDF Army, with the rest going under different names – the most notable being DEPTNAV. Still, the trend of trying again after failure, or even trying again after a past success isn’t something that is exclusive to the USDF. For many groups that have graced the groups floor, shutting down has only been a chapter in their history and not merely the end of it.

When the USDF was faced with a closure at the end of the road, it was simply just a winding turn. USDF has demonstrated a success story, whilst the vast majority of groups are not so lucky. Failing is easy, and success requires both an element of luck and a substantial amount of skill. Luck is finding the right people in the right place at the right time; skill is knowing how to organize that team so that they can lay a stable foundation upon which to build for future growth. Frequently when a group closes, it isn’t because the leadership has grown tired and wishes to do something different, such was the case when DEPTNAV shut down in 2009. Instead, groups tend to shut down because the membership loses general interest; because the leadership didn’t provide incentive or build morale to make people want to keep staying past their initial intended duration. A group must build momentum in order to move forward, and knowing which way is forward requires knowledge and insight in the leadership itself that not everyone has.

Perhaps a good modern example of this can be found in the British Armed Forces (BAF), which was initially founded by Wartel under GOVBAF. It lasted from 2014 through 2017, when it went out with a whimper after members lost motivation and left. There have been attempts to rebuild it back to its former glory, but none of them have quite captured the success that the initial military had. Learning from one’s mistakes is crucial if they are to succeed in the future. This is true on a personal level, and on an organizational level. The successive iterations of the British Armed Forces relied on nostalgia to bring people in, but that can only go so far. Without a vision in mind, or the discipline to execute upon that vision, the successors just stalled their expiry date, and like their forebears, vanished.

A second chance can mean an opportunity to grow, learn, and develop. DEPTNAV was shut down at a relative height because its owner, Sycron, wanted to leave. When he rebuilt the DEPTNAV in 2015, he led it for several years before taking leave – but this time the group didn’t shut down. This time, the torch was passed on. Thus in second chances, the lesson should be to improve upon the last time; To not only learn from the past, but reach greater heights than ever before.

Healthy Habits


“Have you ever thought that life has given you a second chance to enforce healthy habits?”

Since quarantine has forced us to have a lot more free time, now seems like the perfect opportunity to revive those long-forgotten healthy habits that were part of your New Year’s resolutions. However, it is notoriously hard to adopt the habits you promised yourself to start each year. I said to myself, I will go for a jog everyday and learn a new language. Surprise, surprise, it’s now April and I have yet to go for a run. Neither of these worked as I didn’t make the commitment to myself to follow through with these drastic changes to my lifestyle, but I felt I needed resolutions to kick off 2020.

The fascination with ‘New Year, New Me’ makes enforcing healthy habits harder as forcing yourself to do something half-heartedly is bound to fail. To change for the better all you need to do is change your perspective as habits should not be a chore that you dread but an exciting change to your routine that has positive outcomes.

One of the first things you should focus on is removing those bad habits you may have adopted throughout your life. Bad habits are usually the easiest to fall into, and thus can be the most difficult to stop. Whether it be stress eating, staying up too late or procrastinating, bad habits feel comfortable and do provide a short term reward. However, it goes without saying that bad habits are BAD! They’re unhealthy and unproductive, hence the title ‘bad habits’, and the worst thing is that these habits live in the ‘subconscious mind’. How are you meant to change something that you aren’t fully aware is happening?

Lucky for us, the subconscious mind is not some alien part of the brain that acts independently – conscious actions determine subconscious responses. Next time you catch yourself performing a bad habit, try to focus on how your body is reacting to the action and be mindful of what this bad habit does to you. Being curious about why you do something can make you truly realise that you don’t want to continue them, for example – staying up too late makes you tired and nobody likes to feel tired! I’m not trying to preach that you should change your way of life, but this pandemic has surely given us the time to focus on ourselves and to be a little more mindful of what we are doing to our bodies.

When trying to build new, healthy habits, my only advice is to start small. If your goal is to ‘be happy’, then waking up one morning and telling yourself “I must be happy ALL DAY” and plastering on a fake smile won’t work unless you’re some kind of superhero (spoiler alert, we aren’t). Enacting small changes in your life frequently over time will result in developing a healthy habit, it’s all about the build up and repetition. Loads of studies state that it takes around 60 days to form a habit. So why would you make that difficult for yourself by committing yourself to something unachievable? It’s rewarding to overcome challenges but don’t make those challenges a mountain when they could be a molehill.

As we are individuals’, your healthy habits must be individual to you. Everyone is different and trying to adopt the ‘20 Habits you MUST try in 2020’ that you found on Pinterest might not be achievable for you, especially if it’s waking up by 5am when you usually go to sleep around 4am! Embrace your individuality and if you want to develop new habits – tailor them to YOU. Whilst our lives are currently being put on hold during this crisis, now is the perfect time to give a second chance to those long forgotten goals that you wanted to develop but never fully committed to.

A Bold and Vital Bloom

by Infinicorn

Pressed into the sidewalk lines
A bold and vital bloom prepares
A path beyond the stranger signs
And shallow roots the blossom shares

She lifts her leaves up to the sun
Consumes the bare and brilliant rays
Bends her stem to be the one
Who beckons forth our brighter days

But when the winter frost arrives
He presses her into the stone
And withers leaves that he derides
Are filled with hope unlike his own

The flower sinks into the earth
Her petals scattered near her tomb
The frost declares her void of worth
And dances to a deathly tune

On a cold and wintry eve
A sodden boot collides with her
To test her will to believe
Trodden, she declines to stir

But when the winter melts to spring
The flower sees a drop of rain
Caress her petals to take wing
And sprout above the ground again

Vibrancy shoots from her leaves
Sunlight soaks into her bud
No longer would her petals grieve
Her roots sink deeper in the mud

Finally her soul can bloom
Rocketing towards the sun
Blossom shakes off all the gloom
Grateful that her journey’s done

Hank’s Declassified USDF Survival Guide

by WahankeTheGreat

A Recipe for Change

by hneymoonave

If there’s one food you can’t turn down, it’s cake! Today I’ll be giving you a quick and easy cake recipe that can be done in under an hour! This recipe is going to focus on the process of learning from your mistakes, and using them to try again. Mistakes are always made, even in cooking. Without making mistakes, we don’t have anything to learn from, making a mistake means you tried your best, and that’s what counts most. 


1 ½ a cups of acknowledgement
1 ½ tsp of acceptance
¼ tsp of resilience
½ a cup of opportunity
1 cup of determination
2 large practices
½ tsp confidence
½ a cup of success

1. Start by preheating your oven to 204ºC. 

2. Lightly coat an 8 inch cake pan with butter and dust with all purpose flour. 

3. Sift in the acknowledgement (cake flour). When making mistakes, you must acknowledge them. You can’t learn from them if you can’t take responsibility for them! 

4. Sift the acceptance (baking powder) and resilience (salt) in! You should accept that things didn’t go the way you planned, and use that to bounce back and think of what you can do differently next time!

5. Beat in the opportunity (butter) using an electric mixer on low speed, until the mixture looks like coarse sand. When taking another chance at things you must be ready and take the opportunity when it presents itself. 

6. Beat in the determination (sugar) one tablespoon at a time until the mixture looks like damp sand. You won’t get anywhere without being determined and focused on reaching your goal, and moving on from your past mistakes. 

7. Beat in the practice (eggs) one at a time. In order to be successful whilst redeeming yourself from your previous actions, you must practice. Practice what you know can help you improve, and you’ll benefit yourself a lot more. 

8. Add the confidence (vanilla extract) and success (whole milk), and beat on medium-high until blended. If you are confident in yourself, you can try the task again and have a shot at another outcome. Second chances are a great way to redeem yourself but to also learn something new. Making mistakes happens and there’s nothing we can do about changing it except trying again to succeed. 

9. Pour batter into the pan and bake for 30-35 minutes. 

10. Cool the cake on a wire rack for 5 minutes when done.

And there you have it! Mistakes happen, and that’s okay, you shouldn’t doubt yourself but instead what you can do is try again and lead yourself to success. If you ever need somebody to talk to, be sure to reach out to those you work with, friends or family. 

Lots of love,


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