Branch Wars 22 – Opening Ceremony

by TraidKelly

Cover by TraidKelly

Graves align the entrance to the stage. Next to each, a member from the Office of Public Affairs. Behind them, stairs up to each Vice Chief of Staff member. The ceremony is about to begin.

Mr. LighthouseOne begins to speak, introducing what we have to celebrate, and who we have to thank for this wonderful month of Branch Wars events and games.

“Each and every one of them has helped shape me into the person that I am today. They have given me support, guidance, mentorship, but most importantly, they have given me friendship.”
He tosses dirt into the grave beside him.

After more inspiring words from Ms. KraziiKendii, Ms. :MariaMint:, Mr. tim058, it is time for Ms. LaurenMae to speak.

“Only one person had the charisma to bring together the best of the best to lead the four branches as one incredible unit. She defines unity and teamwork in everything she doe–“

Suddenly, orbs of light appear in front of the line of graves. Suddenly, they rush off and sparks appear around the crowd. Beeping constantly echoing during the confusion. Gasps and screams from the spectators can be heard.

Two figures in yellow hats appear before the members of the office, exactly where the orbs had shown.

“And here lies IWasLikeWhoCares, the almighty CJCS in all her glory!” The left figure mockingly bellowed. He then turns to the crown, “You are all going to sit and listen to this? Listen to these lies fed to you by these people?”

The figure is wearing a bright yellow mask, and it was clear he was not there for a good time.
“Let me tell you about Kim. Yes, she was charismatic, and like all great charismatic leaders, she wanted to be the best, lead the best, breed the best!”
After the outburst had run on with insults at the Chairman’s expense, we get a proposal from Colonel midgetbella, that Marines should take over! The crowd erupts with OORAHs! Wait! Suddenly, Brigadier General sugarnoah mentions the Air Force will be victorious and take over USDF!

The branches clash with motivational war cries!
This is The War to End All Wars.
This is Branch Wars.