Branch Wars 22 – Week 2 Recap

Cover by KraziiKendii

Freeze, Navy vs AF – Unstoppable!

by alek067

The Navy Seals manage to snatch yet another point that leads to their victory against The Air Force Falcons in Freeze 2 during the morning of Branch Wars 2022. 

The first round was a close one as both the Seals and Falcons equally eliminated players on each branch. 

Despite being a close game, RDML 1998Hailey1998 took the Navy forward as she threw a snowball at the Falcon that was at its last life. 

The second round was tough luck for the Falcons as they had the opportunity to get the point, but the Navy seized it from them again.  

The last round was a neck-to-neck battle as LTJG Merilon, and CWO4 Alvarit0 remained in the arena with the time ticking. 

Despite CWO4 Alvarit0’s efforts to garner a point for the Air Force—the time came to an end showing 20 for the Air Force and 30 for the Navy on the scoreboards—which concluded 3-0 in favor of the Seals. 

In all three rounds, PO2 inclusiv was visibly giving his all for the Navy—he was the MVP.

“It was based on teamwork plus strengths of our sailors,” PO2 inclusiv said.

“RDML 1998Hailey1998 and LTJG Merilon were the GOATs,” he added. 

Despite the Navy’s victory, MVP Inclusiv believes that an improvement can be made for future games. 

“I think communication can be worked on in the future between players. It’s there but needs a little tuning, and we’d be unstoppable,” he said.

The Branch Wars will be continuing throughout July with various games and events hosted by the Office Of The Public Affairs and Titans for Football games.

Marines Capture The Win Against Navy In Capture The Flag!

by LaurenMae

Marines once again, capture another win against the Navy Seals in Capture The Flag. The first round kicked off with :QwertyCH playing for the Navy Seals, capturing the flag then returning to the Navy base and taking the win for the first round. After the excitement of getting the win of the first round, would the enthusiasm of winning the first round help them win the whole match? Unfortunately not, the Marines then took the win by winning the next three rounds back to back, with FeastBeast playing for the Devil Dogs, being crowned as the MVP of the game. 

I did interviews with some of the players who participated on Friday July the 8th. My first interview was with LTJG, Merilon, who was the captain of the team the Navy Seals, during Capture The Flag. 

“How did you feel as the captain, knowing the line-up was in your hands?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“Well I wanted to make sure the Navy was well prepared, beforehand we practiced Capture The Flag for about 1.5 hours and before that as well. It was important that everyone who got to play wanted to, so I actively communicated with the Navy Seals. Also during the game, I tried pushing them into the right direction.” – LTJG, Merilon.

“How did it feel to get that win in the first round of Capture The Flag?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It was very good motivation for our team to win the first round of the match.” – LTJG, Merilon.

“Anything that you felt could’ve been improved on?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I suppose it went downhill because we split the best players on our team after that first round. I thought mixing in these players and those who aren’t as good yet would’ve been a good combination. Besides that, Navy Seals has seen a huge improvement from last BW. There is so much support from other branch members now and attendance, so whenever I get to lead I will use it to hype them up and put a bit of pressure on the player.”

Those are the words from our captain of the Navy Seals, LTJG Merilon.

My second and final interview was with CWO4 eyeFad, playing for the Marines Devil Dogs. 

“How did it feel taking the win home for the Marines, again?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It was really good! We had to focus the whole game and make sure we’re using the correct line ups because we’re expecting that Navy has really good players.” – CWO4, eyeFad.

“Any messages for the other branches?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“We’re all doing great! Let’s continue to enjoy the remaining weeks of Branch Wars. We can’t wait to see you all in the Marines celebratory event!” – CWO4, eyeFad.

“Anything you felt that could’ve been improved on in the team?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I think in this last game, we lacked communication. Unlike in our other games, players are on voice chat. This game, there were players who weren’t able to join the voice chat since they were playing on mobile, or simply couldn’t join. It’s hard to chat and play at the same time, and if coaches start typing, it would lag some players, But other than that, we’re gucci.” – CWO4, eyeFad.

Some bold words here from CWO4, eyeFad. Stay tuned to see who will bring the next win home, more games and matches will be upcoming throughout the month of July. 

The Navy Seals End Up Highest In Higher Or Lower!

by LaurenMae

An extreme and lengthy game of higher and lower, ended up with The Navy Seals on top. Our first round kicked off. Higher and lower is a complete luck game where the host rolls the dice and the players have to choose whether to go higher or lower than the number that was rolled, by walking onto one of the sides. 

One of the highlights of our first round kicked off with our dice on the number three. Our host, Major nick1x then rolled the number one, with most people thinking it would be higher than three, it was actually lower… with the majority of the people out already, we had one left from each branch: babetillyc from the Air Force, SinfulMan from the Marines, chris81258 from the Navy and tim63341 from the Army. Round one then ended with the dice being rolled from a three to a one with tim63341 from the Army, choosing lower and taking the win for the first round.

We then moved onto our second round, the results of an intense match ended up with the dice being rolled at four. LTJG, Merilon then decided to go her own way towards the higher side, with everyone else choosing lower. By luck and chance, a six was rolled and LTJG, Merilon took the win for the Navy. HOOYAH! 

Our third round was intense, with both Luce927 from the Air Force and SinfulMan from the Marines going to the same sides a few times, then when a four was rolled, they decided to go their separate ways, with Luce927 going to the lower side and SinfulMan going for higher, host nick1x then rolled the dice again, it was a three, with the Air Force taking a win. 

The deciding round kicks off with our last two players, .FlyingWalk playing for the Marines and chris81258 playing for the Navy, the dice was rolled currently at three, who’s it going to be? Will the Marines finally take a win home? Or will it be the Navy taking their second win? The dice is rolled and it is a one, which means chris81258 takes the second win home for the Navy. 

The question is, who’s going to win Branch Wars 2022? There’ll be more games and matches coming throughout the month of July, stay tuned.

Danger Zone, Falcons vs Rangers – Interviews With Some Of Our Best Players!

by LaurenMae

On July the 9th, Falcons and Rangers played against each other in an intense but exhilarating game of Danger Zone. With MAJ UHaileyroseU being our MVP of the match, I interviewed her and a couple of our other best players, 1LT DeRoyTheHero and CWO5 TrizepsJohann.

Starting with our MVP, MAJ UHaileyroseU and one of our other good players, 1LT DeRoyTheHero from the Army.

“How did you feel personally when you were playing Danger Zone?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It was fun, I loved playing Danger Zone with the Air Force!” – MAJ, UHaileyroseU.

“It was a positive experience for myself. I haven’t played the game that much personally but understanding the game and certain techniques was fun to do. When playing against Air Force, both branches were humble, respectful and congratulated each other on their round wins. I enjoyed the game overall, even if I didn’t do that great on a personal level.” – 1LT, DeRoyTheHero.

“Do you think there’s anything the Army could still improve on in Danger Zone?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I think the Army could improve on their strategies, like sitting beside the enemy to get them out whilst also trying to stay in, but Danger Zone is a hard game for most so I think we did well considering that.” – MAJ, UHaileyroseU.

“There are always aspects of improvement. Something important is ensuring that branch members turn up to practices before games. This is especially important for Army members. Practicing allows others to learn and become better at the game and also allows strategies and tactics to be practiced so they can be implemented for the games ahead.” – 1LT, DeRoyTheHero.

“What was the highlight of the game for you?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“The highlight for me is a weird one, but when the Air Force was all trying to get me out (which they eventually did), I thought that was funny. Loved that, LOL.” – MAJ, UHaileyroseU.

“Of course, winning the match overall is bittersweet, but my personal highlight was seeing everyone having fun, win or lose. It was a very enjoyable game overall from both Branches and I hope to see this for every game going forward. That is what will make this Branch wars successful: Having fun!”. – 1LT, DeRoyTheHero.

Some great words there from our Army Rangers, MAJ, UHaileyroseU and 1LT, DeRoyTheHero.

Now moving onto one of the greatest game players in the Air Force, CWO5 TrizepsJohann.

“How did you feel personally, playing Danger Zone?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It was a great feeling to be able to represent your branch as a player which also turned out to be exciting. It was a lot of fun!” – CWO5, TrizepsJohann.

“Do you think there’s anything the Air Force could still improve on?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I think the Air Force did a good job, even if it wasn’t enough in the end. We often let our opponents trap us, maybe we could improve something there, otherwise it was a great performance!” – CWO5, TrizepsJohann.

“What was the highlight of the game for you?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“The highlight for me was that I scored a point for our branch. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to win. Still, it’s a privilege for me to play for the Air Force and also to have scored a point.” – CWO5, TrizepsJohann.

Great spirit from CWO5, TrizepsJohann here. There’ll be more matches to come in Branch Wars, throughout this month of July.

Capture The Flag, Army vs AF – Fly High!

by alek067

The Air Force Falcons manage to capture the flag and a point from the Army Rangers that led to their victory in Capture The Flag 1 during the morning of Branch Wars 2022. 

The first round seemed promising for the Rangers as CW5 Creta phases together with MSG tim63341 to get hold of the Falcon’s flag. However, the Falcons had a tactical defense that hindered the Rangers’ move further. 

While the Rangers were distracted, CWO5 TrizepsJohann sped to the Ranger’s flag and took it home to their base swiftly. This gave the Falcons the first point!

The second round was another “rash” decision for the Rangers as 1SG cutiepie99999 decided to rush for the Falcons flag. Although the Falcons tough defense made her teleport to jail. 

2d Lt, CO AETC Bechete broke through the Ranger’s defense and grabbed their flag and hurried back to their base, and successfully captured their flag. Another point for the Falcons! 

The Rangers knew they needed to catch up on the third round, or else the Falcons would conclude the game. 

Ranger MSG tim63341 attempted to grab their flag, but CWO5 TrizepsJohann defending kept him going back and forth. At the same time, CW5 Creta blocks CMSgt tavon700 from phasing further. 

CWO5 TrizepsJohann put his guard down to help his fellow Falcon, which allowed MSG tim63341 to rush for their flag and successfully capture it. A point for the Army! 

The Rangers had a meeting before the 4th round started. They knew that they needed to up their game. It was 1-2 in favor of the Falcons. 

The discussion of the Rangers must have been good as 1LT DeRoyTheHero, and CW5 fireeric20 quickly rushed to the Falcons’ base while avoiding every red tile and defense to grab and capture their flag! A point for the Army— making it a tie: 2-2. 

The Falcons changed their techniques and focused on defending for the last round. Rangers MSG tim63341 and CW5 Creta underestimated their method and rushed through but were jailed immediately. 

This signals CWO5 TrizepsJohann to grab the flag of the Rangers. He attempts with CWO5 LadyVoldie and 1st Lt, XO RSA Jennej9 in defense to support him. This made it easy for him to speed through—he runs, and he captures! Making this a win for the Falcons and garnering the MVP title. 

The Branch Wars will continue throughout July with various games and events hosted by the Office Of The Public Affairs and Titans for Football games. 

Base Wars 2 – Marines Grasp The Win Again!

by LaurenMae

After another intense game of Base Wars this weekend, I did interviews with some of our players who participated from different branches. The scores left the Marines taking first place once again, with the Air Force coming second, the Navy coming third and the Army coming last.

My first interview was with Capt NashSalvatorie from the Air Force.

“What were your emotions when playing during Base Wars?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“Right, so overall we were heavily focusing on using different persons each round. We have practiced for this event, so people know their way around the Base Wars. All players that played, were in a voice call and the emotion to describe the emotions in that channel at that time is; Tense. The Air Force strives to go all in and win by strategy. Air Force was valiant, and it was a tough match the 2nd match. But nobody let through to our base at all in the 2nd game, which resulted in us scoring 1st. We depended on the Marines getting 2nd, and the Army getting 3rd because then we would be equal to the Army after the 1st round. “ – Capt, NashSalvatorie.

“Do you have a message for the other branches?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“The Air Force has a fighting spirit like no other branches, and my message to the other branches; Be on alert. We are practicing every day, and we will show no mercy.” – CW5, LaurenMae.

Very indestructible words here from Capt, NashSalvatorie from the Air Force.

My second interview was with SgtMaj, Wijkagent from the Marines, he was crowned MVP of Base Wars 2.

“How did you feel about getting MVP of the game?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It feels great to be awarded as MVP of the game. I’ve played the game on mobile so it was a little harder for me, but I am honored to obtain this award.” – SgtMaj, Wijkagent.

“Was there anything that you felt Marines could’ve improved on?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I do think that we can improve. Everyone can improve if you want to. It would be great to have more people attend the practices so we can help each other out by giving tips and tricks while playing. If you haven’t played before and you just show up at the game and you want to participate, it’s quite a disadvantage since you don’t know the quality of each other.” – SgtMaj, Wijkagent.

“What messages do you have for the other branches?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I want to say that Branch Wars is all about the fun, of course it’s a competitive setting and everyone wants to win, but those events are great for the team building amongst each other as well. Everyone is doing great at the moment and the standings are pretty close to each other so I am very excited to play with everyone again in the upcoming games.” – SgtMaj, Wijkagent.

Some very inspiring and kind words from our SgtMaj, Wijkagent from the Marines.

My third interview was with CW5, fireeric20 from the Army.

“How did you feel about getting first place in the first round of Base Wars?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I felt confident in winning the first round since I have played this before inside and outside of USDF. Having the first win will give a little advantage to other rounds which are nice to have. Besides that, I really like playing games on Habbo. It’s where I get my joy from.” – CW5, fireeric20.

“Anything you felt the Army could’ve improved on at all?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“We had very strong rounds, but the results weren’t showing this. The roller timing & ways to roll are the main things where we could improve. Rolling off the roller means you have lost a bit of time since you respawn into your own base. It’s a game of continuously switching from defense to attacking between 2 teammates which we could still learn to make efficient. Unfortunately it’s hard to practice this in a couple of weeks. Besides that, I don’t see anything we could improve on. It’s just a learning experience that you enjoy. We kept our Army morale up and tried to rotate the team that plays. After all it’s a team game and I think we did a pretty good job in interacting with our branch as a whole.” – CW5, fireeric20.

Again some powerful and even useful words from CW5, fireeric20 here.

Last but not least, was my interview with PO1, Randy31426 from the Navy.
“What were the emotions of you and the Navy branch during Base Wars?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“It was very nerve racking since we didn’t have many people who practiced and we had a lot of new people but we still believed in each other and thankfully did better than Base Wars 1.” – PO1, Randy31426.

“Anything you feel the Navy could’ve improved on?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“I feel like we just need to practice more, even showing up to practice is important, and keep on supporting each other during Branch Wars.” – PO1, Randy31426.

“What’s your message for the other branches?” – CW5, LaurenMae.

“My message to the other branches is that they better watch out because nobody wants to win Branch Wars 2022, more than the Navy Seals this year.” – PO1, Randy31426.

Excellent words here from PO1, Randy31426 from the Navy. With the Marines taking yet ANOTHER win from Base Wars 2, who’s going to win Branch Wars 2022? Stay tuned throughout the whole of July to find out, more games and matches will be coming up.